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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave/Rant: Last day at work until August, and probably my last day on PoPville until August. I can’t wait to come back to DC and attend another happy hour and hear what people are up to. Have a great summer, everyone!

  • justinbc

    Reminder: PoP reader HH @ City Tap House one week from today. It’s kind of equidistant from Metro Center, Gallery Place, and Mt Vernon metro stations.

    • Is this open to anyone? I’m a fairly new PoP reader and while I’m curious to meet the folks I “interact” with online, I don’t want to intrude, either, on some sort of pre-established get-together.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Match.com. I’ve had one lousy and one meh date, and near radio silence since then. All the men in my age range that I find interesting specify that they’re looking for women 10-15 years younger. And the ones that have written to me are 20-30 years older (!). And let’s not even get into the cliches that abound in so many profiles…
    Rave: Managing increasingly faster long runs. Sustained an 8-minute mile pace this morning for several miles!

    • “And the ones that have written to me are 20-30 years older (!). And let’s not even get into the cliches that abound in so many profiles…”
      But we’re “young at heart.”

    • Have you tried OKCupid? I rarely hear anything good about match.com.

      • binpetworth

        I have…and with similar results.

        • justinbc

          Yeah. Men aren’t really likely to change much as a gender, regardless of what pond you’re fishing them from.

          • Makes me wonder if I should even bother. (I’m in the same age bracket as binpetworth.)

          • justinbc: TRUTH.

          • I didn’t have terrible experiences online, but nothing lasting. There were definitely a lot of times I felt completely hopeless about ever meeting anyone. But I recently met a fantastic guy so I’d say it can be worth it if you can hang in there. (I’m late 30s, btw.)

          • justinbc

            Sunny, for sure. My comment was not to say that there aren’t great 40s, 50s, and 60s aged guys out there, just that there is a stereotype about men preferring younger women (and being blind to their own aging bodies) for a reason. Statistically it’s pretty true, and putting those odds into an online pool is just going to amplify them. Personally at that age I would think you might have better luck finding someone lasting at a similar interest hobby group.

          • Totally agree, Justin. That was more a reply to anon wondering if she should even bother. I think the answer is yes, but with the caveat that it definitely sucks sometimes.

        • Ally

          What’s your age range, if you don’t mind my asking? Some of it may also just be the demographics of online dating. I think there are considerably more 20-somethings on those sites so it’s a little trickier for those of us who are older. Guessing you’re not old enough for that Our Time site, though, before I got married to my wonderful husband, I seriously considered signing up for that site (am in my late 30s but have a strong preference for men at least 10 years older). So, the gender thing can swing both ways.

    • I haven’t had luck with OKCupid either. Sadly, the best dates I’ve had have come from Tinder – and we all know what Tinder is seen as…

      Last night I was perusing again, and recognized someone… I was racking my brain to figure out where I had seen that man – oops, I had seen him on another dating site.

      • I met my current GF on Tinder. We’ve now been seriously dating for 6 months.
        Not everyone is looking to just “bone and go home.” Some of us also like to snuggle, teehee.
        We are both mid 30s, FYI.
        Tinder has a wide mix of ages and people looking for various situations. I found Tinder to be much less stress than Match.com (where people tend to be looking to settle down immediately). I’m open to settling down, but only if the person is right for me. People who treat “settling down” like an item on a checklist are weird, IMHO.

      • I met my BF on Tinder. We’ve been together for over a year now, both in our early 30s…. some of like to “bone and go home” and come back for more 😉
        I think honestly dating sucks in DC. There are far more women than men, which tends to bring raise the ratio of DBs exponentially. My only word of advice is to step outside of your comfort/expectation zone and see what you find. I would not have met my BF if I had not done this.

    • binpetworth: I don’t know how old you are, but can I just say that I’m in my 20s and I cannot keep at 8 minute mile pace. You are amazing!

  • Rave: Ballet at the Kennedy Center last night
    Rant: Spilled about 20 oz of water all over my desk, pants and floor this morning

    • I hope that water didn’t get on anything important… yikes. (Then again, better water than something else!)

      • Nothing too important, thanks! My weekly to do list, but most of it is still legible.

