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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Played hooky yesterday and took the kids to the pool. We had mad fun. They’ve been sleeping late in the mornings, so I was thinking I’d get them all tired out and they’d go to bed early, instead of this bouncing around til 10pm nonsense. But what really happened was that I fell asleep in their room at 9, while they sat up and read for another hour. Oh well. At least there was no bouncing.
    Summary rave: Summer vacation. Not having to enforce bedtimes. Long afternoons at the pool. Kids who are old enough to read before bed, and then turn off their own lights.

  • Rave: Got to spend last week in Southern CA and had a great time and excellent weather!
    Rave: I think I’ve finally re-adjusted to being back on Eastern Time.

    Rant: Metro’s red line made me late this morning and it just seems to get worse! Both home and work are within walking distance of red and green/yellow line stations. The walk to the red line is a couple minutes shorter and nicer (over Rock Creek Park) and I could kick myself for not taking a few extra min to walk to Col Heights this morning and to take the yellow/green line.

  • Rant: Sister got scammed on tix she purchased on Craigslist for the T-Swift concert last night. They looked legit, but I told her that she should’ve contacted the stadium prior to purchase to prove validity.
    Rave: They bought tix at the gate and had a great time! I got to finish some stuff around the apartment while they were gone, relaxing evening.
    Rant: I continue to pull slice my driver and was working on it yesterday.
    Rave: Youtube’s tips on fixing my pull slice got me thinking about new practice techniques.

  • Rant: I *just* got to work. I left home 2h and 15 minutes ago.
    Thanks WMATA!!!

    • Whoa! That’s crazy- how long is your normal commute?

      • In all fairness, my normal commute if I metro is 60-65 minutes.
        It would have been 2h 20 min, but I jumped a fence. I just really don’t see why WMATA feels the need to fence off the entire perimeter of their parking lots. What gets me in this case is that the fence is brand new and they’re working on the only pedestrian access point. They could have waited to put the fence up until they’re done fixing the access point.
        I consider the no drinking rule null and void after 30 minutes of delays too.
        Come get me wmata, I’m a total scofflaw!

      • I guess I have a rave: this happened on a day when I have nothing on my calendar. I have a ton to do, but I wasn’t late for anything.
        Tomorrow I will be driving to my 8am meeting with senior management.

      • Additional Rant: the whole reason I metro-ed today was because I had plans in Logan tonight and driving from Rockville to Logan or driving home, then getting down to Logan are just unpalatable options. The plans just got canceled, which honestly makes my day easier and I don’t mind, but I could have driven and avoided the whole disaster.

  • Rant: round ligament pain. Ouch!
    Rave: Being offered a seat on a crowded train. Thank you good sir! Felt very good to sit even though I would have also managed fine standing.
    RAVE: booked our beach vacation–Virginia Beach, here we come! Can’t wait to take the kiddo to the beach. And it’s a suite, so we can put kiddo in her own room, which should make things easier.
    Query to gardeners: My wife thinks she accidentally planted beefsteak tomatoes that are supposedly green rather than red. Does that sound right? If so, how do we know they’re ripe? And what do we do with them? Thanks!
    Rave: orange grape tomatoes & yellow pear tomatoes going like gangbusters. Yum!

    • There are varieties that will be green when ripe, usually some sort of heirloom. If they’re solid green and rock hard they’re not ripe. If they’re supposed to be green when ripe they will typically start to turn a different color on the bottom, lighter/brighter green or a little yellowish and get softer. Bigger takes longer to ripen, plus, water, fertilizer, and most importnatly heat and sun. If you find one that’s starting to soften just eat it and see if you like it! My favorite is cucumbers, tomatoe, green onion, olive oil, S&P.

      This sounds crazy, but If you pick most red tomatoes when they are just turning yellow and put them in a paper bag on the counter they will ripen perfectly and you avoid having them explode if it rains too much.

      • Thanks muchly for the detailed answer! I’ll keep a close eye on them.

        • You are welcome. I used to have a 250 sf garden that produced most of our food (2 peeps) between June and November with a tons of canned stuff for winter treats. Now my yard is 55 sf of dim light and concrete and until the greenhouse goes on the roof 🙂 Im only producing a few meals a week. I’m just itching to do more so glad to help.

  • Rant: City smells worse than normal. I’ve been to NOMA, U St and Petworth and they all smell like sewage. I’m on my way to Columbia Heights.

    • Blame it on the garbage men and their trucks leaking icky goo. As a bike commuter, I’ve noticed it’s particularly bad this year. What gives? Why are they having such a hard time not leaking disgusting liquid all over our roads and alleys? C’mon guys- get there! It is unsanitary and a health hazard. As a biker, I come into contact with it a lot more than most people, and I find it revolting. Ick!!

      • “Why are they having such a hard time not leaking disgusting liquid all over our roads and alleys?”
        I’m not sure if you’re joking but this isn’t really something they can control. The trucks aren’t watertight and if people are throwing away non-sealed liquid waste then some of it’s going to end up on the ground eventually. (And even if it is sealed it’s gonna burst when it gets compacted in the truck.)

        • Ok, if that’s the case, why don’t I see this problem in my parents’ clean neighborhood in the Midwest? Or in friends’ neighborhoods outside the city? Or well, anywhere else? I’m not joking- it is absolutely disgusting, and it is prevalent. Add to that, they leave actual items in the street all the time. Total laziness and a disregard for our neighborhoods. Plus, as I said, the problem is greater right now. I’ve been biking for years- people didn’t all the sudden start putting liquid in their trash. They’ve been doing that forever, but the incessant and egregious trash leaking hasn’t been this noticeable until recently!

