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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Random: This news about Jared from Subway. How sick, given that their newest commercial is him going into detail about his family. (assuming that the allegations are true) What a PR nightmare in the making for them. I wonder what DC’s infamous projector is going to respond with??

    • He is being investigated, not charged.

    • Whoa. Intense.

    • My understanding is it’s part of the investigation of his director, not him.

      • justinbc

        The director had already been arrested though, and the organization cut ties with him. If that was the case then why “raid” his home? Presumably they would have offered any evidence requested by the prosecutors if they had truly cut ties. Either way, it’s not a good look.

    • palisades

      Man, you can’t make this stuff up. Insane!

    • I watched the video of Jared and the cops walking into his house in Indiana.
      All I could think is about how if I were Jared, I would call my estate “The House of Sandwiches”

  • Rave: Baby day for my sister-in-law and brother. So excited for them and I can’t wait to meet my new nephew!
    Rave: SYTYCD back on TV, particularly now that auditions are done.
    Rant: My mom is starting to get forgetful and more irritable than before. Hard to tell if the forgetfulness is related to medications, getting older or something more. Just something to keep an eye on for now.

  • Revel: went to the gym this morning for the first time in weeks. If I do nothing else today, I will consider the day to be successful.
    Revel: I’m enjoying picking up American items to bring to my friend in Israel
    Rant: I should have picked more blueberries Saturday

  • Q: Does anyone know if it’s getting to be the time to see the sunflower fields out on River Road in Maryland? I suspect I might have missed their peak, but maybe I’m not too late…

    • a few years ago, I went there on July 23 and they were awesome. The following year I went back and bizarrely couldn’t find any flowers–like they hadn’t been planted at all. The timing probably depends on heat and rain, but I think you would be fine going this weekend.

      • Sunflowers are planted every two years (they strip the soil of nutrients fairly quickly and can’t be planted annually without major soil engineering), and usually bloom in July and August depending on the kind of summer we are having. I know people who have a similar field in North Eastern Maryland.

      • I just searched around the interwebs, and the field (McKee-Beshers) has a FB page – seems like right about now is peak. A bit earlier than my last visit in 2013, which may be the year you visited too.

    • justinbc

      I don’t know about that area, but the ones in our neighborhood are starting to all open up right now.

    • Yes, they are in bloom. I checked on them last night.

  • Rant: Think a friend is romantically interested, but she constantly accuses me of only dating elites I.e. Not at all like her. Yes, I’ve mostly dated professionals, but that’s just dumb luck and dc dynamics.
    Rave: Spending $$$ from driving lessons.
    Rave: Back to the gym with an intensive seminar this weekend.
    Rave: Quiet roomie with a huge foreman grill and crockpot. Heaven!

    • A professional is considered elite?? The lesbian community is so strange sometimes. Reminds me of the time an ex-friend asked if I really thought I could “pull a doctor!”

      • There are a lot of lesbian communities out there. Yeah, as a professional, I don’t consider myself an elite – but elite by definition is someone above you on the financial pecking order. People often tend to hang in groups of people whose work and financial situation is similar to theirs, and don’t see all the other people out there.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: The “I could have done better” feeling.
    Rave: There’ll be another opportunity, and hopefully I can do better.

  • Rant: I thought the AC repair folks were coming closer to 8:30 and so far not a peep from them. I took off work for this?
    Rave: After a week of having no AC, I’ll finally be able to get a good night’s sleep tonight.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: all the sick friends and family of the PoPulace.
    Rave: The Prince and the PoPulace.

  • Rave: seeing an old friend tonight for dinner. friend dates are awesome.
    Rave: I really feel like I’m getting into the swing of working out regularly. After pretty much a lifetime of being as sedentary as possible, I’m surprised by how much I get out of doing working out. A great stress buster, especially since I have more than enough to go around.
    Rant: a pro-rated raise. It just feels awkward to get 7/12ths of a 3% ‘merit’ raise because I had my review after being at my firm for 7 months, but they do everyone’s review in July. And I asked to be reviewed again on my 1yr anniversary, and they said they can’t do that. One of those grit my teeth and move on kind of situations, I know.

    • On the plus side, that 7/12 of a raise is being applied after only 7 months and will compound over time.

  • SouthwestDC

    Rant: Saw on the local news this morning (not currently in DC) that the eagles are being injured and killed by people aiming fireworks at them. I can ignore the hunting culture but this just makes me angry.

  • Rave: Transition from crib to bed is going more smoothly than I expected. Some increase in night-waking, but it’s mostly manageable. And she’s just so darn excited about the truck sheets she picked out. Hoping that she’s as excited when it’s time to change the sheets & put the dinosaurs on (also kiddo-selected).
    Rave: 7-week old kittens are such goofballs. More work than I’d anticipated, but at least they’re super cute. Need to get some better photos of them for their adoption pages.
    Rant: Struggling concentrating at work. Bah. Must work on that–too much to do!
    Rant: Tried to go to bed by 10:30 but didn’t hit the sack until after 11. Ugh. So much sleep deprivation to catch up on. At least I got to sleep largely straight through.

