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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: remembered lipstick AND mascra
    Rant: Forgot to comb my hair.
    Rave: Curly hair, don’t care 🙂

    • GiantSquid

      Curly hair is the best in this weather. Wash and wear. By the way, my back is doing really well, thank you for asking last week. Coming up on two years since surgery and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I won’t be doing any competitive weight lifting any time soon, but I’m back to full mobility with no pain, so I consider it a success!

    • Aglets

      to me, the two greatest things about adult hood is 1) no one making you brush your hair and 2) Sticking your entire arm into the box of cereal to get the prize and no one telling you not to.

      • Emmaleigh504

        and not having to fight to get the ceral box before your evil older sister gets it and gets the prize 🙂

  • Blithe

    First Rave of the Day: Props to Emmaleigh — the Great Enabler: I ordered THE necklace. Yay!
    Rant: Summer colds — bah! At least this one is coming in stages, so I’m not completely miserable.
    Swilling tangerine juice, since it’s way too hot for chicken soup.
    Rave: Since I couldn’t go swimming, I did a massive sort out — and I’m very pleased with the results. My shredder’s probably exhausted though.
    Rave: Nice thunderstorm last night.

  • skj84

    Rave: My Brother and Sister in Law are coming to visit this weekend. I haven’t really hung with them in a while. We want to do a nice drive/tubing on Sat. Any good suggestions?

    Rant: Fringe is over. Now what am I going to do with myself?

    Rant: Bobbie Kristina passing has me shaken. That poor girl really never had a chance.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Had a pretty good race on Saturday night. Went faster than I intended and expected, giving my long morning run and inordinate amount of pasta consumed for lunch.
    Rant: Kind of sore this morning.
    Rant: Seems like the storms and heat and humidity are back with us again.
    Rave: More leftover apple snickerdoodle bread with lunch today! (I’ll be eating this stuff forever…)

    • Yum! I made some over the weekend too & should have some tonight or tomorrow. Yay!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I need to drag out my Swedish Apple Cake recipe so you can enjoy a real* apple treat! So easy and so good, and SWEDISH! (and I got the recipe BEFORE the Sweden obsession, so you know it’s good.)
      *I hate snickerdoodles

      • Mug of Glop

        That sounds real good! I usually don’t really like snickerdoodle cookies, as they taste too gingery/cinnamony for my taste, but this bread is more of an apple coffee cake sort of thing, which is good for my taste and bad for my health.

        (Did I miss some sort of Sweden obsession?! Admittedly, I like neither Swedish meatballs nor Swedish Fish…)

        • Emmaleigh504

          DUDE. Sweden is my life. It’s all Twitter’s fault. @sweden. It’s an amazing place and I will move there one day even tho I hate winter. When I visited Stockholm in Feb someone mistook me for a native and asked me for directions 😀 I BELONG in Sweden!
          Sweden’s only downside is the salted licorice. It’s evil and they sneak it in all sorts of stuff. Bastards.

          • Mug of Glop

            Salted licorice? My brain keeps vacillating between that sounding great and sounding awful. Maybe I should head to Georgetown and pick some up at the embassy.

          • It’s one of those things that’s compellingly bad. You eat it, and you say/think “ew.” But then you have another piece.
            Like the sweet seafood candies of… I want to say Korea? Maybe Japan? Candies with fish paste and sweet bean paste.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Sweet seafood candy, I want to try that!

          • Mug of Glop

            I’m with the Once and Future Emilie here – those fish and bean paste candies sound pretty good.

          • You’ve forgiven Sweden for their practice of sharing butter knives?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yes, I’ve decided I’ll just have to bring my own every where. Besides, they have the best bread in the world, no butter needed!!

          • The next time you’re in an asian market, look for the roasted baby crabs (#3 on this list). http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-weirdest-japanese-snacks-and-drinks.php
            The ones I had were injected with some kind of sweet paste, and coated with crystalized sugar. But they were still dead intact crabs, meant to be eaten shell and all.

          • Emmaleigh504

            That actually sounds really tasty! Crabs area already sweet, so it makes a weird sort of sense.

      • Do you hate snickerdoodles because of the cinnamon? Because it’s basically a cinnamon-apple bread rather than being a snickerdoodle cookie.

        • Emmaleigh504

          it is the cinnamon and the texture of the cookies, but the bread with a diff spice might be goodk, but I’ve got the Swedish apple cake, so why stop a good thing! 🙂

          • Mug of Glop

            This recipe actually tastes a hell of a lot more like apple and brown sugar than anything. I think you could omit the cinnamon entirely and have a pretty good product. The texture is definitely not like those dastardly cookies, though.

          • Emmaleigh504

            The Swedish apple cake is all butter and sugar, and apples so good for you! It’s got a lovely custardy textrure. Now I need to make it….

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Mr. Squid liked the house in Herndon. Was approved to rent the house in Herndon. Waiting to read through lease before making decision.
    Rant: Moving and all it entails, leaving DC, the things about it we like and will miss
    Rant: Still unsure about both our job futures.
    Rant: The hot mess that is my unemployment claim. Apparently my former employer didn’t report my wages in either DC or MD for the first quarter of this year. “Luuuuucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to doooo.”

