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  • Aglets

    The one by the zoo sign is a doe. A deer. A female deer.

  • More snacks for the lions.

    • maxwell smart

      I always wonder how many wander in the zoo and become lion snacks.

      • PDleftMtP

        Not enough. Deer are vermin. Ecosystem-destroying, disease-carrying vermin.

      • Only once since I’ve lived here, about 3-4 years ago. It was a sunny Sunday morning, the zoo was packed. Nice little lesson in the circle of life, right?
        Though maybe the zoo just doesn’t publicize after-hours incursions.

        • Wow, it was 2009. Time flies. There’s lots of video online. One keeper said at the time that it was the only time she knew of that a wild animal got into a predator enclosure.
          But then in 2013, a deer was killed (at night, zoo was closed) by the cheetahs.

  • Rave: Deer. Rant: Graffiti.

  • I see a herd regularly inside the old Walter Reed. Since the only entrance is on Georgia now and is closed at night, I guess they live inside permanently! On Thursday I saw an 8-point buck.

    • You’d probably be surprised at how high deer can jump. I’m sure they can clear the fence I’ve seen on the Georgia Avenue stretch.

  • Saw a small herd (2 does, 2 babies) at the DC/Bethesda border yesterday. They were just chilling on the side of Mass Ave, munching on some grass.

  • I think they’re learning to pose for photos!?
    Haha, posts like this are one of the reasons why I love this blog.

  • I used to live in the Parkwest, directly south of the zoo on Conn. Ave and I could see deer on zoo grounds from my windows all the time. It’s sad because I don’t think they have a lot of habitat options around here so they’re driven into tiny portions of “forest.”

  • When I used to walk on the C&O Canal I saw them all the time. Once while driving on the G.W. Parkway we saw an entire family – scared the crap out of us because we thought they were going to dart out into the traffic. And when I take Rock Creek Parkway from Park Road up to Silver Spring to pick up my car you see them everywhere, especially at dusk. I even saw a dead one on the corner of Georgia and East-West Highway near Sport Honda. Someone had respectfully put a tarp over it but you could see the hooves peeking out from under the tarp. They have plenty of habitat in Rock Creek Park – from Virginia through DC to Maryland. The main reason they are vermin is because they don’t have any natural predators – except man – and we don’t eat them as much as we used to. So they’re free to eat everything in sight.

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