    • Congrats on the smooth transition! In the next month or so we will have to transition out of our magic merlin sleep suit. She has been sleeping great in it, but she will start rolling over soon in it and it will have to go. I am dreading having to truly sleep train her when she is out of the suit and starts waking up every hour…

      • Thanks! How old is your kiddo? My daughter was late to start rolling over so we kept the swaddle for a lot longer than others did. Then again her sleep was never all that great until we adopted the Ferber approach at 8 mo, which made a world of difference in the span of 2-3 nights. It was unreal. If she’s a great sleeper now, the transition might not be as bad as you fear–fingers crossed!

        • Our daughter is six months. Interestingly, she never liked being swaddled, we pretty much used a sleep sack from the get go. BUT she was still waking up 2-3 times a night, and with the merlin suit she sleeps straight through the night. When I have tried to have her not sleep in it, she wakes after 45 minutes and starts rolling around and then hysterically crying when she is on her stomach (even though she knows how to roll back over, she chooses not to). We will eventually have to ferberize when she is out of the suit.

          • our kid was awful. I feel your pain. He’s 20 months and still wakes up in the middle of the night (I’m ignoring the last few nights because of so much travel lately). It’s no fun. Have you tried using “lovies”? Our son sleeps MUCH better with his lovies and a few stuffed animals. It’s weird but works.

          • Oh yuck. All I can say is, my daughter was a crap sleeper who woke at least 2x/night and sometimes more when going through regressions and I was absolutely amazed at how quickly she responded to the Ferber approach. I was expecting so much worse than actually transpired. We already had the lovies/pacifiers/etc available but the Ferber approach made a world of difference. I hope that you have a similar experience if you need to go down that road.

    • Where did you get the sheets? I need to start thinking about the transition from toddler bed to twin bed soon.

      • We went to target. Initially looked on amazon and everything was ridiculously pricey. And this way, kiddo could pick out her own sheets, which worked out really well. She’s been REALLY excited about the new sheets & sometimes that helps motivate getting her up to her room to get ready for bed. Target has character-related sheets if that’s what your kid is into but also lots of generic options that are kid-friendly. (Trucks, dinosaurs, butterflies, princess-themed, etc)

      • Land of Nod sometimes has great options on sale

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Just as I was finally able to fall asleep around 2:30 am, *someone* came into my room wreaking of cigarette smoke to inform me he had company. I was unable to fall asleep again until about 4:00 am.
    Rave: Between 4 am and 6 am I had these trippy Harry Potter meets A Midsummer Night’s Dreams……dreams.
    Rant: My sister was playing Titania. Not sure how I feel that she is the Queen of the Fairies. Oh well, at least I’ll have something to talk about in therapy this week.

  • Rave: Wearing new ivory, pinstripe pants. Definitely a different look for me and I like it. Now to not spill anything on them all day…
    Rant: My last month of work could not move any slower.
    Rave: So excited to see friends in New York later this week.

    • I’m wearing a light pink dress to work and I’m in the same situation. Tikka Masala lunch is going to have to be really careful. On the plus side, I’ve gotten really good at getting stains out now, in general by virtue of wearing more light clothes that get stained often

  • Rant: My ridiculous landlord. she CLEARLY isn’t in DC for the summer. We need an appliance repaired and because she couldn’t make the appointment, she tried to get my nanny to do it – which isn’t her job. she let a repair man in once when we first moved in, but that was it – it’s way beyond her scope and it’s not secure. So the landlord begged my downstairs neighbor to let her NEPHEW in to meet the repair guy. And then her sister and nephew were there. the nanny had no idea, came home to two strangers sitting on our sofa. They were talking to her and trying to interact with the children. the landlord then texted me to say she was there earlier in the day and fixed the appliance. But she wasn’t there – the repair man never showed up. I confronted her and she said “oh, we will be there at 11AM for the repair”. WHY ARE YOU LYING about the previous day? And why is it OK for her to let total strangers in my home?!?!! She is trying to pass any responsibility for care of her $1M property to anyone she can while doing nothing herself.
    Rave: 7. more. weeks.
    Rant: i brought treats from the Pioneer Valley to work yesterday and some jerk from another office, who no one likes, ate the last one yesterday. Just…no.
    rave: All the delicious recipes for tomorrow – I think I’m going to end up making a peanut butter brownie type thing because it’s easy to transport. It involves a lot of peanut butter cups. What could be wrong with that?!

    • Unless your nanny is literally a goat, then of course they can let a repairman in.

      • Physically possible, yes, of course. But indeed not part of the job, particularly with two small children & their regular activities that may not allow for sitting around & waiting for the repairman to show up. And it’s understandable if she doesn’t feel comfortable being responsible for keeping an eye on what the repairman is up to and would prefer that someone else is in charge of the situation.

        • I mean, I don’t think day cares just let folks in, unplanned. Nevermind that I have a very large dog that doesn’t like strangers. So the landlord (who allows us to have the dog) just wants to let strangers in my home, unannounced, at risk to me (because of my dog bites someone, then what?). The downstairs neighbor, who WORKS from home, had to sit with my dog to keep her calm while the strangers waited until the nanny got home. Definitely not within the scope of what my neighbor should be doing since she has to work.