        • 1. Spill water
          2. Mop up water

          You can add these to your To-Do list, and immediately mark them as Complete

  • Rant: Work today. A webinar that was supposed to be set up for the managing partner this morning was not set up. One of my attys is suuuuuper needy and seemingly doesn’t realize that I do not exist solely to do her bidding, and seems annoyed that I might have other things that the other attys I also work with are asking me to accomplish by COB today.

    Rave: It’s Wednesday, which means I only have tomorrow and Friday morning and then I’m off for the weekend. Trying to keep my eye on the prize.


    • Sorry, I hit enter too soon — Rave: I’m taking myself to lunch today because I am worth it!

      • Good for you! Where are you going?

        • I’m not sure yet. I kind of want to sit by the water, so I may go to Nick’s or Sequoia.

          • That One Guy

            Oh…maybe stop by Baked and Wired for one of their ice cream sandwiches (yes, overpriced) to help you relax by the water.

          • YES to Baked and Wired. Haven’t had an ice cream sandwich from them, but the Honey Badger brownie and any of their cupcakes are reliable.

          • Baked & Wired is across the street from my office. I went there to see if there were any Monster cookies left today (no) and will probably head back over after work to get an ice cream sandwich. It is dangerously awesome to have them so close to me.

          • I mentioned the ice cream sandwich thing to a different atty I am working with and told him he needed to go try one and report back. He did me one better, and bought one for me!
            You guys? I love Baked & Wired ice cream sandwiches. Unapologetically.

  • Rave: Plumber fixed all of our problems pretty quickly and it turned out to be a less expensive visit than I had anticipated
    Rant: After I opened the utility closet so he could look at a leaky valve, he asked if I was aware that the water heater was leaking as well. Nope, I had honestly not noticed that. Looks like we will be getting a new water heater in the next week or so.
    Rave/Rant: Every step of my wife’s naturalization process results in my stomach being in knots. Even easy parts like today’s biometric test make me incredibly nervous. I know it will all be worth it when she is sworn in as a citizen in a few months.

  • Rave: new dress day is the best day.
    Rave: closing on my refi today. They’re sending a notary to my office, which is lovely. I can’t wait to start saving loads of money every month.

    • Congrats! How long ago did you buy?

      • Only a year and a half ago, but I had my PMI financed in and I found a lender willing to ditch my PMI even though I’m not at 20% yet. So I got the better rates and at least another .15% knocked off of the rate I had.

        • Ahh, I see. We’re in a similar situation and trying to refinance right now! Hopefully the appraisal comes in where it needs to be. But interesting you found a lender willing to knock off PMI even without being at 20%! If ours doesn’t appraise I might reach out to you about that.

        • Are you at all comfortable recommending the lender? I bought 3 years ago and am trying to figure out a way to ditch my PMI (thinking about asking for another assessment, since the original one was pretty low…comparable units in my building are selling for significantly higher).

          • Well, you would need an appraisal to get the refinance anyway.
            I’ve been quiet happy with their responsiveness and of course with their rates, so yes, it’s cdmtg dot com.

          • Thanks! I’m trying to weigh other options in case my current company won’t work with me.

    • Pablo Raw

      I can see more google gadgets in your future.

    • What delayed your process?

      • Oh my goodness, getting the condo documentation from the management company took forever. I really hope my loan officer gets a decent cut because he did a yoeman’s job extricating documents from this woman who just. didn’t. get. it.

    • Accountering

      Yeahhh! Thats awesome! Taking a bit of pride in that I maybe had a small impact in you refinancing! Sorry I couldn’t take those Savor tickets – next year I will be going for sure!

  • Rant: Eyes got worse. Had a reprieve for a year or so but back down the slippery slope from really nearsighted to “really f’in nearsighted”.
    Rave: I can see!! No more squinting! Also, contact lenses technology hasn’t gotten so much better – my eyes feel wonderful!
    Rant: Dilated eyes. at the office
    Rave: At least I can touch type and remembered my own glasses. And my retinas aren’t detached.
    Rave: USMNT today vs. Germany!

    • My eyes get worse every year! I’m convinced it has to do with staring at a computer all day long. And I developed astigmatism in my right eye. 🙁

      • I know! I have massive font and icons on all my screens, sit up at the front of every meeting, etc. – people make fun of me but honestly, it’s worth it to me. Been dealing with terrible (but correctable) sight (now -10.5 for contacts/ -11.75 for glasses) for over 25 years now and my eyes are worth the ridicule!

