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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: how many crime alerts I got last night. While I appreciate the alert system, it’s a bit depressing when I wake up to like 7 alerts of violent crime in the area.
    rant: how stubborn my husband can be about inconsequential things. It’s the Israeli coming out in him and it’s so annoying. It makes some things so much more difficult.
    rave: long weekend…..even if it’s being spent in a less than ideal way, it’s nice to have a long weekend.

  • Rant/Rave: My dad texted me this morning to make sure I was okay. Lovely of him to check in, sad that he has to do so. Glad everyone at Navy Yard is okay.
    Rave: Early release today at 2 pm. Woo hoo! Haircut and pedicure, here I come!

  • Rant: Roomie left damage and a mess then basically threatened to take me to court when she received photos of it. She still hasn’t actually denied she did the damage just the my proof isn’t strong.
    Rave?: It should be a slam dunk for me if she wants to try it.
    Rant: DC otr can’t tell me why my refund was reduced by 50%…going into month 7 on my amended return.
    Rave: Off tomorrow.

    • Yay for your ex roommate!!! I feel so relieved for her and I don’t even know her.

      • Yes, I am as well. She doesn’t have to be stressed about cleaning up after herself in between volunteering and drinking wine.

        I’m a horrible roommate for expecting such a thing. I’ll have to remember that one. LOL

        • Remember this as well: When someone ALWAYS has negative experiences with others- it’s time for that person to self evaluate. Don’t think I’ve ever seen you project anyone in a positive light– without returning to rant about something negative about them.

        • The trolling is starting early. I like you Anon Spock, don’t ever change.

          • I’m just trying to be a better person for all the anonymous people out there. They deserve to be happy.
            Seriously though, I wish these people had a real handle, so I can pick them out at the hh if I ever can manage to go.

          • I’m pretty sure that I like her as well, as she gives a lot of good advice. I just don’t care for the constant “people bashing” when something doesn’t go in her favor. It ALWAYS can’t be the other persons fault ALL of the time(no matter how bad of a situation it is). Whether its a date or a roommate or coworker.

          • If you’re gonna be passive aggressive put your name behind it. This is ridiculous. #timetoselfevaluate

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s a rant and rave forum. Of course it’s going to look one sided if the roommate(s) don’t work out. Anon spock just hasn’t found the right person yet.

          • Emilie- I’ve had great roommates, and my tenants are awesome…and I’ve said as much.
            Some people are only able to focus on the negative, so they’ll easily over look me raving.
            Anonymous: If you dislike my people bashing so much, why don’t you just overlook my posts and focus on my replies which are where you’re most likely to find advice? I’d gather you’re a masochistic or a troll.

          • Accountering

            There you go again Anon Spock with the negativity and people bashing!
            #Imjustkidding 🙂
            I agree with CarmieCarms, if you are going to go in on someone, then you (anon) should grab a handle and not hide behind anon. I often go in on people when I think they are wrong, but I am happy to defend my opinions, and then tend to laugh about those over beers at the HHs.

          • Too funny, acct!

            I have a suspicion of who it is, but we’ll never know.

            Thank you everyone for coming to my aid.

          • Sometimes “anonymous” isn’t so anonymous

    • I don’t understand – why is she threatening to sue you?

      • Because she’s mad at me, needs money, etc….
        Your guess is as good as mine.
        Essentially she’s claiming she didn’t do it if that makes it more clear.

  • Rave: Hawaii was amaaaazing! So beautiful. Snorkeling for the first time, went to Kualoa (where they filmed Jurassic Park), lots of beach time.
    Rave: Wedding went swimmingly, my friend looked gorgeous and the location was incredible. She’s so happy the stress is over with! She and her husband made it a great experience for us all.
    Rant: Sunburns despite copious amounts of sunscreen. Fair-skinned redhead problems…
    Rant: Back at work and DC.
    Rave: Have off tomorrow for the holiday weekend, so it’s a one day work week to ease back into things!

  • Rave: after seeing police cars speeding east on M st this morning, it’s a big relief to hear that it’s all clear.
    Rave 2: Inspection station was very efficient this morning, took me a few minutes before my appointment and I was able to leave before they closed M.

    Happy independence day everyone!