          • Why did your neighbor agree to do anything without checking with you first? I agree 100% your LL is awful, but neighbor shouldn’t have agreed to let anyone into your unit. The ball was dropped all the way around if this was a non emergency repair as it appears.

          • That said–is it possible for you or your husband to be around for the repairman? The last time I was a renter, our landlord lived out in Potomac (not that far from our College Park house) but we were the ones there for when the repairmen needed to come in to fix or check something. Generally speaking, we’re around when our tenants’ apartment needs something done, but we’ve asked them to handle repair visits on occasion if that allowed for the repair to happen more swiftly. It’s annoying, but may help things flow more smoothly.

        • MTP: No, we work.

          and the neighbor contacted me, which is the only reason I knew any of this was happening. The landlord never contacted me about any of this beyond “I will be there for the 9-12 window”

          • Yes, of course, but sometimes things come up in life that need attending to. That said, the sneaky way of going about things was inappropriate and is the dominating factor. It would have been a different story altogether if the LL contacted you directly to say that she’s out of town and would it be possible for you to be home to get this repair taken care of as swiftly as possible. But that obviously didn’t happen and her approach was ridiculous and caused a much larger hassle than was necessary.

          • oh, of course, we can and have been available for emergencies. This isn’t an emergency so she could have clearly scheduled the repair for when she’s available. We wouldn’t agree to a 9-12 window, because that’s 3 hours of leave we would have to burn when we can’t afford it right now.

      • I almost said the same thing, but I figured I’d be excused of thinking they’re stupid per usual. No, nanny should be willing to let in an identified repair person. This situation is far more secure than random ppl popping up. I suspect the random folks didn’t know the whole situation.

        I’m not clear if this is the case, but it seems reasonable that when a tenant requests a repair they need to make sure someone is home if needed or the ll will make whatever arrangements they have to esp. when ll is out of town. I don’t think the ll handled it well, however. She needs to give you notice at the very least.

      • because her job is not to be home to wait for repair men. In fact, her job is specifically to not let strangers in the house. Her job is to care for children, and it’s really not ok to assume that because she’s home, she can do the job of property manager simply because my landlord can’t get her crap together. Since my landlord said “I’ll be there for the window, 9-12”, which is what I communicated with the nanny, there’s no need for the nanny to be home. She also contacted my nanny without contacted me first. It’s not like the nanny is a house guest. And instead of communicating to my nanny that she was having family members come by (also something she didn’t let me know), she went around both of us, begged my downstairs neighbor to let them in, who contacted me to make sure it was OK, and then had them wait around in our personal space (again, something SHE didn’t tell me, my neighbor did) so the nanny came home to strangers in the house. I don’t think this is normal or OK at all. It’s very weird. She did not contact me at all yesterday about this. The repair man did not even show up, which she never notified me about. I had to ask her “so…will we be getting the repair since he did not show up”. I think she actually assumed we would think all was well until we needed said appliance.

        And actually, if a tenant requests a repair, the landlord should be there for the repair. the tenant can make themselves available as a courtesy, but as a general rule of landlording, you are the property manager so you handle repairs ect. We would never expect our tenants to be there for repairs or work. If they do it as a courtesy or want to be there, that’s a different story.

        • …but the more I think of it, the more I realize that we are exceptionally good landlords. We get our tenants mail when he’s out of town. But he pays a lot of money, so he deserves good management.

          • Even people paying next to nothing deserve good treatment…It’s part of the deal. The whole situation sounds funky. I’m not sure why ll wouldn’t just reschedule if she couldn’t be there. I imagine most out of town lls have a pm, but it really depends on what the lease said in regards to who has responsibility for repairs, being home, etc.

          • It’s legally required to have a PM if you live out of town. She lived on Logan Circle and i believe, per my downstairs neighbor, that she plans to move in behind us when we vacate in August. I think she doesn’t want us knowing she doesn’t live here, but she keeps getting caught in lies which is so unprofessional and awkward.

        • Well that’s weird then–the LL contacted your nanny & then your downstairs neighbor? Without contacting you? Would have been much more direct to just ask if you could be there if LL is out of town. And then work from there. Never mind my above comment if you weren’t even given the opportunity to work something out. And I would be incredibly uncomfortable with someone contacting my nanny to ask to hang out for the repair person, particularly without running it by me! Yikes. At least you’re moving soon?

        • Correct – that’s exactly what happened, MTP. she specifically went around us to gain access to what is still, for now, our home, without letting us know. If I had no dog and no kid, I wouldn’t care. but I have both – and someone else’s child is at our home three days a week, too. So his security is also our responsibility.

      • It’s not nanny’s job to sit around, waiting for someone to show up when she can be taking the kid out.

        • You’re right. I wasn’t implying such. I have generally scheduled repairs at a specific time rather then a window, so I didn’t think working with the nanny to let someone in would be out of sorts. Obviously the ll went a different route, and for no apparent reason decided to do everything behind their backs which is just crazy.

