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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: USA! USA! USA!

  • Rant: someone in my house (could have been me) accidentally flushed one of those clip-onto-the-side tablets down the toilet.
    Rave: wonderful 4th weekend – berry picking at Butlers, barbecue, fireworks, brunch at Agora
    Superrave: booked my trip-within-a-trip to Petra/Wadi Rum/Jerash/Amman from Jerusalem. The money I save between flying out of JFK rather than WAS and staying at my friend’s apartment more than pays for it.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Nats & the US women’s soccer team. What a great weekend for sports!
    Rant: Elderly parent who is showing signs of Parkinson’s. Her primary care doc doesn’t interact with her enough to see the mental changes and tremors, but I’ve heard that there is some good treatment that can slow progression of symptoms if I can help get a diagnosis.. Would love to know if anyone in Popville has experience in dealing with this disease.

    • Farragut

      Did you see Max Scherzer’s interview during the Sunday night game? It was hilarious–the other players kept coming up to mess with Max–like filing his nails, feeding him, drawing eye-black on him, neck rubs, and leaving a bunch of seeds on top of his hat. Haha!

    • My grandmother had Parkinsons – there are a few “varieties”, apparently. the hardest part seems to be convincing any old person to see a new doctor – there are better internists, gerontologists, and specialists but for some reason, older people are so attached to their often subpar doctors. I don’t know why. My grandmother was in Philadelphia, had good medical care and until the last year was pretty good. Her problems were causing many mini-strokes, and when you’re 94, a mini-stroke isn’t good news. It caused her memory to deteriorate. I’m not sure that’s a help, but I’ve been through it – she lived a long time with it, however. I hope you can convince your parent to get better medical treatment. Or maybe to allow you at least go to the doc with them to share your concerns. Hugs.

    • binpetworth – I believe there is some really exciting research into Parkinson’s going on at NIH, I would see if your mom could possibly be referred there to take part in a clinical trial or something….? It is such a shame that so many primary care docs seem to dismiss the elderly – I watched it happen with my grandmother, her PCP kept chalking up her tremors, severe head droop, and coughing/choking up to “old age” and saying it just “happens” – BS! Turns out, by the time we finally found a competent doctor who didn’t dismiss her concerns, she had been dealing with ALS for a few years. She passed away shortly thereafter. I still hate her PCP to this day.

    • If possible I’d go talk to IONA senior services in Tenleytown. They have a ton of information and a referral system. I used to work there and they are a truly great resource.

    • If you can get your relative on board with seeing a new doctor, I’d recommend going right to a neurologist. For my parent’s diagnosis (in their 50s), it was a process of elimination of other things first. I’m no expert on neurological symptoms (or much of anything else for that matter), but I think there can be more than one thing with similar symptoms. And there are many advances in medication now for Parkinson’s, some people respond to the electric brain stimuation–it all depends. Having a good reliable neurologist managing care over the long-term has been really helpful. Best wishes for you and your family.

    • binpetworth

      Thanks everyone for your advice! Definitely going to look into identifying a new doc/neurologist and possible clinical trials depending on the diagnosis.

  • Rant: train offloaded
    Rave: it offloaded one stop before my usual one so I just hoofed it
    Rant: forgot my building key pass
    Rave: that slight delay caused me to get on an elevator with a guy pushing a shopping cart FULL of squash and cucumbers. He said he grew them himself and offered me some (he doesn’t work on my floor). It was crazy. I took some strange office vegetables and feel pretty good.
    Rant: it’s Monday and of course everything is burning down (according to attorneys)

    • I question the sanity of anyone who would turn down homegrown office vegetables.

      • Free veggies — That’s the way it starts. They lead you in with cukes and cherry tomatoes, and pretty soon you’re begging for big boy tomatoes. You wake up one day, and find yourself with 3 dozen zucchini and a crate of habaneros. Seen it a million times.

  • Rave: USA!!! Way to go Ladies!! Also – Way to go South Jersey! Carli Lloyd is a rockstar.
    Rant: Women in tight little black dresses presenting the awards.
    Rave: Had an awesome weekend with my best buddy and his fiance! (Or as they like to spell it, feyonce 😉 ). Biking, Inside Out, roof BBQ and fireworks, service at the National Cathedral & brunch at the cafe there, plus celebratory dinner out for their engagement, it was so much fun.
    Rant: They don’t live here.
    Rave: Puppy sitting – actually, elderly dog sitting, but just as cute 😀

    • Rave: Feyonce

    • Tight black dress comment, seconded. So weird.

    • justinbc

      I didn’t watch the medal presentation, so I had to Google the dresses. Serious question, what would you have preferred the women be wearing? Jeans or track suits or something? Aren’t ceremonial award presenters typically always dressed up? (and the LBD is sort of the symbol of this) Or is the issue just that the women were attractive, rather than “normal looking”?

      • I appreciate your question – the issue for me was the apparent “need” to sex or glam those women up for the awards ceremony. As though the sweaty women soccer players weren’t the image FIFA wanted to portray.
        Have young girl soccer players in their team uniform, have a whole host of women mountys in their uniforms, have the FIFA commissioners dressed in their FIFA attire carry the awards out. I disliked the injection of women in glamorous evening attire into this image of strength, beauty, talent and pride as represented by our WNT and that someone thought that was what was needed.

        • Well said, and completely agree. I like the idea young girls in their soccer uniforms for this duty.

