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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Adams Morgan Day 2015 cancelled!!
    Rave: Gorgeous weather for happy hour on a patio yesterday.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: We’ve been told that we have to be out of the goldfish bowl by7/17.
    More Rants: Since our executive director left, we aren’t getting a lot of information about next steps. However, since the new “neighborhoods” are nowhere near ready, I guess by default we become teleworkers.
    Rave: The trash bins are filling up with various corporate awards and certificates of recognition.

  • Rave: Rain. Kind of. Having spent 30+ summers in DC, I can’t recall a more lush, green city than the one we’re enjoying this year. People’s gardens, the city trees, the parks: verdant, luxuriant, sumptuous — the city looks grand.
    Rant: Doesn’t appear that the city made any plans to maintain the Sherman Avenue boulevard (is that what you call it?) and so, while some blocks are nicely kept up, others have become these disheartening vacant strip-lots in the middle of the street, filled with weeds and trash. Ironically, they make the street look more slummy than before.

  • Rant: the incompatibility of celebrating freedom, and the needs of the veterans who are said to have assured/ protected that freedom. My friends with combat PTSD are already twitchy, and by the end of the weekend, will be exhausted over-xanaxed puddles.

    • Maybe you should direct your anger at politicians who sign your friends up for bad wars rather than those of us who actually love this country and want to express it.

      • How is THAT helpful??

        • Ah, oops. I fear I may have fed a troll. I was just thinking, who could possibly be so dense and lacking in empathy. And of course, the answer is no one except some jerk who likes to stir shit. Sorry everyone.

          • So anyone who disagrees with you = troll? Got it, I’ll make sure not to respond to your regular self indulgences.

    • there is a movement to post “a combat veteran lives here – please avoid the private use of fireworks” signs when necessary. Something to consider.

      • justinbc

        Legally speaking, there isn’t much that would make noise actually allowed in DC to begin with:
        So anyone doing large levels of fireworks celebrations is already breaking the law, which means they aren’t very likely to honor some sign a neighbor puts up.

        • Yep. Also, the noise from a block away, where the revelers can’t see your sign, can be as traumatic as what might happen in front of your house when you’re holed up in the basement.
          But anyway, I don’t mean for the tradition to go away. I personally love fireworks (though I no longer do my own, just attend the big municipal shows.) I’m just sad at the irony, especially knowing how profoundly some people suffer this week.

          • I understand, but could be a small step towards educating folks in the area. That said, i would probably leave. I always leave DC for 4th of July when possible, though. But it’s true that they shouldn’t have to.

    • +1. My dad came home from Vietnam almost 46 years ago, but still can’t stand fireworks.

      • We had a Vietnam vet friend over to our house a few years ago, and our neighbor who sets off large (commercial size) fireworks all the time for no reason (we live in the ‘burbs) set off a few. The vet did NOT enjoy the show.

    • Maybe this is a good weekend to get out of town if they can? Since last Friday’s triple terrorism attack around the world and terrorist chatter picking up, I’m having second thoughts about wading into any crowds this year. I know we shouldn’t live our lives in fear, but…
      I hope your friends manage to do alright during this holiday.

      • Don’t worry, you’re much more likely to be die of a heart attack or be shot by a police officer this weekend. Vague, unsubstantiated threats are great for the security industry, but that’s it.

      • Another option is getting the friend some Bose noise canceling headphones.

        • That’s a great idea. Can’t afford Bose, but maybe there’s something out there which focuses more on the noise-canceling aspect and less on the audio quality aspect.
          Any audiofiles have a recommendation for something under $100 that is actively noise-canceling?

          • Just running a dehumidifier and/or air purifier on high (or Marpac Dohm, which is a white noise machine) should lessen the shock of hearing the fireworks. If they absolutely need to stay in town, I’d recommend a combination approach. I’d also get my DVD player ready to go in order to distract myself. If they had access to a companion dog or cat to get them through, that might help as well.

          • I hear lots of dogs are really scared by the fireworks noise. 🙁

          • a trained PTSD assistant canine won’t be scared of fireworks. A Marine from my husband’s unit has one and he’s a lifesaver

  • Rant: Somehow got sucked into helping someone move this week.
    Rave: Date is on for Friday with an early happy hour.
    Rave: Interview today.
    Rant: Suits in the heat are the worst.
    Rave: Friend’s awesome garden might have inspired me to grow something next year.

    • Good luck on the interview!