      • I didn’t read the rant above to say that the nanny is -incapable- of letting a repairman in. I read that jindc was uncomfortable with the way the landlord was handling the process of scheduling repairs while out of town and lying about it.. It seems pretty reasonable to be uncomfortable if the landlord has not only let in sanctioned repairpeople, but also random strangers. I don’t know about you, but I’d be very uncomfortable to find a bunch of strangers in my home if I was only expecting a professional there. Especially if the landlord was lying about it all.

        • the lack of communication about what is actually happening is just so weird. since none of us knew what was happening, the nanny just came home to find two people sitting on our sofa. Then she said it was so weird because they were trying to talk to her and the kids while she was trying to get them fed and ready for a nap. AWKWARD. I felt bad – and even worse, it puts me in a weird situation as an employer to have to hear this from her, that she was uncomfortable. I’m somewhat responsible for providing her a secure workplace just like anyone else is. Luckily, she’s the best and took it with a grain of salt. If I specifically asked her to let a repair guy in between this and this time, she would be fine with it.

          • Don’t fault the randoms too much. I think they were trying to make the best of the situation probably unaware of the whole picture nor that she was trying to get the kids to sleep. Your ll is terrible.

          • I don’t know – i probably wouldn’t make myself at home like that in someone else’s home. It’s an odd lack of situational awareness

          • As a former employer of a nanny, in a pet household, we’d often have her oversee repairmen. Including handing over the check. Never had a problem, always got the repairs done. I certainly miss those days now that there’s no one around during the day.

          • this is beyond the scope of our negotiated nanny contract. Once, sure. But regularly, which is why my landlord expects, no. I’m glad it worked for you, but it does not work in our situation. Our nanny is focused on our children and much less of a “housekeeper”. Maybe people have expanded “housekeeper” roles in their contracts, we choose not to because she’s a childcare provider. Just what works for us.

  • Rant: Not sleeping well and feeling like a zombie at work.
    Rave: At least I am somehow managing to be productive at work.
    Rave: Finally finished Sense8. That series is a binge-worthy beautiful mess.

    • I binged sense8 super hard! It was pretty great, I love the way it ws filmed.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I found it really slow to start, but oddly addictive. I totally watched it all in about 2 days.

      • hammers

        I didnt make it past the first episode- maybe I will give it another shot

        • Emmaleigh504

          It took 3 episodes for me to really get into it. I probably would have stopped after the first episode, but I dindn’t have anything better to do that day. 🙂

        • It is an oddly paced show and you do have to hang in. But after episode four, I was so hooked and emotionally invested in the characters.

  • palisades

    Rant: True Detective season 2. Most disappointing television of 2015 so far. The writing is absolutely atrocious. Like, Law & Order corny. The acting is rigid and just bad. I feel like I’m watching Vince Vaughn attempt to play a serious role, and the same for Rachel McAdams. Colin Farrell seems to be the only redeeming actor. On top of all of it, the storyline is uninspiring. Looks like HBO struck gold with Season 1, and that’s it. Getting very close to just dropping the show altogether.

    • They almost had me last week with the way the episode ended, but I don’t know, man. I’m definitely not invested in the characters (except Colin Farrell) and the dialogue is ridiculous at points. I’ll still watch, because eh, why not, but I certainly don’t have that same need to watch as last season.

    • justinbc

      It’s really terrible. They are trying way too hard, and completely missing the mark in almost all regards. What a letdown.

    • I don’t hate it as much as everyone else does, but it is definitely not grabbing me like i expected it to. The storyline is all over the map, and it’s really hard to get invested when the showrunners don’t seem to be in a hurry to get anywhere with it. (Obvious exception-the end of last week’s episode. That came out of nowhere…) WTHBS, I’m really not attached to Colin Farrell’s character. He’s doing a really good job of conveying how miserable the dude is. But the guy’s so horrible that I can’t find much to care about. I’ve been enjoying his scenes with Vince Vaughn, they seem to play well off of each other. And I like Rachel McAdams’ much better, though I agree that the way they write her is cringeworthy.

    • dcgator

      I agree, basically. My favorite line from last episode: “He’s half anaconda, half great white.” No one knows what that means, including the actor who had to deliver it. I’m sticking with it because I think Farrell is great, and am holding out hope for McAdams, since I love her. Kitsch has never done anything for me, and his performance is just reinforcing that.

      I also hate that they’re in SoCal, and there are NO characters of color of import. But, hey, it’s what we want to see, I guess?

    • emvee

      I fall asleep at the end of every episode, which should be telling enough.

    • I really tried to get into it last season, and I just couldn’t get into it. I thought there were a few good episodes in the middle, but the penultimate episode was so bad, I didn’t bother with the finale. To me, the main things the show had going for it was the acting (particularly the leads) and the beautiful camera work. The writing wasn’t very good at all. Since I got so much crap for that view, I was thinking I’d been too hard on it and I’d give it another shot. I guess I won’t be doing that!

    • It’s trying waaaaaaaaaay too hard to channel David Lynch/Twin Peaks.
      Though, I like the corrupt city storyline of Vinci. I’m from SoCal and the city of Vernon, CA is a notorious for this crazy stuff.

