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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Zombie Donuts take too frakking long to ever get a box for your work friends.
    Rant: Hey look! I’m not late today and no one is around to appreciate it.
    Rave: Got the apt clean last night with the assistance of 6 episodes of Hoarders.
    Rant: Pretty sure I am sick. 🙁
    Rave: BUT NOT SICK ENOUGH to cancel wedding date! Excited to report back. We’ve decided to go with the raspberry dress / tie combination.

  • Rave: It’s Friday. So freaking happy that this week is over!

    Rant: It’s cold. Remember when it was summer?

    Rave: Going for Burmese food tomorrow night with friends and the All Ale The Ladies of Beer on Sunday night, so, excellent distractions from wondering about my relationship status.

    Rant: My Uber experience this morning.

    Rave: The $5 credit they gave me immediately.

    • Oh, thank you for reminding me to check that I wasn’t charged for the driver who called me to tell me he knew he was in the right place because he was in front of “some restaurant” despite the fact that there were no vehicles within the block of the address I was standing in the pouring freakin’ rain. Cancelled and reordered!

    • oh! What is is this “All Ale the Ladies of Beer”? That sounds intriguing!

    • Which Burmese place? Mandalay or someplace else?

  • Rave: Entering the office already in OT on Friday is great on the paycheck.
    Rant: So tired from said OT & other commitments this week
    Rant: Stop raining already! I would prefer to play our softball doubleheader tomorrow in the sunshine.

  • Rave: Friday!!!! Going home to see about buying a house. Wheeee. Job interview lined up Monday. Wheee!
    Rant: Dropped a glass bottle of milk this morning – so much milk and glass everywhere
    Rave: apparently it’s national donut day?
    Rant: so unhealthy. why is good food so bad for you?!

    • Good luck with the house visit & the job interview! Yuck on the broken glass bottle of milk 🙁

      • yeah it was baaad. My dog was oddly interested in cleaning up the milk. But I did my best and was thankful that today is housekeeper day! What a mess!

        • Oh good! I always find that I need to sweep vacuum multiple times after breaking glass–and then I STILL find pieces days later. Ugh.

    • Enjoy! Have a hoagie and some Herrs honey BBQ cheese curls for me 😀

  • Rave – Happy birthday to the Mrs! Going to try Rose’s Luxury this evening. How early should I leave work to get in line?

  • emvee

    Rave: Going to Calexico tonight at 9:30 Club.
    Rant: Broke my french press this morning. Coffee everywhere. The dog helped clean it up and now I worry about the state the place will be in when I get home. There is nothing promising about an over-caffeinated dog.
    Rave: Spent last night eating GF cupcakes from my favorite GF bakery in Baltimore while watching Mean Girls with a glass of wine. I don’t care if that makes me basic, it was a glorious evening to myself.

    • What’s the name of the GF bakery? I love Happy Tart in Del Ray but can’t hurt to try out others!

      • emvee

        Sweet 27! They’ve regularly won Best Cupcake in Baltimore.

      • Rise Bakery on 18th St. in Adams morgan is also pretty good. The cupcakes are a little dense but the icing is good and they have a huge variety.

        • emvee

          I’ve gone to Rise a couple times. Their bagels are pretty great, but the cupcakes aren’t as good as the ones from Sweet 27. It’ll work for when I don’t want to take the Marc up. 🙂

          • The bagel we tried was so incredibly salty. I was amazed that they could get the tricky GF baking part right but somehow manage to oversalt it.

    • houseintherear

      I have a fairly elderly little westie dog, and a young cat. The cat’s new activity is dipping his paw (and arm- up to elbow) in my cups and glasses. A few weeks ago he dipped into my coffee, which was hot, and freaked out and knocked it over. Dog cleaned it up before I could get it. Cut to 30 mins later- the normally slow old westie running figure 8s around the dining room table and kitchen island and literally squealing at the highest pitch I’ve ever heard from him. Good times. 🙂

  • janie4

    Rave: cold weather means lower electric bills.
    Rave: All the rain has meant that I haven’t had to water my plants.
    Rave: going for new prescription sunglasses tomorrow.
    Rant: because my prescription sunglasses got stolen.
    Rant: Construction is halted until we resolve a HVAC issue. Not great.

  • Rant: Getting pressure to increase my work trip from six weeks to three months. I reallllly don’t want to spend my entire summer in a tiny Midwestern town.

  • Rave: Free donuts at work today
    Rant: Missing a trip with my husband and daughter due to work this weekend
    Rave: Getting to enjoy brunch with friends on Sunday while the family is away

  • Rave: Despite playing horribly and dealing with a ton of injuries the Mets are somehow in first place.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Had an absolutely incredible meal at Urban Butcher last night. so. much. meat.
    Rant: Apparently we left our car unlocked last night (or more likely, our toddler grabbed our keys and hit the unlock at some point, since someone rifled through it.
    Rave: They didn’t steal the expensive stroller in the trunk or the car seat.
    Rant: They did steal my 5 year old pair of beat to hell Nikes. Those were comfortable shoes, you monster!
    Rave: They didn’t break any windows or drop a deuce in the car, so I’m pretty ok with them taking my old kicks.

