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  • Last time I went to the old Lia’s for lunch on a Saturday around 12:30 they ran out of bread to make any sandwiches (even though there are a few stores right across the street that sell bread). Had no choice but to go elsewhere. I also never understood why a cafe isn’t open for breakfast/morning coffee. I hope they improve their game.

  • Egad

    They had a sign up in the window for a long time that said “closed for renovations” and then the sign disappeared and they just seemed…well…closed. The “LIA” was (and still is) removed from the awning and it just says “Cafe.” I agree, BottleofRed, I hope they can improve their game. I had gotten some cheese bread from them before. It was good but the rest of their baked good selection was sparse. Hopefully they made some much needed improvements and can serve up some delicious Brazilian sandwiches to rival the new Subway down the street. How do you say $5 footlong in Portuguese? 🙂

  • I tried to go when they first opened. It was a Tuesday around 1:05, and no joke, on the door there was a sign that said something to the effect of, “Out at lunch.”

    Have never seen anything like it.

  • I ordered a sandwich from them when they first opened and the guy said they were out of their “normal bread”. He proceeded to make me a sandwich using Giant brand white bread, mayonnaise and cold cuts. He did put a piece of canned pineapple on it so there was some flair to it. I suppose I wasn’t used to paying $8 for the same exact sandwich I used to make as a snack when I got home from Middle School. The funniest part was, they just opened so he was very enthusiastic about soliciting my feedback about said sandwich.

  • Yeah I think this should be held up as a counterpoint to when someone complains that it is just too hard to start a small business in this city. The food should at least attempt to be a little better than what you can make at home using supermarket white bread and canned fruit.

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