  • Rant: This weather-induced migraine is a killer.
    Rave: Vacation starts in a few hours!

  • Rave: While I feel bad for Bassett, USA vs Japan in the finals yaaaasss!!!
    Rave: Forgot to say I survived gator infested waters in Florida!! They were NOT small and definitely did not stay on the banks. Bf is a liar.
    Rave-ish: Friend I don’t know super well is in town for the long weekend and wants to hang out. She’s going through a rough divorce so hopefully getting away and doing something fun will lift her spirits!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I smell good today thanks to Shawess and the PoPville cosmetic Swap. I smell good, I like myself.

  • Rave: Long weekend — we are almost there.
    Rant: I have a lot to do today and very little motivation to do it. I think I’m going to need more coffee.
    Rave: Happy hour after work.

  • Rave: Three day weekend
    Rant: More rain
    Rave: Squirrels dug a hole in my roof and last weekend water was pouring in. But now it’s fixed!

  • topscallop

    Rave: false alarm at Navy Yard
    Rant: will there be more this weekend? The news has been suggesting high potential for violence over the holiday. Hopefully that’s not the case, and hopefully we won’t face crazy crowds and security everywhere!
    Trivial rant: my hangers are stretching out the shoulders in all my cardigans. Even though I’m petite, most of my tops are not, and my hangers are a standard size, so what gives? I look like my shoulder has a goiter, walking around today. Do they make petite hangers?
    Hopeful rave/wish: I’m really hoping that my office will let us go early today, and that my visa comes back from being processed in time so I don’t have to wait around for it if we do have an early dismissal.

    • Fold the cardigans over the hanger vs, hanging them on the hanger.

      • Yeah, this is what I was going to recommend.
        Some of my cardigans are fine with being hung on hangers, but for the ones that are apt to get stretched funny, I fold ’em up. (Then they go in a drawer and I forget about them and don’t wear them… but that’s a separate problem.)

        • Oops, I misread what Anonymous wrote. It had never occurred to me to fold the cardigans over the hanger bar thing.

      • topscallop

        Genius. I will try this immediately.

    • Do you use the padded hangers? Those are the only kind I’ve tried that don’t stretch sweaters out in the shoulder.

    • Pablo Raw

      Are cardigans supposed to be hanged? I always fold them and put them on a shelf.

    • I keep my knits on hangers but fold the sleeves back over the hanger itself so you don’t get those stretched out shoulders.

    • There’s a (stupidly expensive) product called Bumps-be-gone: bendable hangers so you can shape the shoulders of your sweaters.
      If folding and hanging, do it on your widest/ most padded hangers, so you don’t get the line across your middle.

  • Rave: all moved into Navy Yard as of yesterday
    Rant: Navy Yard on lockdown right as I left our new house. 75+ emergency vehicles (helicopters, ambulances, cop cars, explosive devices unit, SWAT team) from what I could see. Our building locked down as I left.
    Rave: everyone is accounted for.
    Revel: the numerous texts and calls I got on the way into work making sure we were okay. It’s nice to know people care about our well-being.

  • Rave: long weekend ahead without much planned.
    Rant: toddler tantrums. Yucky.
    Query: I want to spend a long weekend at a beach sometime this summer. Ideally, a reasonable drive away (within 3-3.5 hours?) and not too crowded/expensive. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Rant: TRUMP Hotel in DC. Really hating the fact that the city doesn’t have the cajones to fire the guy. Will hate having to see his name on the Old Post Office for the next 20+ years.
    Rant: Too busy to draft a petition on change.org that would be up to par
    Rave: Electric grill got delivered just in time for the 4th.

  • Rant: Looks like I picked the wrong day to bring the ivory suede wingtips to work.

  • Rant: no motivation to do any work today.
    Rave: I’m working from home
    Rave: I’m going to Philadelphia tomorrow. Haven’t been there since I was a teenager.

  • Public service announcement: If you have Friday trash pickup from the city, please note that DPW is — in a departure from its usual holiday practice — not “sliding” the pickup from Friday to Saturday. Friday trash pickup will take place on Friday as usual.