    • My advice for suits in the summer for an interview – taxi/Uber. I went to an interview last summer taking Metro, and I sweat so badly through the interview that I made the interviewers uncomfortable to the point someone got up to get me a paper towel. Embarassing. However, I was offered the job (maybe out of pity), but didn’t accept.

      • As is the case in most of my travels, it’s not near metro, so taxi was happening even in the best weather.

  • Rave: Wonderful week in Florida! Was a little nervous about spending an entire week with the bf’s family but they’re really warm and laid back so it was super fun and relaxing.
    Rant: Other than meeting up for a quick wedding weekend I won’t be seeing the bf for a month.
    Rant: I know I brought a bag full of stuff from the fridge in my old apartment over to the new place but I have NO idea where it is. I’m really not looking forward to finding all that old food in the next couple of weeks while I unpack….
    Rant: I’m back at work.

  • Rant: No patience for coworkers this morning. Oh, it is going to be a long day. And I may have to put myself in time out.
    Rant: I slept so poorly last night. That may have something to do with my mood.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: started getting vertigo when I walk down steps and escalators.
    Rant: morning insomnia is back.
    Rave: apartment building roof top deck should be open soon-ish! And it will have a grill! So I can grill, if I knew how to grill..

    • binpetworth

      You need the Epley maneuver! Seriously, every time I get a bout of vertigo I do these little exercises, rejiggering the crystals in my inner ears, and I’m good to go. Just plug “epley maneuver” into Youtube for helpful video instruction on how to do it at home.

      • A friend got hit by a bike a few years ago and the impact caused months of vertigo issues. The whole crystals in the ears thing sounded a little nutty, but the maneuver totally did the trick for her. Feel better, Emilie!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Oh! I know that maneuver from Doc martin!

    • skj84

      gas or charcoal grill? I actually own a charcoal grill, but I have a terror of blowing my face off.

    • Vertigo, a rooftop, and a grill: what could go wrong?

  • Rant – It took me 1.5 hours and 3 buses to get home yesterday because of the red line. I miss my walking commute! 🙁
    Rave – At least it was a beautiful day yesterday and my SO was home to take care of the dog. It could have been worse.
    Rant – I got new glasses and I don’t like them. They are thick plastic frames in a slight cat eye shape. I was hoping for a hot librarian look, but instead they make me look like Harry Potter. My shaggy, growing out too quickly hair does not help!

  • Rant: trying to go to a post office in the farragut area- it sucks that none of them have the 24/7 kiosks since I had no chance to go during the day.
    Rant: looking for a post office also made me run right into the train cluster yesterday evening. I didn’t even go through the gates at Farragut North after I saw the crowd from above, I just sat in Paul for a bit and waited it out
    Rave: Paul

    • That One Guy

      The post office on 22nd street and like N or O is great because not many people go there. You should try it.

  • skj84

    Rave: Sale at CVS + coupons= Good deal on toiletries for me. Finding good deals is probably the one aspect of adulting I’ve managed to handle.

    Rave: Hair cut looks way better blown out. Of course that means I may have to maintain a blowout this summer. But its promising.

    Rant: I have to work Saturday. Its more than likely going to be slow. I still haven’t figured out my plans for the evening either.

  • Revel: telecommuting today! I have multiple conference calls, but its so much nicer to take them from the couch than from my freezing cold office.
    Revel: Went to Nido this weekend on Rhode Island for the first time. It was delicious – I would highly recommend it (for those with kiddos and for date nights)!
    Rant: the slut shaming on bachelorette. Don’t get me wrong, its still an entertaining show to watch. I’m happy that the bachelorette doesnt (yet) seem to regret having sex with Nick, but I don’t appreciate how the show is portraying it. Huge double standard since other bachelors have done the same thing, and she would still sleep with them in the fantasy suites only a week or two later.

  • Rant: Stuck in last night’s red line madness, took me an hour + to get home last night. After getting on a train at Farragut, it offloaded and then sat in the station. I eventually bailed for the bus, which was so crowded it was dangerous. Metro, get it together.
    Rave: Honey badger brownie from Baked and Wired.

  • Rant: re injured an old back injury and have been home bound all week. Then it’s back on the PT train for me…ugh. Herniated disc = no fun.
    Rave: for now, “home bound” means a sweet house/dog sitting gig in AU park. Since I normally live just off Georgia Ave, this feels like living in the country!