        • That One Guy

          Funny story, as a kid I had a secret fear, and was convinced, I was going blind because my eye sight was progressively worsening. I had no concept of astigmatism, near sightedness and far sightedness so I only went off how thick my glasses were. Heh.

      • This reminds me that I should look into whether I’m a candidate for LASIK or PRK. I’d been putting it off for a while because a few years ago, I inadvertently bought something like three years’ worth of contact solution (and the stuff is like $8 a bottle on sale, so I didn’t want to throw all that money away). I’m now on the last bottle from that stash.

        • That the strangest reason I’ve ever heard. I’m sure you could have found someone to give/sell it to.

          • Well, I was also not in a particular hurry to go get LASIK or PRK. And come on — nobody resells contact solution!

          • And even if I felt like giving away almost $200 of contact solution, most people who have contacts have soft lenses, not gas-permeable ones.

          • No one buys $200 worth at a time. 🙂

          • Like I said, it was inadvertent. (I had recently moved and bought a whole bunch of it when it went on sale… not realizing I already had a whole bunch of it.)

  • Rave: Seem to have good interest from normal ppl in my room. Hope to know by Friday.
    Rave: Very glad to be back to work. I like a little routine.
    Rant: Spotty music even next to a window.
    Rave: Looking forward to seeing my dance buddy. It’s been a while.

    Question: anyone know if lawsons from 15/L opened at 17/m yet?

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I’m glad I live in the internet era, where so many things are easier like shopping online. Having said that…
    Rant: 30 minutes on hold with home depot. Called the store to see when I can pickup my wood; they hang up on me after 10 minutes. Then called the 800 number on their website, the person there left me waiting for 30 minutes with the most annoying message ever (I’ll explain later), and when she came back, she explained to me that she called the store, and they put HER on hold and then they hung up on her also. Annoying message on a loop, was about how easy it is to do your shopping online at home depot.
    Rave: I’m getting better at bringing lunch to work.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: So much going on at work this week and next. I’m not sure how I’ll fit it all in.
    Rant: It looks like I have to come in on my telecommuting day this week for a meeting. Ugh, I really look forward to that Metro-free day.
    Rave: Business trip to Montana coming up at the end of the month. I love Montana.

  • Rave: DC DMV Inspection Station! Was all set this morning to spend a chunk of time getting our car re-inspected. Was nervous that I wasn’t in line at opening and didn’t pull up until about 6:15AM. Zero line, zero wait. Nice folks and it took less than three minutes to get a new sticker!

    • Mug of Glop

      I have to do that some time this week. I remember my first time didn’t take too long, but until this, I was nervous it’d be chaos to show up without an appointment.

      • Where exactly do you go if you have an appointment? Do you get to bypass the line when it stretches around the block?

        • Mug of Glop

          I actually have no idea. I just got a letter saying I could make an appointment if I wanted to, or I could just show up.

        • Yes, if you have an appointment you skip the big line. If you’re facing the front of the building, the line for appointments is on the left side of it; the line for all the other folks is on the right side.

    • DMV Inspection Station is a lean, mean, well oiled machine. It might be the most efficiently run piece of government bureaucracy I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had really good experiences with the DC DMV in general, so long as you do all your research before you show up.

      • Have you been to the Fort Totten Transfer Station? I think it’s more efficient than the inspection station. And the employees are professional and courteous!!

      • Generally I agree. I do really appreciate the DC government running inspections directly, which seems to make them as impartial and objective as possible. Unlike some other places I’ve lived, like California (“for $$$ we’ll make sure any car passes smog!”) or New York, where some shops are notorious for racking up repair bills based on dubious inspections. As to the service centers, like anywhere else, it’s sadly a few really bad other customers that can make it miserable for the rest of us.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Shake Shack run last night was pretty great! Figured out that a hot dog there is fewer calories than a thing of fries, so that’ll be my go-to side from now on.
    Rant: The heat and humidity made me pretty gross.
    Rant: The heat and humidity are getting worse. Where’s a Stark when you need them?
    Rave: Old friend coming to town this weekend. Time for Union Market debauchery!
    Rave: Thanks, everyone, for all the bagel advice yesterday! I’ll definitely check out Georgetown Bagelry at some point soon!