        • …or have male models in slim fitting suits present the awards to the ladies.
          Sadly, is it any surprise that FIFA parades out a bunch of barely legal women in skimpy dresses? Let’s go back to Sepp Blatter’s comments in 2004, on strategies for boosting women’s soccer: “Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball. They could, for example, have tighter shorts. Female players are pretty, if you excuse me for saying so, and they already have some different rules to men—such as playing with a lighter ball. That decision was taken to create a more female aesthetic, so why not do it in fashion?”

        • justinbc

          So, basically, something similar to what the Oscars recently switched to?
          I’m not the kind of person who ever gets offended by stuff like this, but if I were I think I would be more put off by the lack of relevance of the presenters themselves, rather than what they’re wearing (one is subjective, the other is not).

          • You’re also not a woman who has to deal with daily sexism. It’s okay to not have an opinion on this one thing.

          • justinbc

            I wish someone had told me only women were allowed to have opinions about this before I went and let my man-brain start thinking too much. Gosh golly!

          • Just try to remember for next time, ok?

          • justinbc

            I probably won’t be able to, you know how us men are with directions. *grunt*

          • Speak for yourself! The men in my life are intelligent and considerate, and usually know when to butt out.

          • justinbc

            How long did it take for you to train them to lose their will?

          • @ajse @wdc you do realize that without men “having opinions” about women’s issues that basically none of the women’s rights improvements that occurred in the 20th century would have been possible, right? you don’t live in a bubble, sometimes it’s possible to comprehend the other side even if you don’t live it yourself.

          • Ah, so in your mind, Justin, being aware of others’ emotional buttons and not pushing them = whipped. That is an interesting insight into your character.

          • justinbc

            Not really, but since you’re already making a bunch of assumptions I figured I would join you.

          • Well, at least you know when to backpeddle. 😀

          • I really don’t want to step into this discussion but it’s been bugging me since it started because I think I got into a similar discussion with Justinbc before so wheee here I go.
            Justinbc, I’m not sure why it gets under your skin when people (usually women) make comments that have any whiff of feminism. But it seems like when we/they do, you like to make comments about how we’re wrongheaded. It’s happened at least three times that I can remember and I don’t pay very close attention. I’m not sure why this bothers you as much as it does. Do you feel like this somehow tramples on -your- rights, either as an individual or as a man?

    • WTF was up with the models with the medals, so weird. It should’ve been hot shirtless males… but seriously FIFA just use kids like the ones that walk them on to the field.

  • Rave: Awesome 4th, a reminder to not be so cynical and appreciate the privilege it is to live and work here.
    Rant: Cankersores all over my tongue. Can’t eat all the amazing fruit I bought or the gazpacho I made.
    Rant 2 and request: My neighbor’s dog escaped while she was working in Charlottesville last week. She’s contacted all the shelters within 60 miles. Does anyone have contacts down there that may have any other ways of sharing the info? Like the lost pets facebook page? I have a copy of the poster I can send to on to them. Thx.

    • Oh man, I have a terrible canker sore right now inside my mouth (inner lip, right where my front teeth meet the gum line). It’s keeps getting rubbed and inflamed. Of course, I did myself no favors by eating lots of gazpacho, chocolate, and salty foods this weekend 🙁

    • I cured my debilitating canker sores with acyclovir. It’s an off-label use, but if your doctor had an experimental mind, or just a free hand with the prescription pad, you should try it. Changed my life.

  • Rave: uswst! Hopefully a repeat at the Olympics.
    Rave: Date went well. Very easygoing and fun and didn’t mind me pushing things back last minute.
    Rant: Then she’ll be out if town for most of the summer, but she immediately recommended apps to keep in touch.
    Rant: Huge coffee tables. I’d much prefer a reclining couch. Hmmm negotiations must happen.
    Rave: Beer pong champion on my first try! Apparently I’m a natural. Who knew?

  • Rant: That AU grad’s murder – seriously awful, reading about how much he loved DC and that he was an only child. His poor parents, friends, and loved ones.
    Rave: So, so, so happy to be home from my trip. Three days of very little eating and sleeping made for an awful night home with my son. Delayed flights, TSA troubles, all reasons why I wanted to drive. Poor sleeping arrangements why I wanted to stay at a hotel. At least i learned that I really don’t want to buy a sofa bed for our new home.
    Rave: The Pioneer Valley is beautiful – I wish I had been able to share more of it with my husband, taken him to some good restaurants and farms and all that makes the area great instead of not really doing anything.
    Rave: apple cider donuts 🙂

    • Your first rant. It’s so upsetting. It happened in the middle of rush hour during the holiday too! He seemed like a fun-loving guy who really loved living in DC. Makes people like me who love DC feel a little less happy about living here. How does one protect oneself from this type of brazen crime?

      • No real way to protect yourself from random acts, but having decent situational awareness and picking your battles could certainly help.

      • you advocate for a better system of justice, but I think it’s just the nature of random crime. I don’t know if there was a struggle, so I’m not going to blame him for not just giving up his goods right away, but it doesn’t seem like he would be the type to fight. I am more sad for his family and friends and for the type of spirit that loves DC only to be murdered in it – similar to Charnice Milton. I hope they get this guy and actually punish him, but it’s DC so I won’t hold my breath.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        My nephew knew him from AU and the hill. Post reported he was carrying expensive photog equipment. So sad.

