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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: What my roommate thought was the water meter wasn’t. The water meter matches the automated readings. Landlord hasn’t communicated me re: water stuff so I guess I’m going to an administrative hearing with DC Water. Does anybody have any advice for this?
    Rave: I’ve had a great time with my family in Michigan but none of my h.s. friends want to see me because they’re all busy with their kids. Womp womp.
    Rant: Too many republicans here

    • Are you saying you were paying for a different meter? Because your landlord hadn’t been propagating bills to you? I don’t really understand what you’re saying, but if you weren’t issued a bill statement for an amount, you aren’t liable for that amount. If you have an agreement with your landlord that says you’ll pay, and you didn’t get the statement, then it’s your landlord that needs to go to an administrative hearing.

      • Her roommate thought either the gas or electric meter was the water meter

      • No…I’m saying what my roommate thought was the water meter is a meter for something else. The tl;dr version is that our DC Water bill which is normally $80/mo is $880 for May. We used no more water than normal, did not see any giant puddles of water as 10,000 gallons in a day would show, and we made no repairs (DCWater claims we did since after 10 days it went back to normal usage after days of wildly erratic usage). I’m going to claim that there’s something wrong with the water meter.

        • I’ve never known a landlord to charge for water use – is this common? Electricity, sure…but water?

          • We’re responsible for all utilities. I have the water bill in my name as well as the homeowner’s name.

          • With a big house, I could see separating it. The cost is there just built in.

          • wow that’s truly the first I’ve heard of that in three different cities I’ve rented in. I mean, if there are meter issues it’s good that you’ve caught it. I actually thought that landlords had to pay for water. go figure! I hope it’s fixed soon

          • I’ve caught the issues but DC Water still maintains there are none and that there was an enormous leak that we fixed. So now I have to try and prove the meter is malfunctioning; that should be fun.

          • For a landlord who’s renting out an entire house, I think it makes sense to charge for water. For condos/apartments, usually the water isn’t separately metered, so it’s included either in the condo fee or in the rent.

          • We’ve paid the water bill in the last two group houses I’ve lived in. I think that’s pretty typical in DC when you’re renting an entire SFH.

        • I know you aren’t going to like to hear this, but as someone thats been through this with my water meter, I can say that the chances of your water meter having been broken for ~10 days and magically righted itself, and proving that are non-existant.

          I was actually checking my water meter online pretty regularly when it happened, and swore up and down that it was the water meter, but found that the float mechanism in one of the 4 toilets in the house wasn’t properly adjusted and would sporadically come on and off during the day, running for hours at a time and water was just going into the overflow and down the drain.

          You would be shocked at how much water a running toilet or a leaky faucet can go through in a day.

          • A leaking toilet uses 2,000 gallons in a 24 hour period, not 10,000. During this time we had days when the toilet was using 10,000 gallons (and we never discovered puddles of water anywhere) one day, then 4,500 the next, back up to 10,000, and then down to 7,500. That is to erratic for it to be a leak. Especially since no repairs were ever made in the house.

          • Where are you getting that a leaky toilet only goes through 1.3 gallons a minute? The standard fixture size on the refill valve can waste a lot more water than that.

            Ever timed your toilet? Even the super low flow ones with a 1.8 gallon tank, refill in 30-45 seconds after flushing.

            Even a slow leak from a leaky flapper can waste a lot of water per day. To test, after you’ve used the toilet and it has completely refilled, pour some food coloring in the water tank and let it sit for an hour. Then go back to see if there is any dye in the toilet bowl.

            A toilet can leak without it leaking on your floor. The water either goes down the tank overflow, or down the bowl just like any flush.

            Lastly, the fact that you haven’t had any repairs is immaterial. Toilet floats, sink faucets age just like anything else and just spontaneously start to leak. Toilets are notorious for it because after years of flushes the toilet flapper and float simply fall out of adjustment.

            I am just saying that to convince DC Water that it was their meter (which seems to apparently be working fine now), you are going to have to have some proof, and unless you are home 24/7 and keeping a constant eye on every toilet, hose bib and sink / shower faucet, then it is going to be a really hard sell. Good luck

          • “Where are you getting that a leaky toilet only goes through 1.3 gallons a minute?” I believe it was Accountering who provided the 2,000 gallons/day figure (which I think he’d looked up online) when iindsay brought this up the other week.

          • Both roommate and landlord researched how long it should take. Roommate also tested/calculated how quickly a gallon fills up with the sink on full blast and found that for us to use 10,000 gallons in a day, 5 faucets would have had to be running full blast for 24 hours.

  • Rave: You know how they say that people start to look like their pets? This morning, I saw a fat little dog with floppy hair in its eyes walking its human, who had the same floppy forelock of hair. It made me smile.
    Rave/rant: Back in the gym after a week of major sickness. I woke up feeling less congested and more human, but a simple workout was such a struggle. I think it is going to take a few weeks for me to feel fully like myself.
    Rant: My dad starts his second round of chemo and radiation treatments today. I feel like the double dose is going to make him really sick, and I’m hoping that the side effects aren’t too bad. He’s lost all of his hair, but we all (my parents, my sisters) seem to be handling that with our typical snark and sense of humor. I’m planning to go visit later this month (once I fully recover and am assured that I won’t give him my germs).
    Rave: Good friends having things life-affirming things to celebrate: lots of babies on the horizon and a couple of much anticipated weddings.

  • Rant: People who refuse to bag their own groceries. There is no reason for you to stand there with your arms crossed while the cashier rings up all your items and then bags them for you. You are fully capable of bagging them yourself. And the subset of these people that wait until the cashier is completely done before even thinking about paying, you are the absolute worst.

    • I usually help out a bit but, since they do this all day, they’re usually much faster than me and I feel like I’m getting in their way. Are you sure this is a thing I should feel bad about?

      • This sounds like a complaint that is very specific to a certain grocery store (and I don’t know which one). At some stores, you -can’t- start to pay in advance and at some stores there are people who have the job of bagging groceries for customers. I don’t want to deny Ryan his rant — I’m sure it’s very annoying at that store where s/he shops. But no, you don’t need to feel bad if your store doesn’t work this way.

        • I really can’t think of anywhere you can’t start the card payment process as soon as the first item is wrung up. That aside, I think the payment rant isn’t so much about when you swipe or count our your bills as much as folks who don’t even seem to be thinking about it until the cashier is waiting on them. That’s not the time to finally reach for your bag start rummaging through it for your wallet or–just shoot me–your checkbook.

    • Sorry it is the cashier’s job to bag the groceries. The cashier should be bagging the items as he/she rings them up. Saves everyone time. You should shame the grocery store for not hiring baggers.

    • when I was growing up, my mom used to send me around to people’s grocery lines and bag because her pet peeve was that, during “rush hour” it was holding up the line. That’s extreme (and I’m from a smaller area, so we knew everyone). And while it’s the cashier’s “job” the bag groceries, when the store is busy, it’s a nice thing to do – make everyone go a little faster. On the flip side, the Commissary has really aggressive baggers who work solely for tips (not sure now THAT’S legal) and it freaks me out and i hate it.

      • Why not just hire high school kids at minimum wage to bag groceries. Benefits the people waiting in line and also the community by providing jobs.

        • I did this – grew up as a military brat, and all the base commissaries had baggers who worked for tips. We’d bag and then help take the groceries out to the car. I think every kid in my family, and many others who I knew, had this job at one point or another.

    • I am guilty of this. I’m terrible at bagging groceries (I think it is a specialized skill, like playing Tetris). I always let the cashiers do it because they are away more efficient at making everything fit than I am.

      • “I think it is a specialized skill, like playing Tetris”
        I totally agree! I’d be a grocery bagger or dishwasher stacker if those jobs actually paid well. 😀
        On of my ex-GF’s moms saw me load her dishwasher after a big meal. She replied: “This is a work of art. You can come over for dinner anytime you want. How the hell did you fit EVERYTHING in the dish washer?!?!”
        I have absurdly heightened sense of spatial awareness.

        • So, I am terrible at bagging groceries, but I’m awesome at fridge (and car trunk) Tetris. When I go home for the holidays, my stepmom marches me to the kitchen, points at the fridge, and says, “Make it all fit.” I don’t know why the skill doesn’t translate to bagging groceries for me.

          It is comforting to know we have some useful life skills, right?

    • I do feel like an idiot standing there, but I generally have the cashier bag them. It doesn’t sound like a real excuse but I am terrible at bagging groceries, and people at TJs? They are skilled.

      • it’s difficult to bag at TJs because of their lay out.