    • I may be misunderstanding, but is your new go-to side a side to a burger? If so, you may be my hero.

      • Mug of Glop

        Absolutely! The Shack Stack (the one with the deep-fried mushroom-full-of-cheese), a side of Shack-Cago Dog, and a beer. Sometimes I’ll replace the side+beer with a milkshake, though. On the other hand, last month, I had the burger, fries, beer, and a concrete (their ice cream custard thing). That was too much.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          I like the Shack Stack and the Chicago-style dog as well. Love the sport pickle! But I don’t think I could handle both. I usually get the Arnie Palmer style ice tea w/ lemonade. Try it. 🙂

        • I love that you are ordering all of that and then saving a couple of calories by getting a dog instead of fries!

          • Mug of Glop

            Haha, yeah. I found that I didn’t really like their fries that much, and a hamburger wasn’t quite enough, so I just needed an additional little something different. And that little something turned out to be a loaded hot dog that trades calories for an enormous amount of salt (I imagine).

    • I love your choices.
      When I found out the Chick-fil-A lemonade had more calories than the waffle fries I gave up on the sandwich because everyone knows it’s all about the lemonade and waffle fries.
      I might become diabetic when they open in Columbia Heights.

  • Rant: Folks who laugh too loud ALL THE TIME. At my job, there’s this lady who does it and it drives me crazy. She talks normally and laughs a lot really loud. So annoying.
    Rave: better from allergy attack yesterday
    Rant: Feeling a little sleepy from the Zyrtec I took.
    Rave: Getting work done this morning.
    Rave: Assistant director complemented me on a project that I did.

  • Rant: I think i pulled a muscle in my calf. It is feeling a bit tender today.
    Rave: I slept so hard last night. I think this is the first full night of sleep I have had in weeks.
    Rave: I have ribs cooking in the crock pot for dinner tonight. I love having dinner nearly finished when I come through the door at the end of a day. It is like having a personal chef. The very best.
    Rant: I am feeling so unmotivated this morning.

    • ooOOOoo ribs in the crockpot. Can you tell me more about your recipe?

      • It is really easy. When I’m feeling motivated I mix up my own bbq sauce. But today I just threw the ribs into the crockpot with about a half cup of water and some bottled bbq sauce and a couple dashes of Liquid Smoke. Cook on low setting for 6-8 hours. Then, line a tray with foil and bake the ribs (after slathering with more bbq sauce –if you like saucy ribs like me) for 20-30 minutes at around 425 degrees. This is just to get them crisp on the outside. If you have a grill, you can cook them on the barbecue instead.

    • Oh! Crockpot cooking is the best! I’d love to get your crockpot rib recipe, I admittedly forget about my crockpot in the summer quite often because I don’t have enough “summery” crockpot recipes.

  • Rant: Coworker passed away after being in a coma for some time. He was loved/liked by so many and it feels very here today gone tomorrow. But his joy and kindness just inspires me to live to the best of my ability and not take the little things so seriously.
    Rave: That said, I’m going to take this freelancing writing thing that I’ve been toying with and run with it. I may fall on my butt, but at least giving it a go. If anyone knows of resources I should look into, feel free to send them along.
    Double-rave: At home with my son this week, lots of play time and cuddles!!

    • I am so sorry to hear this. Sending good thoughts their family and friends’ way – so sad.

    • I’m sorry for your loss.

    • emvee

      I’m so sorry about your coworker. But, good for you for going with your gut and getting into freelancing! I did it for a few years, and honestly got most of my writing contacts by being incredibly active on Twitter. Nowadays I find Twitter to be exhausting and cannot keep up with it, but it was a great way to open doors with other bloggers, writers, etc.

    • binpetworth

      So sorry to hear about your coworker. For freelance writing gigs, you’ll want to look into Elance, which allows you to bid on projects of varying lengths/style, and get recommendations from clients.