  • Rant/Rave: I saw the man w/ the homemade crotchless jeans this morning! I couldn’t even be too grossed out because I felt like I’d just spotted my own version of big foot.

      • On 9th and F st. NW near the Portrait Gallery.

        • At that same spot, I recently had to step out of the way of a man charging straight toward me looking furious. As he passed me, he took off his shoe and hurled it at a little bird, exclaiming angrily and incomprehensibly. (He missed.)
          It’s a weird part of town.

          • Maybe he was getting revenge for that super stinky stretch of sidewalk on the 9th st side of the Portrait Gallery that is always covered in bird poo.

    • Gah. Welcome to the club..? I really hope there isn’t more than one person doing this!!

      • Me too, though that would be pretty amusing. This was a black guy, didn’t look particularly young or old (though I was distracted for obvious reasons). The crotchless pants were really his only distinguishing feature! I’d initially thought you may have been talking about the guy with the homemade jean “shorts” who hangs out at the park, but now I see, that this is someone else entirely! Maybe this is a new trend that we’re just not hip to!

        • Are you talking about the guy who wears only jean shorts, and skimpy ones at that, all year long, even in the snow? Usually in Lafayette park?

          • I see him all the time in CH.

          • If I’m thinking of the same person, his name is Elijah & we’ve also seen him at the drum circle at Meridian Hill a couple of times. I saw him at the triangle park at the corner of 16th & Park once recently as well. I think he lives in Columbia Heights these days, but he cracks me up with his torn jean “shorts”, glasses, and crossword puzzle in Lafayette Park. Super friendly, though.

          • Yeah, that’s who I’d initially thought SKT was talking about. I see him around all the time and he is really nice.

    • Blithe

      Ugh! I still crack up when I think of the comment that someone made re: “Yeah! Today is a great day for my crotchless jeans!” I have a feeling that this is one time when my imagination is probably not worse than the reality.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: The Gin and Gardening (unofficial PoPville meetup) is a very friendly event. Turns out you don’t need to know a thing about gardening or even drink Gin.
    Rave: Great weekend

  • Rave: Working with top-notch professionals who are not afraid to ask and answer tough questions
    Rant: Being governed by such mediocrity and have a mediocre press that hardly ever is informed enough to ask a question that is more than an inch deep


  • Rant/rave: Bar exam tomorrow and Wed. So ready to put these books away.
    Rave: Used breaks to apply to jobs.
    Rave: Short work week.

  • Rave: Peach picking this weekend led to homemade peach butter on Saturday, with a cobbler or hand pies on the docket for tonight.
    Rant: My commute this morning. NextBus is usually reliable this morning, but it really screwed the pooch this morning. Managed to catch a seat on the L1 that FINALLY came, but people were standing in the front door well three stops later. Something’s been screwy with the L1 the last week or two, in both directions. Please don’t make me go back to taking the metro!
    Rant: No sleep last night.

    • Emmaleigh504

      If you have extra peach butter, I’ll have extr blue berry butter soon, we could work out a trade…

      • Alas, no extra I can spare but I’d gladly take some blueberry butter. 🙂 Or at least a recipe if you have one handy.

        • Emmaleigh504

          http://foodinjars.com/2010/06/june-can-jam-slow-cooker-blueberry-butter/ I don’t have a slow cooker so I do it on the stove, no problems; I use alspice instead of cinnamon; sometimes I add lavender; and I usually just have lemon juice instead of zest. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. This year I”m going to add some orange mint and see what happens. And sometimes I had other berries I have on hand that I don’t have enough to do anything else with. Food in Jars is an amazing blog.
          Canning for a New Generation is a fabulous book for recipes (QZ gave it to me and I lurve it!). It’s got an amazing nectarine jame recipe. And a quick pickle recipe that I like. Def a good investment. And very pretty pictures.
          I so love to make jams and butters!

    • I use the BusTrackDC app and find it to be more reliable than Nextbus. Give it a try….

      • Thanks, OP Anon. Just downloaded it. Something is up with the L1 scheduling these days and it’s frustrating. Will try this tomorrow morning.

        • Frustrating for me as well because that was my red line alternative for the exam. I guess I’ll be early as hell just in case.

  • Rant – friend’s little girl has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. She’s in the hospital. No raves till I find out more.

  • Rave: Super fun night of dancing at Town over the weekend!
    Rant: Boyfriend’s car was broken into. Nothing was taken, just a smashed window. Keeping my “I told you so”s to myself.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Not the best weekend. I fell twice on Saturday and really banged myself up. I made the mistake of checking with Dr. Google and believe I may have
    Vertigo. Or possibly shoulder cancer. .
    Rave: I had a great night’s sleep with lucid dreams up to the thunderstorm. Usually I can’t hear thunder over the window unit in the room I’m sleeping in but it seemed extra loud.

    • Emmaleigh504

      On August 19 when you come to the HH at Southern Hospitalty I will tell you a fun story about falling down. Not nearly as good as your indident with the elderly dog and the jaw, but still fun. It will make you feel better about falling twice. (Twice! that’s child’s play!) Also Dr Google is the Devil.

    • Oh no! Dr. Google is the worst. I hope you heal up soon!