  • Rave: Great time in Baltimore last night with a friend in from Europe with her family. After dinner in Little Italy, we took the kids (her 6 year old and my 1.5 year old) to a park a few blocks away where they tired themselves out. Perfect park weather. Well worth the drive to Baltimore to see her.
    Rant: Only got to see her for the night, and it will be a t least a year until she is back in the area for a visit.
    Rave: Because of the park time, the kiddo slept like a champ. Only woke up once for teething pain. Win!!
    Rave: There is the possibility that I will become an aunt again today. Even if it isn’t today, it will be soon!

    • Also, is there a reason I am getting moderated? I really don’t post that often, and haven’t had a problem before this! (And I usually post from work, so Dan, is someone an identified troll from my location?)

  • justinbc

    Rant: Way too much AC in the building! Are they trying to chill vodka in here?

    • skj84

      Why can’t buildings find a happy medium? When I worked in the hotel management would keep the AC on at full blast. I would wear tights and sweater year round it was so cold.

  • Rave: Learning how to relax for the first time in my life. Take that, Type Aish self!
    Rant: Still overburdened with work and silly obligations I signed up for.
    Rave: RomCom fixed the code I was struggling to get to work.
    Rantish: It only took him 30 seconds to find the error, but it was a very minor / not surprising one.
    Rave: Fish market last night made for excellent entertainment.

  • Rant: Work is getting weird. I think it’s time to jump ship.
    Rant: Even though I know it’s hard to get a government job, applied for one that I’m perfect for. There are two listings, one for merit promotion and one for all US citizens. Quadruple checked that I applied for the one open to all US citizens, and there was a required question about “Occupational Specialty” for competitive status. So, I checked one. Pretty sure I will be disqualified.
    Rave: Three day weekend coming up!

    • Ugh. Sounds like HR didn’t do a good job of separating the two application routes. I’ve had this happen to me. I apply to the announcement that is supposedly geared to the people NOT working for the agency, and it has very specific questions about systems only someone in that agency would use. From an ethical standpoint, I’m always unsure of what to do. It seems like it’s an oversight on their part, which makes me annoyed that I get graded lower based on that specific question when my skills/education align with the job otherwise. Good luck on your job search. I slid into the Federal gov’t when FCIP (internship program) was still around. Now, as a Fed applying the traditional way via USAJobs, it has been pretty tedious compared to the email and resume that got me in initially!

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I’d wait until OPM gets its s**t together and relaunches E-QIP, the database which handles Fed applications. The union AFGE is suing over the data breaches, and I read that E-QIP is going to be taken off line for maybe 6 weeks.

        • I heard this. So I’m guessing that all jobs that need clearances are on hold right now? If that’s the case- great, that’s the only kind of job I’m looking for. It will be interesting to see if the AFGE case gains any traction. The 18 months of credit monitoring does absolutely nothing for those of us who had very personal details released on our SF86. No one being fired is just adding salt to the wound. They owe us a LOT. Let’s start with a lifetime of monitoring with the vendor of our choice. Even with that, you don’t scratch the surface with all the damage they caused by their repeated negligence and deliberate choice to ignore IG warnings time and again.

        • Someone who’s applying for a job won’t need to fill out anything on eQIP. It’s only once you’ve been accepted (and usually after you’ve started — sometimes several months after you’ve started) that your agency makes you go through the detailed background-check process. (IIRC, the background check before they hire you is a quick check of FBI records to make sure you’re not a criminal.)

          • Let me amend that after reading that the OP is applying _only_ for jobs that require security clearances — I don’t know how that actually works as far as when they have you fill out your information on eQIP.
            I just know that every time I’ve had to fill out a background investigation questionnaire on eQIP, it wasn’t until I’d actually started the job, and usually not immediately afterward, either.

          • Textdoc, you’re right. I filled out the eQIP thing after I was in my seat at the new job. However, I’m wondering if they won’t want to bring people onboard if they know the security clearance process is on hold. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I had to do eQIP within a week of joining my place. I imagine they might not want to have people stall too long on this when they begin having access to information/resources once they start working.

          • anonymouse_dianne

            I’m pretty sure I had to fill out EQIP before I came on board, but that was as a contractor handling title13 and 26 data (IRS data). It’s an onerous process, I think about 50 pages, and I had to print it at FEDEX because I don’t have a printer at home. 🙁

  • I had weird intense crampy (but not spasmy) pain in my neck/ shoulder wake me up early this morning. It radiated a little ways down my chest and back. Didn’t respond to massage, and got less intense over an hour or so. It’s mostly better now but there are lingering tender spots. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I really hope it’s not shoulder cancer.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Perhaps you just slept on it wrong. I used to get a sore neck and shoulder from sleeping weirdly, but then I got a pillow that has neck support and it’s gone.
      Don’t ask Dr Google, he will totally tell you it’s cancer.