        • Totally agree. There’s no space to properly bag them.
          However, a few of their cashiers are amazing at bagging groceries. I’m so impressed when they manage to fit everything into two bags.

    • I admit, I find it a little irritating (mostly when the line is long since it backs things up), but overall it’s just a minor thing. In a perfect situation I prefer the self-service lines so I can get everything done faster.
      I actually get more irritated when the cashier takes my bag from me and insists on bagging it all themselves. It’s not any faster and they usually insist they can’t fit it in the bag I bring or (particularly if it’s a guy) that it’s “sooooooo heavy, are you sure? Really? Are you sure? You’re sure? You’re really sure?”. I realize I’m small, but I’m not as weak as I must look.
      I was a bagger in high school, so maybe that’s why I like doing it myself. Half the time I’ll wind up reorganizing the bag in the car if someone else does it.

  • justinbc

    Rave: All the people threatening to move to Canada after the two major SCOTUS decisions last week, not realizing that both of things have been in place in Canada for quite some time. Need help packing your bags though?

    • That’s actually a thing people are doing? Dang…

    • Shhh, justinbc don’t tell them. It will be a big surprise when they get there! 😉

    • Rave: not a single friend on my FB feed had anything bad to say about the SCOTUS decisions. Not surprised that no one was complaining about the gay marriage decision, but I am a bit surprised that the ACA ruling didn’t garner at least one negative post.

      • Same here. I was bracing myself for someone to be terrible about it, but no, just wall to wall rainbows. It was really nice.

      • Same here! It was a pleasant surprise.

      • Same here. I guess it shows how homogenous my social circle is. After Sandy Hook, I unfriended the few people who might have been negative about this development. Because they heard the news of dozens of dead children as a reason to bleat about their second amendment rights.

        • I sometimes feel bad about this, because I like my conservative friends, I just hate hearing them talk politics. But it lowers my blood pressure so much to know I’m not going to see that kind of awfulness every time I log onto social media.

          • skj84

            Same. It’s hard to reconcile people who general pleasant to be around with hateful politics.

          • justinbc

            For the most part the conservative (re: Republican) friends I have tend to at least not spread their hate through Facebook, at least not in this case. I will say though, the Baltimore riots were some of the most contentious postings I had seen.

      • justinbc

        Luckily I didn’t see any of my own friends ranting about it, but some friends of friends provided some entertainment for sure.

      • It could also be because a lot of people are like me, against the ruling and no reason to post anything.

    • HaileUnlikely

      North Korea, anyone?

    • I’ve actually deleted the extreme right wing religious people over the past couple of years. They’re not really “friends” because I haven’t seen them in 10, 15 years so I figure what is the point of being friends with these people on FB? It’s times like this where I somewhat regret deleting them because it would be fun to laugh at their posts. I only had about two “friends” post something ignorant. I responded harshly to one (but it was all true) and then he deleted the comment, someone else’s comment, and then me, haha. Good riddance. Another guy…he is just soooo religious and he doesn’t get it. He even tried to post something he thought was “fair” or “okay” but it is so ignorant. I responded with a few comments, and other people responded with a ton. It was pretty cordial, but another guy posted and I wanted to bang my head against the wall. He is basically the person who thinks all LGBTQ were “raped, molested, etc.” Oh and that he is going to be forced to marry two men or two women. I tried to explain that is not the case and most LGBTQ are not going to want someone like him to marry him! I don’t understand why people think we’re going to be knocking on the church door to marry us. I have nothing against religion, church, etc, but I seriously do not want one religious aspect in my wedding/ceremony.

      • skj84

        I do not get people who think Gay marriage will 1. Invalidate thier own marriage and 2. Force straight people into Sam sex relationships. How stupid do they have to be?

        • Part of me wonders if they REALLY believe that, or if it’s just their excuse because they don’t like it or are so uncomfortable with it. Seriously this guy was going on and on about how “this is going to force him to marry gays and he’ll be punished if he doesn’t.” I was like SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Not surprised he has very little to no grasp on that, or anything except religion and God apparently.

          • What surprises me is how many people so blindly believe something that they have complete tunnel vision. There were people all over social media being like BUT JESUS (and that was literally their only argument). If I had to guess, I’d wager Jesus was probably not a gun-toting, gay-hating type of guy who wanted to strip poor people of social benefits. Just sayin’.

          • +1. Jesus was a tolerant social radical when you put his teaches in the context of the age in which he lived. But the gun-toting, gay-hating type of Christians rarely want to hear about *that* Jesus.

          • justinbc

            One guy’s argument to me was that we’ve codified several things that are in The Bible (murder, theft, etc) into law, so this part should surely be law as well. He neglected to ever respond when questioned about 1) interracial relationships which are also forbidden, 2) adultery, coveting, false idols, other Commandments we have no laws for, 3) the fact that killing and theft were seen as bad by cultures long before some Jewish guy told another Jewish guy a story about some unknown force writing the rules with his lightning finger onto a stone and then some Christian guys sort of put that in a book several hundred (thousand?) years later.

    • Blithe

      Shhhhhhhhhhh! 😉

    • Yeah I saw that (not on my own feed, but there was a compilation of the dumbest ones on Twitter). I saw another compilation of people threatening to move to Australia (at least they got it right that time- no marriage equality there yet, but there is universal healthcare) followed by the pretty strongly worded response from Australians saying they don’t want them.

      • The idea of people saying they’re going to move to Canada, Australia, etc. because of the Supreme Court decisions is amusing… but surely it must be (mostly) an urban myth?

        • Sadly, the tweets/posts appear to be real, though I certainly question the validity of their threats (much like the pastor who threatened to set himself on fire if gay marriage became law). Somehow I doubt people dumb enough to say something like that would have the wherewithal to drop everything and move all the way around the globe (or even a bit further north for that matter!).

        • hammers

          I actually know of several people who made the same expatriation threats when Obama was elected. Being someone who came from a small uneducated town, I can see how it happens! Oh–it was going to canada because we elected a socialist.

          • justinbc

            I know several liberals who said the same when they thought Romney had a chance of winning. At least for them Canada was more of what they were looking for rather than “not America”.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I am legit going to get my butt to Sweden if another Bush gets elected.

    • On Friday I looked at the Facebook pages for two of the few conservatives I know — a cousin once removed and a former co-worker — and saw no comment on the Supreme Court decision.
      Just as well. Given that the cousin got his girlfriend pregnant* and hasn’t married her, I’d say he’s more of a threat to the conservative ideal of marriage than someone gay who wants to get married.
      *This was the one I mentioned waaaay back, where she didn’t know she was pregnant until 5 or 6 months.

  • Rave: I received a check for nearly $600 from DC OTR on Friday.
    Rave/rant: I don’t know why. It states it is my 2010 refund (??).
    Rant: 3-4 months ago I received a letter from a collections agency that I OWED back taxes from 2010. I wrote them back saying it was bogus. Silence until that check I received on Friday.
    Rant: I still haven’t received my 2014 refund (which is significantly less than $600).

    What the hell is going on at the DC OTR??

  • RAVE: Adopted a puppy this weekend! Yay! He is so cute and despite being a little jumpy and nibbling is surprisingly well behaved for a stray. We expected him to be a disaster with zero manners and so far so good – he is a fast learner. Today is his first day at home by himself in his crate…so fingers crossed. Thanks WHS!

    RANT: Our grumpy old man dog is NOT a fan. He will get over it eventually…it just might take a while.

    RANT: my youngest brother (we are about 12 years difference) is screwing up big time…I don’t know how to get through to him. How do you convince someone to stop making stupid decisions before they ruin/severely limit opportunities for the rest of their lives? He is really smart he just makes dumb decisions.

    • Congrats on your new addition and thank you for adopting! Send in some puppy pictures for the animal fix 🙂

    • I’ve been where you are re: much younger sibling making incredibly stupid life decisions. Unfortunately, in my experience, there is nothing you can do or say to get someone to change. They have to want that change for themselves, it has to come from within or else it’s not authentic and will never truly take. All you can do is let them know that you’re there for them if they ever want to reach out, and then you just have to step back and let go and hope beyond hope that your loved one will make it out relatively unscathed. And sometimes, for your own sanity, you have to cut off/limit contact, depending on what particular brand of stupid your loved one is wallowing in.