          • Emmaleigh504

            It happens other places too. It’s the nature of the beast. Some places have more frequent garbage pick up or more trucks, like an urban setting. Be thankful you are biking in the French Quarter where you not only have daily garbage water puddles, but mystery moisture that drips from God knows where.

          • Stuff oozes out of the NYC garbage trucks too. It’s a big city thing. And my guess is that you’re a lot more likely to notice the liquid in cities because you’re way more often on foot or bike in the city versus the car-bound Midwest or suburbs.

      • Yeah, I hope you’re kidding, blaming the hardest-working people in the city for something that is out of their control. What, you think they should sort through the trash, to make sure that no liquid is lurking in there?

        • Hardest working? Maybe some of them- it is a thankless, dirty, and sometimes unsafe job. That said, this blog has been home to numerous comments from people detailing unethical/bad behavior from the trash dudes. They don’t get a pass because they make less money than you do and you feel bad about it.

          • LOL! They make a lot more money than me. And earn every penny.
            So you read two PoP stories in the last year about trash collectors skipping a block, and decide that all passes are void? Aren’t you glad that no one watches you work from their bathroom window and posts on blogs about you? (I know I am.)

          • wdc, again the nature of trash collection hasn’t changed. People continue to place and always have placed liquids in their trash. What has changed (dramatically, IMHO) is the amount of trash sludge/liquid on my neighborhood streets. How do you account for the increase? I don’t need to rely on PoPville, however, to see what I see with my own eyes (and smell with my own nose!). This is most certainly a quality of life issue. Sorry you’re not sympathetic/empathetic to that very real complaint.

          • Oh, I’m sympathetic to the complaint. That stuff is gross. It’s when you blamed it on the “garbage men” that you lost points.
            And yes, the nature of trash collection HAS changed. DC collectors have to complete their route, no matter how much longer the PTB have made it this month. They may be rushed, because if they don’t complete the route, guess what… 311 calls and PoPville posts about those lazy incompetent “garbage men.”

          • I really shouldn’t continue this (it’s a complaint about garbage sludge, and there’s a lot of more important stuff going on in the word), but…I must. A couple years ago, there was a story about the garbage men (yeah, I’m ignoring your quotation marks) rushing through their day so that they could go home early (as in, before noon). Of course, the scandal was that they were starting too early (waking up all the neighbors as their loud trucks idled next to people’s apartment windows at an hour earlier than specified by law- 7am), and perhaps not doing as thorough a job as many thought they should. The job was and is decidedly not an 8-hour/day job. SO, in other words, they are well past done with their job before most of the PoPville commentariat comes home to complain about a missed garbage can. No need to rush.

          • Emmaleigh504

            The story I read a few years ago talked about how some people love it b/c once the route is done, the day is done. They also talked about knowing their neighbors. No just being a warm body (like at my job). The gargabe man they interviewed explained his day and there was nothing about starting early (which they they are allowed do in extreme heat).
            The extra dumpster juice is probably b/c of the extra rain and recycling. There’s fewer papers and other obsorbant things in garbage now-a-days to soak up all that juice.
            Lastly, Don’t blame the garbage men for the dumpster juice, they have no control over the design of the trucks (that leak juice), the amount of rain, or how juicy the garbage they pick up is. Perhaps you could suggest to the city for street cleaning.

    • Ive noticed that too – I am thinking its got to be related to evening thunderstorms and the fact that we don’t have two separate sewer systems.

      • Good point. There’s a lot of water accumulating in the garbage cans from the rain. We’ve received an absurd amount of rain over the last few months.

        • People should be keeping the lids of their garbage cans closed to prevent water from accumulating. Not only is it nasty, any standing water like that could be serving as a mosquito breeding ground.

    • Aglets

      On monday either a trash truck or the alley behind where I work smelled like a river of hot diarrhea with dead carcasses of coyotes floating in it.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Fascinating and thought-provoking business trip to NYC.
    Rant: Once again, I was sick for said business trip to NYC. The NY cold is getting really annoying.
    Rant: Part of the business trip involved watching a documentary about Katrina and NO’s Versailles community. Great doc, but – even though I was not there for Katrina – the storm and its aftermath is still so raw after almost 10 years. Sobbing at work is not really a good thing.
    Rant: Middle Zelda is suppposed to go college visiting with a friend later this month. The mom emailed me Thursday night with the dates/times of the tours. By the time I was able to sit down and register her for tours on Sunday, 3 of the 5 tours were full. Gah.
    Rant: I’m so cranky right now. I had a huge tantrum when I got home from my trip last nigh. Luckily, I was the only one in the house, so no one else was subjected to it. Except the cats, but they just rolled their eyes and went back to sleep.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I still can’t with Katrina. People rec books and stuff, but nope. The only Katrina book I can look at is the refrigerator book (tho still horrified by the 10 towel job even tho I never did it). I think I can finally listen to NPR at the end of August b/c they don’t re-visit it any more.

    • Emmaleigh504

      And you know, Katrina is what keeps me from truly loving DC b/c I’m only here b/c of K. I really like DC and I would probably really love it if I chose it first instead of having to choose it b/c New Orleans was destroyed. When I was looking for jobs I was looking in both places, but Katrina made the decision.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Wooster paint brushes. I will never use another brand for projects.
    Rant: Not thrilled with the partner’s favorite pick for wedding dress.
    Rave: I don’t have to wear it, so I don’t care all that much.

  • Rant: Saw a dude’s balls hanging out of his pants yesterday. And he was wearing jeans. Crotchless denim?! So disturbing.
    Rant: AC is not cooling and leaking fluid. I’ve already had it looked at once and I’m having someone look at it again. Really hoping I don’t have to get a new HVAC. :-/
    Rave: Furniture is finally being delivered this weekend! Woot!