    • binpetworth

      I hope you stopped for Herrell’s ice cream to go along with those donuts!

      • No, we went to Flayvors. they went to barstow’s too, but I didn’t feel well so I stayed home.

        • Flayvors is the best! Nothing like eating an ice cream while hanging out with the cows that helped make it 🙂

      • Herrell’s is the best! My favorite is the burnt sugar flavored ice cream with the chocolate whipped cream. Amazing!

    • Yay, Pioneer Valley! I grew up there and I love it (and miss it) more and more each time I visit.

      • yes, I want to go back and actually enjoy it. This was not the trip for that. There’s so much to see and do. We walked around a lake, went to a dairy farm and that was about it. The food alone is SO good, I didn’t get to share any of that with my husband. Oh well!

    • Quotia Zelda

      The Pioneer Valley is one of my favorite places, where I’ve spent some of my happiest moments. I’ll be there later this summer.

      • just don’t go visit my SIL 😉 My plan is to try to go next time during the fall for the beautiful leaves. And I’m going to try to hire a babysitter so my husband and I can go to one of those fantastic nicer restaurants that has popped up. I definitely realize that I squandered my time there by being in grad school 🙂

        • Quotia Zelda

          Nah, I’ll be visiting my own in-laws. 🙂
          We actually don’t go to many of the newer restaurants. We tend to stick to the old favorites (I love you, Judy’s!), plus my in-laws are amazing cooks.

          Maybe we should branch out a little this year.

          • I read a number of lists about the best new places in the PV – they sound great. Judy’s is amazing. Lots of new stuff compared to when I lived there, though.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: my dad called. (He only calls when someone is sick or dead.)
    Rant: Aunt’s cancer came back in her brain and on a rib.
    Rave: a hummingbird visited my wee garden yesterday.

  • Rant: METRO! What can be done to put pressure in the right place to get the system fixed up and run well?

  • Rave: planning a 2-3 week honeymoon to Patagonia and Chile in late November. Any tips?

    • What an awesome choice for a honeymoon!
      My husband and I went on a 2.5 week trip to Argentina and Chile – and loved it. In Chilean Patagonia, we hit up the W trail in Torres del Paine (spent 5 days hiking – most beautiful trip I’ve ever been on), visited Punta Arenas, and rode lots of buses between Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, and Argentina (the buses are a pain but if you have flexibility they’re great). On the Argentine side we hit up El Calafate and the Perito Moreno glacier and did a hiking tour on the glacier. It was incredible. A lot of people add on El Chalten and Fitz Roy but we didn’t ( we hit up Buenos Aires instead and loved it).
      We also went to Santiago and Vina del Mar/Valpariaso – both incredible cities with cool museums (man the Memory and Human Rights museum was incredible), great soccer, good food, and all in all really easy to access. We didn’t make it to the Lake District, Ushuaia, Easter Island, or the desert but have heard great things about those as well!
      Best of luck – enjoy the heck out of it!

  • I forgot! to all the foodies here – I need a treat with chocolate and peanut butter to make (or buy) for a coworkers birthday. I normally don’t volunteer for this stuff, but she’s lovely and i want to make or bring her a nice treat. Help!

  • Rave: USWNT! Great win yesterday!
    Rant: poison ivy, itching, and having gross scabs all over my legs.
    Rant: Dating. I’m excited. Am I too excited? Is he excited? Am I annoying him? Who the F knows, I sure don’t.
    Rant: digging out from a week of email.
    Rave: I had an amazing week of vacation, saw and did all of things, spent time with wonderful friends, had a very nice date, got a ton of house projects done, etc., etc.

    • Aaaand my heel tip just sheered off, mid screw. I’m not usually down on Mondays, but I am down on *this* Monday. Ugh.

      • The worst!!

      • Literally down! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Isn’t it a great feeling to be excited about dating someone?! Happy for you!

        • Thanks, I was happy about it too, but he postponed a date and we’ve yet to reschedule. I’m having a hard time not taking it as a sign of a lack of interest.
          A lot of the early part of dating is fun, but it’s also anxiety inducing when you don’t actually know the person and are trying to interpret their actions with so little information. We’ll see what happens.

          • justinbc

            Some people are just really terrible at making plans.

          • hammers

            Jeslett, it’s great that you have those fun dating butterflies! Some of my friends will be bummed, the ones you have met all think you are really cute!! (which is true of course)

      • Too good to resist, I’ll bite. Why were you wearing heels while doing that, especially in the middle of the morning on a work day?!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Fireworks in DC this year were some of the best I can recall. There were lots of new types that I hadn’t seen in previous years. The clouds from all the storms kind of ruined the view of some of the display, but it also helped make for one of the coolest weather 4ths I can recall in DC.
    Rant: The fireworks trash that was all over the neighborhood when we got home, and a good bit of it that’s still there days later.
    Rant: Metro bus service on the night of the 4th. The D6 was detouring from its normal route despite not being one of the buses that was stated to be detouring, and the fact that the roads were not closed where their route runs. When I got to my usual onboarding stop there was a lady in a wheelchair who had been waiting there at the stop for an hour already, and she said the Metro Access people kept telling her a bus was coming (which it obviously never was since it was detouring several blocks up). This is really poor communication and execution on Metro’s part.

  • Question: does Little Serow accommodate vegetarians or pescatarians? Do they have special meal nights for those who do not eat land-based meat?

    • They have, at least once, had a fish week Generally, though, what you see is what you get down to the fact that they will not adjust the spicing.