    • Congratulations on the puppy!
      +1 to what LittleBluePenguin said: “Unfortunately, in my experience, there is nothing you can do or say to get someone to change. They have to want that change for themselves, it has to come from within or else it’s not authentic and will never truly take.” If you’re 12 years older, you’re in a better position to give advice than if you were closer in age… but if he’s not going to heed your advice, there’s nothing you can do about it.
      Generally speaking, I’d also recommend against doing anything to shield/insulate him from the consequences of his bad decisions (although that’s probably more of a risk for your parents than for you). People who are shielded from the consequences of their mistakes have no incentive to learn from them.

      • Thanks for the advice…that’s about what I was thinking too. Its just disappointing that because there is such a big age difference I think I have been transferred into the “stupid old people who don’t know what they’re talking about” group. I’m just worried about him, I know he thinks he is untouchable right now…but I keep trying to make him understand that I promise you will regret this in 10-20 years. Although I don’t begrudge him of that because when I was his age I felt the same way, and couldn’t possibly imagine the life I live now.

    • Hooray, puppy!!!!

  • Rant- thefts at work! Really?! From closed desk drawers in a cube farm on a military base?!

    • Military bases aren’t highly secured locations? All it takes is a CAC or, with a plausible explanation, a drivers license.

      • Anon, we’ve had thefts in our secured building. Meaning, you’re not coming into my building just because you got on a base with your drivers license and a plausible explanation. The thefts have been from the employees, either janitorial or regular. Either way, it is definitely disturbing!

    • Is this the Navy Yard? Keep in mind that the people who clean your places don’t have clearances and may not have to keep up to the same standards as the “cleared” people (that’s says nothing, of course, about the fact that sketchy employees WITH clearances may also be stealing!). Regarding the Navy Yard, though, it is a strange animal compared to most bases I’ve been on around the U.S. I was once solicited for money on base- something that is pretty much unheard of on a typical base. The normal, “white collar” employees are sometimes a bit rough around the edges, too. It’s just a different kind of place.

    • Having something in a closed desk drawer is better than having it out in the open… but in any work situation, you really need a drawer/cabinet/something with a lock. (Unless you’re a dude, in which case your pockets tend to be big enough that you can keep all valuables on your person.)

  • Rave: One friend and her fiancé staying for a (very short) visit this week, and best friend coming down for an interview at DOJ and staying through next weekend. I really really really hope she gets the job…because it would be like having a sister in the city.
    Rant: Sick puppy 🙁 We ended up at the emergency vet in Tenleytown around midnight on Saturday night because of repeated vomiting. We were concerned that if he couldn’t keep any water down he would be really bad by morning. Ultimately they gave him fluids and found no obstructions. I’m sure he ate something that didn’t agree with him, he’s a total scavenger.
    Rave: He appears to be on the mend! I saw some tail wagging this morning for the first time since Saturday morning. He’s doing well on the bland diet.
    Rave: I broke out the new food processor
    Go figure: to make the puppy chicken and rice

    • On the puppy, I once saw someone looking for rice at petco who was very upset they didn’t have it. Doesn’t every pet parent know they have to cook it themselves or hit the Chinese carryout?

  • Rave – Saturday’s rain was a great excuse to stay inside and be productive. Apartment is clean and wedding invitations are stuffed and ready to be mailed!
    Rave – Amazing weather yesterday and today. It’s not hot!
    Rant – I got stung by a wasp during my bike ride yesterday, multiple times. I haven’t been stung since I was a little kid and holy crap does it hurt. Kinda ruined my day. I bailed on the bike ride and took the metro home and missed the cosmetic swap. 🙁
    Rave – I bought all the berries at the farmer’s market this weekend.

  • Rant: the drive from here to Pittsburgh is the worst piece of trash ever. I hate it. And the bad weather didn’t help. We had to pull over on Saturday between my aunt’s house and Pittsburgh because the rain was so bad.
    Rant: the rain made it hard to enjoy the short time in tahn.
    Rave: Sheetz!
    Rant: Have to travel again next weekend – I keep asking my SIL what we might need to bring for any planned activities and she’s like “oh, we’ll have it – you don’t even need to bring diapers!” nevermind that her kid is like 20lbs heavier than mine (and 9 months older). And since we’re flying, i’m limited in what I can pack so it would be nice to know what I might need to bring. Really wish we could have a calm weekend home!

    • Which route do you take? I find dropping down Rt 51/US 40 to I-68 in Maryland so much more pleasant than the PA Turnpike grind.

      • yeah, 270-70-376. It’s awful. I don’t know that route but I think it’s what megabus takes – through Cumberland? We took 40 around an accident on 70. But between the rain and the trucks, it’s a nightmare!! It’s not as bad as driving from Philly to Pittsburgh, but still – that state’s main thruway is terrible.

        • Sorry, I left out the best part of it. Try Rt 51 to Rt 43, then Rt 43 to Uniontown, then US 40 takes you all the way to I-68. Rt 51 is a little slow getting out of the city, but not too bad. Rt 43 (or the Mon–Fayette Expressway) is a spectacularly nice, fast, new toll freeway (uses EZ Pass, but not that expensive). US 40 is a beautiful drive and only slows through a few small towns. When you get to I-68, that’s also a much nicer drive than the cramped and crowded PA Turnpike.

    • Why can’t you just pack enough to get you through the traveling porting of the trip and you go to the store once there to get a small supply of items you need for the duration? Is it really that difficultt for you to plan/pack your own bags?

      • we’re there for 36 hours. A waste of time to go buy everything in a place where you have to drive everywhere. I’ll pack what we would need for a normal overnight, but i’ve never been to their house and my child has never been on an airplane. Do I need a booster seat? Do I need a pack and play? It’s not that difficult to answer but if my kid is to eat and/or sleep, both of those are pretty essential for more than an afternoon. But thanks for the tip!

    • Why are you complaining about someone having everything taken care of?? Maybe she has a ton of left over diapers from when her kid was your kid’s size. Maybe she went out and bought some for you. Maybe you can be a little less negative and take her answer at face value? Then if it doesn’t work out, cross that bridge when you come it. I assume you’re not going to Outer Mongolia where there are no diapers within a day’s drive.

      • nothing is taken care of – she doesn’t know what size diaper, but that was just an example. i don’t know what we need to pack, or what we don’t. I would rather not buy a pack and play, for example. It’s just a simple “we have that!” that would make planning a lot easier. But my plan is to go to the spa once I get there, so either way it’ll work out.

        • Or it could be just as simple as you asking about specific items- especially the lager ones
          1.) do you have an extra booster seat
          2.) do you have a pack/play
          3.) do you have diapers of this size.

    • SIL seems quite generous. Not sure what the rant is here, but reminds me of a time when the airline lost our baby’s luggage, and my Sis pointed out we could use the outfit from her daughter’s teddy bear. Fit fine. Just pack your flexibility.

    • Accountering

      Yeah, Pennsylvania as a whole is pretty much a dump. I avoid it at all costs. Worst state ever.

    • My suggestion would be this – after taking a deep breath and a possibly a swig of your favorite adult beverage, realize that you have a lot going on right now, and you may perhaps be freaking out over something that is not freak out worthy. It’s only 36 hours, so I would forego the pack-n-play if you don’t have one. I’m not sure how old your child is, but for me when traveling for that period of time, I would bring diapers (12 per 24 hour period should be adequate for kids over 6 months, though you’ll probably know what your kids uses typically); 4-5 outfits and jammies; Carrier versus stroller. If you are trying to do it in as little bags as possible, bring the diapers and insist on a stop at CVS or Walgreens or whatever – really, it’s not that big of a deal, and you can fit a five minute walk into the store into a 36 hour trip. The only thing I would be sure to check on is the car seat. Specifically ask about that. Have some patience and flexibility and all will be fine!

      • Accountering

        Not a mom, but this all sounds quite spot on, so I am going to give an admittedly completely ignorant +1.

      • thanks – I’m just gonna bring a small bag and let them deal with the outcome, and find myself ways to occupy my time. Not about control, it’s about not having my child upset for 36 hours. He hates the carrier. Isn’t a stroller fan, There’s no 5 min walks when they live in the middle of nowhere. We rented a car seat from the car rental place, but they have one (though, how would we get our child legally to their house?). I don’t see it as generous to not help a person pack, so I’m going to do the minimum and find myself activities by myself in an area I know well. win win. 🙂

        • Then why even bother going- and potentially ruining it for everyone else? The adult thing in this situation is to let your husband and kid go- let him explain that his wife doesn’t care for the SIL, instead of going to there home with this attitude. Seriously!