    • Trust me, if you had vertigo you’d know it – those symptoms are unmistakable (and miserable…)

  • Rave: I had a pretty spectacular three day weekend.
    Rant: except for the part where I hurt my back bottling beer. I officially feel old.
    Rave: a really good friend is coming into town this week and I can’t wait to catch up with her.
    Rant: dating is so confusing. I’m pessimistically starting to wonder how anyone makes it from “dating” to “relationship” anymore.

    • Emmaleigh504

      real, healthy relationships are beyond my understanding. I really have no idea how people do have them with anyone besides their dogs or cats.

    • It just happens. I think some people do the dating thing too long…like why are you just dating after 6 months or a year. I just don’t see the point. On the other hand, some people jump to relationships too quickly before getting to know someone very well. Those that make it are the nice middle ground, I think.

      • Agreed. I’m trying to remember what the middle ground is.
        I’m not even actually close to this point in dating anyone, I just feel like there’s so much defensiveness and mixed signals that I’m getting down about the idea of navigating it.

        • I felt this way a LOT when I was dating. Just keep doing what you’re doing to meet new people until you meet one that doesn’t come with all the complications/awkwardness/etc. Until then, try to have fun…you seem to have a healthy approach! It’s a frustrating thing. My mom would always say “five years from now none of this will matter” to which I would reply either optimistically or pessimistically depending on the moon/my hormones/whatever.

          • +1 to everything andie302 said. I’m 100% confident that in five years none of this will matter, but know that it can be (very) hard to see it that way from where you are right now. Try to keep the faith in that as much as you can and don’t give up!

    • ” I’m pessimistically starting to wonder how anyone makes it from “dating” to “relationship” anymore.”

      ^Story of my 20s…and 30s… x_x

    • It can happen. It takes a hell of a lot of patience and looking though. This city genuinely sucks for dating. Idk if it’s partly how focused everyone is on their careers and how many people are transient, or maybe it’s the higher ratio of women to men? Just hang in there. The right one will come along. Never settle, but do re-evaluate what you are looking for from time to time.

    • Last rant. My friends and I, all in our 20s, are in the same boat. We’re all dating someone for months but can’t seem to figure out when does dating end and relationship begin. How do people do it?

      • “How do people do it?”
        You enter your mid 30s and both parties eventually come to the realization “I don’t got time for this sh#t.”

      • This is going to sound so simple but: if you’re not sure where you stand just ask. In my most long-term relationship, she told me she didn’t want to see anyone else, and I said the same and that was it. When I knew it wasn’t going to a relationship, I mentioned it asap to avoid any misconceptions. When I wasn’t sure, I asked. Otherwise, I’d look for signals like leaving stuff at someone’s house, getting keys, meeting the family….

      • Anon Spock is right. You ask. You have the conversation. If you’re with the right person it will be a very easy one.

        • Agreed on the asking if it doesn’t happen naturally. I have to say sometimes I didn’t *want* to ask because I knew the answer. However, if you’re looking to actually make that leap from dating to a relationship I wouldn’t spend too long in the “dating” phase. I am always kind of surprised when I hear people have been “dating” for 6 months or even a year and the relationship isn’t defined. Unless that’s what the people want.

    • Pablo Raw

      Attention Jeslett: I was just at Union Station, and there’s a google store coming there. Lots of gadgets. I had to stop my credit cards who were running there, “stop guys! it’s not even open yet!”

  • laduvet

    Rave: What a crazy few weeks! The unraveling of my 8 years in DC is almost over – 5 weeks to the move!

    Rave: Packing my life into 6 large plastic tubs and that’s it! pretty much sold all my furniture.

    Rave: Signed paper work on a really nice and err expensive house in north London!! – I never wish it upon anyone to find housing there – what a brutal rapid market!

    • What part of North London? I used to know someone who lived in Enfield and it was a lovely part of the city. London is hella expensive. That’s why the north – and particularly Manchester – are the best!! But I may be biased 😉

    • Accountering

      I saw “Loudoun” first, and was feeling quite bad for you! Never been to London, but I know friends who love it. When are you moving?

    • Aglets

      sounds heavenly….

  • Rave: Shrubs (the beverage) – blueberry ginger, peach cinnamon and my latest is cantelope cardamom. Delicious added to seltzer water, alcohol optional
    Rant: Waiting for skin biopsy results, and now need to go back for second mammogram.
    Rave-ish: Overflowing basement sink => flooding last week has inspired deep clean and sorting through of things that have been stored for years. And moved “renovate basement” higher on my to-do list
    Rave: Thunderstorm last night and much needed rain

    • Emmaleigh504

      ugho on the health stuff! Hope all turns out well.

    • Oh, wait – are you making your own shrub concoctions?

      • Yes, making shrubs is easier than pie!
        Chopped and mashed ripe fruit, sugar, apple cider vinegar, refrigerate for a day, week or month = delicous shrubbiness!
        Ratio can vary according to your preference and the ripeness of the fruit but a good starting point is 1:1:1

        • Thanks for the inspiration! What’s the verdict on how long a batch will keep in the fridge? Will they keep for several months, if unopened?

          • Yes, from what I’ve read it will keep for months (the vinegar acts as preservative). The flavor also changes over time – gets more mellow.
            First few batches I strained out the fruit (& used in yogurt), now I leave fruit in because it’s easier and I like beverages with bits of savory fruit.