    • so sorry for your loss

  • Rant: Four days past my due date. Ready to not be pregnant anymore
    Rave: Started to come to peace with the fact that I might have to be induced. And, either way, I have no control over when the baby decides to come, so I should just stop trying to figure it out. Excited to meet the baby!
    Rant: The comments! I know I’m huge and waddle, but I don’t need everyone and their mother to point it out. Seriously, I’ve had people pull over in their cars to tell me about “my unusual shape.” For the record, I’m just very pregnant; nothing unusual besides a large belly.
    Rave: Peas are doing really well in the garden and a couple tiny tomatoes have already started!

    • skj84

      I never understood why people think it’s ok to comment on a pregnant woman’s body? Would they make rando comments to a non pregnant lady? Ugh. I hope no one has tried to touch your belly.

      • Yes, a few people have and it’s always people that I really don’t know very well (either I’m not friends with touchy-feely people or they know me better). The funniest, to me, is all the kids in my son’s daycare. I get manhandled there, but that’s pretty cute, since it’s a bunch of 3-4 year olds.

        • Right. Plus kids have no (or little) filter/tact when it comes to what they say, whereas with adults, there’s no excuse.

    • Ally

      I’m 34 weeks, so I can definitely relate to the waddling and to the “ready for the pregnancy to be over” bit. Best of luck and hope you have a smooth delivery!

    • oh, I’m sorry you’re feeling less than great! If you’ve never had a baby, I would just say this – be prepared for anything if you get induced. I was induced and am a very realistic person so packed a second ‘c-section bag’ my husband could pick up if it came to that. almost 3 days after being induced, it did. See what happens in the next day or so if your doc allows – get an induction massage, have sex (because that’s definitely what you want at this point, right??), and walk. For me, the cord was around my son’s neck. The interventions spiraled out of control after a certain point because nothing was progressing (because…cord!). So just be mindful and stay aware of what they’re trying to do to you. SO many people in my childbirth class said that the worst thing would be a c-section. Not even close, folks. Not even close. I hope you have a smooth L&D and, most importantly, everyone is healthy and happy!!!! (totally unsolicited advice, I apologize 🙂 )

    • Ugh–I’m only 21 weeks along and had someone respond in SHOCK when I said I was due in October–she thought it was a lot sooner. Fortunately, another colleague happened to ask if I were pregnant, and said it was just starting to look obvious in the last couple of weeks so at least it evened out. Belly pops so much more the second time around! (Plus the kid is still hanging out sideways, so probably sticks out a bit more)
      To go along with jindc’s point–induction can make a c-section more likely (but not a sure thing) so it’s a good idea to be mentally prepared for that. Goals are healthy mom & healthy baby. I also ended up with a c-section–the emergent, running down the hallway to the OR kind, since my daughter wasn’t tolerating labor well, and while it was anxiety inducing at the time, it was totally fine afterwards and my recovery was a lot easier than expected.
      Good luck! I’ll be sending happy, easy labor/delivery thoughts your way 🙂

  • Rant: DC water crap. Should this be the landlord or tenant responsibility? Landlord seems not so concerned with the outcome of the bill.
    Revel: I’m two weeks away from summer vacation.
    ?: found out where I’ll be next year. Another crappy PG school similar to my current one

    • Somehow I thought the water bill had to be in the homeowner’s name (unlike with electricity or gas). No?

      • It’s in both of our names.

      • But that doesn’t make it LL responsibility by default.
        I’d check the lease.

        • justinbc

          +1 it should state in your lease. Many times it’s the LL responsibility (we pay for our tenants), but it’s not guaranteed that it will be.

          • Right. I guess my point was that if the landlord’s name is on the water bill, the landlord has a vested interest in not letting the bill go unpaid, whether the lease states that water is the tenant’s responsibility or not. That doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t subsequently go after the tenants for reimbursement, but it does mean that the dynamics are slightly different than if the landlord had zero involvement (name or otherwise) with the water bill.
            iindsay, have you talked to a D.C. Water supervisor yet?

          • Not yet. I filed a biking dispute. I’m trying to decide if speaking with a supervisor is worthwhile.

        • We are typically responsible for water but doesn’t an issue like this, where between 7,500 and 10,000 gallons a day were used suggest that something is seriously wrong, beyond our responsibility? This is a new house and I can’t imagine how this would be anybody in our house’s fault.

  • Aglets

    Created a fun event for this weekend and I can’t get anyone to look at the press release. Is it because the word ‘Damn’ is in the name of the show?