        • I understand, and fwiw, even if it is about control, that’s ok! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to control details in your child’s life such as safety and ensuring they have enough diapers!!
          When I said 5 min trip, I was thinking more along the lines of one along the way as you are driving – hop out the car, 5 minute trip inside – versus walking. As for the car seat rental, that sounds like the way to go. Sounds like you have everything figured out now!

  • Rant: People who think it’s OK to use the n word when singing karaoke just because it’s one of the lyrics. Just because the artist says it doesn’t mean you get to.

    • skj84

      Oh. Wow. Most of the karaoke I attend censors profanity, N word included. What was this persons problem.

      • Words were not on the screen but he’s a white dude who listens to lots of rap so he’s was very familiar w them

    • Not having done karaoke in ages–and not at all likely to select a song that includes this word–is it possible that it’s a reaction to performing and being in the spotlight & just reading the words on the screen without thinking about it? It might require more thinking on one’s feet than the person possessed while performing to skip/alter the word. Don’t get me wrong–I’d be plenty offended in other contexts and I don’t know the set-up. But I can envision blindly reading/singing along without thinking.

      • I did that once. I caught myself as soon as I said it and felt terrible. We did have the backing vocals though, so either the people I was with were too polite to call me out on it or didn’t hear me. Now it’s something I consciously think about.

    • I probably wouldn’t do it but I’m not a fan of the “I get to say it but you don’t” argument.

      • The “I get to say it but you don’t” argument is pretty good in my book. It’s akin to “I can talk trash about my family, but you can’t talk trash about my family.” If you’re not in “the family” you don’t get to say it.
        What I don’t get is the need for some white people to insist that they get to say it, too. Like, what the hell does that prove?

        • Well, there aren’t songs containing trash talk about your family on offer at the local karaoke bar, so I don’t really see it as the same thing – private banter is one thing but when it’s out there as part of popular culture I think you lose claim to exclusive use.

          • It’s part of popular culture, but as a subset of that popular culture – a subset white people are really not a part of. What’s with the need of white folks to say it, though? Where’s that pathology coming from?

          • “It’s part of popular culture, but as a subset of that popular culture – a subset white people are really not a part of.” – That’s a joke, right?
            “What’s with the need of white folks to say it, though?” – I have no idea as I don’t fall into that group. They’re probably mimicking people that they know, like, or admire who say it. This is what happens in popular culture – if you start saying or doing something and it (or you) appeals to people, people will begin to emulate it, and you don’t get to decide who does and doesn’t get to be “part of it”.

    • Actually, Chris Rock said it was okay for white people to say the n-word when singing along with a rap song. I trust him.

    • If rappers themselves “claim” to have taken the negative out of the word and use it as a term of endearment and include it in their music which spans across all races– I don’t see the problem with it being used/sing along to….I myself thing the word shouldn’t be used by anyone regardless of race–but then if someone is racist they’ll just replace the “n” word with any other selections of words that they’ll use in a hurtful way.

      • Most rappers are uneducated high school dropouts. So I wouldn’t want to follow their lead or listen to their claims unless you willfully want to be ignorant.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: interviews
    Rave: better living through chemistry

  • Rave: Actually had a chance to tell a Supreme Court justice to her face that this week she made me proud to be an American (I wasn’t even drunk and I was that sappy!). She said that it was her best week on the bench since she was appointed.
    Rant: Too flustered to ask her what she thought about Scalia’s tendency towards assholery in dissent.
    Race: What a beautiful evening it was walk home holding hands all the way from Upper Caucasia to our side of the park, talking about nothin’.

  • Rant: Old kitty hospitalized and will remain there for today. I really hope she clears this one as I’m not ready to let her go. Watched many worse cases come in to Friendship last night, hopefully they all made it.
    Rave: loved both the rainy day and the beautiful weather yesterday. Took a nice break from being overscheduled this weekend. Fantastic dinner at Kapnos on Saturday too.

    • Fingers crossed for your kitty–sending hugs!

    • It is really sad being at the vet’s office sometimes. I remember being at Friendship once for my cat, who turned out to just have urinary cystitis. I remember being so relieved to take her and leave because lots of bad things were happening in the waiting room- two people brought in a beloved cat who had passed away; one dog was not doing well and everyone was crying… Vets and their techs have a hard job. I hope your cat makes an improvement. It can be very stressful worrying about them.

      • Emmaleigh504

        When I had to put my cat to sleep I was the sobbing person in the waiting area. Not only was the illness a surprise, but I had left my purse with all forms of payment at my sister’s house. Bless the vet and the lady at the desk for helping me on that awful day. I curse the lady with the white dog who kept telling me to give him a treat. I’m sure she meant well, but just couldn’t deal with anything else.

    • Hope your kitty recovers and is home soon

    • Oh, poor kitty! Fingers crossed for her, and for you.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope your kitty is ok.

  • Rave: Cosmetics swap yesterday! Thanks again to Blithe for organizing! It was so lovely to see/meet you all. And sorry if I left you with a lot of “no, thank you” products to discard!
    Rave: Epic nap on Saturday. The perfect way to spend a rainy day, especially before the real work of moving begins.
    Rave: Long weekend this weekend. 3 1/2-day weekend for me!

    • Oh and a rant: I tried to make seared steak in the oven last night and set of every smoke alarm in the house. I followed the recipe exactly and used the vent fan but the vents were no match for the smoke. Our whole house now smells like steak. At least dinner was tasty and we had a nice reason to eat in our garden :p

    • I hope my few cosmetics and cookbooks made it!!!! We didn’t get home until 6PM from PGH last night so I would never never made it there and I want those great books to find a loving new home!

      • They did! I brought your lot and Giant Squid’s and they were very well received. Of the twenty or so cookboks on offer, only three had no takers.

        Thanks again to Blithe for organizing and Textdoc for freecycling the products with no takers. And thank you to whoever brought the Ouidad leave in conditioner. It is my new favorite.

        • Yay! That was me! I’m so glad it found a new home where it can do some good! And I’m pretty sure I may have grabbed 3 of your (or your compadres) cookbooks, so thanks in advance of whatever awesome meals I try to make!

          • jindc, it was the two Julia Child books and the “12 Seasons” by some Italian guy? I don’t remember the name, but the recipes looked amazing and very doable!

          • The 12 seasons one looked awesome, I know you’ll find some good stuff in there. I think those were Jindc or GiantSquid’s. I only brought two cookbooks-I know Pablo got the Brunch one, not sure who ended up with the other.

        • YAY thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it!

  • skj84

    Rave: visited the lit up White House with friends Friday night. The energy was palpable. People were full of love, and there were proposals happening. One of the most amazing events I’ve witnessed. So glad we went.

    Rave: My family was in town yesterday for my cousins Birthday. I had to work and missed the party, but did get to see everyone when I got home.

    Rave: Bree Newsome! I admire her act of Civil Disobedience on Sat. So brave.

  • Rant / Rave:

    DC is redoing all the sidewalks on both sides of my street. Last Monday, the city towed a car from one street over and parked it in front of my house because they were redoing the sidewalks on that street, and the car was parked in the emergency no parking zone on that street.

    Now this week, the car hasn’t moved even though the emergency no parking signs have been up for a week on my street, and the crews have now moved to my street. They apparently couldn’t get a tow truck last Friday so couldn’t finish a ~50 foot stretch of sidewalk on my street (couldn’t get the equipment close enough) which is an enormous waste of money for the city to have to come back just for that. Anyway, they finally got a tow truck to come in this morning and they towed it one street over. I went out this morning and looked and the car has like $700 dollars worth of tickets (including some for not moving for street sweeping) on the windshield, and it is a DC registered car so they will have to pay it.

    The car isn’t “abandoned”. Its registration and inspection were just renewed 6 weeks ago. I’ve always been amazed at how people can leave their cars unattended on the street for weeks at a time in DC. Just asking for trouble and a lot of tickets.

    • The owner of the car could just be out of town, or live a few blocks away and rarely drive. If you street park in DC, it really makes sense to garage your car if you’re gone for a while given that temporary no-parking zones can pop up with only 72 hours notice, but many people probably don’t even think about that. I’m guessing this person probably won’t make that mistake again.

      • Blithe

        Is it possible that the owner has no idea where his/her car got towed?

        • Based on very recent personal experience the answer is yes, it’s possible. I got towed twice in 24 hours last week because of street sweeping. My car ended up about 4 blocks away.

    • It sounds like this person missed the boat on the first set of emergency no parking signs and is going to get the shaft in the end. However, as a resident that used to travel for work M-R and only use my car on the weekends, I could easily see this happening if it was a random weekend where I traveled instead of coming home.
      Other commentary would be that I’ve had my car towed two times and it’s never been entered in the system right away (as in 48 hours), I’ve had to find it by walking around.

