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  • nice. i don’t know much about security doors… is this all that… secure? i notice more of the iron work or whatever concentrated near the lock but what about all the rest of that empty space?

  • I love it when people custom design window and door gates, rathe than the standard issue iron bar ones!

    The extra spaces aren’t large enough for a person (or even a child used to help in theft) to get through. So if the inside of the lock is keyed, then it is likely safe enough from theft, though not easy to get out of in a fire. If the inside lock is a turn lock, then it may not be. Though I’d had iron bar ones that had the lock inside a box on the inside, such that the turn lock could not be reached from the outside, even if one reached through with an arm or device, so it may be well protected on the inside as well.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Hey – can you describe that “lock inside of a box” a bit more or a picture if you have one? I’d be interested in that. Was it custom made? Home Depot sells this thing that’s like an open can that goes around the lock to make it harder for somebody to reach in, but unless it goes all the way up to the closed interior door (mine did not), anybody with longish and less-than-hulking arms could still reach in and unlock the thumb turn.

      • Not sure if this was the case for Anonymous 1:10 a.m., but I’ve seen the “box”-style protector used only in case where the security door is about 4 inches in front of the actual door. In other cases, it seems like you’re stuck getting a thick steel “mesh” that’s welded to the security door and makes it so that nobody can reach in.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Yeah – I think the “box-style” that you’re talking about is probably the Home Depot thing that I’m talking about or a custom version thereof. I just keep the glass panels on mine. Sure, somebody could break them and reach in, but anybody who is willing to create that much of a disturbance is going to get in anyway.

  • This security door is so…inviting!

  • Anyone know where someone would get something like this?

  • Since we are in the topic of nice iron work, has anyone installed traditional iron steps and hand rails in a DC row house? I have about 5 steps leading up to my townhouse that are made of wood. I would like to replace them. And I’m trying to get rough estimates on how much that would cost.

  • This is a custom door designed and produced by the late, great Robert Cole. It’s an original.

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