  • Rave: Off tomorrow! And leaving early today!!! Because….
    (Oh god please don’t let this turn into a..) Rant?: Heading to get my DC Driver’s License after work. I’m going to the Rhode Island DMV and just hoping beyond hope that I will not spend my entire afternoon there.
    Rave: No longer having to park in the back of my house and being a completely legal DC resident driver after 2 years!

    • Just an FYI – I needed my old one, my SS card, my passport and TWO proofs of DC residency (I used my pepco and cable bill). And they don’t give you a new one – you get a temporary paper one that you have to carry with your old one until they send you the new card in the mail. It’s the new REAL ID stuff, and it’s a pain in the *&).

      • SS card AND a passport?? I would’ve thought that would be an either/or — each on its own should be sufficient proof of citizenship. And not everyone has a passport.

        • Don’t need SS card, but proof of SSN. That can be a copy of your W-2. And as for your passport, that’s a requirement if you don’t have a “REAL ID”. If your out-of-state DL is a “REAL ID” then that is sufficient.

          • Shit. I don’t have a passport! Pretty sure MD is not a “real ID” either. I have my SS Card, old DL, Lease, Bank Statements, lease, and just in case that isn’t sufficient, my housemate (the owner of the house and whose name all the utilities are in) did the Proof of residency for me and I have two utility bills in her name.
            Not feeling great about my chances now. I knew I would only get a paper one today and have to wait for the new one in the mail, but the Passport thing has me concerned.

          • Well here is a list of documents that will suffice:


          • Upon more closely inspecting the requirement, a birth certificate will also work, which I have at home. Glad to have known this before heading off to the DMV and waiting!! Thank you POPlitariate!

          • You can use your birth certificate (must be the long-form one) instead of a passport.

          • I have Birth Certificate that will work (thank you US Army – the benefits of being an Army brat!), however, it just dawned on me that I have a name issue. Birth name, married name, and technically, a post-divorce name (though I’ve never changed it). This should be interesting. I’m going to take along my divorce decree just in case, though that may mean walking away with a new surname today!

          • The DMV site doesn’t say the birth certificate has to be the long-form version — it just says “United States birth certificate or birth certification card filed with a State Office of Vital Statistics.”
            Who even has the long-form version of their birth certificate, other than presidential candidates whose birthplaces are being challenged?? I know I don’t.

          • So just to add for future reference for anyone else (because it is not explicit in the website) if your name on your birth certificate and social security card do not match, you must present the document used to change your name (marriage certificate, court order, etc). The allowed me to use my divorce decree since I have zero clue where my marriage certificate is.
            Moral of the story – ladies, keep your surname!!

          • From the DC DMV website:
            “If you have a name change due to marriage, divorce or a court order, you are also required to bring (in addition to the above documents) your marriage/divorce certificate or court documents to show proof of your name change.”

  • Rave: Jeans day!
    Rave: Thank god everyone at the Navy Yard is okay.
    Rant: My cat’s claws are getting long and I am crap at cutting them myself. When I take her anywhere in her carrier, she freaks out and poops in it and makes a giant mess (I took her to Petco to have them trimmed a couple of months back and she was pretty traumatized, trembly and a giant mess). Does anyone have a recommendation?
    Rave: long weekend
    Rave: good therapy session yesterday

    • With my furry monster, I would swaddle her in a towel and pull out on paw at a time and clip the nails. It was the only way to clip her nails without ending up looking like I was attacked by a thousand cacti. It also works if you have a volunteer to hold the cat while you do the clipping.

      If your kitty is a deep sleeper, you can also try clipping her nails when she’s resting.

      • Yup on the swaddling–we call it making a kitty burrito 🙂

      • Co-signed, this was the only way to get our cat’s nails done.

      • I tried putting my cat in a “purrito” but couldn’t figure out how to make it work.
        The only way I’ve been able to get her to tolerate having her claws clipped is to do it while she’s eating wet food (which she adores). She still doesn’t like it, and I still have to spread the job out over a few days.
        I am now trying to add treats to the mix, so that she’ll associate “getting claws clipped” with “getting a treat.”
        Trying to clip her claws when she was sleepy was a no-go — she would immediately become alert and pull away.