        • I Dont Get It

          The only shrub I ever had I thought it was too sweet. Do you think you can leave out the fruit?

    • Blithe

      Hope all of your test results are good ones!

  • Rave: Engaged!!
    Rave: It has been really fun to tell friends and family over the last few days.
    Rave: This will be a longggg engagement and we’re looking forward to taking our time with the planning.
    Rave: Beautiful weekend away and last week of work this week. No rants.

  • Rave: I co-hosted a friend’s bachelorette party this weekend. It was so so much fun. She has such cool, amazing friends and family, and it was lovely getting to know some of them better.
    Rant: I did not get a lot of sleep this weekend as a result, and I am so tired.
    Rave: Cold brew coffee
    Rant: I think my dad has just been feeling crappy for the past week from his most recent round of chemo. I guess this because I haven’t heard from him very much. 🙁 I need to set up another visit for some time in August.

    • I was out on 14th Street on Saturday evening for maybe two hours and encountered – I kid you not – at least 6 bachelorette parties. ‘Tis the season?!?

      • Yeah, it is definitely the season. We saw another party at our hotel. But we went the grown up route: no tiaras, no penis straws — just a bunch of girlfriends out on the town for a nice dinner. #weareold

  • Rave: Completely moved out of the house and taking up temporary residence in Logan Circle until we ship out this weekend.
    Rant: Exhausted. Drained. Wish I could sleep all week long.
    Rave: Watching Fred Astaire movies in bed makes me feel better.
    Rave: I want to hear SKT’s (forthcoming) podcast! I meant to say this when she posted it and managed to forget … but thought about it several times over the weekend.

    • Emmaleigh504

      *sob* you and favorite boy cousin in SF makes me so sad. I hope y’all can meet up and be pals, b/c I think you will like each other. One day I will visit that evil city that steals all the cool ppl from DC.
      Hope the move goes well and you get to sleep for days. Rememer you don’t have to unpack all at once! just some sheets, clothes, and a place setting for you and the hubs. And maybe Gary’s bed. 🙂

      • I’m taking all of next week off to unpack, but have already decided that if I accomplish next to nothing during that week, that’s a-okay with me. A new bed, pillows and sheets are already waiting for us at the new place, so what else could I possibly need? Oh, and I plan to place an Instacart order the moment we get off the plane. Modern conveniences make me happy.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Modern conveniences are awesome.

        • Accountering

          You have got this down. I am impressed! You are about 3 magnitudes better than Andie and I were when we moved. I am sure it will all work out well!
          Maybe the only upgrade is to place the order the moment the wheels touch down? 🙂

        • How about hiring an un-packer (Task Rabbit?)? You can sit on the couch, snuggle with Gary and point 🙂
          Moving is a major life stress, so anything you can do to take some of the stress off your plate is a good thing!

    • Aw, thanks! 🙂 We’re still in the planning stages but I’ll be sure to send it to you and/or post it here once it’s recorded!!

    • Booo, hisssssssssssssss. 🙁

    • Late rant/rave: Apparently someone was operating an MDMA production lab in my parent’s suburban cul-de-sac. My parents are completely scandalized.

    • Blithe

      Do you have any special plans — besides sleeping — for the rest of the week? Half smokes? A few more free museums? After you rest up of course!

    • GARY DON’T GO. j/k, good luck with the move! Moving is exhausting.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Made all the arrangements to take Eldest Zelda to NYC in the fall.
    Rave: Middle Zelda left this morning on a college visit road trip with her besties.
    Meh: I’m feeling kind of blah about work right now. This is a sure sign that I need a little time off. Can’t wait to visit the in-laws next month. (No, really. I adore my in-laws.)

  • Rant: This seemingly endless adventure to parenthood. Wife has suggested we move to a different practice after this attempt. I have no idea what to do.
    Rave: Weekend bagel making = Monday morning bacon, egg, cheese, and avocado bagel sandwiches.

    • Where are you going now (for fertility treatments)?

      • Shady Grove

        • I know I’ve said it before, and I’m so sorry if I’m belaboring the point, but I give Dr. Humm and Dr. Frankfurter at GW all of my respect and admiration for their approach to fertility treatments. Is there a reason why you couldn’t set up a consult with Dr. Humm and decide from there how to proceed? I think the initial consult and lab work are covered by most insurance.

          • That was actually what my wife was suggesting. I’m still trying to remain hopeful that this last attempt might work but I think I may call to set up a consult since it will probably take a few weeks to get in for an appointment.

          • It probably couldn’t hurt. I think my first appointment with Dr. Humm took about 3-4 weeks and the wait was substantially longer with Dr. Frankfurter. But I would recommend Dr. Humm as your primary contact point. Dr. Frankfurter is the director of the entire center, so he would oversee your case no matter what. I like them both very much, but think Dr. Humm’s bedside manner really, really sets her apart.

          • I’ll check with my insurance first but if they’re covered under my plan, I think I will call today. Thanks Twinner!

          • Good luck!

          • That sounds like a reasonable approach. Good luck! I’ve had success with Columbia Fertility, but their office management leaves a lot to be desired.

        • I am at SGF and I just wanted to chime in and say most people highly suggest their RE based on success. That makes sense but what works for one person might not for another. Personally, I really like SGF because their labs are amazing. I was previously with Dominion. I do agree though that a second opinion might be a good idea.