    • Sounds like the person is probably away, especially since it’s only been a week. I’ve left my car parked for 2 weeks at a time without checking when I’ve gone on vacation (honestly wasn’t sure where else to park it). Normally I try to check in on my car regularly, but it’s not strange for it to stay where it is for 2-3 weeks if I travel on weekends or do a bigger trip. So far I’ve been lucky for the bigger trips, I’ve only gotten towed when I was home and they put the signs up after I parked on Sunday night so I didn’t notice until Wednesday that it had been towed to a metered spot for 2 days.

  • Rave: A four-day week with Bermuda next week!
    Rant: Junior is getting tooth #8, so he’s a bit cranky and off.
    Rave: He’s still the sweetest little boy, and I can’t wait to hit the pink beaches with him and the Mrs.

  • Rant: If you have a religious objection to giving a marriage license to a gay person, you’re in the wrong job. I worked in the marriage license office of the county I went to college in one summer for a summer job and would have never crossed my mind to “morally object” to someone applying for a marriage license. They should also then object to giving licenses to previously divorced people, right? putting THIS much energy in to being so hurt over something that has nothing to do with you blows my mind.

    • skj84

      It’s the equilvilant of throwing a tantrum. These hateful people need to suck it up and stop trying to find bullshit excuses.

    • It’s completely unfathomable to anyone who hasn’t been taught since the day they were born that their soul depends on being that close-minded and hypocritical.

    • Accountering

      Totally agree. If you have a “religious objection” to doing your job, and as a result, refuse to do your job, you should lose said job immediately. If you want to be principled, then actually be principled.

    • Ditto pharmacy employees who have a religious objection to dispensing doctor-prescribed drugs, be they for pain or for termination of pregnancy or for whatever else is on that legal scrip in front of them. (Once, while picking up a prescription for pain meds, the woman at the counter said to me “Honey, have you tried prayer?” I told her my doctor didn’t say that prayer was indicated, but she did say to take the pills I was waiting for, so….)

      • Accountering

        I am just going to copy paste the above, because it applies here as well:
        “Totally agree. If you have a “religious objection” to doing your job, and as a result, refuse to do your job, you should lose said job immediately. If you want to be principled, then actually be principled.”

      • Emmaleigh504

        nice answer! filing it away in case I need it.

  • Rant/rave: The amber alert that was out for 3 boys in PG County Friday/Saturday night; two of the kids go to my (former) school. The amber alert was called off after they found out the kids were safe in Atlanta, but their abduction (kids and mom by their dad) is still troubling.
    Rave: Michigan has the best Middle Eastern food. I just had eggplant/chickpeas/tomato sauce for breakfast. Yum!

  • Rave: Looking forward to three straight weeks at home with really no plans but to hang and celebrate the holiday, a big birthday, and a really exciting engagement!
    Rant: Home this past weekend and the parents are even worse – both expressed consternation, frustration, and anger towards me about the other. Come on, I’m your child, you’re both adults and have been at this over 35 years. Talk to each other, figure it out, or call it quits.
    Rave: Threw a great baby shower for my sister-in-law.
    Rant: Philly tugs at my heart strings. I love that city so much and want to figure out a way back there at some point.

  • Rant: Booking travel to Seattle. Had discount codes to use from their mechanical difficulties last time around (fly 2 hours, turn around, land back at SeaTac, get off plane, board new one, try again) and the ONLY way to do this was to make THREE separate reservations online & lie about my daughter’s age to be able to get the booking made–THEN call the airline to fix her reservation and link the three reservations. Not only can they not make discounted bookings over the phone, they can’t assign seats. And none were available to select online for the flight out. I’m going to be greatly annoyed if my wife and I are split up & we can’t tag-team the two year old on the 6-hour flight. Argh.
    Rave: At least I successfully booked all three of us on the same flights since I couldn’t even do them simultaneously in three tabs on chrome. I was a little nervous about that.
    Rave/Rant: lots of fun this weekend, but it was a doozy. Looking forward to a hopefully low-key three-day weekend!

    • When you check in for the flight online, see if you can select the seats then. If not, just talk to the ticket agent at the airport, I’m sure that they can move you guys around! If all else fails, ask people around you to swap – especially if you can swap someone from their middle seat to an aisle or window, they should be willing to help you out.

      • Presumably we’ll be able to swap seats if I can’t do it at check in & the airline can’t get it when we show up. Just makes me anxious, adding to elevated anxiety related to traveling across the country with my toddler at 7 months pregnant plus the “vacation” itself. But yes, you’re right that chances are it will get sorted out. I still don’t understand why the booking process had to be such a hassle, though!

        • As someone who has been a parent in this situation, and is a frequent traveler, I have been on both sides of this. I think you should press to get this resolved before you get to the gate. In addition, I think you should prepare yourself for getting 2 seats together and one apart. I assume you are on a 3×3 flight, so you’re asking for a whole row. If two of you, or all three, have middle seats, it may be tough to get all in one row. You’re asking someone to give up an aisle or window seat for a middle on a cross-country flight – that’s a tough ask. I would give up my window or aisle so a parent could sit next to an unaccompanied 2 yo. (I wouldn’t be happy, but I’d do it.) Would I sit in a middle seat on a cross-country flight so a second parent could sit next to a first parent and a 2 yo? Probably not.

          • I agree with getting this resolved before you get to the gate.
            Also, asking people to switch seats nowadays is a lot more complicated. I get the Economy Plus seats because I enjoy my comfort on my long flights. These seats cost me money and are generally slightly bigger in terms of pitch and leg room.
            I had a woman ask to switch seats with me last week, because I was seated next to her husband in an Economy Plus seat (it was an aisle and window seat, middle seat was blocked out). She was seated in regular Economy a few rows back. She threw a hissy fit when I refused to switch seats with her, even after I explained that I paid extra for this specific seat. Ugh…..flying is the worst.

          • @the OPAnon: How rude! Offering the husband’s seat to someone in her row would have been a lot more likely to get the desired outcome.

          • +1 to blahblahblah. It’s always better to offer someone your more desirable seat in exchange for their less desirable one, not the other way around.
            How odd that the wife and husband weren’t both in the same section (either Economy or Economy Plus) to begin with. Maybe he got a miles-related upgrade and she didn’t??

          • Asking to switch when a kid would otherwise be sitting along is, obviously, perfectly fine. Asking for someone to take a worse seat so two adults can sit together is ridiculous. And pitching a fit about it is beyond the pale. My money says the husband was secretly thrilled to not sit next to his wife.

          • @dcd: this is exactly what I thought too! He didn’t seem too disappointed that the wife was seated a few rows back. The husband looked like an upscale executive, so my guess is that he got an upgrade and the airline didn’t have an extra Premium seat for her. She probably thought that she could just ask whomever was seated next to her husband to move for her.

          • Accountering

            No probably, in either situation. Not to be a jerk, but it is my seat, and I am not sitting in the middle for 6 hours to be a nice guy. With that said, I agree, you should get this taken care of prior to your arrival at the airport.

        • I’m going to do my best. Sounds like best bet is to check in as early as possible and try to get seats then. So that’s what we’ll do. But if that doesn’t work, there’s not a whole hell of a lot I can do besides requesting when arrive at the airport. I’ve already spoken with two customer service reps on the phone, both of whom have told me that they are no longer able to assign seats–it all has to be done online. And when we booked our flights last week (6 weeks before departure!), NO seats were available to select online.
          For what it’s worth, the person would be choosing between sitting near or next to my 2yo vs. wherever the third person in our party ends up. And I don’t think the airline will allow my 2yo to be seated by herself–nor should they. And yes, should we end up in a situation where we’re not all three together, we would ask politely about switching–and not be bitchy if the person refuses. That’s not my style. But it would add stress to an already stressful trip, which is unfortunate.

          • I like dcd’s idea about preparing yourself for “getting 2 seats together and one apart” — seems like even that might be tricky, depending on how they’ve assigned the seats. You and your wife could always switch seats mid-flight so that you could alternate toddler duty.

          • On a recent flight, the flight attendant gave a free beer to the guy who gave up his aisle seat and took my middle seat so that I could sit with my kid. Maybe enlist the help of the attendant and her free-beer powers (or offer to pay for it yourself) if all the other earlier steps don’t work out. (As in my case. I did try.)