  • rant: work trip to exotic overseas locale that i had been really excited for rudely canceled this morning. disappointment all around.
    rave: still going to playa del carmen for a reunion with my friends next week, so that will be awesome.
    rave: dad does not have cancer. super awesome news on that front.

  • Rave: Sour cherry pie* with homemade ice cream – double delicious
    Rave: Leftovers for breakfast
    Rant: Unmotivated to work this morning, hoping that a few minutes outside and more caffeine will help.
    *Recipe for pie filling from Food in a Jar, crust from Smitten Kitchen pie crust 102 blog post 🙂

  • Rant: feeling overwhelmed with how much needs to get done coupled with having zero down time on weekends
    Rave: finally convinced my husband to unload some of our furniture before we move.
    Rant: have to find a new home for a pottery barn wall unit.
    Rave: thanks to the POPville neighbor who recommended Great Scott moving – they came, gave an estimate, and are easy to work with. Holding my breath that it’ll go that well on moving day, but so far so good!
    Rave: knowing my cookbooks and Redken samples and nail polish might have gone to good homes – great responses to the cosmetic/cookbook swap. Sounded awesome – cook some Donna Hay things for me folks!

  • Rave/Rant. Old kitty is back home, thank you for the good wishes. She’s stable but clearly declining. And I have to bathe her tonight since she isn’t doing it herself. Any tips? At least she doesn’t have front claws (adopted her like that).

  • Pablo Raw

    Question: Would anybody be interested in an unofficial PoPville Screen on the Green picnic and meetup?
    Rave: Forgot to mention yesterday that I got what I think it’s around 5-10 pounds (I’m not good at calculating) of neti pot salt solution at the cosmetic and cookbook swap on Sunday!
    Rave: Slowly, but almost ready for the mini remodeling of my place.
    Rave: Getting much better at bringing my lunch to work.

  • Rave: I get to leave work at 1 today…
    Rant: Because an HVAC person is coming to look at my unit (please just be a parts replacement, please just be a parts replacement!!)
    Rave: But then I get to catch up with one of my very favorite friends (possibly two, in fact!)
    Rant: Seemingly impossible to fill our receptionist position, people who come in an hour and a half late citing “Metro delays” that make me suspicious
    Rant: Incredibly rude boss, who cannot for the life of her communicate things appropriately to me, or other staff (including my manager) and her claims that “no one” is ever available to help her (which is flat out not true) – we’re fast-tracking these issues up the chain because this is not something that is acceptable/can continue for much longer. I don’t want to have to leave this job, I like pretty much everyone here, but if she keeps this up, I don’t know what choice I have.

  • Rave: I find out tomorrow if we really are having twins.
    Rant: I have a crazy, ravenous appetite for all the wrong foods and already look a lot more pregnant than I am. I really need to figure out how to get the nutrition I need when all I crave is bread, ice cream and chocolate. I’m worried I’m going to weigh 300 pounds by the end of this process.
    Rave: Still pregnant.

    • 🙂 Those are great raves! And even the rant doesn’t sound too bad, if you weigh it against the raves!

    • just take a good multi vitamin. don’t worry about nutrition or weight. it’s the time AFTER baby that’s a killer with that! good luck – can’t wait to hear the news and maybe you’ll change your username after that!

    • Glad you are still pregnant! I had a friend who ate a fairly steady diet of McDonalds breakfasts before her twins were conceived. During pregnancy, the ONLY thing that would quell her morning sickness was her usual: a fountain diet coke (the best around), a hash brown and a breakfast sandwich. Her doctor was like “If it keeps the nausea at bay and you’re actually eating, don’t sweat it. It may not be as easy to take off afterward, but whatever gets you through.”

    • Even your rant is wave-worthy, so happy to be reading this news!!

    • …but what if it’s important to me not to gain a lot of extra weight…? I understand a certain amount of weight gain is healthy, but if I keep eating like this, it won’t be healthy weight, either for me or the baby/babies.