      • justinbc

        +1 I recall hearing about the fish menu on one occasion, but don’t think it was a regularly occurring thing that you should anticipate. If you’ve got special dietary needs it’s definitely best to call ahead and find out the menu for the week so you know how much you won’t be eating.

    • There are no accommodations. Or rather, their accommodation is, “don’t eat that course.” Not sure if there are special meal nights (or weeks, since it’s a weekly menu), but I doubt it. I know it’s frustrating, but from a restaurant economics standpoint, it makes sense for them.

  • Rant: My atty is apparently unable to understand or answer a very simple question, and I am getting very frustrated at his lack of comprehension (or real response). I’ve only been at work for 2 hours and I’m already feeling a little stabby.

    Rave: low key weekend spent with various friends. I think one couple was trying to set me up with their single friend, but I was 100% not interested (he was nice, but…not for me). I got to sleep a lot, watched HGTV, and decided I didn’t feel like doing grown up chores. It felt good.

    Rant: Feeling very unsettled today, very sad/anxious.

    Rant: Probably because I’m worried about the tests my dad is currently having (this morning, a cat scan to see if the cancer has spread, tomorrow morning a brain MRI to see if the cancer has spread/he has dementia/his memory loss can be chalked up to “chemo-brain” – hopefully I’ll know the results on Wednesday (and then I’ll book my trip back to see him based on that information).

    Rave: Looking forward to chicken with tikka masala sauce that I have cooking away in my crock pot when I get home from work tonight.

    • Sorry to hear and hoping for the best for your dad. Sending you good thoughts and I hope that you find some peace during the day.

  • Rant: I don’t think the Greeks understand that their “no” vote doesn’t mean anything. When you’re massive debtors, you don’t get to childishly declare that, “No, we won’t pay back our debts,” and then expect the grownups in Europe to just pay for your spendthrift ways. As Germany’s Julia Klöckner tweeted: “The E.U. is not a make-a-wish club in which a single member sets the rules and the others pay the bill.” I feel bad for the innocent individuals in Greece who are going to suffer in the coming years.
    Rave: Erik Larson’s Dead Wake, his latest book about the Lusitania. Really recommend this book if you’re looking for something good to read this summer. Larson is a master storyteller and takes great pains with research.
    Additional Rant: Sorry to hear about the kid who was killed on the Metro on the Fourth of July. Scary that it happened during the daytime, and frustrating beyond words to learn that the perp was arrested for a violent robbery the day before, only to have his charges downgraded so he could be released to murder the kid. The victim was an only child. I cannot even imagine his parents’ suffering.

    • Love Erik Larson – I’m rereading Devil in the White City now, waiting for Dead Wake to come available at the library.

      • Agreed! Loved that book, and also his In the Garden of Beasts. The one about the Galveston flood was really great, too (Isaac’s Storm). I hope he writes for a long time to come- he is awesome!!

    • Rave: the Greeks voting no. The status quo certainly wasn’t working. More austerity is not the answer. What is? I have no idea, but hope this will lead to new ideas and a possible solution.

      And Germany should remember it is the one EU country that had its debt forgiven (in 1953).

      • heh. Germany should remember what happened when reparations crushed its economy after WWI.

      • And vacations to Greece are going to come down considerably in price, when the drachma is worth about 1.45 cents. Of course, the country and economy will be in tatters, even more so than it is now, but hey – it wasn’t working anyway, so let’s do something different, and hopefully it will all work out, despite the fact that the major players on the other side have been unequivocal in their stance. This is like driving a go-cart, playing chicken with a semi, refusing to swerve and hoping the semi does. The likelihood is that the semi will be slightly damaged, but will continue driving along – and you’ll get squashed, with no one to blame but yourself.

      • What does the “no” vote mean? They owe tons of money- they’re essentially beggars at this point. Yeah, they can say no to austerity, but then they can wallow in the mess they’ve gotten themselves into. They aren’t in a position to demand that the free money spigot keep running. Yes, you can tell your creditors to take a hike, but then what? Congratulations, Greece, you’re bankrupt. Have fun with that.
        In terms of Germany, which is the most powerful economy in the EU, they don’t have to remember anything at this point. They’ve got the most power with their productive economy, and don’t have to make apologies or hold hands with a developing nation that is acting like an impetuous child. When you’re a beggar like Greece, you lose the right to make demands. That’s the way it is.

        • A “no” vote means converting the debt to drachma, devaluing the currency, and forcing creditors to take a haircut. Sucks for creditors, Greek importers and those who have borrowed in foreign currency. The country will undergo a period of autarky. But it will be a boon to exporters, the travel industry, and the services sector.
          The Greeks will never be a powerful country (they haven’t been one in a few millennia). But it will give them the chance to reset their economy for the benefit of future generations.

          • You may be right. This might also be the beginning of the end for the EU as people to start to see that this union is more counterproductive than anything else. Countries can still be partners in trade, etc while not having some authoritarian central structure making demands on each member country with the EU. At this point, Germany has to be wondering why they’re sustaining the weaker members in this arrangement. Would it not be to their advantage to dump the whole arrangement? (Great Britain, too, has to be thinking along these lines.)

          • “Would it not be to their advantage to dump the whole arrangement?”
            No. There’s an entire economic literature that has shown Germans have benefited the most from the common currency and free trade zone, as it reduced trade barriers and eliminated transaction costs. It allowed other European countries to borrow cheaply in order to buy German goods and services. It also allowed German companies to keep wages artificially low.