  • Rave: Best friends arrives tomorrow night
    Rave: HH Thursday with her and hopefully some other friends
    Rave: Things are slowly coming together at home. We got a new media console yesterday, blinds should arrive today. I won an 11×14 professional photo print at Christmas time and finally emailed the photographer yesterday with the selection. I’m looking forward to the smaller details.
    Rant: Friend that’s visiting isn’t feeling well and she needs to be on her A-game for her interview. I really really really want her to be here instead of in north Jersey.

  • Rave – Good dentist appoint this morning, no cavities! My dentist is awesome and I owe it all to the people of PoPville for recommending him. I used to be so afraid of the dentist that I avoided going for over 7 years, and now I go twice a year and floss every day.
    Rant – Wedding stress, work stress, money stress, dog-sitting stress. Just so much stress lately.
    Rave – Going away on vacation next week and I so badly need it.

  • Btw–following up on the preventive screening thread from last week, another study out in JAMA showing that increasing imaging rates isn’t associated with lower mortality rates. This is absolutely different from imaging because of an abnormality (lump, etc) and just refers to overall imaging rates, much of which is “just to check”. http://theincidentaleconomist.com/wordpress/widespread-screening-for-breast-cancer-isnt-helping-like-people-think-it-is/ (for any other health policy junkies, this is a fabulous blog and should be on your daily/weekly reading list)

  • Rave: was able to relax yesterday evening – even though I didn’t turn out the light until 11:15, at least for the prior 2 hours, I was doing relaxing things like reading in the bath. Feel like I had a good night’s sleep, even though I want more!
    Rant: getting caught in a downpour yesterday on my way home from work. I managed to get my umbrella out of my bag, but still ended up completely soaked by the time I got home.
    Rave: Short little trip to the beach coming up this weekend! watching my little nephew play in the sand is going to be wonderful!
    Rant: Too short of a trip! And this week is full of stupid, all-day-long training. I already want to gouge my eyes out just thinking about it.

    • Pablo Raw

      I have this idea that rain water is great even if you get soaked, but you always have to wait I guess some 5-10 for the first drops to wash all the pollution 🙂

      • Interesting thought, Pablo! I hate getting wet unless it’s a bath/shower or swimming in the ocean or a pool situation. I really, really hate getting caught in the rain – being in wet clothes is such a miserable feeling to me! I wasn’t even thinking about the possibility of pollution. Maybe if I was in some Amazonian jungle, where you’re pretty much supposed to get rained on, I wouldn’t mind so much, but in the middle of D.C, just….ick. no thanks.

        • I find I mind it a lot less when I accept in advance that I’m going to get wet–then I can sometimes have fun with it (especially when running in the rain). But if I’m on my way somewhere besides home, it’s considerably less fun.

          • Agreed, actually. One of my fondest memories from college was the time my best friend and I got caught in a huge rainstorm walking 2 miles back to campus, with our leftover pizza box and rental videos. There was literally nothing we could do to shield ourselves, so we just went with it, skipping and singing “Singing in the Rain” at the top of our lungs until we got back to the dorms. Then, it was hot showers and hot cocoa time because we were soaked to the bone!

          • Pablo Raw

            If I’m not mistaken, the sulfur part of the pollution becomes sulfuric acid with the water. It may stain your clothes 🙂 or disappear parts of it.

  • palisades

    I need to go to a winery or a brewery ASAP. Something about being out in the valley/blue ridge area and drinking a glass of wine that is so relaxing.

    • Sharp Rock out by Old Rag is my favorite, and it’s all owing to the hammock which is situated at the edge of the vineyard facing the mountains. Plus there’s a couple of not half bad wines I enjoy.

    • justinbc

      I’ve not been out to their brewery yet, but the stuff that the Adroit guys in Manassas (I think?) make is pretty good, and unique. I’ve yet to find a VA winery that I would recommend for anything other than the scenery.

      • palisades

        Yeah I don’t go for the wine. I mean I do. But not for the taste. Blue Mountain Brewery is still my favorite view.

        • justinbc

          Haven’t been there but it does look really cool. I’m a fan of the view at Delaplane Cellars, and they’ve usually got some decent live music too.

      • VA Wineries worth the trip:
        Linden- near Front Royal out 66
        Grace Estates-also Crozet, Can’t beat the view on this one
        If you are in Crozet, go to the Fardowners for food “Hippie Sports Bar”
        Pearmund is decent

    • jim_ed

      For drinkable Virginia Wine, you have to head towards Charlottesville. The Cabernet Francs out that way are winners if you like that grape. You can make a nice day out of hitting Horton, Barboursville, and Keswick Vineywards out that way, which I think have generally pretty good vino.

    • Blue Valley Vineyard just opened up near Barrel Oak! It’s got the best view I think I’ve ever encountered amongst VA wineries, and their wine was pretty good too! It’s a beautiful new building with a large terrace off the back overlooking the mountains (and it’s on a mountain!)

    • Glen Manor, near the entrance to Shenandoah. Wine that you can actually drink, plus a view of Skyline Drive.

