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collage-2015-06-09 (2)

Keagan spent 6 of his wonderful 9.5 years in DC, living in Shaw, Adams Morgan, Petworth, and Cathedral Heights. He survived Snowmageddon, Snopocalypse, SnOMG, and many other ridiculously named storms, including the infamous “el derecho” of 2012. He rode out the 5.8 magnitude earthquake, albeit he was a bit shaken afterwards (pun intended), and he attended the Cherry Blossom Festival almost every year where tourists would take more photos of him than of the blossoms. While osteosarcoma is to blame for his having to leave us, it never once broke his spirit. He was sweet and gentle right up until his last day, which was spent napping in his favorite spot in Rock Creek Park. There is not a day that goes by that Keagan is not remembered and missed. RIP sweet sweet Keagan Bear. 4/28/05-9/14/14″


“This is Fannie Mae of Columbia Heights”

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  • anonymouse_dianne

    So sorry for the loss of Keagan. That’s the downside of Great Danes. What a lovely dog. Is Fannie Mae looking for a Freddie Mac? (Couldn’t help myself)

  • What a lovely tribute to Keagan. He was clearly loved, and surely loved you right back.

  • emvee

    Oh Keagan, you were such a handsome fellow who obviously brought much joy to your humans.

  • Fannie Mae snoozing under the covers is ridiculously cute!
    R.I.P. Keagan.
    Siggy looks contemplative.

  • All of them – adorable! I’m so sorry for the loss of Keagan, it seems as though he was a magnificent animal and a steadfast friend.

  • I remember Keagan well from his time in Adams Morgan. He was a grand gentleman, and is missed.

  • Siggy is one cute pup. Frenchies are awesome!

  • That One Guy

    Cancer sucks. Keegan looks like he had expressive eyes.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Siggy is a cutie!
    Fannie Mae! Such a great portrait!
    RIP Keegan

  • Sorry for your loss of Keagan. Our family has owned Danes for 15 years. They are sensitive and wonderful dogs (the best breed, in my opinion!). Losing one is so very hard.

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