      • Sorry, I didn’t mean to downplay your concerns re: excessive weight gain, but I echo MPinDC: “Be easy on yourself re diet – what you crave today may well change tomorrow. Perhaps next you’ll be craving kale and carrots.” If you’re really worried, talk with your OB or midwife, but don’t make your current diet/cravings an additional source of stress if it doesn’t have to be 🙂

      • Do you weigh yourself at home? Are you gaining weight more rapidly than is appropriate? There have been times during pregnancy that I feel like I’m eating nonstop and somehow I’m not gaining crazy amounts of weight. And I take advantage of the times that I can eat healthier foods to try to balance things out. High-protein food like nuts can help satiate for longer periods of time–and the salt can help with stomach settling for me, at least. I also like bringing in snacks like cheese & crackers that are better for me than cheetos but can fulfill that craving similarly. You’re still early on, though–do what you can to be healthy without stressing yourself over it if you can.

        • I make a point to never weigh myself, but at 7 weeks, I only fit into my most billowy, tent-like clothes and none of my regular pants. I’m pretty sure I’m already showing.
          It’s funny — I’m sort of a health nut and always have been, but the foods that are normally comforting to me — brown rice, dark green vegetables, beans — seem totally unappetizing. But dessert? Totally okay. I had three yesterday. And not small desserts, either. Nuts are an excellent idea, though. They might really do the trick.

          • Part (possibly all?) of that is bloating which is super common early on–and the drugs that you’ve been on don’t help with that!
            I totally get not wanting to weigh yourself and the associated potential for fixating on numbers, etc. However–I wonder if it might help with some of the worry on this front, in part because how clothes fit isn’t the same indicator of weight gain that it once was (bloating!). Just a thought. But I get not wanting to also. So do what feels right and is most likely reduce worry/anxiety.
            If it makes you feel better–when not pregnant, I LOVE salads and fresh veggies. But even now, at 24 weeks along, my nose is SUPER sensitive to anything even starting to go bad, and if I catch a whiff, I can’t eat the veggies. Switching to creamy dressings from the vinaigrettes that I usually loves helps a lot. I’m also doing better with sliced veggies dipped in hummus than I was with my daily salad. Oh, and silly as it sounds, sometimes interspersing with crackers/pirate’s booty helps me eat the veggies. It’s all experimenting and seeing what works. Hope the nuts end up helping too!

          • Chocolate covered nuts might fill both needs! 🙂

        • Pregnancy is one of those things that will take a woman’s body and all of her expectations and all of her normals and turn then right the hell upside down. Even each of your individual pregnancies will be different. So just embrace it, eat what you can when you can, and if you really are concerned, talk to your midwife.

    • Still pregnant = best rave!!
      Be easy on yourself re diet – what you crave today may well change tomorrow. Perhaps next you’ll be craving kale and carrots 🙂
      But nothing wrong with bread, ice-cream and chocolate – each of these includes healthy ingredients (although panko-crusted deep fried chocolate ice-cream may be bordering on the less healthy spectrum).

    • A couple of great summer dishes that we make in heavy rotation might fit the bill. One is cheesy rice & veggies–Saute zucchini, squash, spring onions, and broccoli (or whatever sounds good) for a little while, add Uncle Ben’s quick cook long-grain rice & the seasoning packet it comes with, a little butter and some water or chicken stock (roughly the amount suggested on the box, I think), let it cook until rice is cooked (about 5-10 min), and then add shredded cheddar cheese. You get veggies without their taste overpowering you, depending on how much cheese you put in.
      Another is a tomato-barley salad. Boil a cup of barley for 20 minutes (and drain/rinse in cool water). In the meantime, chop up a pound of tomatoes & a bunch of barley, combine with a couple tbsp of olive oil, a clove or two of minced garlic, and some salt and black pepper. Mix in the barley when its done cooking. The barley may appeal to your desire for carbs & the other flavors are pretty light.
      Will be thinking of you tomorrow!

    • yeah to your rave!! and don’t worry about your food intake, it’s normal to be on that diet in the first trimester. Good luck!!

  • Rant: Received crappy medical news yesterday. I know it’s major, but it still makes me want to punch the air.
    Rant: Marathon training has been so-so thus far. I’m only at week 2, but I know that consistency early on means so much further down the road.
    Rave: Dance class and a quick run tonight. Brought all of my clothes to work today, so there are no excuses.
    Rave: Watched Ballet 422 doc on Netflix last night. Really interesting snapshot of an artist and his work-in-progress.
    Rant: Watched the movie pretty late. A little tired at my desk today.