    • Our vet recently suggested using puppy pads for trips in the carrier to help with cleanup since our cat often freaks out in the car & pees and/or poops. As for claw trimming–have you tried doing it when your cat was asleep? When I first got cats, that’s how I got used to it. Sometimes it’s slow going if they wake up, but one or two claws a day works eventually. Now, I usually lay my cats on their back on my lap, belly up, to hold them in place while I take care of their claws. Or if they’re hanging out, chilling on a couch or something, I can sometimes keep them relaxed while checking/trimming claws. It’s one of those things that gets easier with time & practice.

    • Mobile pet grooming. I’ve seen trucks around DC.

    • With cats at least the claws are clear — you can see where the quick starts. I would rec having a friend swaddle while you focus on the clipping — and if she likes to scratch, maybe you can delegate this to her with a nice scratching post set up!

    • Hmm… maybe a mobile grooming service might be the best way to get your cat’s claws trimmed without having to take her somewhere?
      If I may ask… in what way are you crap at trimming your cat’s claws yourself? Is it that she doesn’t like them being trimmed, or something different?

      • Thanks, everyone. I use puppy pads in her carrier whenever I take her anywhere (I learned after the first time!) – I wonder if having a helper would make it easier. The trying while she’s asleep thing might work?

        She’s not really a lap cat, she’s a right-next-to-me cat, and will accept being held for a few minutes – she’s a snuggler at night, but isn’t a fan of me touching her paws so much.

        I find it impossible to hold onto my cat, and clip her claws, and not be scratched or nipped or anything. I’ll see if I can get a helper first, and if that works, hooray – and if not, then I will look at potential mobile grooming services, which are probably expensive…

        • Roughly where do you live? I wonder if I or another PoPvillian with cats could give you a hand and perhaps come up with a good longer-term situatio. I also like wdc’s suggestion for training over time.

          • I live near Shirlington.
            I’m definitely going to try the training over time for sure. I’ll ask my cat-loving friends as well 🙂

    • Lots of training for your cat. Every time she’s relaxed and happy, stroke her paws. Start just gently along the fur. Work up to gentle squeezes, and rubbing her individual toes. It takes MONTHS, and you need to keep it up her whole life. But if you get and keep her comfortable with having her paws touched, you can clip claws much more easily.
      If that never works, then go artemis’s route, with a towel AND a friend.

      • I’ll try your suggestion of that (I’ve only had her for 7 months, I rescued her), and also try artemis’s idea in the short term.

        • SinSA, it might also help to feed her treats when you stroke her paws as part of desensitizing training. Positive reinforcement — she may come to associate the touching of paws with treats. And who doesn’t love treats?

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 and stop clipping the nails if she gets too stressed, so it may take you days to clip the nails, but kitty gets used to it. Also give treats after! Kitty will still hate the process, but will be calm and let you do it b/c treats!

      • I have the same problems with my one cat – she is the sweetest thing in the world until nail-clipping time – then she turns into this wild feral thing that I’m afraid will rip me to shreds. She was a feral kitten that was rescued and then I adopted her, so maybe it’s in her blood to not let me touch her feet, but holy shit she is terrifying. I’ve tried the “get her used to having her paws stroked,” the treats, the “burrito,” nada. I’ve basically resigned myself to burrito-ing her when she’s in a good mood, clipping a few nails at a time while speaking verrry slowly and calmly to her. She usually starts off with some pitiful meows and plenty of farting in my lap. Then she progresses to shrieking banshee. Sometimes I’ll get 8 nails, sometimes 2, just depends on the day. Then I give her a ton of treats afterwards and we play, it’s slowly getting better. This has been a 4 year process, just FYI.

    • If you can get someone who is really good at scruffing, that helps while the other person cuts the nails. My cat-loving neighbor will scruff my cats while I cut their front paws nails. There is no way I could cut their nails by myself! Scruffing their neck ( when done correctly) sort of paralyses them, meaning they can’t bite or scratch, but does not hurt them. Good luck!

    • HaileUnlikely

      I also begin while my good little kitty is sleeping. Obviously she wakes up quickly enough, but generally allows me to complete the paw that I’m already working on without resistance. I can’t get another paw started after she wakes up, though. Thus, clipping is typically spread over 4 separate naps.

    • I have a very large cat and a very small cat, and it is just easier to let them have their claws natural. The big guy learned to control them, and the little one is so tiny her claws don’t hurt anything. So it’s an option.