  • (I know this has been asked recently so feel free to just send me a previous thread if someone can find it)
    QUESTION: going to Shreveport for a wedding in a couple weeks and then driving down to spend 3 days in New Orleans after. I have never been to either although I think Shreveport will be mostly occupied with family stuff. Any tips for the drive or New Orleans? We are staying “in the northwest corner of the French Quarter close to the Superdome.” we like live music, drinking, gambling, eating (unfortunately partner doesn’t eat fish 🙁 )

    • Unrelated, but was I right with my Ohio Drive answer from yesterday? 🙂

    • I just visited New Orleans for the first time about a month ago. Do the Bourbon Street thing once, since it’s your first time, but I thought it was more fun during the day. By 10 or 11pm, it becomes Adams Morgan x10,000 as far as public drunkenness goes. I did not have a single bad meal while I was there. The locals are super friendly, but not in that fake Southern way.

    • I realize this is kind of vague, but honestly my favorite thing to do in New Orleans is just wander in and out of bars. Bourbon Street gets nuts (and touristy), but still an experience. Last time we were there we spent 12 hours wandering the French Quarter, first to shops/markets/street music, then around happy hour time started wandering in and out of bars that had music playing (even the pre-pre-pre-pre-openers aren’t bad).
      That said, our favorite strip to go out is Frenchmen Street in the Marigny. It’s not as crazy, more locals, and great music. Spotted Cat is crowded, but has really interesting acts. D.B.A. has always been really good. There’s others on the street that are also great, but those are the two popping in my mind. You can also check out the little arts market next to the Spotted Cat (look it up for hours).
      Beyond nightlife, you can go to the Garden District and check out Audobon Park, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, and wander around to look at the mansions (if you Google it you can find DIY walking tours that explain about the houses), and then go to Magazine Street for lunch.
      As for eating, just eat everything. Places we’ve liked are Acme (multiple locations), Coop’s Place (gets busy, but we went on the early side for a “snack”), Dat Dog, Marigny Bistro, Jockamo’s (take a cab), Freret St Po’Boys (near Tulane), Ignatius (on Magazine), and a bunch of other places I can’t remember the names of. I wasn’t very impressed with Praline Connection, I’d skip it. Near the Superdome we went to Tacos & Beer, which was actually pretty good, and there’s a beer bar near there that I can’t remember the name of (Avenue Pub?). Mother’s is also an iconic place that can be fun to check out (and I remember it being good).
      As for the drive, I can’t really help, but you could try looking into where Abita is located and go for a tour? There’s also a rum distillery somewhere in New Orleans, but we haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.
      And now I’m going to feel like an idiot tourist in a few minutes because I just remembered there are people on here who have actually lived in New Orleans and can blow my recommendations out of the water…

    • Lived there for several years. Where you’re staying is great because you’re just a little removed from the silliness but can walk or easily access lots of stuff. So many great restaurants, hard to go wrong. If I had to pick one close to you in the CBD, I’d definitely try to get seats at Herbsaint. I’d also try to hit one of the old school restaurants, too, at some point like Galatoire’s or Antoine’s. Ride the St. Charles streetcar to Uptown through the Garden District, so beautiful! For a first visit, cheesy but fun touristy things I’d recommend are going to Mardi Gras World and getting Hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s (tasty and potent, and their patio is really nice in the afternoon). If you like to gamble, Harrah’s is right near you, too, but I wouldn’t waste much time there on a short visit.

    • thanks for the tips everyone! I’m putting all of these suggestions into a note on my phone.

    • Mug of Glop

      Go to a bar called Erin Rose near Bourbon Street. Go into the back to a counter called Killer Poboy. Get yourself a shrimp poboy, and enjoy the best sandwich you’ve had all year. Then approach a crisis of near existential proportions as you agonize over whether to get another shrimp poboy or venture into the unknown and try the pork belly poboy. Get both. It was seriously one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. I need to go back there. Partner can either suck it up and try the shrimp one, or get the pork belly one if they’re more allergic than fussy. For music, I’d head out to Frenchmen Street and just wander into whatever music venue sounds good. Also, anywhere you are, just find any bar that looks halfway classy and get yourself a sazerac. (I’m not a NOLA pro by any means, but I spent a very long weekend there last October.)