  • Can I get a recommendation for a pillow? I’d like to hear the thoughts of folks who have been through it, done the research, and figured out what products actually help a sore neck and stiff shoulders. And then I’d like to spend no more than about $40. Emilie504 I think you went through this not long ago?
    (It’s weird, because it came on pretty suddenly. I think the stiffness/soreness is not as bad when I use a higher pillow, but the higher pillow isn’t as comfortable, so I don’t sleep as well, and wake up a lot. My current choices seem to be lousy night, or lousy day.)
    All assistance much appreciated!

    • What you need can vary by how you sleep. For example, I am a side sleeper, so those molded memory foam pillows are great for me. Regular pillows seem to be designed for back sleepers, so I don’t sleep well on them. .

    • justinbc

      Along with a pillow change, try to see if you can tell how you’re sleeping after you actually fall asleep. I know this is quite difficult, but I found out through a series of forced recognition that I was waking up in the night on my stomach (I fall asleep on my side) with my arms under the pillow and head turned to the side. It was causing me severe stiffness just like you describe. I then had to force myself out of that habit and ever since have had none of those issues.

    • I find that the company store has a great selection and often has sales. Worth a look!

    • Blithe

      I use multiple, anonymous pillows, but I’ve often used one of those C-shaped Bucky pillows that are sold for travel. I highly highly recommend it. I actually find the crunch crunch sounds soothing.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I got this one on sale from Penneys: Isotonic® Contour Memory Foam Pillow. It was about $40 with the sale price (link below). I love it b/c it curves up to suppor my neck. No more stiffness/pain the morning.
      The only problem I have with it is that it’s a little thinner than I like. So I have a flat regular pillow I put under it. Next time I get a pillow I’ll splurge for the bigger one.

    • hammers

      I use the goofy “My Pillow” you see in in stores with that weird conservative mustachioed man. I think it retails for $60, but I actually really love the pillow. (Back/Side/Stomach sleeper)

      • He’s creepy. I don’t want him associated with my pillow. 😉
        Thanks everyone. Yes, I do need to sort out how I sleep best. My back and hips are happiest side sleeping, but my shoulders are happier front/back sleeping, but my neck is never happy at all. *sigh*
        I found one shaped a lot like Emilie’s but for cheaper. Which I will likely regret. The reviews are pretty good…

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m a side sleeper with a wee pillow between my feet b/c other wise my ankle will bruise the other ankle. Yep, I bruise myself with my own ankles. The contour pillow gives me great nexk support. And I never wake up sore or stiff anymore.

        • When I had neck pain (pinched nerve after moving, which took forever to go away, even with physical therapy and chiropractic), my physical therapist recommended the tempurpedic pillow (looks like the contour one linked above), and although I had never been a back sleeper before, I had to train myself to be a back sleeper on that, or else I’d end up waking up every hour with excruciatingly painful pins and needles pains in my hands. My neck is better, but I still use it.

          I needed it for years – or else I’d end up with neck pain. I even used to take it with me when I travelled sometimes to keep from waking up with pain. Now I can sleep without it (some 15 years later), but I do better with it, as my neck can be in pain sometimes without it, it gets out of alignment on other pillows. I can now sleep on my side on it, or stomach, and move around. I use a smooshy down pillow on top of it for more comfort.

          I did get a second one when I was traveling between two places every week for some time, and tired of bringing my pillow along. I got a cheap one in the same shape that I got at Bed, Bath & B. That one never worked as well, or at all really, so the cheap ones may not help. The tempurpedic was around $90 when I bought it, and likely over $100 now, but was so worth it to not be in pain.

          I likely need a new one by now, but as memory foam always outgasses and smells for awhile, I’m reluctant to do so, having gone through that more recently with a foam mattress topper I bought and a guest sofa bed with foam mattress.

          • Also, if your back and hips aren’t happy back sleeping, I’d suggest a firm mattress if you don’t have one. Mine aren’t happy on soft or lumpy mattresses, and never have been. When the simple firm mattress (with no pillow top) that I bought started to feel uncomfortable after 4 or 5 years, I bought a thin foam mattress topper from Ikea that made it feel great again, and that is still going strong (and comfortable) after about 7 years of use.

      • that guy comes to work (we have rotating vendors) and sells them here! Never saw anyone buy them. Ever. lol

        • hammers

          that is hilarious! but I have to say I really love the pillow. It’s got all the softness of down but it doesn’t flatten out at all, so it supports my head all night. It doesnt have that dense feeling of a foam pillow either.

    • I got my memory foam pillows from Costco. They were $25 each.
      One is an ergonomic shaped pillow: costco.com/.product.100109236.html
      The other is a standard pillow: costco.com/Comfort-Revolution-Hydraluxe-Gel-Memory-Foam-Bed-Pillow.product.100121491.html
      I really like the cooling gel liner – keeps the pillows cold throughout the hot summer!

  • Rave: The croissants at Bluebird Bakery. Went into a happy daze after taking my first bite and came crashing back to the sad reality of flaky croissant remnants once it was devoured. Seriously the best croissants I’ve had in DC

    Rant: My arteries after eating multiple croissants in one week

    Rave: And… I’m heading back for more!

    Rant: Qaaludes?!!!

    • palisades

      Comments like your first rave are going to make me a very fat man.

    • justinbc

      Good to know. The croissant options in DC are pretty pathetic.