      • Mine (despite having 3 different scratch pads, all of which she actually loves and also plays with) is starting to pull herself along my rug with her claws and she gets them stuck. So I think it’s time for a little trim.

  • Rant: Need a new job/career/something like yesterday. Today was the final straw with mine and I am going to be sending out my resume like crazy this weekend.
    Rave: Three day weekend is so close!!

  • Rave: PoP and all the goodness / happiness here.
    Rave: Pablo’s rave. “I like myself” is something we should all be able to say!
    Rave: My on-again-off-again BFF is on-again, for now. It helps that we’re both on the same board now, and can hopefully effect some change in the organization that is completely idle.
    Rant: All I want to do is be at home in bed, but…
    Rave: I get to do that tomorrow!
    Extra rave: Even with that massive storm the other day, my apt didn’t flood. First time in weeks to not flood! Solutions! Hurray!

  • Revel: After months and months of waking up at 5/5:30 for work, followed by a week out of town, and almost a full day of work yesterday, I have my first real day of summer vacation. I slept until 10:30 this morning and it felt great!
    Revel: Got a few bites from my Cleveland Park babysitting post.

    • if you’d like me to share around the Dupont list serve, let me know!

      • Let me take care of CP first — maybe in a day or two once all this settles.

        • I know someone looking for a sitter – she has two little ones. Would you share w/me the web sites/listservs that were suggested to you yesterday, please? I wasn’t able to find them…I would also include your information if you like. She lives downtown DC.

          • depending on where she is, there’s a Moms in Logan Circle list serve, PQ Parents google group (not very active, though) and I believe Kids in the Triangle as well

          • I believe there’s a Petworth Parents group and also Moms on the Hill. I typically use the Cleveland Park, Chevy Chase, and Tenleytown listservs in addition to SitterCity.com and care.com. I ended up getting a job yesterday because someone from CP forwarded to me an email from the Glover Park listserv.

            But also your friend can email me sugarcoated at gmail dot com

          • Thank you, iindsay and jindc!! I just mailed her that information.

  • Rave: More things are in boxes than not. This move is coming up so quickly. I know I’ll be ready for it, but the whole process is so nerve-wracking.
    Rave: I got the special rate on the new place! Unexpected, but so nice to have one less fee to pay.
    Rant: Craigslist flakes. I understand that things come up, but it shouldn’t be this hard to show up when you say you are going to.
    Rave: The Ouidad leave in conditioner that Little Blue Penguin brought to the Cosmetics swap is the BEST. My hair has never been less frizzy, held its curl pattern so well or been easier to deal with.

  • Rave: Off in a few hours for a glorious long weekend! Longwood Gardens, here I come!
    Rant: This weather – ick! Hope it clears up soon!
    Rave: I guess everything is ok at the Navy Yard, so that’s good to know.
    Rant: My cousin’s very long-distance bf is a jackass and dumped her via two minute conversation last night saying “we’re not doing this anymore.” It’s actually more complicated in that he’s been going through radiation treatment for cancer, which isn’t working the way the doctors were hoping, and he’s just sort of throwing in the towel and giving up on everything, pushing everyone away. I feel bad, because a) cancer sucks, and b) I can understand the urge to push people away when dealing with a health crisis, but it also sucks for my cousin because she’s been so supportive, trying to give him space (and really, how much more space can you give someone who lives 17,000 miles away?!), and their relationship was a bright spot in her life full of a very stressful and anxiety-provoking job. Hopefully our trip to Longwood tonight will be a nice distraction / cheery spot!

    Happy Independence Day, everyone! “See ya” Monday!

  • skj84

    Rant: commute from hell on the redline this morning. I was an hour late for work.

    Rant: Person smoking rancid smelling cigarettes right in front of my shops open window. Really? You couldn’t pick another spot to smoke?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: working from home headache combined with weather/allergy headache.
    Rave: not a migraine, so it should go away with the right drug and tea cocktail.
    Conundrum: I kind of want to start taking gabapentin again b/c the side effect was no headaches ever. But the reason I was taking it in the first place, RLS, is fixed. Do I really want to start taking something daily just to prevent treatable headaches?