          • “I just wanted to chime in and say most people highly suggest their RE based on success.” This is a very good point! I was lucky and had IVF work on our first try, so I don’t have much to complain about. That said, I was singing the praises of Drs. H and F at GW even before then, including here on RRRR. They’ve always been very straight with me about my options and have made me feel like they are highly invested in my positive outcome.

    • Blithe

      I am SO jealous of your breakfast! That sounds seriously yum!

  • Rant: Waiting to hear back about a job. There are pros and cons to taking it but I really need a win.
    Rant: Rain forecast for tonight’s Screen on the Green
    Rave: Nice, lowkey weekend with few complaints and good friends

    Hope everyone out in Popville has a great week!

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: Wonderful time at the beach this weekend!! I always forget how much I love Rehoboth.
    Rant: Monday.
    Rant: Over-indulged this weekend.
    Rave: Bacon cheese fries and pizza were so worth it!

    Random question: Does anyone have any recommendations for a good primary care physician in the area? We’d prefer someone in DC but are willing to trek to MoCo….Thanks in advance!

    • I”ll recommend Capital Medical Associates (16th and RI) – I usually see the NP but the MDs are also great
      Another recommendation – Dr Sylvia Medley – I saw her when she was w/Capitol Med. Associates then she left to set up her own practice.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I know some ppl hate Washington Medical Group, but I love them. They have been very good to me over the years. They are in Dupont Circle and have a new internist, Dr. Ana Paunovic. I adore her.

      • Emmaleigh504

        And their neurologist, Dr Macedo, cured my RLS, so he’s pretty much a god in my book. (Bonus points: he did some of his medical training in New Orleans.)

        • Emmaleigh504

          And I totally picked them b/c of Dr Macedo’s name b/c the most beautiful human being in the world’s name is Cristian Macedo (aka the God of LSU–I did not give him that nickname), so I figured it was worth a try. 😀 (Hi Cristian!)

      • Really dislike this place – horrid front office/receptionist, had an ok time w/one of the MDs. Then I briefly saw their chiropractors until he was very unprofessional during what became my last time going there.

    • One Medical.

    • GiantSquid

      Dr. Jessica Osborne, 19th & K NW.

      • GiantSquid

        Osborn. No e

        • Emmaleigh504

          If you need a lady Dr, Dr. Osmun. Super nice bedside manner and super hot. He did surgery for me and something for a colleage and with both adored him. And my mom who was with me for surgery loved his bedside manner (I was too drugged up to notice).
          I did not pick him for his hotness (for once) he was just the surgeon that could see me at the time. Had no idea until the exam 🙂

          • If you’re referring to Dr. Osmun at RHJN, then I will ditto him being nice. He delivered my little one 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            That’s the one! So nice!

          • FtLincolnLove

            Thanks everyone for your suggestions!! I’ll check all of these out 😀

            Already have a lady doc (RHJN for the win!), just need a primary care physician for myself and Mr. FtLinconLove. I’m all about the Healthcare Clinic at Walgreens but since the Van Ness Walgreens is closing, I suppose I’ll be an “adult” and find a primary care doc. *sigh*

      • +1 Million on Dr. Osborn. She was my primary when she was with Medstar Physician Partners on the Hill. She’s amazing.

  • Rant: 6 dates seems to be my max lately. Girl I’ve been happily dating is studying for a graduate school exam and doesn’t want anything serious as she prepares for the test. She wants to keep it casual. Bleh.

    Rave: Excellent and productive Saturday doing house chores and catching up on t.v.

    • Nothing in your post said she wished to stop seeing you during this time…2-3 months I’m guessing, so what is the issue? 6 dates seems like a bit of a rushed situation to me, but things were moving along well the exam not withstanding according to your last post. Relax, continue to see her and be a fun time away from studying, and revisit a relationship after the test. Or dump because she doesn’t want to do things at your speed. Whatever works.

      • I completely get his disappointment though. If I recall correctly, she wanted him to meet her friends, things have been going well, it seems like there’s a trajectory and he seems to be happy with that, and then “oh hey, I knew it seemed like things were progressing and I was doing all the normal ‘this is going somewhere’ stuff, but I want to keep it in a holding pattern.”
        So the options he’s left with are not ideal or what they looked like they were going to be. It’s a let down, even if you’re keeping your expectations in check.

        • I don’t really see it that way, but I can see how he could. After I’m going to guess about 2 months, he wants to jump into a relationship which is fine, but I cannot imagine she didn’t mention the exam or grad school, so I don’t know why he broached a relationship right now. It seems like bad timing even if things were going great. Maybe he is taking it is as she wants to see other people, but unless she’s a really great multitasker, I don’t see it being very likely.

          I don’t know enough about the situation, but if all your dating goes to 6 dates maybe slow it down a bit. Just my 2 cents.

          • Note: @Anonspock definitely agree 6 dates isn’t enough to say ‘let’s jump into a relationship,’ and didn’t bring this up with her at all. This is something that has majorly changed for her in the past week, and she brought it up in saying “I can’t really date seriously right now, and won’t really have any time to date semi/actually seriously in the foreseeable future.’