          • There’s no chance that the airline will have your 2 yo sit by herself – the flight attendants will move someone to prevent that. Similarly, speaking only an an observer of numerous situations like this, there is (almost) no chance that the flight attendant will require someone to move so all three of you can sit in a row. If it was a parent and two kids? Yes, of course. Two parents and a kid? I doubt it. That’s why I said that you should prepare yourself – if all three of you have middle seats, which is possible, if not likely, you’ll probably be sitting 2 and 1.
            I know this is a weird situation, brought on by the changed flights, and it stinks. Bit in my experience, if you’re looking at flights at bearable times, 6 weeks ahead of time probably isn’t long enough to get three seats together.

          • Definitely prepared for that possibility–and will indeed do everything I know of to try to get seats together ahead of time. (I still don’t understand why customer service reps can’t do this over the phone anymore) And good thought on enlisting the help of a flight attendant/offering to compensate as a last resort if needed.
            I’m largely just grumpy that this can’t be resolved ahead of time and stressed out about the trip overall because last year’s was incredibly challenging. I think it’s only going to be harder this time around for a variety of reasons. Would love to be pleasantly surprised, but definitely not banking on it. This is, indeed, about more than the flight. That’s just the most salient piece right now since booking the reservation required jumping through several unexpected hoops.

          • @dcd–absolutely agreed that there’s no way the 2yo will be sitting by herself. Also agreed that the attendants won’t require someone to move so that we can all be together (nor should they). Praying for luck with seat availability at check-in and/or luck from being charming if that fails. And if not, I’ll suck it up and deal. This is just an extra source of anticipated stress & anxiety about a trip that would already include anticipated stress & anxiety even if we could be magically transported easily and instantaneously. It’ll all work out one way or another.

          • “I’ve already spoken with two customer service reps on the phone, both of whom have told me that they are no longer able to assign seats–it all has to be done online.”
            What? That is utterly bizarre. And most likely they are not telling you the truth. I’d escalate to a manager. BTW, if you are asking someone to switch to your single seat, make sure that single seat is an aisle or window seat. No one wants to take your crappy middle seat in the back of the plane.

          • Also, why can’t you change your seats right now on the website? I’m always able to change seats in the weeks prior to a flight, as seats open up. You should not have to wait until check-in time (24 hours before departure) to select your seats. I travel a ton and have never heard of this.
            Which crappy airline are you flying?!?

          • Flying Alaska Airlines, and supposedly they recently changed their seat assignment system so that seat assignment can *only* be done online. In addition to that, there are *no* seats available for online assignment on our departing flight. Not none together–but none at all. (Was able to secure a row together for the return flight the following week) And definitely–if the only option at online check-in (which is when seats are made available according to the second custermer service rep?) is 2 together & 1 separate, we’ll try to make the 1 solo seat a window/aisle to make swapping more a more palatable option.

          • Accountering

            @wdc – I mentioned earlier that I wouldn’t do it just to be benevolent, but I likely would do it for a free beer 🙂
            Agree with above, 2 and 1 seems likely.

          • Wow, that is pretty crazy. Alaska Airlines is probably the best rated legacy carrier for customer service. I’ve flown them for years, so it’s strange that they would change their policies like that. I’m sure the bean counters made the change to force people into upgrading, but that really sucks. Big mistake.
            If a phone customer service rep can’t change your seat, then why do they even exist? :-/

          • No, the CS rep on the phone probably wasn’t lying. They’re not going to let you switch to a potentially more valuable seat just cause you picked up the phone. The prices are carefully calculated to appeal to someone with a need. Someone with a tight connection will say “$25 to sit near the front and get out first is totally worth it.” Someone with a squirmy toddler will say “$50 to have both parents in the same row as the kid? Shut up and take my money!” If someone paid for whatever seat mtpresident wants before she got to it, what’s a CS phone rep going to do?

          • @wdc–but there are no seats available to select online. Not no desirable seats. None at all. I didn’t have to pay extra to select seats for the return flight–and there were over a dozen left, at least, including multiple full rows. A block of seats will supposedly be made available for selection 24 hours before the departure time that you can select at check-in, and I’ll try to check periodically to see if anything comes up before then. But really–there are absolutely no seats available to select, upcharge or not, at present.

  • Rave: Ordered a Panache bathing suit from Zulily for only $29 (!!!) last night, I hope it fits as well as their other stuff.
    Rave: Loved Inside Out. I also enjoyed the short before the movie and the song has been stuck in my head all weekend.
    Rave: The presses and frozens at Provision 14. Yum.
    Rant: Didn’t sleep well all weekend and I’m feeling it this morning.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I went to the PoPville unofficial cosmetic and cook book swap and it was fun.
    Rave: I didn’t have anything to contribute, and still I was able to go home with some loot.
    Rave: 2 cookbooks, manly parfum and a couple other products.
    Rave: Somehow I ended up taking home the pheromone activation product; presumably, my life is about to change.
    Rave: Free cooking lessons! We will be starting with the basics, “how to cook Popcorn”. In the words of my favorite photographer, “You have to start somewhere”.

    • hahaha! Yes! Pablo, maybe we can make it a swap – I’ll teach you to cook, you teach me Spanish!

    • Pablo Raw

      Rant: Caught coworker making coffee not according to the rules (a.k.a. my instructions). Disciplinary measures will be applied.

    • Blithe

      Huh? I also brought home a bottle of the pheremone (sic) activation bath stuff. Soooo, what’s the story on why the original owner didn’t keep them? This may be a source of some interesting future Rants/Raves in PoPville.

      • topscallop

        Haha as the original owner I only brought one, in a sample size, unless you guys split it up when we weren’t looking? It came in my birchbox a few months back and the smell was just too fruity for me. I suspect they used raspberry pheromones, rather than human ones 🙂

      • Pablo Raw

        Oh wait, maybe I didn’t get it after all; I’ll need to read the description again!

        • Blithe

          Maybe you got the Kneipp Bliss stuff? I’ve got “The stuff that Cupid dips his arrows in [because sometimes fate needs an assist]. 🙂

        • topscallop

          There were two bottles of purple-ish soap, but maybe there’s a placebo effect and if you don’t check you’ll be walking with extra confidence either way!

  • Rave: Cosmetic & Cookbook swap yesterday! It was great to see / meet more PoPville folks, I left more than I took home (unless you count the 3 cookbooks I was totally not planning on taking but I couldn’t help it, so many yummy looking recipes!) Oh, and Shawess, so far I’m loving those little M-61 glycolic peel pads!
    Rave: Finally got around to making my buns!
    Rant: Finished said buns at 11:30ish last night., which meant I didn’t get to bed until 1. I am so freaking tired. But…
    Rave: Fresh cinnamon buns to share at work!
    Rant: Headache. And I need to do a lot of cleaning before my family comes for a visit this weekend!

  • Rant: Date was a bust. She was quite eclectic, and her photos really didn’t look like her. Then she insulted my car on the way out. Yikes!
    Rave?: Should have another date Friday.
    Rant: Having to send a detailed email to out going roomie on how to cook with oil because I’m afraid she’s going to burn down her new place.

    • I’ve never understood why people feel the need to say obviously negative things on dates.

    • Insulting your car seems a little gratuitous. What did she say? However, I’m really curious about how your (soon to be) ex-roommate cooks with oil.

      • Something to the affect of it’s ugly & old.

        Violently. Oil was EVERYWHERE, and I could hear the popping in my room with the door closed, dryer running, and fan on, and I live in a long apartment & it stunk up the apartment all weekend. After 12+ hrs, I had to leave a note asking her to clean up the mess (tried in person, but I never saw her). She said she appreciated the tips at least.

      • Pablo Raw

        One of the most beautiful girls I ever dated dared to insult my pickup truck. That was the end.
        For people who are cooking-challenged like me, it is totally ok to have a bucket with sand in the kitchen.

        • Sand is for grease fires?

        • Emmaleigh504

          I used to have an old beat up pickup truck. I freaking loved it. Although it attracted lot of good ol’ boys. It even had a winch!

          • Her car was very new and shiny, but I own my condo, and I’ll take that over a car payment any day. Priorities. My car isn’t even that old just not brand new. If she was the most beautiful girl I’d dated, I could have overlooked it. 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            I can’t even imagine insulting the car of someone I”m realated to or been friends with forever. Why would you do it on a date? That’s just mean.

          • What Emilie and Irving Streete said. Even if you think someone’s car is old and ugly, who says something like that? Especially on a date??

          • I drove an old car for years, and now don’t have one. I’ll be getting on in the near future, but I’m going to pay the least amount for it I can. There’s a decent chance that my kitchen appliances will cost more than my car. I get that everyone has different priorities, and I like and appreciate expensive cars, but I can’t make myself spend the money. All that is to say, judging someone based on the car they drive (much less insulting it!) is just ridiculous. In the immortal words of Patty Smyth, goodbye to you.

