Today’s Rental is a 4 bed/2 bath for $4575 in Adams Morgan

1711 Euclid Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1711 Euclid Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Wonderful opportunity for 3 or 4 bedroom apartment on two levels in Victorian era row house in the heart of Adams Morgan. Currently a temporary wall creates a 4th bedroom but it can be removed, unveiling a large sun-filled living room. High ceilings, original wood floors, radiator heat, large open kitchen with extra cabinet space and a wonderful back yard porch and garden.”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $4,575/Mo.

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  • Anonomnom

    No idea about the price, but that back patio area is just amazing. Would be a great asset for a group house that threw a couple parties… If only I could find 4 friends in need of a home!

  • Holy cow those listing photos… couldn’t even put the toilet lid down?

    • Having the lid up certainly doesn’t look as good as having it down… but we’ve seen the occasional listing photo where the toilet SEAT is up. Now that’s bad.

  • Thoroughly depressing. Not good.

  • Accountering

    I love the “temporary wall” that can be removed. Not sure how you think 3 people are going to pay $1525 each. At that price, you are looking at just 1 roommate, or even 0. This place sucks, and is overpriced by $500-$700, depending on if the 4th bedroom is actually legit.

    • Agreed – what a dump! That backyard isn’t even that great. With utilities and 4 people, this place is $1200/month for each person.

    • I would say $500-$700 per per person too high. What? Four questionable bedrooms in a windowless, hellhole of an apartment. No way.

  • This is an honest question rather than a critique: I agree that this place is sub-par, but nearly every apartment listing on here is met by a number of comments about how overpriced the place is or how a better deal can be found elsewhere. I pay $1100 in Columbia Heights to live with one roommate, and that is by far the lowest rent among all of my friends who are dispersed everywhere from Rosslyn to Shaw. I’m curious to know where these better deals everyone refers to actually *are*. Or what is a reasonable price to pay for a person who cannot afford one of the newer luxury apartments and might have to find a group house or an apartment with roommates? When someone mentions to me that they are planning to move DC, I tell them to expect to pay at least $1200 a month even in a roommate situation.

    • There are tons of rent controlled apartments in DC and they come on the market all the time. I was just approved for a real, large 2BR in Shaw for $1400. Old, dumpy building, shared laundry….but location is great and apartment was in decent condition.

    • +1000 to this. All the comments on GDON posts depress me. My husband and I are paying $1775 (all utilities included) in Adams Morgan for a nice 1bed/den in an older building, and we feel like that’s a steal compared to what friends are paying for comparable apartments in similar areas! Where are all of these amazing deals you all know about?

      • I found my deal by searching property manager websites after doing some searching on padmapper. I was lucky to be looking in January, so I snagged it no problem. I have a large dog, so my deal is that much better because I don’t pay pet rent or any additional deposits, and I have all the preferred amenities.
        Flexibility in terms of location, amenities and timing of the move are probably the biggest factors, but dumb luck helps too.

      • Not really a “similar area,” but I heard nothing but crickets when I tried to get over $1300 for my (northern) Petworth 1br apartments modestly renovated with off-street parking. There are some bargains just up the hill from you.

    • I rent a house where the two roommates that share a bathroom pay $800, and the girl living in the basement with her own bathroom is paying $1100. The house is close to a metro and in great condition.

    • I live a block from here on Ontario Rd and pay $2700 for a 3bd 2bth of similar quality, albeit without the fabulous backyard space. I could see paying maybe $3500 for this place, but $4500 seems like jumping the shark from where I’m standing. I found my place through a friend whose lease I took over; as with most things in life, the best deals are likely gotten through networking and not through wanted ads unfortunately.

    • +10. I was beginning to formulate the same thoughts (who knew today wasn’t July 21st? I was just over there on yesterday’s ROTD thread talking to yesterday’s posters all long gone).
      Also agree that this group house looks gross and overpriced. I goes to show how important it is to some to be able to crawl home from the bars on 18th st on the weekend I guess.

    • There are some deals to be had, but finding them and getting to them before someone snaps them up can be a real challenge. I agree with AnonSpock that being flexible on location and amenities is key. If you can manage to not move during the summer, you’re going to get a better deal. Or if you’re OK with not living near a Metro station or living in a smaller apartment, a less fashionable neighborhood, or a low amenity building. Some of the best deals I’ve seen have been from people renting out their condos.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I think people exagerate their good deals or got into a rent controlled apartment in the 90s. I live in a tiny apartment in Adams Morgan that I love. I consider it a deal (rent control & moved in in winter of 2007, building has lots of perks, all utilities included) and people are all the time claiming to have way less rent for more room in more sought after places. There are not that many unicorns in the world.

    • Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe DC’s rent controlled buildings only allow minor annual % increases while one tenant consistently stays in a unit and larger (but still low) % increases in between tenants. So I think there are still some very good deals to be found in older buildings, with units that were continually held by one tenant for a long time. (Can anyone verify this? It might just be a story I told myself.)

      • This was the case when I rented at the Parkwest in Woodley Park. The caveat is that they can request exceptions to the annual % increase, which the Parkwest did when I lived there, that can increase your rent up to an additional 3% on top of the annual.

    • FWIW, I live in a 5br in Woodley Park. I’ve given myself about $200 off rent as the sole leaseholder, but the roommate paying the most pays $1075 for an enormous bedroom. The lowest is $775 for a pretty small room.

  • Why are there 3 mailboxes on the front of the building? Does this exclude the basement?!?

    • IIRC, the landlord has his LLC’s mail delivered to this house for some reason, so there’s a mailbox for the upstairs apartment, the apartment that is for rent, and the landlord.

      • Bizarre that the LL would not have the LLC’s mail delivered to his actual address. My guess is that LL is still claiming the Homestead Deduction or using DCPS schools for the kids (while living in MD or VA).

        • If you’re living in MD or VA, you’re not putting your kids in Cooke, CHEC or Cardozo. The homestead deduction is a far more likely reason.

  • Pretty expensive to be living next to one of the most long-standing troublesome houses in the neighborhood – on the corner of 17th & Euclid.

    • Agreed. Though the police camera on that corner (which is aimed right at that house) does seem to have quelled any shenanigans from that spot.

  • My friends are actually the current tenants of this house, so I’ve been here quite a few times. It’s not a bad spot – close to the main drag of Adams Morgan, nice sized bedrooms, great back patio – but I don’t think they are paying this price right now. I think they’re paying closer to $4000, maybe $4100 max.

  • That house kinda looks like a dump. I would have expected a lower rent, but i guess the market supports this…

  • Unspeakable. The kitchen and bathroom are depressing.

  • Emmaleigh504

    that’s a cute kitchen!

  • I found my last, rent controlled, apartment when I lived in DC (I live now in Arlington) through Craigslist. I applied for an apartment and lost it to someone else. However I knew I wanted to live in the building so I just called the property manager over and over to keep asking if someone was moving out soon or had put in notice. Took maybe a month or so before someone finally did and I had to run to the place with checkbook in hand to secure it. People were on that place like crazy, when I moved out she said there was a waiting list for my place!

  • i agree with those who mention networking or knowing people. i found my current place because I likely the property management company and happened to check out an opening near Takoma. I pay under 1500 for a 2-bdrm (including utils) and they’ve never raised my rent.

  • Red Panda

    I just moved out of a huge house around the corner from this house, where I paid $900. It was 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and my bedroom was fairly large, so I’d say that this is way overpriced.

    Also: that same house is currently looking for a new tenant if anyone’s interested!

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