            I volunteered to do something much more low key because I like her/like seeing if it can go somewhere in the future (3 or 4 months as you mentioned)

            Because this is something that kinda came out of nowhere, just has kind of thrown me for a loop, especially because it seems like we’ll go from hanging out 1-2 a week to twice a month or so.

          • The way you presented it was things were ending after 6 dates when she actually sought to understandably scale back during this time. As someone who has studied for lots of big tests, the fact that she wants to see you at all even if it’s much less often tells me she likes you. It seems like blindsiding, but I’m sure she was weighing the options for a while. If you like her, give it a shot, but don’t forget there will be exams, projects, and stress that could cause a scale back down the road.

    • Blithe

      If you’re interested in a ltr, in a way, this could actually be good news. If you’re comfortable being low-key — and open do doing stuff like bringing a picnic to give her a study break, that would likely make an incredible impression. I agree with Anon Spock — when I’ve had major exams, etc., I warn people that I will be totally hibernating during the prep. My guess is that she wanted to give you a heads up about how she needs to focus in the coming weeks/months.

      • emvee

        Yep, this! My SO, the eternal PhD student, told me after our first few dates that he couldn’t do anything “too serious” because “school came first.” Which, it did and it continues to. However, three years later and it didn’t deter me too much. We squeeze in trips that coincide with his conferences and make dates out of things like his wanting to get exercise (go for a hike) or needing to eat (grab a pizza). It makes you appreciate that small things that much more.

  • RANT: Moved 80% of my stuff into the new apartment last night. It was in the mids 80s with absurd humidity at 10pm last night. And now my back, hands, and thighs are so sore. GF was ready to strangle me.
    RAVE: Moved 80% of my stuff into the new apartment last night. Total cost of my move: $60.
    RAVE: Breakfast sandwich (goat cheese, bacon, egg souffle) and cookie at Blind Dog Cafe. Omg so good.
    RAVE: Ran into an old friend from grad school at Blind Dog.
    RAVE: Gardening date night tonight. We are taking a terrarium garden building class! 😮

  • A poll. Your reaction to talking during the previews at the movie theater:
    a) Whatevs. It’s just commercials.
    b) Annoying, but ultimately NBD.
    c) Mannerless jerks need to STFU and will be shushed with extreme prejudice.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Holy crap I just looked on the DC website and saw I had two tickets past 30 days due—one of which I didn’t know existed! I got a new ticket last week which is why I went to pay. I haven’t checked my car in a few days. Does anyone know if you’ve been booted does it show up on the DC ticket payment website? Of course I immediately paid them.

    • My only experience on this is unfortunately personal: You can get 6-8 tickets without being booted. If you paid them, I’m betting you’re fine.

    • I Know for a fact it does show
      if i remember correctly (had a friend who was booted while parked at my house) it will read that your car has either been booted or towed and you can pay for the boot via the website

  • Rant: Identical twin pregnancy is not for the faint of heart. I’m learning that there are substantially greater risks involved with identical twin pregnancies than with fraternal twins and I’ll need close monitoring for the entire pregnancy to make sure everything is progressing well.
    Rant: 11 weeks pregnant and I can barely get out of bed because the fatigue and nausea. And I already feel like a house.
    Rave: Still pregnant. This week the little ones are the size of limes.

    • Are the increased risks associated with the single placenta? Or something else?
      On the upside, they will be able to get in to all kinds of comedic hijinks at school. So you have that to look forward to. 🙂

      • That’s the main issue, yes — identical twins can have linked circulatory systems (“twin to twin transfusion syndrome”), so that needs to be carefully watched. But it also seems like Identical twins tend to be delivered a few weeks earlier, on average, than fraternal twins and substantially earlier than singletons, so we are potentially looking at serious complications and a long NICU stay for the little ones — if we get that far. I’m trying not to flip out about all of this, but it’s not easy.

        • I’m sorry it’s so stressful…pregnancy can be so hard. I’m looking at similar outcomes with my singleton…possible early delivery etc…trying to just take it a day at a time…good luck!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Have you watched The Parent Trap, the Hayley MIlls one? It will prepare you for hijinks!

      “My nails, I bit them all because of you! And my hair! Look at my hair! I cut it off just for you! Of all the pigheaded fathers!”

    • Yeah on all of that! You’re still pregnant and everything seems to be going fine:) Agree with wdc, the kids will be up to all sorts of stuff (I have twin cousins…I used to joke that when they were little, they broke everything in their paths, now they’re both lawyers, one divorce and one corporate so they break big things like marriages and companies)…

    • Blithe

      – I’m still grinning from your post about “cashews”. Now it’s “limes”? I’m looking forward to what food comparison comes next.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 I’ve had this cashew under my desk for ages (don’t ask) and when I see it I think of the the little cashews. Now I want to get a couple of plastic limes for (on top of) my desk. 🙂

      • I have one iPhone app that provides a series of fun size comparisons. This week, it’s a brussels sprout (which seems smaller than what other sources say — limes seem to be the consensus food of the week in my other apps), a profiterole, a poker chip (?!), and a bee hummingbird.

    • FWIW, late first trimester into second trimester was the worst time for fatigue for both of my singleton pregnancies, so hopefully you’ll get some energy back in 3-4 weeks? I’m sorry to hear about the extra monitoring, etc, but I hope things are going as smoothly as possible.

