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  • Best part of this news: should help disperse some of the crowds at other pre/post-game spots (Justin’s, Big Stick, etc.)

    • brookland_rez

      They’re a suburban thing, but they will probably do good with the suburbanites that come in for games. This is good, because it will leave the better places less crowded for the rest of us.

  • palisades

    Certainly not the worst thing to go there. I was wondering why in the world it took so long for something to open up in that spot. Pretty much the most prime real estate you can get.

    • Not really actually. It’s prime real estate 81 days of the year. On non-gamedays, almost nobody drives down Half St, and only a few people walk down it. Not a lot of walk-in traffic, in other words, until more of Half gets built up.

      • Everyone that leaves the south metro exit passes it.

        • I guess, but most people live north of M since that’s where most residential buildings are. I don’t have numbers, but I’d guess that Half St exit isn’t utilized nearly as heavily as the NJ exit, except on gameday.

          • You don’t have the numbers and you are wrong, tons of people live on the other side of S. Cap and use the Half St exit

          • We can argue about numbers all you want, but that space stayed vacant for 5 years for a reason: Not as much non gameday traffic passing it when compared to spots in the rest of the neighborhood.

      • I’m guessing you haven’t been to that area recently when there’s no baseball game at Nats Park. There are tons of new residents around there, and most of the bars and restaurants are packed on Friday and Saturday nights. I was in the neighborhood one Saturday afternoon last January, and I was amazed at the number of people out and about. Blue Jacket was packed wall to wall. And those office buildings are finally filling up, meaning there’s a need for more lunch spots.
        I’m just hoping the space is pretty large, in order to better accommodate gameday crowds. Every single other bar or restaurant has a line out the door before and after Nats games.

        • I live two blocks from there dude. Maybe saying “almost nobody passes it” was a poor wording choise. I meant to say that it gets less foot traffic compared to the rest of the area. Do you dispute that?

      • palisades

        I’m sorry but you’re just wrong. Not only is Nats park used more than for just Nats games, but the entire area is exploding with offices, residential buildings, and bars and restaurants.

        • I’m aware of that. I live there. But I’m sticking by my statement earlier that this spot sees less foot traffic on non-gamedays than most of the rest of the neighborhood.

          • palisades

            That’s nice. But “sees less foot traffic” is a lot different than insinuating it only gets foot traffic 81 days out of the year.

          • I agree. I misspoke and then admitted as much. I’m sure you’ve never done that in your entire life.

  • I’m sure most locals will thumb their noses at the thought of a chain opening up in the area, but I think they’ll make a killing with baseball fans from VA & MD (and occasionally me)

    • maxwell smart

      Probably the best location for BWW aka Bro Bar

    • Based on the amount of 7-11s/Chipotles/etc coming into new developments in DC, I would argue that most new DC residents are supporters and patrons of chain restaurants.

      • DC residents are also strongly supportive of chicken wings, too, if the litter on the street is a strong market indicator. BWW could probably do even more sales if they opened a to-go window that faced the street.

        • palisades

          Lol I think we both know that’s not the same kind of DC resident that would eat at b-dubs

          • I don’t know what you’re referring to. Would you please elaborate?

          • Accountering

            He is saying there is a different demographic of person who goes to a sports bar in Navy Yard before a baseball game, versus the guys who buy chicken wings from 711 and then litter the bones all over the city.

    • I’m a neighborhood local and I applaud the move. SOMETHING has to siphon off the bros when the Fairgrounds closes.

    • With the bullpen/fairgrounds closing for construction this is definitely going to be a needed place. I just hope that something unique and local can open across the street from it when the construction is done.

    • Also, there is a LOT of unbuilt real estate coming online in the neighborhood. Anyone hoping to remain relatively chain-free is delusional.

      • Yeah, this high traffic (and I’m sure high rent) space was only ever going to be a chain.

        • Tsar of Truxton

          I don’t know if that is true. There are plenty of stadiums around the country that are surrounded by non-chain sports bars in (presumably) high cost locations. Fenway and Wrigley are perfect examples. Camden is another (though I have no idea how expensive rent would be near Camden…probably cheaper than Navy Yard).

          • Those “local” places around Fenway and Wrigley have been there FOREVER. Any new stadium nowadays is going to be national chain central.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            Some but not all. Bleacher Bar is pretty new (though it has a cool concept which helps), Remy’s is new, Boston Beer Works is from the early 90s, I think Game On might be from the early 2000’s.

          • The area around Fenway park has exploded with new construction in the past 10 years, mostly filled with chains. Game On was 2004 or 2005, if I remember correctly, but mostly everything in new construction is part of a chain.

    • justinbc

      To be honest, most of these little “neighborhood” sports bars suck a lot more than BWW. BWW has a ton of TVs and has relatively cheap bar food, I don’t really care who owns it or how many there are. There are multiple locations because they figured out a formula that works for the masses.

      • Right. I mean honestly, it’s not like Big Stick or some of the other nearby sports bars don’t feel “corporate” as well.

        • As far as large chains go, BWW is a good one, for all the above reasons. But I’d still take Big Stick, Justin’s or Willie’s over them on most days.

          BWW’s main flaw isn’t that they’re a chain, it’s that their beer list tends to suck (i.e., it’s almost all macros, with a couple local ones thrown in to appease the beer nerds). That said, I realize that not every bar needs to cater to beer nerds like me; plenty of room down here for everyone.

          Except Olive Garden. Please no Olive Garden, ever.

          • Definitely agreed on the beer lists. Prefer the other places you named because of it. I guess I was more referring to the atmosphere, although I like Justin’s all around.

          • Anyone session drinking big IPAs, saisons, or sour microbrews on game day deserves to fall asleep in the blazing sun at the stadium.

        • I’m curious why you think the Big Stick and Justin’s feel corporate?

      • Good point Justin, I’ve tried Big Stick twice and had horrible experiences both times and won’t be returning so if I get merely ok service and attitude from BWW they’ll be a huge improvement over Big Stick

        • palisades

          Really? I thought they were perfectly fine. They definitely don’t seem prepared for the crowds they get though.

        • If the service at their Ballston and Crystal City locations is any indication, I wouldn’t hold my breath for stellar service when they’re super crowded…

      • Accountering

        I agree… I like BWWs. It is average to good food, and cheap beer. They even have some selection. I am excited this is opening.

  • Always wondered why there wasn’t one already in DC. Wonder how this will affect Gordon Biersch.

    • GB’s in a higher-traffic spot (on the 250-something days a year when there isn’t a baseball game, that is). They’ll be fine.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    First, Bonchon, now BWW. Navy Yard is getting all the good chain wing spots. I am surprised there is not a BWW or something similar in Chinatown. That would be a killer location for a place like this.

  • For a place that specializes in wings their food isn’t very good. The good news is that it will spread out the crowds at the better places in the area while the suburbanite’s drool over their crap wings

    • There will be plenty of DC residents here too, considering it is in the middle of a growing DC neighborhood. Not sure about your disdain for suburbanites though.

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