  • Rant: Received crappy medical news yesterday. I know it’s not major, but it still makes me want to punch the air.
    Rant: Marathon training has been so-so thus far. I’m only at week 2, but I know that consistency early on means so much further down the road.
    Rave: Dance class and a quick run tonight. Brought all of my clothes to work today, so there are no excuses.
    Rave: Watched Ballet 422 doc on Netflix last night. Really interesting snapshot of an artist and his work-in-progress.
    Rant: Watched the movie pretty late. A little tired at my desk today.

  • Garden-related rants and raves:
    Rave: Finally got my hydrangea in the ground.
    Rant: I’m not entirely sure that the spot where I put it is sufficiently shady. If it turns out not to be, I guess I could dig it up and replant it…. but I really don’t want to do that.
    Rant: My iris bulbs haven’t sprouted anywhere nearly as evenly or as quickly as the gladiolus nanus bulbs that I planted around the same time and in a similar location. I’m wondering if the iris bulbs were duds or semi-duds; they had little sprouty bits at the top of each bulb when I planted them, which I later read is not a good thing.
    Rave: Crape myrtle is finally blooming.

    • Little sprouty bits = bulb pushing up growth, and it should mean that the bulb is viable. Some of the bulbs may be slower to get going than the others.

      • “Little sprouty bits = bulb pushing up growth, and it should mean that the bulb is viable.” I’m looking again at the guidance from the bulb book I bought (“The Bulb Expert,” by Dr. D.G. Hessayon), and I think maybe I misinterpreted it. It says that a “short and thick shoot tip” is OK, but actual “stem growth” beyond that is not good.
        I think the iris bulbs just had little shoot tips, so that’s good. My recollection is that they were a pale tan and not green as shown in the book, though, and I suspect that might not be good.

        • The tips would be green if exposed to light, pale/tan if packaged in box or similar light-less container

  • Query: Anyone familiar with the charms of rural Saxony? Looking for a place to spend a few days in the woods roughly between Berlin and Prague. Ideally accommodations would be charmingly rustic or opulent romantic, but Googling seems to turn up only the kind of in-between places that offer reasonable accommodations but lack personality. Would also be grateful to be pointed to a good book or website.
    Further Query: Anyone else visiting Germany ever been confused by the fact that plain old Saxony is in mid/lower Germany but Lower Saxony is in Upper Germany? There are no charming rustic hotels near the Czech border in Lower Saxony, it turns out.

  • Rave: talked on the phone with my BFF, who recently moved to CA, for a while last night as I cooked dinner…
    Rant: didn’t run the exhaust hood while cooking so I could hear my friend better, and now my whole apartment smells like chorizo.
    Rave: Just a little bit longer til a 3 1/2 day weekend!!!
    Rant: Allergies are acting up again in a bad way!

  • Rave: Locked in our apartment in SF!
    Rave: More move details are falling into place.
    Rant: Only one more month left in DC. Say it ain’t so!

  • Rave: The roofers are at my house fixing the holes created by birds and squirrels pecking at a loose nail.
    Rant: The commute last night was horrible. I got off the Red Line and went for a drink.
    PS. When is the next POPville happy hour meet up?

  • emvee

    Rave: Got myself up and moving early enough to squeeze in a 5k for the first time in a few weeks.
    Rant: My brain is threatening a migraine. I went to the optometrist last week who told me my prescription has been shockingly off for the past 3-4 years and am under strict rules to not wear my old glasses or contacts. Now I’m not sure if this headache is my eyes adjusting to a totally different prescription or if it’s something else entirely.

  • Rave: Only 2 full work days/16ish hours are standing between me and Delaware beaches and boat time (leaving halfway through the day Thursday!)
    Rave: Have been eating (mostly) clean for over a week now and I’m totally feeling better. It’s awesome, and very motivating to feel so much better!
    Rant: My supervisor’s last day is Thursday. I took this job because of how great she is and how well we work together…so I’m super sad.

  • Rave: holiday this Friday.
    Rave-related question: anyone know if DC parking regs (especially meters) are in effect on Friday? Can’t seem to find this answer anywhere.

    • I Dont Get It

      Generally they follow the federal holiday but check the Post or the DC government website Thursday.

    • I think dpw will say it on their site which may have the list of recognized holidays.

    • The meters don’t require payment on holidays (and Friday is the observed holiday)
      http://ddot.dc.gov/page/parking-meters (all the way at the bottom about holidays)

      • In case you don’t feel like scrolling:
        “The District of Columbia does not require that meter fees be paid on District holidays.