      • Thanks! I’m part of a Facebook group for “MoDi” twins (identical twins with two amniotic sacs, one placenta) and it sounds like I could be in for another 20+ solid weeks of this, if their comments are to be believed. I’m really hoping to have a bit of a respite someplace in the middle, because it sounds like carrying two babies makes the 3rd tri pretty challenging!

        • Oh dear. I’ll keep sending positive vibes for the fatigue easing for awhile, but at least you’re prepared if it doesn’t?

  • Rant: So disappointed Nando’s is not moving forward with its Woodley Park location. All thanks to BZA denying them a 10 year lease. Now we will get a mattress store… just what WP needs.

  • Rant: IT problem at work caused me to have a 45 minute conversation where ultimately I’m pretty sure the issue cleared itself up, because I kept being instructed to do the same exact thing over and over and keep changing my password. Now what is my password?!?!??
    Rave: Got through a bunch of tasks afterwards that I thought would take longer.
    Rave: Great time at the State Fair in DE on Friday, going away party Saturday, hangout and bbq yesterday.
    Rant: Tired. Almost nothing wakes me up at night, but that thunder sounded like it was coming directly from our ceiling! I had to get up and get the thundershirt for the pooch. Poor baby was shaking!

    • I haven’t been to the State Fair in ages!

      • I didn’t go for years either…but now my nephew loves it and my mom can’t really do many of the rides, so we had a big day checking everything out! And of course shaved ice and Mennonite food!

  • Rant: Woken up by the storm + gestational diabetes screening = need a nap!
    Rave: Coffee
    Rave: FABULOUS weekend, including a trip to the pool, a cookout, dropping off food & visiting a friend with a week-old baby, seeing my kiddo have fun playing with other kiddos, and an impromptu visit to the CH splash pad & frozen yogurt trip.
    Rave: The look on kiddo’s face as she ate her yogurt with sprinkles. Priceless.
    Rave: Two out of four dr. appointments completed for the week.
    Rave: Long weekend at the beach coming up!
    Rant: WAY too much work to do before I go…

  • Accountering

    Rave: Great weekend! Very busy, but had an awesome one. Sons of Anarchy marathon on Friday, then went to Costco (spent way too much money of course) and then fixed a couple of things at the rental. Had a great time at a Mintwoods going away party (heading up to NYC to get his MBA at NYU)
    Sunday we had some friends in town, and then went to a housewarming BBQ at the house I used to live at. That was fun too!
    Rave2: Making dinner for the lady tonight. That should be an adventure 🙂

    • justinbc

      DC Costco is like a show.

      • Accountering

        I have yet to attend a more expensive “show”
        Agree with you though – I enjoy taking a peak at peoples carts. Everyone has the same options on the shelves, and some of the combinations that people come up with are tremendous. Three handles of Vodka, coffee, windshield wipers, and bagel bites? Yup!

        • You should go see Book of Mormon.
          That said, I’m not allowed at Costco unsupervised. For someone who’s pretty uptight, I (apparently) lose all self control. A 5 foot stuffed Teddy Bear for $40, that I have to buckle into the front seat to get home? Yes please.

          • This reminds me of a conversation I had with my husband this weekend.
            Him: This beverage is as terrible as the last time I had one.
            Me: ??
            Him: It was 69 cents! That’s a good price for pretty much anything.
            Me: How about a punch in the mouth? Would you pay me 69 cents to punch you in the mouth?
            Him: For that price, I’d seriously consider it.

  • emvee

    Rave: The NYMag piece about the Cosby Survivors is so powerful.
    Rant: The turd of a human who hacked the site the day after the article came out, essentially silencing the women.
    Rave: Cached websites so we can all still read their stories. If you have a couple minutes, I highly recommend reading it. http://web.archive.org/web/20150727014137/http://nymag.com/thecut/2015/07/bill-cosbys-accusers-speak-out.html

  • justinbc

    Rave: Friend from LA came to visit last week, prompting a spontaneous “let’s go to all my favorite places in DC tour”.
    Rant: After an otherwise great night on H Street, he wanted to check out the new Ben’s (one of the few “original” DC food items). While the food tastes basically identical to the U Street location, the over the top shiny new feel to it is just way too sterile. I remember the first time I went to original Ben’s, I walked in the bathroom and a guy was shooting up. While I certainly don’t want things to get to that level here, a bit of nostalgia that didn’t feel freshly Windexed would have been more befitting.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My head hurst so much (not realated to G&G) and no work is getting done.
    Rave: I’ve taken the fun migraine pill so watch out for overshare!

    • UGH! my head has been awful, on and off, the whole weekend. Part of why I didn’t make it to G&G last night! hope your pill helps and your head feels better!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’ve had this headache off and on since Friday! It’s awful! Hope your head feels better soon!

  • Forgotten rant: two separate instances of gunshots on Saturday night just two blocks from my place. The second of which woke me up in a panic at 230am. It was the wild west out there this weekend….