    • Emmaleigh504

      +1 to frenchman and doing Burbon once (more if you like it)
      Go on a Haunted tour of the Quarter
      Get snowballs, the cream variety, preferably from Plum St.
      The Verti Marte has the best shrimp poboys and everything else, but it’s not a sit down place.
      My favorite fancy food is Galitoire’s or Commander’s Palace.
      If you make it uptown Oak St has some good music venues, and Frankie and Johnny’s has fried bell pepper rings.
      Magazine St is great for antiquing.
      Get a snoball.

  • RAVE: officially have a new friend. we hungout again last night and met her other friend. we’re all gonna be friends. making friends as an adult isn’t as difficult as some people say it is. just get out there and meet people!
    RAVE: hair appointment today a new salon after having a consultation yesterday about how to fix this god awful mess. please save my hair!
    Neither: if this last date doesn’t workout, I’m really calling it quits from online dating. after a month of being back on it, it’s all been “meh” except for the current person I’ve been on a few dates with. taking my own advice. step away from the screen and step into the real world. meet people.

    • Hoping the hair appointment goes well, as does your next date! I’ve debating between the “try online dating” and the “just get out there” approach to things, but both options make me nervous for different reasons!

      • Hedge your bets and do both.
        I’m even considering another go at speed dating because an awesome couple met there.

        • justinbc

          I know the experience is drastically different for women than it is for men, but I can’t imagine ever not at least leaving yourself open to the option of online dating, if you’re really wanting to be with someone. There’s nothing preventing you from going out and meeting people “normally”, and then when you come home you’ve got a list of potential suitors. Ignore them all if you want and stick to the “normal” way if that’s what you prefer until Prince Charming magically shows up in your inbox, but why would you eliminate an entire set of potential mates that you might not ever come into contact with otherwise?

        • Hmmm…I like the idea of hedging my bets, but wouldn’t that be enormously time-consuming?

          • You get what you put in. (Make a dirty joke, someone, please!) It is time consuming, but if you really want to find someone, you have to put in some effort. Not all of us are lucky enough to stumble upon the right person randomly. Give it a shot. Be prepared to be let down. Become stronger for it.

          • It can be if dating is an all consuming goal, but I’ve managed while studying for the bar, working overtime, etc. Normal dating would be more going to functions of interest and maybe meeting someone then specifically hitting singles events & would therefore be less time consuming.
            Keep your options open in terms of where you meet and who you meet. The 90% match can easily be a dud while the 30% match just didn’t answer many questions.

          • True, and really, it hasn’t been a high priority for many(!) years, I guess I’m just wanting to explore my new “hometown” more, and it’s easier to motivate myself to explore if I’m doing it with someone else who’s game and who is expecting me to show up – it’s easy to cancel plans with yourself, but much douchier to cancel on someone else. I’m still questioning why I think I should be trying the dating thing, besides the fact that meeting new people is important, and I guess also feeling the pinch of losing many single friends to coupledom!

          • Anon Spock: you nailed it. it’s good to keep your options open. then later you can decide which one suits you best. as for match %, take a chance because you never know. Glad I gave this guy a shot despite being a < 50% match. Starting off a date with no pressure because the internet already told us we'd suck together made it more fun. Try it.

      • LittleBluePenguin: online dating provides you more options and opportunities to “meet” different people. Quality over quantity cannot be stressed enough when online dating. Hey, at least you’ll get a funny story out of all your dates.

      • The power of online dating is the filter mechanisms. That said, it can also take away some of the spontaneity of meeting zone outside of your comfort zone. You might end up dating the same “type” of person over and over again.

  • Rave: NIH appointment went well, no major hiccups besides everything taking forever and losing an entire day at the office. However, very impressed with that institution. Now I just have to try to wait patiently for results.
    Rant: My eyes hurt. Not sure if it’s another allergy flare-up but damn they hurt!

    • I’m glad it went well!
      And I hope the wait isn’t too long, though I imagine it’ll be nerve wracking regardless.

      • Thanks, jeslett – I’m hoping the wait isn’t too long either, but I’m fully prepared to wait at least 6 weeks. I just err on the side of anticipating a lengthy wait, and that way, anything shorter is a pleasant surprise.

