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  • Wow, exciting! I’d started to lose hope that this place would open, very glad to hear they will. Signage looks great!

  • You’re off to a bad start if you’ve had your lease for 3 years before you serve your first customer. Any word on why this has taken so long?

    • I agree. I know DC can be bad at permits, but most of us know people who have developed ideas, gotten the permits, and are in the black already. At least offering updates to the interested community on what’s going on would get people to pay attention to your progress once you open.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    From their facebook: “Ah! Now there’s a good sign… Yes, we’re still going open! Look for us this September.”

  • Awesome!!

  • Seriously can’t wait for this one. The anticipation’s been killing me!

  • I bumped into the cousin of the owner a couple months ago. He is opening an art studio upstairs. Anyway, he said the issue has been getting permits from the DC. Not really surprised that the DC government makes it so difficult to start a business. I will hold my breath that it opens in September. I met one of the owners last year (currently making money off uber) and he told me it was going to be ready by January 2015. So much for that.

    At this rate, with all the hype this place will end up being a disappointment.

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