          • Accountering

            As an accountant, I can very much so get behind owning a condo as opposed to a fancy car! 🙂

      • emvee

        I’m not proud of this, but years ago I made fun of a guy’s car on a date. He had incredibly dry humor which I was into but made him hard to read on a first date. He told me he owned a baby blue (his descriptor) mini Cooper convertible and I laughed. I thought he was being sarcastic. He was not. No second date.

        • But that was made as a joke which I think is ok. She was far too serious about something she’d never see again.

          • emvee

            Hopefully she has learned her lesson the same hard way I did. On a first date, it’s best to keep the foot out of the mouth. I’m sorry your date wasn’t great, and I hope you have better luck in the future!

    • So instead of being happy that the roommate is moving out- you feel the need to take one last shot at her and tell her about something that doesn’t meet your standards. I feel sorry for your new roommate ..you are hilarious!!!

      • I think it’s coming from a good place! good on you, Anon Spock, for wanting to prevent the fiery death of your soon to be former roommate.

      • Accountering

        This is what Dan is saying when he misses people trolling. This anon has done it twice so far. Congrats, I guess you are getting what you want troll.

        • Hardly trolling- It’s just another post of something negative about the soon to be exroomate. As you can see in the follow posts- it was not just about how to cook with grease- but about how the apartment stunk and her not cleaning up after herself. Congrats to you to sir!

          • I didn’t mention the smell nor cleaning. You know what they say about assumptions.

          • LOL, it’s not negative…her roomie does sound annoying and messy. And dude, change your name, avatar all you want, but it’s so easy to figure out who you are.

          • your words – “and I live in a long apartment & it stunk up the apartment all weekend. After 12+ hrs, I had to leave a note asking her to clean up the mess (tried in person, but I never saw her). She said she appreciated the tips at least.”

          • What am I missing here?
            “it stunk up the apartment all weekend. After 12+ hrs, I had to leave a note asking her to clean up the mess”

          • Yes, I left a note asking her to clean up the mess after waiting to see if she’d do it on her own because our kitchen was covered in oil.
            My email focused on how to fry, and yes, I sent it to avoid the unpleasantness but didn’t mention it. What is unclear about the situation?

      • Allowing hot oil to spray everywhere is a hazard. I told her because I thought she would cook with oil again before she left, and I wanted to avoid a smoky, smelly apt, my dog getting burned, or a fire starting.
        We had a long chat about what bothers the other person, and I didn’t get the impression that she’s going to leave the kitchen looking like a war zone, and she knows I won’t do it either or eat her food.
        You should feel bad for her. The only thing I asked was for her to clean up her messes and not slam doors at all hours then I found her a job, offered my car when needed, offered to take her out when she was stressed, and quickly found a replacement to avoid charging her another months rent. Yea, I’m an awful person. I’ll work on it.

    • Blithe

      I once gave a fire extinguisher to a beloved relative as a housewarming gift. Fortunately it’s never been used.

    • Sorry about that date. Did you mention that she didn’t even look like her photos? Were you the one who had a date who mentioned something about photos not being accurate? So many dating stories!

  • Raves all around: Romcom is pretty awesome though apparently needs a touch of gender studies / feminism briefing (he’s ‘liberal’ but apparently I’m radical liberal?)
    Clothing swap with local friends went off without a hitch and I have a lot of stuff to donate to Dress for Success!
    Book of Mormon / Friend date was simply wonderful!
    Romcom found a way to keep my apartment from flooding every time it rains!
    Rant: Too much work at work and generally overwhelmed, but it’s getting better and this 4 day week is gonna be great.

    • justinbc

      I missed the followup post after our HH….were you guys able to successfully crash Washingtonian?

    • Anonynon

      Yike…radical liberal sounds frightening!! If he is just liberal I would give him the benefit of the doubt. Radical is not a compliment I don’t think…

      • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not following the herd, sorry to hear you don’t find it to be a compliment…

        • Anonynon

          I don’t follow the herd…I am libertarian so I feel you there. Just the term ‘radical’ is not usually a positive connotation. Think Radical Islam for example. It just doesn’t sound like your RomCom is totally onboard with all your views but that’s fine don’t have to agree on everything!

          • Practically nobody uses “radical” in the correct sense these days anyway — with “radical Islam,” it would really be more accurate to say “reactionary Islam.” But it seems that “radical” is becoming a synonym for “extreme.”

          • I would never take being called a “radical liberal” to be a bad thing, and I’m sure none of my compatriots would either. Personally, I prefer the term “Socialist”
            PS, saying you are a “libertarian” as a way to prove you don’t follow the herd? Yeah, ok.

          • I identify as a pinko. Can one be a radical pinko? Or does pinkoism fundamentally convey moderation?

          • A libertarian who works for the government right? LOL.

          • “A libertarian who works for the government right? LOL.”
            Hahahaha. It would be funny if it were not such a truism. Especially w/r/t to the staff of those federal agencies in Northern VA

          • “PS, saying you are a “libertarian” as a way to prove you don’t follow the herd? Yeah, ok.”
            Snicker. So true.

        • Anonynon

          I grew up in a conservative family…so yes I have made my own way. My beliefs are not based on my parents, quite different. It wasn’t to make a point about anything, although I would say 99% of my friends just voted for Obama but 99.9% couldn’t tell you why (and I grew up in one of the wealthiest over educated areas in the US). Maybe now there are some reasons they could give (within the last several weeks, finally!). But honestly, I gave up trying to figure out why people believe in certain politicians or parties. I could name 10 reasons off the top of my head why I identify with libertarians (sure we haven’t had any opportunity to implement legislation which is everything). I work for the government…I work for a consulting strategy group that’s trying to implement smart solutions to REDUCE the amount the government spends. So, sure call me a hypocrite but there is a need for SOME government. Can we improve the way government works for its people?…I think that fits into the libertarian perspective (I am not a radical). Haters gonna hate I suppose.

  • Rave: Dinner guests who do the dishes.

  • Rave: Cosmetics swap was so much fun! I definitely failed in my goal of bringing home less than I brought to give away. But I got to clear out some stuff and get some cool new products and cookbooks to try.
    Rave: The management company has taken forever to finalize my lease. I was annoyed about it, before I noticed that while I was waiting, the floorplan I applied for went back on special. Hopefully they’ll give me the discount, it would be nice to have one less fee to pay.
    Rant: I think I need new pillows. I constantly feel like I have a stiff neck lately.

  • Rave: Cosmetics/cookbook swap was fun! Good to meet Blithe, Topscallop, and Blahblahblah.
    Rant: Didn’t have a chance to go through my (not very extensive) cosmetics collection beforehand and bring anything.
    Rave: Went home with a bunch of things!
    Rant/Rave: I got a little carried away with nail polish and brought home something like 12-15 bottles. I haven’t used nail polish in years, so I think this was a case of “eyes bigger than stomach.” But this is a good excuse to try all kinds of unusual sparkly colors, even if it ends up being just one nail per color, at home, and quickly removed. And then I can give the nail polish to someone else. 🙂
    Rant: I should’ve brought some plastic bags. Something (aloe vera gel? face mask?) leaked slightly and got other items a little sticky.
    Rave: I can wash the reusable bag.

    • Rave: Had a bunch of interest on Freecycle for the items left over from the swap — more than 25 (!!) bottles of nail polish and some other things.
      Rant: There was a woman who was interested in collecting them for a women’s shelter she works with… but she didn’t e-mail me until after I’d already promised the items to someone else.
      Rave: Maybe the original claimant will be a no-show.

    • Additional rave: Thanks to whoever brought the conditioner with hemp seed oil. I used it this morning, and it smells nice. 🙂

    • Thanks again for taking care of the freecycling. I would have felt so bad if we had to trash all of that stuff. And I’m glad you found some fun nail polish!

      • Yeah, that is a really good idea to put it up on Freecycle. Thanks for taking charge of it, Textdoc!

    • I hope it was my nail polish!!! I have (now had!) so much – so I was super, super happy that it might find a new home. Great colors, but I just wasn’t in to them anymore and I stopped putting polish on my nails once I had a kiddo since it never lasted. Enjoy if any of it’s mine!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I had wicked stomach flu and missed three days of work last week. Meanwhile everything at work went to hell.
    Rave?: I lost six pounds?
    Rant: Still feel a bit queasy.

