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  • Very cool but I gotta admit I’ve never seen this one. And I thought I knew Mount Pleasant.

    • I love these! They are on 17th St NW, sort of behind the Woodner.

      • They’re kind of on their own as you head down 17th Street from Park Road into Rock Creek Park. They are easy to miss if you never head down that way.

  • Love these Bauhaus-inspired condo-townhouses. They are dropped into the middle of the woods. Recent sales are fairly affordable.

    • hey, anonymous – how do you find out the recent sales info for these units? love them and would like to keep an eye on their status…soon to be in the market! cheers!

  • I believe these are on 17th street on a tiny road that barely fits two larger cars before you get onto Piney Branch.

  • Pablo Raw

    I love that style, I really hope someone can convince the owners to get rid of that lattice that is ruining all, and maybe bring the bottom windows to its original style

  • I love these too. Passed them on Sunday. They remind me of London for some reason, especially as you dip into bosky Rock Creek Park.

    Heard you on local NPR radio the other day Dan! Woo hoo!

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