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Apartment Cleaning Services?

“Do any of you have any recommendations for apartment cleaning services in the Capitol Hill area? We’re hoping to have an initial move-in cleaning for a two-bedroom apartment and follow-up cleanings monthly or bi-monthly. If you’re willing to share your price quote as well, that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, all!”

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  • Maids in Black is really easy to use and schedule. It’s all online, and you can add extra services to your monthly appointment like cleaning out the fridge or oven, as-needed. I’ve been using them for over a year, without any real issues.

    • Do you have a referral code?

    • I used Maids in black twice. I love that I can book online, and they bring their industrial vacuum. The cleaning was out of this world, but I had to stop using them after I couldn’t find some things, and had to have them email me and come back a couple of times. Things were in some strange places
      my macbook and laptop were gone (She put them under my bed)
      Couldn’t find the step stool I use in the kitchen (behind some x-mas boxes in my spare closet)
      Towels and TP? second bedroom closet

      There was a host of other things, but those were the strangest.

    • +1. I’ve used MiB for several years and have been consistently pleased:

  • Aglets

    That’s a really fantastic photo

  • Avoid Merry Maids. Some neighbors and I tried to hire Merry Maids once. They were supposed to start with my neighbor at 9. By 11 nobody had showed. They called and asked if they come come at 12:30 to 1 instead. So we all waited. 1 o’clock rolled around. 1:30, etc. We tried calling back and she just never answered her phone again. They never showed up, never apologized, afaik, never explained what happened, etc. Wasted more than half our Saturday waiting for them.

  • I used to use GreenMaidWorks and liked them because they didn’t use all the toxic chemicals but left my place as clean as other companies that did. You can often get a discounted deal from them and they seemed like a well-run company, though ultimately I decided I prefered having an individual because they are cheaper, you get the same person every time and don’t have to re-explain things, and, importantly, the person doing the cleaning collects more money. The last part is important, as cleaners who work for companies make so little money (it is a competitive price-driven business) and they do much better working on their own. So I used a company until I found someone who recommended an individual to me.

  • Homejoy has been awesome for us! WE have used them for 4 cleanings with Trenika and she is wonderful. She gets in all the tiny hard to reach places! If you use this referral code you get $25 off your first cleaning.

    Good luck!

  • I’ve had really good luck with Domesticall ( They came to my place on Capital Hill and now to Brookland. It’s $100 for my 600 sq foot place. My move out cleaning was by the hour and very reasonable and through.

  • I use Handybook ( and have had good experiences. You can request a certain professional if you find one you like, otherwise they can rotate to accommodate your schedule (you can schedule pretty much whenever and it’s all online). They have an app and keep you updated as to when the professional arrives and leaves. I can refer you and you’ll get $50 off the first cleaning (I need your email though, it’s not a code or anything).

  • This is related….when you hire a company…do you always have to be there when they show up to clean? And if so, do you just hang out on the couch or something? My budget is about to allow for me to invest in this little luxury, so I was just wondering how it works…Thx

    • Nope, I think it’s actually preferred that you not be home so as not to be in their way (I have a small apartment, so maybe this is more an issue for me because I wouldn’t have anywhere else to go haha). We give instructions for accessing the spare key and they lock up when they’re done.

  • is what we use in my building. Life changing service!
    promocode: firstclean is 30% off. Flat $60 fee for a 1 bedroom and has green clean option.

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