        The official and observed holiday schedules follow:

        New Year’s Day Observed – January 1
        Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Third Monday in January
        President’s Day – Third Monday in February
        DC Emancipation Day – April 16
        Memorial Day – Last Monday in May
        Independence Day – July 4
        Labor Day – First Monday in September
        Columbus Day – Second Monday in October
        Veterans Day Observed – November 11
        Thanksgiving Day – Fourth Thursday in November
        Christmas Day – December 25

        Note: By law, when the holiday falls on a Sunday, it is observed on the following Monday. When it falls on a Saturday, by law, it is observed on the previous Friday.”

  • Rave/Rant: One of my favorite colleagues is moving on to greener pastures. I’m happy for her, but really going to miss having her around the office.
    Rave: Almost getting to the point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with packing.
    Rant: Even with all of the purging and donations and Craigslisting I still have SO much stuff. I think it multiplies when I’m not looking or something.
    Rave: all of the gardening talk is reminding me that the new apartment has a tiny balcony. It might be time to get some flower boxes and see if I can turn my black thumb green.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rant: I guess me. On Tuesday the other team members who don’t work in the Fish Bowl are here for meetings. For the last three weeks in a row my boss has invited me to join them for lunch in the cafeteria and I have turned them down. At least today I had an excuse some food smells still make me feel a little queasy.

  • Bear

    Rave: Interesting stuff happening at work, but…
    Rant: I’m just kinda checked out. Combination of frustration with management here, my need for a summer vacation, and a million wedding and house related things to do.
    Garden raves: Dahlias, cosmos, and zinnias in full bloom. Veggies doing well too – we’ve been having salads and greens from the garden at least a couple times a week and the tomatoes, chilis, and cucumbers are all starting to come in.
    Rant: Patio installation resulted in some water pooling around its edges after all the rain last week. Need to figure out what to plant there to reduce the standing water.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Jealous of your blooming cosmos. Mine aren’t blooming and they are one of my favorite flowers. My zinnias are having issues too, but I still sad little flowers.

      • Bear

        I have two types – the yellow and orange ones are actually volunteers from last year and they are doing really well. The others are a new one I haven’t planted before, but they’re supposed to have bell-shaped pink and purple flowers. They are huge but not blooming yet. Soon, hopefully!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I was hoping my memories of mona (yellow and orange) would self see, but they didn’t. The the other kind I have forgot th name, but has pink flowers is just growing branches. The trunk are pretty immense rom all the windy weather. And they probably aren’t blooming b/c I fertilized he soil. I cut all but 2 down so put something else in the pot. Hoefully my thumb will be more pink and orange next year 🙂

  • That One Guy

    Plans to attend the book/cosmetic swap were derailed by an unannounced visit from the niece. I even fished out the one cook book I have to donate too.

    Rant: In the hurry to get an RFP response sent out yesterday it went out without a signature on the cover letter. That didn’t come to mind until after I received delivery confirmation. Just great.

  • Rant: Can’t decide whether to apply for a job that’s opening up at my organization. I posted here several months ago that I was being moved within my organization and wasn’t happy about it… but I’m not sure that I’d want the other job if it were offered to me. It would be a promotion, but I don’t really need the extra money, and I don’t particularly want the extra responsibility — especially the management component.
    I’m trying to decide whether I should even apply under the circumstances. I guess I could go ahead and apply and wait to make a decision until if/when the job is offered to me, but I’m worried that if that happened, I would feel obligated to take the job.

    • Bigger rant: Great. Just found out that some point in the near-ish future, I will no longer have my own office but will have to share.

  • Rave/Rant: got selected for an IZ rental in a fancy new building. it’s a tiny < 400 sf studio & costs more than my 1 bedroom half a mile away. guess I'm not going anywhere any time soon.
    Not sure: thirst is too real right now. low match, you handsome lil devil, why are you going on vacation for a few weeks?

    • Iz= adu, affordable?

      The feeling seems mutual, so that’s not thirst. 🙂

      • I just know that DCHD calls it IZ Housing so it must be “affordable” but almost $1400 for a studio is like laughable. And kut

        • Oops cut off, and yes mutual interest is there but I’d still say thirst is real because want but can’t have for a few weeks. Popville after dark.

          • That’s not my understanding of thirst. More like you’re chasing someone. Simply missing someone isn’t that. Now if you call him everyday, maybe.