  • Rave: Finally made it to a Knowledge Commons DC class at Petworth Citizen (on home organization), thanks to MPinDC announcing it here. There were several PoPvillagers in attendance — I recognized skj84, LittleBluePenguin, Andie302, Accountering, and of course MPinDC, and at my table there were two other people (one of whom looked familiar, but whom I’ve not sure I met) who said they heard about it on PoPville.
    Rant: Groggy.
    Rave: Feeling surprisingly un-cranky, considering the grogginess.

    • how was the class? I wanted to go, but weeknight activities are difficult even though I could have benefited from it. Anything cool you can share?

    • I saw you! And a bunch of faces that I vaguely recognized but didn’t know exactly who was who. 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      Some of my favorite PoPvillians. Speaking of….I was thinking of Miss Patty yesterday. Are you still here Miss Patty? New name? Just lurking? Also wonder if those 2 guys from a HH whose names I don’t remember are still around, and those 2 chicks I like from HH. Esp the chick who had the Philly (Pittsburg?) convo with me at that HH in Petworth. Where you at?

      • I think I’m the Philly chick! I’m still here! I’ve sadly had scheduling conflicts for like the last 6 months. I’m really hoping to return for a PoP hh soon! Are Beau and Reader still around?

        • Emmaleigh504

          yay! Lets go to the next HH and catch up.
          Beau and Reader are two more I haven’t seen. I suspect they lurk..well Reader always did anyway. But haven’t seen them at HH (not that I went to the last few).

  • Rant: Sam’s club sent my tires very fast, but the person who answered couldn’t tell me how long I had to pick them up. So unexpected trip tonight. Argh!
    Rave: Get to leave work early and miss rush hour.

  • Rave: Taylor freakin Swift. Such a great show, such a fun night with my BFF. I’m still wearing my light up wristband, because that’s a totally normal thing for a thirty something professional at work, right?

    Rant: idiot surburbanites who insist on driving into the stadium for things like this and have no idea where they’re going or how to drive in a city. grrrr….

    • I’ve had coworkers wearing their wristbands yesterday and today. They are REALLY into high fives!

    • Is your wrist band still lighting up? I was bummed this morning when I realized I had left the house without mine. Wasn’t it amazing how the lights were all coordinated? How the heck did they do that??

      • The wristbands were amazing – although my friend said it was kinda weird to have it light up in the bathroom during the show!

        And it still lights up when you touch it. I’m really surprised it’s lasted this long.

        • I thought it was really cute that when they were handing them out, the security people said “Taylor wants you to wear this.” The Taylor Swift machine is so well oiled, it’s a bit mind boggling.

      • Emmaleigh504

        so jealous, y’all! I want to hear all about how awesome it was!

    • Here is my question, because I’ve only heard people rave about the concert. I have the 1989 CD, and I enjoy it, but was the concert only so good because folks are hard-core TS fans, or was it an actually excellent show?

      • I thought it was an excellent show, full stop. I’m a borderline hard-core TS fan in the sense that I love 1989 but hardly know any of her songs from before 2012. But I basically would be happy to watch and listen to anything she does and they gave people like me a lot of good stuff to watch and hear. The visuals were very impressive, including (especially) the costumes. It was cool to be in a place where there was such positive energy all around. Everyone seemed be having a really great time.

      • Since my 8 yo is obsessed, I tend to think of TS as geared to young kids – a more sophisticated iteration of Hannah Montana. But of course she’s not that – I need to remember she is probably(?) the biggest entertainment star out there today.
        On a related note, I think I have been bamboozled. I was originally going to take my daughter to the concert, but my wife said she’d go instead, and I willingly stepped aside. I’m 99% certain that when the next concert rolls around, it will be “my turn” – and the artist won’t be a pop superstar, but some horrific boy band. I suppose I’d better get familiar with One Direction. Aargh.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: If you are going to listen to music without headphones at least put your phone in a glass so it doesn’t sound shitty.
    Rant? People in other states, STAHPPP
    Rave: all the new people in my apt corridor have put out welcome mats, so I got one too. It’s the tacky fake grass with a daisy. I lurve it. Now to find 2 frogs on a swing under an umbrella to put out. Failing that, pink flamingos. I’m bringing it!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rave: my cussing didn’t cause my post to go through moderation today!

    • What about a rotund lady, bending over to tend the garden that is the welcome mat, and showing her polka dot bloomers?

      • Emmaleigh504

        I do not like those lawn ornaments. The frogs have a special meaning to me, and I just love pink flamingos. All of these things are supposed to be banned, but I guess management doesn’t care. They’ve also never said anything about my illegal window garden. I live in the best building 🙂

    • Love it!!!
      Also – was on the bus and Random Harvest in Georgetown had a huge silver rhino in the window…thought of you.

  • Rant: I’m pretty sure someone tried to break into our house at around 1 am. I know my house sounds pretty well and I could have sworn someone was trying to break one of the door’s locks. The 911 dispatcher was very responsive and nice, and the police came quickly but the experience was freaky nonetheless. I’m glad we have an alarm system and were awake enough to act quickly.
    Rant: Very, very tired and out of it today.
    Rave: Actually -all of the raves- for the Taylor Swift show. So many raves I’m not sure where to begin. Such a good concert.

    • Yikes on your first rant! Glad that the break-in was averted, but I can imagine you’d be shaken up.

    • Accountering

      🙁 That is quite scary! Glad everything was okay. Andie and I need to get that alarm installed!
      Sounds like they had some technical issues with a lift or something at the first show. I missed the red line and the corresponding teenage midriff yesterday evening, so that was a rave for me 🙂

    • Eek, that’s scary. Glad the police were responsive and y’all are safe!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love Swifty more with each passing day. At first I blamed it on my young niece for introducing Swifty to me, but now I am legit a fangirl. I want a slumber party with you and Swifty.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Wow. Sh!t. Sorry to hear that. Do you see any visible damage or evidence of tampering on your door or lock?

