From the Forum – Any streets without street sweeping? Zone 2

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Any streets without street sweeping? Zone 2

“My boyfriend and I are going out of the country for a week and were wondering if anyone has suggestions about where to park during that time as to avoid a street sweeping ticket. Are there any streets that do not have street sweeping? We have a Zone 2 parking sticker. If not, is there anywhere we can park for cheap for a week? Thank you!”

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  • New Hampshire Avenue between U and T

    17th Street between Swann and S.

    The entire west side of 15th street (one way north) along the bike lane

    • Tsar of Truxton

      17th between R and S as well, so I guess 17th between R and Swann? Easy to get a spot during the middle of the day, but by 530 it is hard, so you may want to leave it during lunch break or something. Some of the spots are in front of row homes, so its unlikely there will be a moving sign posted (much more likely in front of the big buildings obv).

  • west_egg

    The airport.
    (Seriously. It’s illegal to leave your car parked in the same space on any DC street for more than 72 hours. If someone decides to park a moving van or a dumpster or do emergency utility work, you’re liable to come home and find that your car has been ticketed and towed.)

    • This is not true; the 72 hour law was repealed. There was just a giant thread about this on the Petworth listserv.

    • JS is correct. And even if you leave your car and block the sweeper, the ticket is only 45$. Substantially cheaper than parking at the airport for a week. And since the sweeper only actually comes by about once a month, there’s only about a 25% chance you’ll actually get a ticket. Unless there’s somewhere very close without sweeping, I’d just leave the car and eat the cost of the ticket if you get one.

      • Fellow Zone 2 resident here, and you won’t just get a street sweeping ticket, but a tow charge (around $100). I was towed to a metered spot and then got another ticket for not paying the meter (Which I later found out I could have contested, but oh well). All told it was round $175. And I wasn’t on vacation, just forgetful.

      • You can be towed as well as ticketed, though, and being towed will cost you an additional $100.

        • Accountering

          They can also tow you to ANOTHER street sweeping spot, and then get towed and ticketed the next day. Cost Andie $290 in a 2 day period.

      • There’s plenty of ticketing even if the sweeper never touches a given block. You may luck out of the tow ticket, but they’ll nail you with the parking ticket.

      • I don’t know about national, but bwi is 8/day for long term. The ticket doesn’t seem like the cheaper option.

  • West side of 15th St nw from like Mass all the way up to U St doesn’t have street cleaning. I always leave my car there when I’m overseas and don’t have issues. Yes someone could put up a parking restriction sign but what are you supposed to do about that?

  • I now live in Zone 1, so I don’t mind sharing…Decatur between Mass Ave and Florida Ave (west of Dupont Circle). Easy to find a spot if you have a Z2 sticker and no sweeping.

  • Which airport are you flying out of? Google the name of the airport and parking. There are options near DCA and IAD that are cheaper than on-airport parking. I second the previous poster’s comment that I wouldn’t trust my car alone for that long on the street.

    • “Which airport are you flying out of? Google the name of the airport and parking.” Sheesh, no need to be patronizing.
      I always parked on a no-street-sweeping street when I went out of town (for 1-2 weeks at a time).

      • How is that patronizing if the OP is asking the question? DCA and IAD don’t have well-advertised parking alternatives like other major cities. They’re usually at hotels.

        • Fair enough. (As I was pressing “Post comment,” I thought, “Heeeey… maybe he was saying it’s harder to find information on parking that isn’t airport-sponsored.”)

  • I’m not sure how close it is for you, but the residential streets in Georgetown don’t have street sweeping. But you do have to watch out for the “emergency no parking signs” no matter where you park.

  • All of Georgetown and most of Foggy Bottom. I do it a few times a year.

  • Some metro stations offer long term parking (Greenbelt is one), so that is an option.

  • I many of the diagonal parking streets do not, including the 1900 block of New Hampshire NW. There’s also a few spots on 17th St, north and south of S St. I believe several blocks in Georgetown with parking only on one side (Like Q St) don’t have street cleaning, either (also Zone 2).

  • 7th Street NW between M and N, across the street from the convention center/metro.

  • The ticket isn’t that much ($45), which is cheaper than a week at the airport.

    But that said, they are eager to ticket but I’ve NEVER seen them sweet my street (11th in Logan), so it’s a bit annoying!

    also, you could ask a friend/neighbor to move it for you if they are the type to help out.

  • just east and west of Connecticut, most streets do not have street sweeping and are zone 1&2

    • That stretch on New Hampshire between T and U (as someone else recommended) is a great spot. When I lived in that area, I would leave my car there for weeks without having to move it.

  • Why not park in the Target Mall parking garage for the week? It may cost a little but it’s better than worrying about getting tickets and having your car towed. And it’s probably safer too.

  • You can park in my driveway for the week for $50. Private driveway, no issues from the parking enforcement.

  • DC1

    Why are so many people suggesting the OP to pay for parking? he/she is already paying for a RPP, so he/she has all the right to use his/her zone for as long as needed.

    Anyway, to the OP: The west side of 15th street between Rhode Island Ave and U street is your best bet.

    • Agreed. I never had any problems with leaving my car on the street for 1-2 weeks when I went out of town.
      As long as the OP leaves the car with absolutely nothing visible, and as long as no “Emergency – No Parking” signs crop up for moving vans, etc., he/she should be fine.

  • I have been meaning to post a similar question to the forum in preparation for a trip next week. Does anyone know any streets in Zone 5 with no street sweeping? I had been planning to just eat the cost of the ticket, but forgot about the possibility of being towed. Thanks!

  • Like other people have mentioned you can find cheap-ish airport parking. BWI has $7 a day parking and I’m sure it’s comparable at the other area airports. For a week it’s probably cheaper to drive yourself there and then you don’t even have to worry about your car or bothering someone for a ride.

  • Some good spots in Georgetown — I know Q st east of Wisconsin has some good sections. 35th St. south of Wisconsin has a few sections as well.

  • Park your car(s) at a metro station that has multi-day parking. The stations can be a little out of the way but, it’ll be accessible by metro for when you return and you’ll only pay the flat parking fee ($5, I think). I park my car at Huntington when I’m on extended travel for work and never had issues.

  • There’s one block on 14th ST NW that’s totally unzoned and doesn’t have any street cleaning. I’ve parked my car there for full work weeks, even while I still had VA plates (eventually I did get a warning about switching my plates to DC).

    On the northbound side of 14th ST NW between Riggs and S St, there is room for about 6-7 cars to park. The spots are hard to get during HH or early in the morning during the week (construction workers with non-DC plates park there), but I’ve been able to easily park there on Saturday or Sunday during non-brunch hours. Since it sounds like you have DC tags, you’ll be fine to park there the entire time you are on vacation!

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