    • Re: quaaludes (assume you’re talking about Cosby), I was surprised that benadryl was one of his drugs of choice. Does benadryl affect some people that strongly? I don’t think I could be taken advantage of on benadryl. Sleepy, yes. Helpless, confused, falsely amorous, absolutely not.

      • Blithe

        Yes. I will never take benadryl again — unless I have a severe allergic reaction that only benadryl will cure, and I’m in a safe place with supervision. I’m not exaggerating.

        • It’s so weird how differently people can react to medication. I totally believe you had that strong of a reaction (no reason not to, of course), but I have the opposite–I can take 4 tablets and still not feel a thing, so I’m not sure if it’s even doing anything.

          • Makes you wonder how that worked out for Cosby. He might get a Blithe, knock her unconscious, and have his wicked way with her. Or he might get me, sleepy and cranky but still in control. Or he might get a mtpresident, totally unaffected, and capable of destroying him for trying. 😀

          • It is so weird how people react! My six year-old daughter has severe eczema and takes hydroxyzine (basically prescription strength Benadryl) and it has zero effect on her. My BF had an allergic reaction once and the only thing in the house was her hydroxyzine so he took her dose – it knocked him clear on his ass and he slept for a solid 8 hours. It doesn’t touch her – she takes it before school with no problem. He weighs 190lbs, she weighs 48. Go figure!

          • justinbc

            I’m guessing that no matter what the reaction he had a backup plan to ensure the victim was fully impaired. I doubt he would have risked it to chance.

          • @wdc–had to laugh at your final comment; made me think of my rugby-playing days for some reason. But indeed on your comment.

      • justinbc

        Oh yeah I’ve definitely known people who take Benadryl to fall asleep. It doesn’t work for me, but I think it’s pretty well known to assist sleep for many, although actually inducing is a bit much.

        • I take Benadryl to fall asleep. I can’t imagine how anyone can take it during the daytime — it would definitely impair me.

          • Right, it makes me sleepy too. But would it knock you out, such that someone could take advantage of you, like roofies or something? That’s the surprise for me. Blithe says it acts that strongly on her; I hadn’t known there was that much variation.

          • west_egg

            I tried Benadryl in college for a bad case of allergies and ended up apologizing to one of my professors for falling asleep in class. She was sympathetic and said you could put her to sleep just by sneaking up behind her and saying “Benadryl.”

        • If you look at over the counter sleeping medicines in the drug store, they are all the exact same drug ingredient as Benadryl. So, yeah, it makes most adults sleepy.

          • Yep — diphenhydramine HCl.

          • In fact, I’m one of those that it does completely knock out for 8 hours, as I found years ago when I’d take it for allergies. So I had to stop taking it, unless I had the day to sleep away.

            Not sure how I would have responded to sexual assault under its influence – I like to think I’d have become wide awake. But then, I wouldn’t be in that position, hanging around with rich older men and taking substances they’d given me to “relax” me – prevention by not putting yourself in certain situations is often the best way to avoid assault. Not excusing him, or victim blaming, just noting that some behaviors put one at greater risk of assault.

          • Anonymous 1:26, come on. You’re totally victim-blaming.

  • skj84

    Rant: in a bad mood for the past two days. All I want to do is sulk in bed. I feel unmotivated and overwhelmed.

    Rave: Confirmed for a volunteer gig I was hoping for. It could bring some lucrative oppertunities.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: My brain is so fuzzy today. I feel like I can barely form a coherent thought.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Additional Rant: While I was on my trip to Montana (have I mentioned lately that I love Montana?) I got hooked on Rejseholdet (Unit One), a Danish police series from the early 2000s. We don’t have cable, I can’t find it streaming anywhere, and all the DVDs I can find seem to be for non-US regions. Wah.

      • That seems like the kind of thing that mHz/WNVC might show — have you checked the mHz listings?
        The station is based in Fairfax, so I’m not sure whether you’d receive their over-the-air signal in Rockville, but in NW DC I get WNVC over the air at 30.1, 30.2, etc.

      • saf

        I know it’s late so you might not see this – it’s REALLY easy to turn your DVD player into an all region player.

  • I want to go to the beach on Sunday. Is there any decent beach that I could visit, round trip, in one day and have time to sit and relax there for at least a few solid hours? Should I just plan to go to a pool instead?

    • skj84

      Chesapeake Beach is probably an hours drive from the city.

    • Although a lake and not the bay or ocean, Cunningham Falls is a nice spot

    • nice hotel with a private pool 🙂

    • Oh, and can people please remind me what the name of that awesome, cheap mattress company is? I think Accountering and Andie were the ones who first recommended it?

      • Shawess — It’s Saatva.

      • For the beach: It’s about 3 hours round trip each way to DE (Rehoboth has the added benefit of a pretty decent culinary scene)…I think it’s a stretch, but by spending one night you could get a couple hours each day!
        The mattress is Saatva – It’s pretty glorious

    • GiantSquid

      Sandy Point State Park over by Annapolis always looks like a fun place to chill.

      • Every time I pass there I always want to go – then I googled and discovered it’s a jellyfish haven. Check out the jellyfish reports before you go if you want to go into the water. Apparently they shut down water access to swimmers during certain times of the year. I’m super terrified of jellyfish haha.