      • No, not that I can see. There’s a chance I imagined the whole thing! But I really doubt it.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I thought I heard something similar back in February, but convinced myself that it was overwhelmingly more likely that I was hearing my new neighbors, who I have subsequently learned come and go at odd times, unlocking their front door. Their house had been vacant for a few months, so I had grown unaccustomed to hearing any sounds from over there.

          • My biggest indication that I didn’t make it up is that when I heard the noise, I opened the window and shouted GO AWAY. Immediately the noise stopped.

    • That’s scary! Was your alarm armed? It didn’t go off?

      • Thank goodness we have strong locks. No alarm sounded, but it having it on helped me to sleep after the whole incident.

  • Rant: Amazon prime day doesn’t seem all that exciting.
    Rave: Maybe it’s because I’m trying to get rid of things instead of acquire them!
    Rave: Knowledge Commons class was great to reinforce what I already knew and am trying to embrace. I’m thinking tonight might be sock/underwear drawer re-org time. JinDC – she based a lot off of the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” which I am considering purchasing.
    Rave: I did two loads of laundry last night (for the first time in the new machine) and while it was AWESOME it also sounded like a train coming through our house.
    Rant: The machine needs a serious adjustment (but I’m being told that it’s not that big of a deal, luckily)!
    Rave: Old roommates/tenants are hosting a BBQ and we’re invited. I love that we get along with them and that they actually want to spend time with us, plus they are thrilled with the house. Win/win

    • topscallop

      I agree, Prime Day is a letdown so far! Nothing on my wish list is on sale 🙁

      I read the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up a few months ago, and the most useful tip I found was to completely empty your drawers and closet into a big pile and actually look at and touch each piece of clothing. I had so many similar items, it was eye-opening, and I ended up donating a lot. Now I want to do it again. Marie Kondo is kind of excessive though – who empties their purse every night and then refills it each morning?

      • Oh man we didn’t talk about purses, but this exercise could totally help me. Receipts, pens, business cards, mail, coupons…I have so much crap in my work bag that I won’t be using in the short term. The speaker did admit that she thought the author really took it to an extreme in some instances.

        • Andie302, are you familiar with Flylady?
          Emptying one’s purse every day sounds extreme to me too, but back when I was signed up for the Flylady e-mail list, I vaguely remember there were e-mail reminders once (or maybe twice?) a week to “boogie” one’s purse, which meant going through the purse and cleaning out unnecessary items.

      • The woman who taught the class (Emily at vitalorganizing) had some “Kondo-lite” options which seemed more do-able.
        Along with “does this bring you joy?” she suggested asking “has this served its purpose?” Or, can this (object) bring someone else joy?

    • Agreed with your first rant. Though I did happen across a dustbuster, and I’ve been wanting one of those for ages.

    • I’m kind of glad that Prime Day doesn’t have anything irresistible, because I’m also trying to get rid of things, not acquire them. Maybe if I weren’t moving I would be more excited about it, but it looks pretty unimpressive thus far.

    • Rant: Agree on Prime Day. The items they selected for lightning deals seem so random and uninteresting. My cart remains sadly intact.
      Rave: saving money by not buying crap I really didn’t need in the first place?

    • Prime Day is definitely overall a let down. After teasing it for hours, though, the Fire Stick finally went on sale for $24. We’ve been streaming Netflix through a five year-old DVD player. It’s clunky and time to upgrade. Looking forward to using other streaming services a bunch more, too.
      Otherwise, while we’ve had Prime for years and love it, I feel bad for those folks suckered into signing up just for this expecting all sorts of things to be great deals. I wish in addition to the “doorbusters,” they’d offered something like 5-10% discounts on a much wider range of products.

      • I have an Amazon Firestick and an Apple TV. I prefer to the Firestick, especially since the SlingTV app came out and I can now stream HGTV and Food Network! (and other channels too, but those are the best).

        • That’s great to know, thanks! What I pay Comcast right now makes nauseous when I actually think about it. I’d love to strip that package down at least a little bit.

        • Can you get Bravo and/or E! on the Firestick? That’s the only thing keeping my GF tethered to cable. Would prefer to just get rid of that expense entirely.

      • You could sign up for a 30day free trial to get deals, so I don’t think anyone wasted money just to get them.

    • Absolutely agree, Prime Day has been quite ho-hum. Though it has been interesting to see what is getting snapped up – who are all the people buying up electric pencil sharpeners, and why?! I did snag a cordless vac for a good price, which has been on my want list for a while – this way, if it’s a let-down, at least I didn’t spend a ton of money and time on it. But ultimately, considering the “Getting your Ish together” class last night, it’s probably a good thing there wasn’t more “irresistible” deals so I’m not acquiring more ish before I’ve gotten my act together. Oh, and I did get the Marie Kono book while I was getting my vacuum 🙂 I think it should help reinforce those ideas from the class, even if I don’t choose to be quite as ruthless in my purging!

  • Rant: Trying to organize a large corporate dinner in France on a very tight budget.
    Rave: Alumni/incoming student law school reception tonight. Looking forward to meeting classmates and alums!
    Rave: Tiny Dog must protect me from the evil Wii. The BF isn’t big on video games but will occasionally play tennis on the Wii and Tiny Dog goes crazy. Pretty funny scene in the living room last night.

    • See if there’s a restaurant school near your meeting location in France. The atmosphere isn’t great (it’s usually a school cafeteria setting), but the food and the service are fantastic– 7 courses, served by professional-waiters-in-training and sommeliers-in-training. For like $30 per person. (That figure is out of date.)