            If 1400 is affordable, those places must be really expensive as I know someone who paid 1600 in dupont for a studio.

        • Where is the studio in question?

          • 1350 Florida Ave. Not sure how renting it works but I got an email saying I was selected to tour as one of the “lottery selectees.” I think if I like it, I can apply for it.

    • IZ rental lottery for the new building at 9th and U is later this summer. They are taking sign-ups now. I think the prices will be similar. That said, you get a brand new apartment, amenities (gym, roof decks), and the location is top notch.
      Also, you’re young. Your income will go up. It’s probably worth it to lock in that rental rate now, which will be more affordable after your next promotion.
      However, I agree – $1400 is not “affordable” for those within the income guidelines.

      • So you don’t have to recertify once you’re in? I’m not at all familiar with the affordable housing program.

        • Nope, not that I know of. They won’t throw a person out once they go over the income limit.
          A lot of young kids working in high prestige/low paying jobs (i.e. the Hill and WH) who come from means buy their first apartments under DC’s affordable home ownership programs. Parents give them the down payment (plus they qualify for HPAP down payment assistance and first time buyer credit) and get an income restricted condo. These kids own a nice place, keep it through law school, then eventually sell it at a huge profit. There’s no continual means testing, usually you just need to own the place for 5 years. I just talked with a guy this weekend who went to St. Alban’s, he and all his friends from HS are taking advantage of these programs to secure their first places (which they see as investment property).
          I’m pretty sure the system was not meant to help kids who come from money…

        • I got the impression from what Yoyotan said about no longer qualifying for her apartment that some affordable-housing rentals (as distinguished from condos) DO require recertification and can kick people out if they no longer qualify.
          OP Anon, have the kids you’re talking to who bought these affordable-housing condos (“inclusionary zoning” units) actually sold them? My understanding was that financing for such units is difficult to get because they can’t be sold at market rates.

          • I know one who sold at a large profit – this person is in late 30s and bought it 10 years ago. The rest sublet the property for income or are still living in it (with plans to eventually sublet it after they buy a SFH). I don’t know the details of the sale.
            The guy I replaced in my current house lives off his trust fund. He went to my grad school and has not worked since graduating 3 years ago. He got an IZ 1BR apartment in one of the new fancy Yards Park building for $1150 per month. Since his only traceable income is about $30K per year in dividends and a trust fund, he qualifies as “low income.” It’s totally insane.

  • Neither rant nor rave. I think we may move my daughter from crib to bed this weekend. Yikes. Wasn’t planning on doing this for quite awhile, but she’s been pleading to sleep in the twin bed in her room for 8 days straight. Bedrail has been ordered, and I know we have to child-proof the hell out of her room. Any other words of wisdom? Thanks!

    • We rigged a timer on the nightlight, and made it clear that kids were to stay in beds until the nightlight turned off, say at 7am. I was a little worried that it would stall potty training, not being allowed to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, but at that age, they always called for us anyway, whether or not they were in bed.
      (I recognize that I have very biddable children, and that many wonderful kids would not pay one bit of attention to silly rules about lights. But it worked to keep ours from wreaking havoc on their room or each other while we slept.)

  • topscallop

    Rave: short week and a 3-day weekend! Planning to make a peach pie to celebrate
    Rave: work trip taking me back to Africa next week, someplace I haven’t been yet
    Rave: work stuff is coming together and I’m getting positive feedback
    Rant: online dating is meh lately. I finally have a second date coming up after a string of unexciting first dates, but lately I’ve been matching with people (we both “like” each others’ profiles) and then they don’t message me. Experience has taught me that if I message the dude first, it never pans out. Keep trying anyway?
    Rant: need to get my lazy butt back in the gym

  • Rave: I had a great time at the cosmetic swap Sunday, thanks everyone! I’m really loving the BB Straight cream. Btw, yes, Sunday evening was excellent 🙂
    Rave: vacation is exhausting, but awesome.
    Rant: rain, please hold off, I’m headed to the pool.
    Rave: new-used bike!
    Rave: everything is coming up raves!!!

  • Rant: This project and deadline are killing me slowly. If it weren’t for the following raves, I might actually cry…
    Rave: Vacation begins in 48 hours
    Rave: Birthday celebration begins in 1 hour
    Rave: Birthday celebration includes: dinner, drinks, Book of Mormon
    Rave: Birthday celebration actually started 7 hours ago when co-worker took me for coffee and then boss bought me lunch

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