      • You are right, the status quo was not working. Rampant corruption and out of control public spending is not sustainable. If you are going to receive money, and put EU taxpayers on the hook, there has to be conditions. And the “no” vote pretty much shows they are not willing to take their medicine.

    • I think that the situation in Greece is a lot more nuanced than “no, we won’t pay back our debts.” The vote was held over a specific deal that was offered by the Troika that the current Greek leaders felt would not have led their country out of debt. They had offered a different plan to pay back their debts which the Troika refused. The current loan packages being offered will only lead to Greece accumulating ever more debt that they will default on in the future (as has been true in the recent past). Unless a better offer is made, defaulting now is better than the future.

      • Greece’s situation is unlike that of any other modern economy. Yes, people can wax poetic about so called crushing austerity and so forth, but Greece has done absolutely nothing on its own the past ~6 years since their economy died and debts skyrocketed.

        For example, they have done absolutely nothing to remedy the rampant tax evasion that has been draining Greece dry. 65 Billion a year, or an amount equal to 25% of their GDP goes untaxed, resulting in a yearly deficit of ~25 billion in tax revenue.

        None of us love paying taxes, and most of us are guilt of a little exaggeration here and there, but you kind of lose sympathy from your creditors when you admit that you aren’t taxing an amount equal to 25% of your GDP, and haven’t taken any concrete steps to remedy it.

        • There’s a good reason that Greeks had to pay upwards of 20% on 10 year bonds back in the early 90s. They will never fix the tax avoidance issue, as it’s ingrained in the country’s DNA. How can you fix a culture?
          They should have never been been offered loans at rates comparable to the UK and Germany, simply because they were members of the Eurozone. Like mortgage backed securities, this is a textbook example of mispriced risk.

  • Rave: Long weekend that was equally relaxing and productive.
    Rant: Mosquito bites.
    Rave: Another short week and heading to New York on Thursday. Looking forward to splitting the five days between Long Island and Brooklyn with good friends and family.
    Rant: All school loan applications are in. Too many zeros.

  • All Raves today.
    1- Foo Fighters were great. Sad I missed some music due to rain, but seeing Heart and Buddy Guy? Life is great.
    2- Relaxing day yesterday. Beach, coffee, biking, soccer.
    3- Digging what seems to be a new font here?

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: 4th of July concert; my thinking and strategy paid off
    Rant: Failure in planning, I din’t bring water with me.
    Rave: Made friends with a stranger who gave me one of his bottles of water
    Rave: Photos

  • Rave: SIL going in for induction tonight. Could have a nephew tomorrow – so excited!!
    Rant: Poor night of sleep last night and I am feeling it.

  • Rave: Made a kale and farro salad for a BBQ, so good that I made a second batch for myself
    Rave: Mushroom ID walk – very interesting, found chanterelle mushrooms growing in different places
    Neither rave nor rant: Ate a termite
    fyi, knowledgecommons is offering home organization class July 14th at Petworth Citizen, need to register in advance (class is free)

    • Home Organization class?

    • Accountering

      This sounds like something Andie and I need. Also, haven’t been to Petworth Citizen in a while. We may have to check this out!

    • Registered! I’m hoping this just reinforces what I’ve been trying to do, and encourages me to keep going (think: sock drawer, bathroom crap, random stuff still hanging around)

    • ohhhh this sounds like something I need to do!!!

    • Registering! Must prevail over the clutter… (hamster cage? Christmas tree stand? singleton blue sock? What do you mean they don’t belong here…)

      • Ha – in my office I have a box of bird suet cakes sitting next to box of Christmas cards because…. I’m planning to send my friends suet along with a card?
        And they’re not put away because… December is just around the corner?

  • Rant: So many rules in our new Philly apartment. There’s a waiting list of 30 people to be able to use the bike racks in the garage and we’re not allowed to bring our bikes into the apartment.
    Rave: Last 3 days at work!

    • “we’re not allowed to bring our bikes into the apartment.”
      WAT? How do they enforce that? My guess is that people complain about the bikes in the elevators. But I’d probably get around that by carrying the bikes up the stairs.

      • There’s a concierge and a front desk person, both with a good view of the stairs and elevator. The rules are crazy and well-enforced – there’s even a rule about curtain backing colors. I’ve been living in the wild west of apartment building here and wasn’t prepared for this!

  • Rant: Fireworks. If they are large enough that the explosion shakes an entire row of 100+ year old brick houses from yards away, maybe we shouldn’t allow them to be sold to the entirely untrained, unsupervised public, wouldn’t you think? We needed a xanex mister attachment for the HVAC in our house on the 4th. The pups held it for nearly 20 hours she was so terrified.

    Rave: Friends who just get it. Had a lovely, relaxing, and productive afternoon of painting and catching up.

    Rave #2: Wedding plans are coming together! We know who will stand up with us, officiate, and walk us down the aisle, and have the menu drafted and band lined up. A busy month and a half of planning, so now I feel like I just get to be excited!

    • FYI: those large fireworks are not legally sold in DC. They drive to Pennsylvania to pick them up or simply order online. So yeah, they are illegal.