  • Rant: after taking the bus to the catch the Shaw metro, I was traveling down the escalator and had a teenager spit into the escalator area from street level. My hair, the side of my face, and my suit were covered in spit. I had to turn around, travel back home, shower and recommute. Days like this tear you down a bit

    • This is horrific. I’m so sorry this happened to you!

    • oh my god that’s awful – I wonder if it’s worth contacting the metro police to see if there’s a video?

    • justinbc

      Soooo gross. I think I would just call it a day and phone it in.

    • Ugh. That is a bona fide rant. Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, in a city like DC, this doesn’t completely surprise me. Depending on what station I’m at, I keep an eye out when I’m going up or down escalators.

      • Im not proud, but I almost started hysterically crying. Ive lived here for more than 6 years, had my apartment broken into, had people behave rudely to me, but this was just a shitty random act. They spit (not a small amount) hoping to hit me, it was early and I hadnt interacted with anyone (not that I ever behave in a way that warrants that kind of response). I couldnt call in sick, sadly, and of course work has been a real pill today. I just need a nap, or a vacation. I recounted to a friend in NYC, and even he was horrified.

        FYI since it was a person from outside the metro (IE street/sidewalk level) I dont think metro will do anything. It was just outdie uprising, but it was early so I couldnt find anyone who had seen it.

    • Ugh! That’s awful! Hope the rest of your day goes / is going much better!

  • Rant: I forget how awful the mortgage process is. We finally found approval for a VA loan but are under contract with conventional. Blech.
    Rant: Lincoln Tunnel – I hope everyone is OK!
    Rave: My dad sent me pictures of himself when he was 19 months old, and it’s so cute how much my son looks like him! Twinsies!
    Rave: Cookbook swap – someone’s gonna get good cookbooks!!!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Work Happy Hour at Tonic last night. I was finally able to give an “Irish Goodbye” around 7 pm.
    Rave: I got a very long explanation of Ramadan at said Happy Hour. I know that probably sounds tedious but it was very interesting.
    Rave: I found some purple sedum online! PURPLE!
    Rant: My Olympian pole vaulting carpet beetles. I found some on two sweaters hanging in closets and they had eaten several holes in them. 
    Rave: Funny text messages last night with my nieces and nephews.

  • RANT: How is it possible that I still see women wearing black tights in mid-June? Is this some sort of DC thing that I will never understand? Also, WHEN WILL PEOPLE STOP?

    • I’m not guilty of this, but some people get FREEZING in their office (like me). I”d much rather sweat outside for 15 minutes than freeze for 8 hours.

      • I always love this. Why do you care what OTHER PEOPLE wear? There’s probably a reason they’re wearing whatever they’re wearing. As FridayGirl pointed out, sometimes it’s due to office temperatures. My fiancee will wear leggings and/or long sleeves to work in the summer because her office is so cold. She never steps foot outside unless it’s to get lunch.

      • justinbc

        Yeah, I run a space heater in my office all summer long because the building owners keep it absurdly cold. +1 to stop caring what other people wear.

      • I was really close to wearing black tights last week but it just seemed so wrong. My office was like 50 degrees and I was afraid to turn my space heater on after I tripped the circuit with it. I have been wearing sweaters and scarves without shame though!

  • Rant: Down side of being a landlord, my tenant is five days late in paying his rent, I think he is having a breakdown.
    Rant: Selfish, please complete your breakdown after you move out of my house

  • RAVE: this pic! so film noir

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Went ahead and bought tickets to New Orleans for Xmas. Now I *have* to go now, nothing can get in the way.
    Rant: I ony have time and money to go to New Orleans b/c I won’t be going to Floriday for Thanksgiving anymore.
    Rave: Starting think about another trip to Sweden in the late winter early spring.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Farewell pub run was fantastic last night. Had a great time with amazing and loyal friends. A true testament that DC has been good to me!
    Rave: Final work bootcamp today and yummy carrot cake afterwards. Sad to leave my gym friends.

  • Hey Cliff,
    Here’s a rant for ya- wish you would have taken a more flattering photo me. However, my dog looks great 😉
    Thanks for the nice surprise. Feel free to send me any other shots you got 🙂

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