Songbyrd Music House (the Bar & Restaurant side) Opens at 5pm Tues. Check out their Menu and a Peek Inside

songbyrd bar
2477 18th Street, NW

From an email:

“Songbyrd Music House (Bar & Restaurant) will OPEN tomorrow at 5pm! This is the space adjacent to the recently opened Record Cafe (coffee/sandwich shop).

Hours: 5pm – 12am Tuesday – Thursday | 5pm – 2am Friday & Saturday. (CLOSED Monday)”

Check out their menu here:

songbyrd_resturant_menu (PDF)

photo credit James Jackson

photo credit James Jackson

photo credit James Jackson

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  • …$5 Natty Boh

    • no doubt. offer those $10 IPAs and what have you, but gnarly mark up on a <$1 beer. Still looking to check this spot out tho.

    • palisades

      Exactly my comment. Why in gods name would anyone pay for that

    • And why would you with so many other delicious beers available for $6?

      • This is my biggest question. The other beer prices are actually very reasonable. $6 Goose IPA – great! The Natty Boh should be $3 based on those other prices. The space looks nice though, and I look forward to checking it out.

    • yeah, looks like a cross-subsidy from people who don’t know beer to people who do.

  • Holy Moly that space is beautiful!

  • The bar was open this past weekend. Very cool spot. Welcome addition to the neighborhood. It also marks the return to Adams Morgan of Rob Klein, bartender extraordinaire, formerly of Chief Ike’s. Great to have him back in the hood.

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