  • Rant: Annoyed with my eating habits, I have a carb/sugar love that is hard to kick, and this weekend of eating goodies at my mom’s did not help.
    Query: Do any other sugar/carb lovers have good food suggestions for kicking the habit? I’m not likely go on a veggie diet because – for me – that would last about a week. But definitely willing to start transitioning away from the bad stuff gradually.
    Rant: Missed the soccer game because I was stuck in traffic last night
    Rave: REPLAYS!!!

    • You don’t have to go veggie, but it helps if you start thinking of food as the leaner meats, fish, veggies, fruit, nuts etc, rice and other grains but cut down on wheat anything (that includes pasta), leaving sugar and carbs in the form of grains (which are most often wheat in our society) to small portions eaten sparingly. I also find it helps if I eat grains only in smaller portions WITH other foods – like a sandwich with about six ingredients (like chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sliced raw peppers, and avocado) rather than allowing myself to eat the entire bread basket before dinner when eating out. Same with pasta – ordering a dish with tons of veggies and less pasta in it, rather than a plate of linguine with just a little sauce. Ditto with Asian foods served with rice – eat rice in a smaller proportion to the meat/veggie dish. I get some healthy chips to eat for carbs (sometimes corn, but also ones made of beans, rice, etc) and eat them with lots of healthy dips like hummus, etc., which gives me a carb fix without filling up on carbs (filling up instead on the healthy dip.) Good luck. It helps a lot to shop and eat more at home, and to choose restaurants that have mainly healthy option on the menus, not carb-loaded american foodstuffs.

    • I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and my love of potatoes knows no bounds. For me, I needed to re-learn how to eat (parents are Midwesterners who eat like Midwesterners and taught me the same), and the best thing I found was Weight Watchers. The points system really helped me to learn how to not over eat and how to eat better. I would say stay away from really restrictive diets because then you will want it even more.

      • If you’re trying to improve your eating habits, and not just count calories, Weight Watchers is not that helpful. They have improved it a bit recently, but you could eat 2 krispy kreme donuts for each of your 3 meals, and still be considered “successful” in your day according to WW.

  • Someone told me that all those high-end fireworks in the neighborhood were drug dealers competing with one another. Is that true? Where do they get those? I couldn’t even buy bottle rockets. But I saw several police officers just standing around, watching 16 year old kids setting off fireworks that went 50-60 feet in the air. The petworth neighborhood fireworks almost outdid the Mall ones, what with the clouds.

    • There are stands around town, but you can always go out of state to get the good stuff.

      • The stands around town have small bottle rockets that barely fly 30 feet in the air. The “good stuff” is often sold out of the back of cars that have recently made the trip to Pennsylvania. I’ve seen guys selling out of cars in CoHi.
        PA is basically a firework haven to export to surrounding states. It’s nice racket! Too bad their liquor laws suck.

        • You can’t get everything. Come back with your fancy rockets and drink here.

        • I asked at the local stand specifically about bottle rockets, and was told specifically that they are illegal in DC. I think that you can’t have anything in DC that flies AT ALL.

          • I bought them two years ago at a stand on NY Avenue. They may have tightened the laws since then. I was actually surprised to find them.

    • Accountering

      We got AWESOME fireworks in PA. For reference sakes, we spent about $200 on 80 fireworks that went hundreds of feet in the air. They were amazing. We also shot them off on the fourth, far out of town at my parents river house.
      I think the police just let them go for a few days, and are just trying to keep everyone safe.

    • “Someone told me that all those high-end fireworks in the neighborhood were drug dealers competing with one another. Is that true?”
      Sounds like a silly urban legend.
      Poor people like to spend too much money they don’t have blowing up stupid things. Go down to Florida and you’ll see poor people of all ethnic backgrounds buying up waaaaaay too many fireworks from the massive firework superstores along the highway.

  • skj84

    Rave: fun pre-weekend. I saw Magic Mike with my girlfriends on Thursday. Pure fun! Loved the dancing, the music, all off it. Spent Friday on an advertising run for my show, then a house party.

    Rant: went too hard. Weds to Sat involved late nights and early mornings. I was a zombie at work Saturday. I ended up skipping the party I was invited to and watched the fireworks at home. Slept all day yesterday. I need to learn to pace myself.

  • Rave: Philthydelphia– starting to think that Philly is the new New York in that it’s not a yuppie-populated urban theme park but really an exciting, grungy, dangerous, beautiful place. And affordable. And who doesn;t love those BYOBs?
    Rant: Lost two races that we could have won.

    • Pretty much agreed on Philadelphia. It’s a particularly authentic place. Lots to recommend it. Although part of that authenticity is a certain mode of verbal interaction that I don’t miss… I think of it as earnest-angry. When someone is convinced of their position, they don’t try to persuade you, they just yell at you about it. And they think they’re doing you a favor, like evangelists. In DC, folks will give you citations and references and probably some snotty condescension. But rarely do I hear shouting about how my position is bullshit.

    • BYOBs are amazing – my dad collects wine so the other side of the BYOBs is how difficult it can be to get really good wine in PA.

      • We almost always bring wine from DC, though state store selection isn’t as awful as awful as it used to be.

        • very true. My dad used to have it shipped to me – he’s friends with a lot of vineyard owners so starting just before thanksgiving, I’d get TONS of wine shipped to me and bring it home. It was ridiculous. I’m glad it’s better, but also the selections in NJ have gotten better. My dad would love to open a wine shop, but the laws in PA make that prohibitive. He’s very active in the anti-PLCB movement

    • Yeah, I was in Philadelphia Friday and was amazed how dirty it is. But yes, a lot less yuppified too…

    • justinbc

      The BYOBs are pretty awesome. I’m always a little bummed every time I go to Philly though because the city sort of looks like the “after” shots from post-apocalyptic shows / movies where electricity has been out for 30-40 years and everything has slowly decayed. So much beautiful architecture left to rot.

