Scuttlebutt: “German style pub, pizzeria and cafe” coming to the Manhattan Development?

1328 Florida Ave, NW

Some very specific scuttlebutt about The Manhattan development. In addition to the WeWork space a reader says:

“A bit of scuttlebutt: the part of the building on the other side of the alley with the brick facade is going to house a few new restaurants. One is a German style pub that is being opened by Richard Sandoval Restaurants (El Centro, Masa 14). Another is a pizzeria and a third is a cafe (most likely Philz Coffee of San Francisco).”

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  • God, is it at all possible for an actual independent business to open anywhere in DC? I’m so tired of seeing the same restaurant groups just introduce new concepts over and over again…

  • If Philz comes to DC, I’m not sure I could handle it. Their mint mojito iced coffee is literally out of this world. Like the planet formally named Pluto-style.

    • There’s already one coming to Adams Morgan so this would be its second location.

    • Philz is coming to DC, it’s going to be at the top of Adams Morgan in the building being built on Calvert

    • The Adamo (old Exxon at 18th & Adams Mill) has a banner up that makes it seem like Philz is going to be coming to that building.

  • If this was five years ago I might be excited about a new Sandoval restaurant. What should we expect from this…small plate German restaurant with an over priced, over hyped brunch? I’d rather a 7/11.

    • I agree. His food is decent, but the places are all overpriced and overhyped. No thanks

      • The food used to be better. I think part of the reason I great this news which such negativity is there has been a drop off in quality at Masa and El Centro over the years.. Or did it just seem better because is the best of a weak restaurant scene at the time?

        • I have no hard feelings towards restaurants that cash in on selling the scene, with the food in a supporting role. However, I don’t pity them at all when the scene inevitably moves on.

        • It is hard to know for sure, but I think the food did used to be better. I liked El Centro and even Masa a while back, but they are just not worth it now.

    • As someone of German heritage, the thought of a trio of mini-wurst or a small plate of schnitzel is deeply disturbing.

  • Do they even HAVE pubs in Germany? Or do they mean “British beer garden?”

  • Curious about scuttlebutt, a great word, I looked it up. From Wikipedia, “Water for immediate consumption on a sailing ship was conventionally stored in a scuttled butt: a butt (cask) which had been scuttled by making a hole in it so the water could be withdrawn. Since sailors exchanged gossip when they gathered at the scuttlebutt for a drink of water, scuttlebutt became Navy slang for gossip or rumors.” I love it!

  • Am I the only one who read the headline and thought that was one really weird establishment?

    • justinbc

      Nope, I was completely ready to question the validity of German pizzeria.

    • Blithe

      Nope! But I was comforted by the thought that since the pub part and the pizzeria part don’t really interest me, maybe I could go for the architecture part and the cafe part. I also read this really late at night, so I assumed full responsibility for my confusions.

    • I thought the same thing! I was a little confused until I read the post!

  • So the charter school that was at this location is now gone?

  • This new places better have off street parking because there isn’t any available on the street parking.

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