Ground Officially Broken on the long delayed Hine School Project – “60,000 square feet of retail space” and more coming

Hine School

From the Mayor’s Office:

“Mayor Muriel Bowser joined Eastbanc, Inc. and Stanton Development to break ground on Hine School Redevelopment, a $224 million project in Ward 6 that will complete the corner of 700 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, with mixed-use development that includes retail, affordable housing, and a new public plaza.

The redevelopment of the Hine School site is expected to generate nearly 2,500 construction period jobs and over 700 permanent jobs. Once completed, annual new tax revenues of $5 million is expected. The Hine Redevelopment will deliver nearly 60,000 square feet of retail space – with 20% reserved for local tenants – 180,000 square feet of office space, and 327 parking spaces.

Additionally, the development is also expected to provide 162 apartments, which will include 46 affordable housing units, with 17 of those units set aside for seniors.

During construction, the popular Eastern Market Flea Market will continue to operate on Saturday and Sunday on 7th Street, SE. Once construction is completed, the flea market will operate on the new C Street, SE and public plaza on weekends. Also, the Hine Redevelopment project’s commitment to sustainability includes a LEED-certified design, green roofs, car-sharing and underground bike racks.

Over the next month, workers will begin excavating the site and by the end of the year concrete work will commence. Delivery of the entire project is expected in 2017.

For more information of the Hine School Redevelopment project, visit:”

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  • Good golly, what will the NIMBYs do now?

    • Is there anything for them to oppose regarding developing fenced-off McMillan Park? I honestly haven’t kept up…

  • Yeah, this project was fought tooth and nail for years upon years. When this opens I’m sure it will be an instant success and huge win for the area. In 10 years everybody will wonder how this could have ever been opposed.

    • Especially since the ones who fought it will have left for retirement communities by then.

      • I genuinely hope at least one of the strident NIMBYs ends up in one of those 17 apartments reserved for seniors in a few years. So glad to see this happening finally!

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