  • Rave: Awesome weekend! Had a great time at Longwood, esp. enjoyed their new beer garden and the beer that they partnered with Victory Brewing Co. to make using lemons from their orchard. Nightscapes was cool – veeery trippy, like, an acid trip without the acid. Made for some interesting conversations with the ‘rents! Very crowded, tho, I wasn’t so keen on that part.
    Rant: So tired, I really didn’t get a lot of sleep this whole weekend.
    Rave: Fireworks – holy crap, I have never experienced fireworks like I did Saturday night. How in the hell did so many people around the city get sooooo many serious fireworks? It was so great, even if it didn’t die down until probably 3 or 4 a.m. Petworth for the win!
    Rant: So much on my plate right now I want to cry a little bit!

  • Rave: low match. he’s too cute. he’s traveling but sent me a random unexpected cute text. also, thoughts on why he would friend me on FB? all my friends were like, woah, I thought you said this wasn’t serious, why are you FB friends? is that weird since we’ve been seeing each other for a month? oh well, too late now.
    Rave: hanging out with my new guy friends. dating advice from clueless guys is always entertaining but good to hear their perspective.

    • justinbc

      I was always very hesitant to FB add anyone, and thankfully so as it’s one less way to be stalked after.

    • I’ve had someone I dated try to friend me on fb after a month, and I declined. I’m very much into knowing everyone on my list very well. For some people, it’s just a normal step in dating like eventually spending the night. I wouldn’t read into it.

      • After a terrible social media experience with a person I once dated (literally once), I try to avoid FB friending romantic interests. If it happens, declining seems too harsh since I’m still dating the person so I essentially give them limited access. I didn’t read into it, but my friends raised the red flags. Oh friends.

        • Yea, friends. I’ve only had it happen once where I felt it was too early which I think offended her, but I have my preferences. She was too familiar anyway: calling me at all hours & the like.
          I don’t even have an ig or Twitter. 🙂

    • Navigating the social media thing is just so tough. I friended one guy I dated for a little bit, then regretted it (as you do!) when we broke up as it felt just a little too stalkerish for my taste. My current BF and I only became friends after we were pretty serious, though he is definitely not a huge Facebooker. I don’t do changes in relationship status at all… After having been married and having to navigate the whole divorce on social media, I decided to never do that again.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Yeah I was an early user of FB and most of my friends are actually friends or animal rescue folks.
      Rave working from home
      Rant cats helping. Dinkie Pinkie laying on the corner of the keyboard that gets warm from the power cord.

  • Rant: still rattled thinking about Mr. Sutherland and how he happens to be from Conn. like myself a transplant from Ct. Cannot get over how this happened midday and robbed for what if any whatsoever amount of anything someone could have on them If that’s all it was that went down. When does the violence end and the significant education solid year round plan start for the kids just out there for no reason or solid purpose. This isn’t the DC I knew or could be. Just what is happening??
    Mr. Sutherland rest in peace. My prayers to your family and friends.
    Rave: milder weather

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Business trip to Montana was great, even if it was a million degrees. WTH, Montana.
    Rant: So much catch-up work to do now that I’m back in the office.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Some friends had a Hello Fresh cookout. I guess that’s a thing now.
    Rant: Outside of doing some laundry, I got nothing done over the long weekend. The house is a mess and I have weeds the size of weeds!
    Rant: WDS is off his meds. I found his iPhone in the refrigerator.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My dad used to leave his keys in the refrigerator…. but now that I think about it, it may just be another Little Debbie thing (saying something to be silly and we all think it’s true).

      • My Dad does that so he can’t leave without his lunch in the morning. I think it’s ingenious.

    • Blithe

      Maybe his job requires doing cold calls?

  • Rant: it’s impossible for me to go into the garden without getting a zillion mosquito bites.

  • GiantSquid

    Greetings from Central New York!
    Revel: The weather has been GORGEOUS.
    Rant: The mosquitos have been HUNGRY.
    Revel: Some really nice time relaxing and spending time with the in-laws.
    Rant: $500K up near them will get you a 5BR, 3.5BA house on 150 acres.
    Rant: Found great place in Car Barn in DC but after talking with Mr. Squid, neither of us are willing to up our rent by $1K to afford it. Want to be saving that money. Not sure we can continue to afford DC.
    R/R: Having serious, but much-needed, convos with Mr. Squid about ‘what’s next?’
    Observation: I can see a tattoo parlor from the office I’m squatting in in Syracuse. Tempting…

  • Can anyone recommend a good (and cheap!) place for an eye exam and glasses? I have been suffering pretty consistent headaches at work over the last several weeks and I am finally willing to admit it may be because I need glasses…

    • my eye doctor! i was skeptical but had a great experience – i went to the one in Dupont (CT Ave). It was excellent. The eye doctor doing the exam did a great job of addressing my contact lens concerns.

      • binpetworth

        I second My Eye Dr. The optometrist told me during my first visit that my vision hadn’t changed that much so why bother blowing several hundred bucks on new glasses. I appreciated his honesty and not trying to upsell me products.