    • I went to Flag Pond in Calvert County a while ago and enjoyed it. But it’s a little hike from the parking lot to the beach.

    • Thanks so much for the beach ideas, everyone! I’m terrible — just thinking about the drive/hike to some of these places is making me want to just sit by a DC pool 🙂 I think I might just be lazy and do that, since the whole idea is to kick back and relax before the move craziness starts. Any pool recommendations? 😀

      • I went to Upshur pool for the first time a couple weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. We even managed to get lounge chairs in the shade. The whole policy of making kids get out of the pool every hour is odd, but for a public pool on a hot DC summer day, that place is a neighborhood Godsend.

        • There’s actually a good reason for emptying the pool every hour. The filters are old and need time to catch up. On crowded days, the water is visibly murky at the end of an hour, and clearer after the break. (I know, I know. Just try not to think about it.)

      • would you be open to the whole $20/day for the marriott pool? i hear that’s a thing! More private, maybe, if you’re looking for that. good luck!

      • justinbc

        The VIDA pool just opened in Navy Yard this year and it’s pretty fantastic as far as DC pools go.

  • Blithe

    Rant: Nine mosquito bites on one foot and four on the other. And one on my neck. Despite wearing long pants or leggings. I’m too ticked off to google it — but I do wonder what good mosquitoes bring to the world. :-/
    Rave: Had a great time over the weekend with lots of little kids, wonderful adult conversations and sparklers! Yay sparklers!
    Rant-ish: Tried to find some of those wonderfully disgusting “snakes” for the fourth. Do they still make snakes?
    Rave/Rant: I actually can create some structure that will help me feel and function much, much better — if I can just stop resenting the idea of imposing structure.
    Hmm: I need to do something that feels like a vacation. Maybe I’ll create my own holiday?

    • I think some people just attract mosquito. I’m one. Awful!!!!

    • Mosquitoes exist to feed bats, I guess.
      And I hate them SO SO SO much. (though I love bats.) Mosquitoes kill more humans every year that every other human-killing animal combined. (I read that on the internet!)
      Need to work on a very targeted pesticide, one that only kills mosquitoes, but leaves the gnats and fruitflies alone (for bats), and perhaps acts as a vitamin to honeybees, increasing their productivity, fertility, and happiness.

    • justinbc

      Make sure you don’t knock down any spiderwebs outside. They’re great for catching mosquitoes, and other nuisances.

      • Blithe

        I never thought I’d say this — outside of reading Charlotte’s Web — but: Yay Spiders!!!!!!!

    • My wife says the safest place to be when there are mosquitoes around is next to me. I think she’s right. I’m B+, FWIW.

  • Rant: Broke one of my favorite plates this morning
    Rant: Car needs about 2K worth of repairs
    Rave, I guess: First major repairs since I got the car five years ago (and car was given to me)
    Rave: Enjoyed my foraged mushrooms last night with no ill effects

  • hammers

    Rave: Finally sneaking away some time to read the board
    Rant: Stress/Anxiety/Confusion- but it’s ok knowing I can handle it. Lots of changes coming up for me but I feel sort of in control!
    Random: Anyone have suggestions for a pet sitter to take care of my lovely kitty cat man for a week (park view area)

    • Over night or just visits? I am looking for some extra pet sitting jobs! Shoot me an email: stkirsch14 at gmail.

  • Rave: big shout out to the neighbors of the trolley park for cleaning up someone’s extremely misguided paint mess last week. They were out there with mops, a hose, and a number of other things on their holiday.
    Rant: After I went to the gym at lunch, I went to spray on some deodorant, grabbed the wrong bottle, hair sprayed my armpits….
    Rave: …just about DIED laughing.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Per our earlier discussions – from @DCPoliceDept:

    “Robbery (Gun) at 1342 hrs at Georgia Ave and Lamont Ave NW. Lookout for 5 black males in a BMW/”

    • Ugh so frustrating. Plus the possible shooting at the park on Girard today. Both in broad daylight!! Also, they’ve release more details on the Sutherland murder and it’s HORRIFIC. He beat him until he was on the ground and then stabbed him all over. SHOCKER: They think the suspect may have been on synthetic drugs.

      • west_egg

        We deserve answers as far as why the murderer’s charges on last week’s robbery were reduced to misdemeanor, resulting in his release. I suspect we’ll never get any, but we deserve them.

        • I was watching the news last night and they said in order for the robbery charge to stick he had to take something from the victim. Apparently he didn’t take anything so that’s why it was downgraded! Either way it’s so tragic.

      • I Dont Get It

        He also robbed someone else on the train before attacking Sutherland and then robbed someone on the way out! Horrible!

  • RANT: The Zurich police force managed to track me down and send me a speed camera ticket. The letter is actually in English and includes detailed instructions on 4 different methods of payment.
    RANT: I was going 3 km/hour over the speed limit. COME. ON.
    RAVE: Well played, Switzerland, well played. You certainly earned that 40 Swiss francs.

  • Q: Anyone know of fun places to go dancing in DC? Especially any places that have 80s/90s nights?

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