  • Anonynon

    Rant: Why don’t people understand how to walk in society? Walking around Georgetown was the most frustrating experience of my life, I felt like a ghost walking around and people thought they could just walk through me.
    Rave: Short Week
    Rave: Friend visiting for the 4th
    Rant: Going to miss a co-worker while shes on vacation and then I am on vacation..

    • Walking around Georgetown is always the worst. It’s just packs of tourists walking around taking selfies and not paying attention to anything. The narrow sidewalks don’t help. When I lived in Georgetown I would see tourists narrowly miss getting hit by cars almost every day at the intersection of M and Wisconsin because they never paid attention to the crossing signals.

    • Emmaleigh504

      When I was an anoying tourist in Stockholm, I always moved to the side to consult my map, but that didn’t stop every one of those damn vikings to plow right through me. No sidewalk is safe.

  • Rave: Clean fitbit – went thru the wash and came out still functioning
    Rave: Cherry tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and plenty of greens coming from the garden
    Rant-ish: Had to turn down a work trip to Mali because I have another work trip planned for that time. I’ve wanted to go to Mali for a very long time….

  • Blithe

    Rave: PoPville cosmetics and cookbook swap was a lot of fun. It was great to meet up with people in person! And kind of cool that people looked a lot like I’d imagined. Lots of new stuff to try! Thanks to everyone for coming out — and for sending/bringing stuff. It was a very nice way to spend a summer Sunday.
    Rave: Possible new addiction to Caudalie face spray. Yay!
    Rave: Getting a little silly with the cooking thing: dolloping Grand Marnier into, well, into pretty much everything — including entrees.

    • I love this: “dolloping Grand Marnier into, well, into pretty much everything — including entrees.” 🙂

      • Blithe

        So far I can recommend it with/on/in: panna cotta, french toast, braised pork with veggies (sweet onions, carrots…), and duck. I think/hope I’m about done now. lol

  • Rave/Rant: low match may not be so low a match after all. lots of fun times times. Rant bc he was clearly fishing for me to say I want to date him exclusively yesterday, but I don’t want that right now so I said we should keep doing this casual dating thing. He was not too pleased to hear that and is apparently not dating anyone else right now. I said he should keep looking but in a nice way, of course. still dating.
    Rave: officially a part of this new friend group and slowly integrating my old friends with my new ones. woo, adult friends!

    • Anonynon

      Didn’t we all say it was going to come to that eventually, quite quickly too! But at least you are having fun…that’s actually all that matters. Just keep kicking the can down the road if you are enjoying things as is 🙂

      • We’re both having fun. Eventually, we’ll get to the actual “exclusive” talk but it’s way too soon for that. He’ll be gone on vacation for a few weeks, so we have some breathing room to think about our casual situation. This is modern dating, I guess.

        • Anonynon

          right there with you…I haven’t been able to make the transition from casual to a relationship in quite some time. “Its not you its me” LOL

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I looked like a very interesting man walking around with 2 cookbooks in my hand, one of them with yellow stickers. That was awesome, I caught several people staring at me.

    • At first I read this as “walking around with 2 cookbooks on my head.” I was disappointed when I realized that wasn’t what it actually said.

    • topscallop

      Please report back on the brunches you end up making!

      • +1, I hope you get some use out of that book. I never got around to trying the recipes, but they looked good!

      • Pablo Raw

        I’ll definitely report back when I do but I don’t think I’m ready for the big leagues yet. I’ll start with popcorn and I’ll let the spirit guide me through this journey.

    • I wonder if the yellow sticky one was mine? I tend to block off recipes with tabs to revisit. I think the brunch book was mine so YAY for new home!

  • Rant: It’s bad enough when regular people misspell “predominant” as “predominate,” but today the Washington Post has it in a headline (at least on the online version): “Six predominately black Southern churches burn within a week; arson suspected in at least three.”
    Rant: The Post has really been slipping in the past 15 years.

    • Google says that “predominately” is an alternative to, not a misspelling of, “predominantly”.

      • Hmm, so does Merriam-Webster. It’s not standard usage, though — I think this is the first time I’ve seen it in a legit publication, as opposed to people’s personal writing.

        • Yeah, I think it sounds weird and I don’t recall seeing it in written publications before.

        • Accountering

          Taking this a step further, the Wash Post has deteriorated to the point that many people would question your calling it a “legit publication” 🙂

  • Rant: Did not email the Boy because the “airport” thing was moot- he was out of town until today. So I need to regroup/rewrite. But I’ve decided to “not look, but look” — I’m not actively looking for anyone but how long do I need to sit and wait for this answer?

    Rave/Rant: I got to see a LOT of my family this weekend and that made me so happy. Rant: My father has deteriorated significantly in the last two months. It’s really hard to watch. Going back in September. He did try to “set me up” with someone while there (didn’t tell me until after we left the place this person was supposed to be, and I think that is one of the most adorable things in the world, and I will always cherish what he tried to do)

    Rant: One of the people I work with is seriously impossible to communicate with. Starting to wonder if I need to look for a new position as I don’t know how to make this work effectively. Which is frustrating because I love where I work and 90% of my coworkers.

    Rant: Sinus infection is still a thing.

    Rave: But the minuteclinic called me today to see how I was feeling. That was really nice.

    Rant: HVAC person coming to look at my unit tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully “replace your HVAC” will not be a sentence that he says…

    • IMO, it’s just as well not to be in the position of “You pick me up at the airport OR ELSE” ultimatum — the problem here is much more systemic than that. (He could pick you up from the airport… but continue doing everything else exactly the way he has.)
      You don’t need to be actively looking for a replacement — you just need to be getting clarity as to what he’s thinking. And then once you have that information, you need to decide whether you can continue with him or if you should call it quits.
      Again IMO — actions speak louder than words. What happens if this guy says X but his actions indicate Y?

      • No, you’re right. The ultimatum part was something I struggled with and yes…

        I’m not looking actively, but I did tell him I needed clarity. Which he has not yet given. Does that mean actions speak louder (even though he’s been *very* sick?)

        • After a certain length of time, not saying anything becomes a statement in and of itself.
          (And I’m sorry to hear that your dad’s health is declining.)

          • Sigh. Even though he checks in, all “How are you”….yeah.

            I think you’re probably right.

            (And thank you. This is harder on me than I thought it would ever be.)

          • Emmaleigh504

            I havent’ followed your situation closely, but if he’s just checking in, then he’s stringing you along. He’s probably not doing it on purpose. He’s not ready to commit but he doesn’t want you out of his life.

    • I’m really sorry to hear about your dad’s deteriorating health.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, but glad that you’re continuing to make lasting lovely memories. Hold on tight to those if you can.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: listening to this presentation on the survey they are doing at work. I know some people need to know every little detail or they will freak out, but I am not one of those people.
    Rave: I don’t have to listen to the presentation in person.

    • Thank goodness you don’t have to make those “Wow, that’s fascinating” faces the entire time…good for you! 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: listening to this presentation on the survey they are doing at work. I know some people need to know every little detail or they will freak out, but I am not one of those people.
    Rave: I don’t have to listen to the presentation in person.

  • RAVE: last minute trip to NYC for July 4th weekend. Friends have graciously given me their beautiful apartment in Chelsea for the long weekend.
    RAVE: scored a birthday dinner reservation for Friday night at Nougatine at Jean-Georges.
    RAVE: rest of the weekend will consist of PS1, Coney Island, and the Met. Plus some shopping.
    RAVE: we found an amazing, large loft apartment at 14th & T that is dirt cheap. I think we are going to sign the lease 😮
    RANT: a lot of my friends are out of NYC for the holiday weekend. They won’t be around to meet my lady 🙁

  • Question for all: I got a call from an HR rep asking me to interview for a job, but he has been totally flaky about confirming the day and time AND about telling me which position it is (I applied for three roles and got auto replies saying I was not selected for all three). We’ve spoken on the phone three times and each time I’ve asked the same basic questions. But I don’t have his email address. Can I call him a fourth time? For whatever it’s worth, I know people at the company and they love working there, but they think HR is completely incompetent. I can see why.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Nice weekend away visiting my parents. 48 hours of not worrying about finding an apartment or job.
    Rant: I got really chewed up. I am a walking mosquito/spider/black fly/??? bite
    Rant: Missing the cookbook/cosmetics exchange
    Revel: The awesome blahblahblah taking mine and jindc’s stuff to the exchange.
    Rant: A repaired oven. Mr. Squid found a company, I called, they came today, we can bake again. Not sure what the difficulty was for my landlord…

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