      • That sounds amazing. This dinner is for a group of high-level executives so we usually keep it pretty high-end in terms of venue but they may be open to trying something a little different and more authentic. I’ll definitely look into it, thanks!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Tiny Dog sounds awesome! I hope Tiny Dog will be in the AAF!

  • Rave: Self-care evening last night — yoga, pedicure, glass of wine and takeout from the restaurant where I used to work. There are worse ways to spend a Tuesday night.
    Rant: So much to do before I leave for vacation.
    Rave: Going on vacation.

  • skj84

    Rave: I enjoyed the declutter class with Knowledge Commons. Good seeing parts of the Populace there. Going to work on organizing myself this week.

    Rave: Biked from Petworth to Woodley last night. Lovely evening for a ride.

    • Accountering

      Agree on the rave! I Biked from Park View to Adams and it was wonderful! So nice out! Very cool class, excited for Andie and I to keep making progress organizing our (admittedly) small space! We are almost there. We may have a few things that we don’t need, and that don’t give us joy that still need to go 🙂

  • Rave: Had an awesome time last night celebrating my husband and his birthday. Rasika was fabulous, he loved his gifts, and we enjoyed an awesome movie by the Potomac.
    Rant: Trying to stay away from process/structure and concentrate on content/substance at work but when the process interferes with my potential future ability to work on content, I have to speak up and pay attention.
    Rant: No China.
    Rave: But the Brazil work trip is shaping up to 3 weeks work/1 week vacay so that’s awesome.

  • Rant: no more dating updates going up on here. too many “anonymous” people accusing me of loving the drama and invalidating my feelings. Girl, bai!
    Rave: social calendar. realizing I’m out and about almost every night of the week with friends making new friends and great memories. finding a work-life balance is amazing!

  • Rant/Rave: Didn’t want to get up and go to gym this morning – but did and feel better
    Rave: Ran into old neighbor this morning – always nice to see him.
    Rant: Managers that are bad at managing…

  • Rant: I am so sick of the entitled people that live on my street, they complain and complain, nothing is every perfect, they think in terms of what is good for them. My big rant, the new people treat the “natives” like we are trash. If you look a certain way it can only mean you must be tolerated until you move on so someone that look like them can come along.
    Rant: I am so done!

    • Ok, I’ll bite. Does “what is good for them” have to do with cleanliness or a quiet neighborhood? Might that also benefit everyone, not just the people requesting it? What is the nature of your complaint? How do the new people treat the natives like trash?

    • I’m not a native- but I’ve been in my neighborhood going on 10 years now. These are the things that I wish my fellow neighbors would improve on:
      1. Controlling noise issues(there is NO need for kids/teenagers to be yelling ALL the time)
      2. Clean up after they are finishing hanging out in front of their and neighbors homes.
      3. Be considerate when other neighbors are also trying to enjoy their back yards.
      If this could happen– I would love love love love love my neighborhood as my as I love my home.

  • Rant: Had to let go of my sweet elderly cat on Monday, the vet was really compassionate and I know it was the right thing to do. I think its hard too for the now solo cat who also seems a little sad.
    Rave: We had a very good last day with lots of purring, snacks, splashing in fresh bowls of water, and belly rubs.
    Rave: Friends who took us there and kept company afterwards.
    Rave: Vacation next week, cooler and mosquito free!

  • Rant: The crazy headache/sinus thing came back at 3am today. Going to do the same thing I did last time, and hope it sticks. Not as awful as last time though, which is lovely. Wondering what is happening that I keep getting sinus headaches so frequently.

    Rave: Ordered a bottle-green dress online today. Unsure if it was a good purchase or not, but it’s different than my usual black/white ensembles.

    Rave: Going to see “Dear Evan Hansen” tonight at the Arena Stage. I’ve heard lots of good buzz about it from theatre people in NYC, so I’m excited. Plus, pre-show margaritas at Arena Stage beforehand! (I mean, if that doesn’t help my headache…)

    Rave: Realized that I am finally, finally open to the potential to meet new people (both friends, and potential love interests, despite no answer from the Boy, I’ve determined “no answer” is, in fact, an answer.) and it is so exciting! I feel like an entire world is opening up.

    Rave: My manager has my back about the ridiculous behavior of my one attorney (whose attitude has apparently not gone unnoticed throughout my firm). I’ll get through it.

  • Rave: First acupuncture session yesterday (City Acupuncture). I expected to have needles in my back, but not in my neck or behind my knee, or in my heels. Strange feelings at first, then I dozed. I know it takes a few sessions but feeling good after the first one is a positive sign.
    Rant: I waited too long to make an appointment to get my haircut, and the woman I see is on vacation.
    Rave: Hairclips, headbands and the ability to be summer casual for the next week or so

  • Interesting & exhausting day yesterday. There was a scheduled interview in the morning – met with three people each for about 45-60 minutes. It went well, and everything I learned in the interview has increased my interest in the position. Then, at home, later that afternoon, I got an unscheduled call from a recruiter so I went through another 60 minute discussion about how do I work under pressure, where do I see my self in five years, what motivates me, etc etc. I am enough of an INFP that I was pretty much exhausted by the end of the day. I hope something comes through soon, because I am getting (a little) tired of talking about talking about myself. Now, the waiting.

    • I’m an ENFP, and I still find interviewing exhausting, because it just is.
      On the other hand, be happy when you have interviews. Mine are few and far in-between, as I get closer and closer to homelessness. (And I’m a highly educated and hardworking person – never expected to be here!)

      • Emmaleigh504

        I would so rather be the candidate that is interviewed than the interviewer. Not sure why interviewing candidates takes so much out of me, but it does.