  • Rant: The jogger this morning who body-checked me into a fence from behind because she couldn’t break her stride long enough for me to get through a short, narrow space in the sidewalk.
    Revel: A dreaded trip to the suburbs reaped some fairly minor, inexpensive things that made my condo look about 10x homier than it has in the five years I’ve lived there. I can’t believe it was that easy and will be taking advantage of Zipcar more often. (I live pretty close to the CH Target, but not close enough to haul more than one large-ish item home at a time.)

    • Emmaleigh504

      I had a jogger slam into me 1 afternoon b/c he couldn’t be bothered to dodge the people getting off the bus on the very narrow sidewalk. It was summer and he had no shirt on. I got his sweat all over my face and arms and chest. Grossest thing ever.

      • Oh, ew. Ew, ew, ew. Mine was wearing a shirt (obviously, since it was a woman, or that would have been a more remarkable thing to include in my post!) and definitely got some sweat on me, but I’d been walking a bit, so she got some stranger sweat back at her.
        I usually have a pretty high tolerance for gross city-related stuff, but it was … /unwelcome/ when the guy behind me on the bus coughed on the back of my neck and I put my hand in something lugubrious when I was getting up and grabbed the pole.

    • I have seen joggers run into kids in front of my kids’ school many times. It really pisses me off. I get that trying to dodge little kids is akin to playing frogger, however, this can simply be avoided by jogging the other side of the street or perhaps avoiding the street all together, especially during the time that school lets in. As a jogger myself, I would never be so rude as to body check someone. That is just such a dick move.

  • Rant: Didn’t make it to G&G last night due to too much work and terrible headache. Bummed I missed seeing you but hopefully I’ll be at the HH on Aug 19.
    Rant: I feel like I can’t regulate my body temperature for the past week or so. I’m going from freezing to sweating like 10 times a day. And my hair is falling out. I am WAAAAY too young for this to be menopause, right? Right?! (Not googling. Dr. Google will just tell me I have a brain tumor any way.)
    Rave: My sister-in-law has been sending the cutest little videos and pictures of my nephew. Too cute!
    Rave: Found a great, no-cook way to eat oatmeal in the summer – combo of milk, yogurt, steel-cut oats, fresh berries, a bit of jam and vanilla syrup, shake it up and leave in the fridge overnight, and voila! Delish healthy breakfast!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love cold oatmeal! I like milk, (someitmes) yogurt, berries, almond extract, a dash of sugar or honey, and chia seeds if I want to be healthy. Sometimes crushed almonds. so easy and so good.
      I love food 🙂

      • oh yeah, I forgot, I did throw some chia seeds in there too! But those are all good additions, I’m going to experiment with more of these. I too, love food! We should hang out 🙂

        • Emmaleigh504

          oh, and hemp seeds or sunflower seeds are good for texture too. I love to just dump stuff in and see what delisciousness comes out.
          Yes, let’s hang out!!

        • Oh! Craisins! LOVE them! hehe! Well, I’ll plan on seeing you at the August HH and we can discuss food and drink more then! Back to work I go for now…. 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            stupid work 🙂

          • Ha! I actually love my work ( mean, not always and not every aspect, but overall, yeah, I’m really happy getting to do it!) I realize I’m really lucky to be able to say that. 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            I like my work ok, but today my brain is not working which makes work very difficult. But I managed to get most of my work done, just a few more hours and I can finish the rest!

    • Pablo Raw

      The last time I checked Dr. Google, I learned that I was about to either have a stroke or a heart attack. Being someone that trusts the Scientific Method, I decided to do some tests; the results told me I had a pinched nerve in my arm.

  • Desperate for a contractor recommendation. Has to carry enough insurance to work in a big commercial building, and available pretty much immediately.

  • Rave: Bathroom demo started today! Bye bye gross bathroom, fingers crossed there aren’t any major issues.
    Rave: Closed on refi on Friday, wooo bye PMI and hello better interest rate.
    Rant: The crime in DC lately. This weekend was crazy and ended with a police detail in my neighborhood (which is actually more of a rave).
    Rant: So many unknowns in life and at work on top of my wedding around the corner. I am so stressed out.

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    Rave: Great Saturday in Great Falls hiking and rock climbing.
    Rave II: Artists & Artisans Summer Jam at 3 Stars brewery. The tasty beer and food made up for the heat.
    Rant: It’s Monday

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: People who think it’s okay to interview others in the pubic shared space outside of the fish bowl. Oh and get this, when she said (of course) she was detailed he asked her to describe how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He provided immediate feedback and pointed out she had left out a couple of steps. Jerk!

    • That sounds terrible, but made me laugh nonetheless. Wow.

    • This is funny and weird, but really I am just happy to see that 1) you are back at work and that 2) your fish bowl has a “pubic shared space” outside of it.

      • Ditto on being happy you’re back at work. Hope your weekend was relaxing and allowed you to recharge.

      • I Dont Get It

        Thanks. Unfortunately it is “Government Agency” we share the space with (we have to pretend like we don’t know who they are for some reason) and they are always out there. Oh well we are being kicked out of here 7/31 so they can start to take over the whole damn place.

        • look closely at the first word in the quote, IDGI 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            I will never ever use “public” in any sort of work or career related document b/c I will make that mistake and never even notice.

          • I’m giggling stupidly over here. I just keep thinking “this give a whole new meaning to making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.” (See Detroit Grand Pubahs.)

      • I Dont Get It

        Whoops I missed that!

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