    • Not familiar with that medicine specifically, but I’m generally against taking meds that you don’t “need” for fear that they’ll not work as well when you do need them.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yeah, it seems like it’s a bad idea to take something for the side effects. I almost want my RLS to flare up so I would have a reason to take it. Almost, but not quite b/c RLS is Hell.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Old Town rental filled up in less than a week, with an extended lease too.
    Rant: Property management company dropping the ball on Ivy City rental.
    Rant: Phone decided to somehow shut itself down completely over night, causing me to sleep 2 extra hours and miss an appointment this morning. Still not sure wtf happened, as it was fully charged. GG Samsung.

  • Rant/Rave – the Navy Yard news was especially scary as I used to work there (IE, during the 2013 shooting) and have many friends/former colleagues down there. Glad everyone is okay.
    Rave – Going to Thip Khao tonight with a friend – excited to try it. Anyone who’s been – recommendations?
    Rant – Breakup shit, still – I keep thinking I should be over it and – I’m not (which I know, takes time). Dammit, I forgot how this hurts. I miss him and I am so angry and hurt.
    Rave – Many kind words from you all yesterday. Thank you.

    • I like Thip Khao. I went with a big group and we shared a bunch of dishes. My favorite was the red curry, and something called “awk” that had a lot of different spices. They also have some of the best sour thai tea.
      Sorry about your breakup. 🙁 Hope the good food helps take your mind off of it for a while.

    • Thip khao- haven’t had a bad dish there. My wife really likes the piing (similar to sate). I would recommend the laab moo kuang nai (pork) on the jungle menu over the similar shrimp dish on the jungle menu. The avocado over sticky rice is a fantastic dessert.

    • Love Thip Khao. I like the KAING SOM and any of the fish wrapped in banana leaves. Also the ceviche and the crispy rice salad.

  • Rave: Played hookie yesterday – it felt amazing! Lots of snuggles with the cats, a workout with friends, and retail therapy.
    Rave: Started my training plan to run a 30-minute 5K today with a kick-ass track workout in the rain. 9:47 mile (a PR!)
    Rave: 2 hour early dismissal today!
    Rave: We closed on my mom’s house for the estate yesterday. I am officially rid of the World’s Worst Realtor! One more check box to mark off for the estate.
    Rant: We closed on my mom’s house for the estate yesterday. I no longer have a place to call “home” in PA and it makes her passing that much more real.

    • Accountering

      Great job on the run! The first one is the toughest! If you did a 9:47 mile, you can do a 30 minute 5K! (Not today, but you can work too it and get there, I am confident – keep us updated!)
      Glad you are rid of the crappy realtor.

  • palisades

    Rave/Rant: So many shows to watch, so little time. Currently watching “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.” 1 episode in and I’m hooked. Totally not my type of show, but I’m a sucker for period pieces and fun accents.

    • skj84

      I need a summer show. I finished Orange is the New Black and my other shows are finished for the season. I’m hoping Broadchuch Season 2 is released on Netflix soon, I missed the last few episodes.

      • Bloodline!!!! so good

      • palisades

        The Knick is my darkhorse favorite show of 2014. I haven’t breezed through a season of a show so fast since Mad Men. The Americans is great. Top of the Lake. Rectify. Peaky Blinders. Band of Brothers (for some July 4th ‘Murica fun).

        • +1 for the Americans. It is one of the best shows on TV right now. Luther is good if you like police procedurals. The Blacklist is so much fun. And it is a bit violent for some people’s taste, but Hannibal is really, really good.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Copper and Ripper St are some pretty good series, and should have new seasons coming soon. They are both police shows set in the late 1800s. Copper is in NYC and has lots of eye candy. Ripper St is in London and has less eye candy but better stories. And to round out the late 1800s fun, there’s Hell on Wheels.
        Ooh and i just started Human and liked it. I think it’s on AMC…

    • I think I liked the book (Norell/Strange). Is the series on netflix? Or some premium channel…?
      I need some new TV. I finished Catastrophe in one sitting. Granted, there are only 6 episodes at the moment. It’s light and enjoyable for anyone who likes non-traditional romance.