  • Question for those Popvillagers who have had issues trying to conceive: What, if any, was your experience with Clomid? And at what point did you decide to use it? We haven’t been trying for *that* long, but, given my age, my doc has recommended trying Clomid along with seeing a fertility specialist. The increased chance of twins freaks me out a bit. Obviously, this is a decision I’ll make in conjunction with my partner, but more information and/or hearing others’ experiences always helps. I’m a firm believer in lots of data points to shape decision-making.

    • Totally thinned my lining. Didn’t work for me but it’s a food first step. Some people (like me) have really thin linings after taking.

      • Did supplementing with progesterone help alleviate the lining issue?

        • Which reminds me–that’s another thing that can get checked: if post-ovulation progesterone levels aren’t high enough, lining may not be thick enough to allow for implantation. That’s another “easy” fix if that’s the case.

    • I haven’t used clomid, but I am a triple-graduate of the fertility specialist/RE process. If you’re going to go the route of meeting with an RE anyhow, it may make sense to get a better picture of what’s going on before starting on clomid. Do you know you are ovulating & are you able to roughly pinpoint when? (Temping can tell you after the fact and is more definitive of ovulation, ovulation predictor kits give you a heads up in advance) If you’re having trouble determining that on your own at home, the RE can use a series of sonograms and blood tests to determine if things are progressing as they should. Also get your thyroid hormones checked–if your TSH is too high (hypothyroid), that can make it harder to get pregnant and/or lead to early miscarriage. Apologies if I’m telling you things you already know.
      My understanding is that clomid increases the likelihood of twins a bit, but not necessarily by a huge amount. That said, it doesn’t hurt to get other things checked out before taking that step in case it isn’t necessary.

      • Clomid definitely does have an increased risk of twins, but the one that most people seem to get multiples (I’m talking twins and higher order multiples) with is Femara in conjunction with IUI.

      • +1 to “If you’re going to go the route of meeting with an RE anyhow, it may make sense to get a better picture of what’s going on before starting on clomid.” There are so many things that can cause fertility issues and Clomid may not be the best way to deal with your own unique challenges. My own RE did a full workup on me before making any recommendations for treatment and I hope yours does the same. I strongly recommend the GW RE practice if you’re looking for a specialist.

  • Put a hold down on our venue w/a deposit coming in about 10 days, and we’re doing a tasting with a caterer on Friday. So by the end of the month we should have both of these things booked. What a stress this has been but we’re glad we’re getting it out of the way.

  • Rant: getting sick of all the paper pulls I need to do for a mortgage. I forgot how awful it was. Do I have a cleared check for a deposit I made in April, 2015? No – that’s ridiculous.
    Rave: So much basil. So many tomatoes. brought some in to give away at work! The basil is amazing this year.
    Rave: The number of facebook friends that had a great time at the Taylor Swift show – awesome!
    Rave: knowing I’ve got, like, 5 weeks left of security going through all my bags when I come in to work. So annoying after 7 years.
    Rave: So much vacation – I’ll have like 8 weeks of paid leave when I depart….woooot!

    • I walked past some gorgeous basil this morning. Are you in an end unit? It might’ve been yours! The leaves were the size of my palms…and so much of it!

      • possibly – 11th St in Logan. It’s in a white planter on our stairs. My coworkers can’t believe I have enough to bring in, seeing as how I live in the middle of a dirty urban layer of hell (so it would seem when they describe living in DC). We have SO many tomatoes, hot peppers, ect. Just gave away a ton of chard.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Time to finally take that vacation you haven’t been able to take!

      • Our basil is the size of a small tree this year!

      • definitely – the job I’m pulling for might need to start pretty quick, but that’ll mean a double pay check for a while, so I can save up and take a real vacation at Christmas since the job I am gunning for gives you the week between Christmas and NY off, so no leave used!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Xmas isn’t my holiday, but boy I would love if my work gave us that week off. I support paid time-off on holidays from all religions!

        • not my holiday either, but I won’t say no to a week of closed office! My office on the Hill did this two times a year. It was wonderful.

  • Rant: Came in to discover that a piece I’m writing that is already late hadn’t been saves when they replaced my computer and had therefor evaporated into the datasphere. (fortunately, short, but when they’re looking over your shoulder and you feel guilty already….)
    Rant: Took the car to work because I have errands on the way home and got mired in delays due to 1) fallen tree branch 2) jogging-related (?) ambulance) and 3) (for the trifecta) a fender bender .
    Rant: One errand is seeing the doctor regarding a lower back that has fucked itself up at the exact moment when the final run to the big regional regatta and the National’s commences, and just when I felt I was rowing really well .
    Rave: Even though she claims it’s purely therapeutic and it’s occasionally painful, having scantily-dressed girlfriend do weird massage-related stuff to me is kind of fun.

  • Rant: I look like a teenager with all of this acne on my face.
    Rave: I drove in today so I avoided the Red Line mess this morning.
    Rave: A week from tomorrow, I’ll be leaving on a week long vacation.
    Rave: Got an appointment with a new therapist. Hoping it works out better than the last one.

    • On your rant, are you by any chance a lady too? I’ve got hormonal acne and I’m trying out different BC to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. You might consider that.

      • Yes, I am a lady. I’m supposed to be a 30 something adult not a 15 year old. I thought I left acne behind in high school. Hormonal acne? That might be the case. What’s BC?

        • birth control

        • I never had acne as a teenager but as soon as I hit 27, I started breaking out. It’s definitely worse in the summer with the humidity. And I can’t take hormonal BC (birth control). I feel ya. It sucks!

        • My gyno noticed that I breakout in cycles as part of PMS and it’s clearly hormonal acne based on location and timing. It’s really stressful being 26 and breaking out even more than I did as a teenager!

