Sweet Scuttlebutt – Boundary Stone Expanding in Bloomingdale!

Boundary Stone
112 Rhode Island Ave, NW formerly Jak & Co. Hairdressers between El Camino and Boundary Stone

A commenter guessed it when we first learned that Jak and Company Hairdressers had closed on Rhode Island Ave right next door to Boundary Stone back in April. Now I’m hearing a steady stream of scuttlebutt that it is indeed happening! Very very good news for Boundary Stone fans. Stay tuned for more details when the deal is sealed!

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  • DUH!!! This is the best move these guys guys could make!


    This is AMAZE BALLS!!!!!!

  • I love Boundary Stone. A lot. While this is absolutely a smart move for them, since I’m sure they’ll have no problem getting customers to fill the expanded space (me included), I was excited at the prospect of getting something new into the space to add even more options for the area.

    • +1 I feel this way exactly. I like Boundary Stone enough, but I would have preferred a new, different option.

      On another note, can someone explain the rabid Boundary Stone love to me? I live a couple blocks away so I feel like I should LOVE it the way others do, but I find the food “good enough” and the beer list always a little limited, frankly. I don’t know, it’s fine, and I go there occasionally, but people seem to really love it and I don’t understand why. El Camino has become my go-to since it opened.

      • 8 rotating taps and 25 to 30 cans… Yea… “limited”.
        Those guys really need to expand their options.

        • Right. Not particularly limited, and each selection is actually good. What is the point of having 30 tap handles if 25 of them suck? Plus it’s a great place for whiskey lovers, the food is really really solid, and the atmosphere is terrific – not generic, but not gimmicky. It’s a model neighborhood bar.

        • Ok limited was the wrong word. I don’t know, I’m just never like super excited about the options.
          People are getting defensive! This is exactly what I mean. People LOVE it SO much and I just can’t figure it out.

          • I think people love the laid-back atmosphere that’s largely devoid of el douche-factor.
            (I agree that I’d like to see more IPAs on tap as I’m not big on DC Brau – OTWOA being an exception.)

          • I don’t get it either. It’s just a bar. It’s a bar with sometimes weak pours, depending on who is behind the bar. Sure, the seitan wings are great, but overall, it’s alright.

          • Good beer and whiskey, good food, good atmosphere, good service, good patio. It does a lot of things well and doesn’t really have any noticeable blind spots, except maybe indoor seating capacity (see: excitement over scuttlebutt). I actually think it’s pretty rare to do many things well, so I think everything just clicks for a lot of people.

          • I think it’s the fact that it was here long before there was any kind of restaurant or bar presence in Bloomingdale. These guys were pioneers and have a top notch establishment that does everything well. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

            It’s also pretty safe to say that I have a soft spot in my heart for a dark, chill bar with great bartenders where I can always find a seat and get my favorite wings and beer (DB) in the city without anyone bugging me. Jukebox is free and killer as well. I don’t know if I’d tattoo the emblem on my arm, but I’d vote for them as the best neighborhood bar in the city time and time again.

          • Love how people always say Boundary Stone was a pioneer when Rustik was there long before. And they have better food and cocktails than BS.

          • Sorry, but no. Rustik’s food is garbage

          • Rustik’s food is bland and the service is usually miserable. Great patio, though. Wish they’d step it up.

      • I love boundary stone because it’s the absolute perfect neighborhood bar. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it except to bring back the fish sandwich they had as a special a year or so ago.

  • Great news! One of the best bars in D.C., and they could use the extra space on weekends especially.

  • Awesome news. The world needs more Boundary Stone.

  • I hope this happens, but last time I talked to Matt about it, seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. Hopefully something changed.

  • I am a huge fan of this bar, especially since it is a 5 min stumble home, but i’m not overly excited by this. In my experience when good bars or restaurants expand they tend to loose the initial vibe that has been such a draw. I hope I’m wrong in this case….

  • Expansion can be a double-edged sword in the hands of lesser proprietors. The gents of Boundary Stone are as top notch and committed as you can hope for in a neighborhood public house. They wouldn’t pull the trigger if they couldn’t execute to their standards. Bring it on fellas!

  • This is awesome news. the one downside to this place is not enough spots for a group of 4 or so to sit down and have a meal. I look forward to what they do with the space. These guys are the real deal.

  • I don’t understand how they can get away with their ridiculous whiskey prices. $26 for two ounces of Laphroig? Are you fucking kidding me? The bottle is twice that or less in any store.

    • Wow did you just make up that price….their prices are some of the best in the city for quality product.

  • Noooooooooo! Love Boundary Stone, but one space is enough. Hope this isn’t true because I was really excited for something new.

  • I love this bar. And I love that their logo (intentionally?) resembles the Twisted Sister logo. And no offense, but my only problem with this place is that it’s in Bloomingdale, and not closer to my place.

  • No, while not unexpected, this is not good news. I was hoping for a new, better restaurant or even a coffee house here. Boundary Stone is a nice place for a drink and a burger, but beyond that… even good Indian or something.

    • I agree. While Boundary Stone is a great bar and can be slightly cramped at times I feel it’s size serves it well. I’d much rather have another option in Bloomingdale to go to rather than a larger Boundary Stone. That’s not providing any extra value to the community. It’s been great having Costa Brava and El Camino open up recently and seeing Bloomingdale coming into its own.

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