        • Blithe

          One more recommendation for My Eye Doctor. I’ve been to the one in Friendship Heights. The eye exam that I got was excellent. I’m pleased with the glasses that I got — and feel that the staff did a wonderful job of discussing lens options and helping me choose frames. I think the eye exam was $39 (without dilation). Ask about specials and discounts. They will work with you to meet your budget — and have a selection of glasses for $99. I’ve also had good experiences with Luxoptics — using a package that I purchased through Amazon Local.

    • I like America’s best, but there are livingsocial or Groupon deals you may want to explore. I have always had insurance, so I’m not sure on the costs.

  • Rant: Bike theft. Someone during this last night (July 5 to 6), climbed over our locked fence, cut the chains, and took our three bikes. Wonderful way to start a Monday. Happened in alley between Irving and Kenyon St NW (between 14th and 13th St)

    • I’ll beat people here to it: why wasn’t it locked up? (same thing happened to us, twice in a month)

      • Do you know how much a typical eye exam without insurance costs? I have no clue!

      • Unlike your post, this post said the bikes were locked. When a post is clear, follow-up questions become unnecessary.

        With that being said, this rash of bike thefts is unfortunate. Someone here had no thefts with a bike anchor if storing then Indoors isn’t possible. Definitely post in the stolen bike groups. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

        • Anon Spock, yes the bikes were locked to each other and to the fire escape stair with multiple locks. Will definitely keep in mind the bike anchor as indoors isn’t ideal. Just wished they had stolen a few weeks earlier as I wouldn’t have spent money in service them.
          I think we will rig up one of those snare traps that lift you up in air by feet when tripped… That will teach them… and then invite kids from the block to smack them like a piñata… yes that was a joke, sort of.

  • Rave, I think: I can’t stop eating. I want to eat all of the chocolate and peanut butter. Bookmarking all of the recipe ideas above.
    Rant: I found out last week that my pregnancy is considered high risk for several separate reasons. I’m seeing another specialist this week to try to better prep for the many potential outcomes.
    Rant: Waiting between sonograms is tough. I want lots of updates on the little ones and just have to be patient and wait.
    Rave: Good insurance.

    • Baking seems like it could be a good distraction from the waiting for updates and worrying about outcomes.
      I hope your visit with the specialist is helpful

    • Do you know which specialist? I have friends with twins who swear by Bathgate. Sending continued good vibes your way – it doesn’t help to worry (I know, impossible, right?), so hopefully you get to relax a bit!

    • I’m seeing Pinckert at Greater Washington maternal fetal specialists and he is great. His bedside manner is really good. Good luck!!

  • Rant: The Allegro (Columbia Heights) is getting out of control. One unit on Saturday had EMS called for partying too hard. The boys had illegally installed an emergency escape ladder to get from their penthouse balcony to the roof of the building, and a young partygoer drank too much to get down (details unclear as to whether she passed out, had a medical emergency, or what).

    EMS responded, blocking all of 14th street and sending a ladder truck into the fire station on Newton to reach the 4th-floor unit.. After EMS got the young lady down, the emergency ladder broke while a firefighter descended, sending him crashing 3-4 feet to the ground.

    All the while that EMS tended to the young lady, these boys kept partying, making rude gestures to neighbors, and getting into the first responders’ way.

    This is only the latest issue with the Bozzuto-managed property, with the management company failing to take issue time and time again, despite repeated attempts by neighbors to seek intervention.

    This particular unit, as well as neighboring units, continuously throw trash into the yard of neighboring buildings, with this unit at times throwing glass bottles over a dozen yards horizontally (and 4 floors vertically) at the 14th & Newton fire station’s dumpsters; oftentimes they miss, littering the fire station’s parking lot with glass (and narrowly missing their cars).

    The Allegro residence is a blight on the community, and Bozzuto needs to be held accountable.

  • Rant: Suchorionic hematoma
    Rant: waited 2.5 hours at the hospital to get a Rhogham shot and they couldn’t get it together so I left. Just hope they’re better at l&d than at ambulatory care.
    Rant: will have to go back to the hospital for the shot.
    Rave: baby is completely fine, growing as scheduled and a strong heartbeat. But pregnancy after loss is super hard, we really didn’t need the scary stuff.

    • YAY for your rave. It sounds like you had a really scary and frustrating day but I’m so glad it ended up well. Something similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago and I thought I was going to lose my mind. It’s so reassuring to see that strong heartbeat.

      • Thanks Twinner. It’s been a rough weekend for sure but really relieved the baby is ok. The only advantage so far, of having a high risk pregnancy, is that I’ve been able to see either the OB or the MFM every two weeks, with plans to go weekly after 20 weeks (I’m 14 now). It’s a lot of time but oh so reassuring. I hope you can work out that kind of schedule.

  • Late-breaking rant: Arranged a week ago to pick up a (rather nice) dining set that had been listed on the Craigslist free section. The Craigslister cancelled the day of, saying he (she?) had been called out of town for work and would get back in touch with me this week.
    I had a bad feeling about the whole thing when I saw that the listing had been deleted at the same time.
    Today I contacted the Craigslister today and got a terse reply saying “Sorry, sold.” Jeez. If someone else offered him/her money for the set, it would’ve been nice if he/she had had the decency to be upfront with me about it.
    Sour-grapes rave: I guess if I’d gotten this dining set, I would’ve had to get rid of my current one. And I rather like it.

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