  • Rave: Went to an experimental training session yesterday for work that was more interesting than I expected it to be.
    Rant: My roommates didn’t realize I was home the other day and were complaining about me…
    Rave: Confronted them and had a long, good discussion that was way over-due, and hopefully cleared the air.
    Rant: Squished self-esteem, but what else is new?
    Rave: My amazing coworkers. So sad that several of them are leaving this summer, but I’m so lucky to have a job where most of the people are really great friends as well as coworkers.

    • Good on confronting the roommates! Were these the same ones you were hassling you a few months ago?

    • Good on you for confronting the roommates! Hope that helps in the long run.

    • palisades

      Wow. Good job saying something. I would probably passive-aggressively annoy my roommates by focusing on doing more of whatever they complained about, because I’m dumb like that.

    • Good job on the confrontation. What were they saying? Were their complaints legit? Or was it over-the-top complaining for the sake of complaining?

    • We have had issues for a while – seems like it’s been a lot of miscommunication though, and some fault on all of our ends. They had some legit complaints, I’ve been feeling uncomfortable for a while and two against one… Hopefully this helps though.

  • Rave: After moving almost 3 weeks ago, I’m really starting to feel at home in Navy Yard. I love that everyone seems to know each other; even though Capitol Hill is more traditionally “neighborhood-y,” I never really knew my neighbors.
    Rant: My roommate got a rather poorly-worded OKCupid message to the effect of “You moved from everything happening in Northwest to…nothing happening in Navy Yard?” Navy Yard has been 100% better than our time in NW so far, but I guess I’m glad it’s such a well-kept secret!
    Rave: Taylor Swift concert, two nights in a row. I love her.

    • justinbc

      There is stuff happening all over DC. Anyone unaware of that is just ignorant, definitely sounds like a hard pass!

      • Yeah, your roommate should just delete that message and keep it moving. I remember when we lived in Navy Yard and definitely heard a couple rude/ignorant comments. “You live all the way over there? OMG, wow…how do you even get there? You might as well live in VA!” And the worst: “You live in SE? SO DANGEROUS!” We just spent last Sunday in Navy Yard and I def miss it…it’s a great neighborhood and there’s TONS TO DO!

  • Rave: As several have said, the Knowledge Commons class on organizing was great, really helped reinforce things I mostly already know, but also yielded a few great new tips and tricks – actually excited to organize my crap instead of dreading it!
    Rant: Amazon Prime day – who is buying some of this shit?! For reals! like, why is there a flash sale on a car buckle extender? Why?!
    Rave: I guess it’s actually really good that most of the stuff is a hard pass, so I don’t acquire more things before I get my ish sorted and figure out what I actually need. Although I did need a new vacuum, and PrimeDay worked out for me in that regard – got what I think is a pretty great deal on a cordless vac that should give me no excuse not to vacuum every day, and if it’s not that awesome, well, at least I didn’t spend a ton of money on it!

  • ATTN green thumbs:
    I will be moving into a new apartment with a balcony that gets a lot of light (unhindered eastern exposure, top of building). What should I plant in the hanging boxes? Am I too late for herbs? Any other suggestions that will thrive through the rest of the year?

    • Emmaleigh504

      cosmos! they have pretty flowers and bloom all summer. bonus they don’t care if you neglect them. I have no idea if it’s too late to plant the seeds. They do not like well fertilized soil, I found out this year when they wouldn’t bloom b/c I stupidly fertilized the soil after 6 years of neglect.
      If your get a rosemary and/or lavendar plant they will probably be ok. Bees and humming birds visit my lavendar 🙂

    • Think about things that grow naturally in direct light and uneven moisture (because your containers will dry out pretty fast.) I agree with Emilie on the woody things like rosemary and lavender. I think lantana will also work, and it’s showy.

    • Congrats on the new place 🙂 I’m just going to tell you things that are hard to kill: flat leaf parsley and rosemary. I’ll defer to the experts on what’s still appropriate this time of year.

    • Adding SoilMoist (water absorbing crystals) helps cut down on watering. Also using the best potting soil you can find and if you have large pots add some LeafGro.
      You can still plant just about any flower and herb in July – I like petunias, verbena, sweet potato vine, alyssium in hanging baskets. Scented geranium, lemon verbena, pineapple sage, Mexican mint, lemon grass in pots …you have many options!

    • Thanks team, you are all helpful! Will save your message and research this week. Probably won’t get around to planting anything until early August considering I still need to pack, move, and have some travel coming up.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Ate too much at the Shake Shack yesterday.
    Rant: Ate too much at the Shake Shack yesterday.
    Rave: Running is doing okay.
    Rave: Ball pit tonight!
    Rave: Dance of the Cranes tonight!
    Rave: Instead of running tonight!
    Rave: Too much mozzarella in my caprese lunch salad.
    Rant: Had to eat it too rapidly in the too cold science machine control room.

  • Rant: My cat was for the most part cured of his out of the box litter habits, except that I had to add another litter box in one of our bathrooms, and the extra litter box I had was too small, so he was not so great at keeping it in the box. So I buy a big fancy one with a lid, praying that he will use the lidded one and not pee all over the wall and floor like he did with the unlidded, small one. But now he’s freaking afraid of the new litter box and is back to peeing on blankets, pooping everywhere, and I’m at my wit’s end.
    Rave: I bought pretty flowers yesterday? And a new president-themed Nats shirt at the new Nike store on New York Ave for only $8.
    Rant: BUT THE CAT OMG I AM GOING TO STRANGLE THE CAT (I would never actually strangle the cat, just seriously learn how to speak english and tell me what you want please)

    • Can you try taking the lid off and seeing what he does? Lids can be scary for some cats, not to mention they trap smells. The trapped smells can be not so great for smell-sensitive cats, leading to avoidance issues. I have a male cat who is a vigorous kicker- the cat kicks litter all over the place. Anyway, I solved that problem by buying a high-walled litter box (Nature’s Miracle high-sided corner box) that has an opening for him to easily walk into. I complement that with a litter mat that does a good job of catching stray litter- I think mine is from 3M. You might want to reconsider where you’re placing the box- how about a walk-in closet that is near the bathroom? You can always use a Chinese screen to block that unpleasant appearance! Good luck.