      • palisades

        The series is being broadcast thru BBC, so whatever your way of watching current BBC shows is how you’d catch up. I have access to a complete xfinity package with basically every channel on Earth. (thanks girlfriend’s parents!)

  • Rave: Just got back from an awesome vacation in California.
    Rant: I think I caught a cold on the plane.
    I don’t know: I must have been really tired from my travels because I slept through the storm and woke up to see a tree down outside my apartment. (Thankfully, not ON my apartment).

  • laduvet

    Rant: sitting in a conference room all day ‘baby-sitting’ a webinar. (Scratch eyeballs)… hurry up clock!
    Rave: Looking forward to making a Patriotic flag shortcake for the 4th and mom’s birthday.
    Rant: Last time I get to visit home (Charlottesville) for who knows for how long.. . Londontown departure is tick toc 2 months away.

  • Rant: An umbrella was no match for the downpour yesterday – I got soaked, pup got soaked.
    Rave: Neither of us melted
    Rave: PIcked my first heirloom tomatoes yesterday – Black Krims (my favorite). Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich for breakfast 🙂
    I appreciate the rain, but I’m also ready for a stretch of sunny days ~

  • Rave: run times are creeping back to where they were before the lower leg injury. Ran 3miles @7:34/ mile yesterday
    Rave: new race bike should be finished today, CANT WAIT
    Rave: with the new bike in hand Tri training for my first sprint tri will start asap

  • Crazy busy work day, but just wanted to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July! Have a good one!

  • Rave: long weekend
    Rant: a few weeks ago someone asked about moving, and how to research DC schools and several folks on popville suggested a website to research schools. Everyone seemed to know what it was but I had never heard of it – and now I can’t remember. We are moving in the next year or so and would love to research the schools that we would be zoned to. Anyone know what site I’m talking about?

    • Was it DC Urban Moms? There is a lot of valuable information on that site, but it’s a total snake pit. One-upping, name dropping, pedantry as a weapon, cheap put downs, and of course, the ever-popular “Wow. I feel sorry for your children.” I think people entertain themselves by seeing how vicious they can get. I haven’t looked at it in a few years, but back in the day, the mod only intervened sporadically. He spends most of HIS time slamming others in the political forum.
      In short, if that’s the site you turn to for school info (and it IS there), proceed with caution, prepare to weep for humanity.

    • Was it profiles.dcps.dc.gov ?

    • I hope you’re thinking of myschoolsdc dot com. DO NOT use DCUM as a reference. It is a sesspit.

      • There are (or there used to be) quite a few good eggs who posted in the interest of sharing useful information. And then of course 50% of the replies to any one comment would be useful and interesting, or at least unobjectionable, and 50% would be pure bile.
        But again, it’s been a long time for me. Once I found my parenting and school grooves, I found it was no longer worth wading through the bile to get to the information.

      • that’s it! myschoolsdc thank you!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I have a really epically embarrassing rant/rave that I considered posting anonymously but I suspect too many people would figure out who posted it.
    Rave: Early dismissal!
    Rant: Except I have meetings all afternoon.
    Rant: Bruised.

  • Big rant: roommate texts me that he locked himself out of the house without his phone and that he got in by busting down the door. Not happy.

    • Wow. I hope he’s prepared for some steep repair costs.

    • It didn’t occur to him to try to get a locksmith?

    • Why wouldn’t he go next door or to some business? Like no one needs to get inside that bad.
      What’s the door situation now?

    • I Dont Get It

      Actually I would also be concerned that I have a door that can be broken down.

    • Update: he didn’t actually knock down the door; he just thought it would be funny to make me freak out about it. I did flip out about it and spent quite a bit of time researching how much the repair would cost before I got back to the house. So while I’m not thrilled, I’m also not tooo pissed off.

  • Revel: This photo
    Rant: Just broke up with a friend. It had to happen, but it’s still a sad thing.
    Query: I was thinking of trying to watch the fireworks from Cardozo this year. You can do that right? Do they open up the football field?

  • Rave: Dacha beer garden renting tvs for men’s World Cup 2014. I watched several awesome games there, including Brasil v Germany.

    Rant: Dacha not doing anything for women’s World Cup 2015. No tvs. Nothing. Not even for semifinal USA v Germany. Inexcusable.

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