    • What about a litterbox that doesn’t have a lid but has tall sides? (Maybe he’s afraid of the lid?)
      IIRC, you already have Feliway diffusers in the house, right?
      Is the fancy new litterbox near any sources of noise, like the HVAC system?

      • I need to refill the feliway diffusers.
        The fancy new litterbox is not in the HVAC room, and is on the floor he likes to spend most of his time in. At this point, I feel like I’m changing up everything so much to appease him that he’s probably freaked out about all of the changes and is just saying “F IT”
        I could buy 5 litterboxes and put them in every possible closet, bathroom, etc. in the house and see which one gets used and then keep it there.
        Someone mentioned a screen to block unpleasantness but the bathroom is really only big enough for the litterbox and as is, you can’t really use the shower in there because the litterbox is in the way. So no room for a screen.

        • Emmaleigh504

          if you can’t use the shower, put the litter box in the shower. I had the litter box in the shower/tub in 2 different apartments and the litter scatter was so much easier to clean. Of course, this only works if you have an extra shower/tub.

    • Emmaleigh504

      QZ has a lidded one where the opening is at the top. Her athelic kitties seem to love it. She has another fancy one, but I don’t know much about it. Hopefully, she’ll see this and contribute.

      • QZ’s top-entry litterbox might be the Clevercat box — that’s what I have for my cat. (A regular low-sided litterbox didn’t work well, because she kicked the litter out of the box.)

        • Whoah just looked up the clevercat. I don’t think my cat would even know that was a litterbox.

          • For the first few days, you set the Clevercat box out without the lid (and using the same litter that they’re used to, and with the box in the same place).
            My cat had no problems catching on to it. (It might be difficult for an elderly cat to get up and into the box, but yours is on the younger side, right?)

    • Google IRIS open top litter box. Would something like that be helpful?
      You did the empty box with washcloths it in, right? Did he stop using them? Peeing on soft things can often be worked around that way, but if he’s pooping outside the box, too, he might be telling you that he is not meant to live in a human house. Which is a terrible thing to hear from your pet.

      • He wanted nothing to do with the washcloths in the litter box.
        He was fine for 12 years using a lidded litterbox but now I don’t freaking know what he wants.

        • I forget, did you get a vet workup? If you haven’t, do some reading on FLUTD (which is actually a catch-all term for “pee problems in cats”.) That’s what made/ makes my cat pee on blankets and piles of clothes. Feliway didn’t do anything for him, but the washcloths and medicine for flare-ups have made it much easier to live with.

          • Yeah, did a vet workup. Vet also said since it’s both a pee and poop issue then it’s likely not medical but stress, because different things cause one vs. the other medically so to have both at the same time would be really unusual.

      • That Iris open top one might work. And it sure is cheaper than the other one I just bought.

        • The IRIS box might also be good because not only are the sides tall, they’re clear — so if he likes to be able to keep an eye on his surroundings while he’s using the litterbox, that would help.

        • And if for some reason the IRIS high-sided box doesn’t work, I see that LitterMaid and Nature’s Miracle both make high-sided litterboxes too.

          • Thanks! I ordered the IRIS box and refills for the feliway stuff which should arrive tomorrow. Hopefully that works. This is clearly very frustrating ….. He doesn’t seem overly stressed otherwise so it’s all just very bizarre.

  • Not sure what to do. Was concerned that I had not heard from my tenant so I came home and found him passed out on the floor covered in vomit. He said he took all his pills to kill himself. I’m trying to take him to Whitman-Walker.

    • jim_ed

      You need to call 911, explain the attempted suicide, and allow the hospital to address his psychiatric needs.

      • +1. Call 911 NOW. Don’t try to take him somewhere yourself; have an ambulance (with trained paramedics) do it.

        • Co-signed, you definitely want professionals to help bring him in and you don’t want to leave him alone . Since he has tried to hurt himself, they can put him on an involuntary 72 hour hold. And if you have an emergency contact for him, now would be the time to let them know what’s going on. He is really, really lucky that you checked on him when you did.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Oh god! 911 could take him to the hosipital where a doctor could do the necessary observations etc. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this, but you are a good person for 1. checking on him, and 2. helping him.

    • 911 NOW!!! He needs a hospital and intervention now.

    • Holy moly. Yeah this is a 911 situation – I hope you called an ambulance.

    • Thanks all. He’s getting the medical attention he needs now and seems to be doing better. It was nice to have an anonymous place to ask for help even though I knew what I should do. The house is a wreck…looks like he ransacked the place and items from various floors are strewn everywhere. That complaint sounds very shallow in retrospect…

      • Well done. And no worries about the “shallow” complaint–it’s still startling to see, even more so in the context of what is going on.

        • +1. And you’re not shallow — it’s possible to feel bad/sympathetic for the tenant for his not wanting to live, and at the same time be upset about his ransacking the house.

      • He’s been admitted into a local hospital now. Very relieved.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Today is fancy brownie day.
    Rant: I can’t concentrate on work b/c I keep thinking about brownies (and the other goodies).
    Rave: just another couple of hours. Surely I can get some work done! (I do have a deadline, so it will get done…bleck)

  • Rave: I just ate a lot of District Taco.
    Rant: I just ate A LOT of District Taco.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Big Rave: the crack brownies were a HUGE hit at work. thanks jindc for the recipe and suggestion of using rolos!

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