    • Interesting. I never thought about the idea of leaving my doors unlocked so they wont break my windows. I guess if there is a chance they will shit in my car it’s not really a solution. hmmmm.

      • Jim_ed wasn’t leaving his car doors unlocked on purpose (though I’ve heard of some people who do that).

  • Rant: Drivers who don’t move for emergency vehicles – at least twice a week on my bike commute, I see stupid people just completely disregard the fire truck or ambulance or police vehicle as they stare straight ahead or into their phones, holding up the emergency response. Be aware people! Move the F*** outta the way!
    Rave: To Florida this weekend – husband gets to hang with his siblings and it’ll be nice and warm.
    Rant: Unresponsive property management group, torn up floors, frustrating, disrespectful contractors.
    Rave: Discovered how to get to the roof of my condo building – perfect for 4th of July firework viewing! 😉

    • I saw an ambulance struggle to get the intersection at 20th and L and the driver blocking the way was just oblivious. It’s an ambulance – get as far over as you can.

    • To follow on your property management rant: I live in an apartment building (so renters, not owners), but I am amazed at how unresponsive our property management is. Granted, it is a rent-controlled, old building with no amenities, but our manager barely responds and sometimes doesn’t respond at all to noise complaints, etc. One of my neighbors had to escalate his complaints to a regional manager for the company. We also have had sketchy contractors who do really shoddy work and leave a mess for the tenants. Don’t the people who own the building want it to properly maintained, or are Band-Aid cures for a lot less money ultimately profitable (even while the building falls apart)? I’ve wondered if it was because they are paying the absolute least amount of money for these guys and also whether there might be a cultural thing. As in, maybe the people come from countries where they are not expected to clean up after their job and where it is acceptable to leave drywall dust and other crap all over tenants’ floors and furniture. The contractors are maybe not legal and almost always from South America- I say maybe not legal, because I’ve seen them put a few cleaning ladies in a windowless van where they are sitting on the floor without seats or belts. I don’t think a legitimate business would be run like this. Based on what goes on in my building to the negligence seen in house flipping and other places, it makes you seriously wonder. Nothing is solid- it’s all expendable and built on sand, ready to be changed up for the next thing. All I see is a lot of waste, even if you get it on the cheap in the short run.

      • South America? Not Central America? (The latter seems more likely in the D.C. area.)

        • Yes, I think you’re probably right about that. We did have some Salvadorians at one point. Either way, I suspect some unethical/illegal stuff is going on with these contractors- and I don’t think my building is alone. I think there is a lot of shadiness in the contracting/building communities, and we will ultimately pay for it. You can only cut corners so much. Plus, it is not just a financial or convenience concern. Poor construction can be dangerous.

          • Shoddy work and disrespect for the home is not contingent upon one’s immigration status. The contractors my PM group use consistently show no respect for my home (used, wet towels left in the middle of my kitchen, traipsing floor tar through my house, leaving hardwood nails in the middle of my hallway, etc.) and my PM group does nothing to enforce more respect – regardless of their nationality or whatever. I assume there are two issues: (1) I can’t be home to supervise the work all the time, (2) the PM is paying for the work so they pay less for worse quality work.

          • I can’t imagine this crap going on where I’m from. I once had contractors in my apartment who left a huge (think 2X2 ft) hold in my wall that led directly outside to the parking garage below me. When I came home, not only was this huge wall left uncovered and exposed, my poor cat was frightened and could have just as easily have gone right through the hole and fallen into the garage below. There was construction dust all over and bits of dry wall, etc. I felt like I was living in a third world country. My neighbors’ cats were left with floor tar on their fur when the idiot management company and contractors failed to notify my neighbor that she might need to find alternative accommodations for the cats and instead decided to plough ahead with very intense construction work while live animals were exposed to a plethora of things. That level of negligence and poor behavior just blows my mind, especially when you factor in the money we pay to live in our nation’s freaking capitol.

          • Also, I beg to disagree that immigration status of workers has nothing to do with the quality of work produced. I think it is a factor that can’t be ignored, along with all the other cost-cutting and workarounds these companies do. It absolutely makes sense that businesses that deal with an underground economy where they abuse their workforce and do things under the table will also be more than willing to cut corners and not follow regulations. Hell, if they willfully disobey laws for proper pay/working conditions, why on earth would anyone assume they would be doing things “to the book” with the construction they do on your house or that store, etc.? It’s a race to the bottom.

  • Rave: Birthday cookout tomorrow! Hopefully it’s nice pool/lounging/bbq weather.
    Rave: Had fun at the game despite the cold and rain.
    Rave: Lots of fun plans!
    Rant: I should probably be packing instead of doing all these fun things.
    Also: I have two tickets for the Steve Rannazzisi show at DC Improv that I can’t use anymore. Tonight at 8pm. Email me at sparklykittytacos at gmail if you’re interested. 🙂

  • Rave? My parents have a real offer on their house & are working on negotiations. So now they’re doing a bunch of house hunting during their visit this weekend. I think that, on net, having them nearby will be great. But we may need to work a bit on boundaries. Also–I worry about my mom finding things to do; she doesn’t have hobbies, really, and she’s somewhat introverted. Any suggestions for clubs or groups that I could recommend to her so she can find people to hang out with? My dad has TONS of hobbies and won’t have trouble finding things to do around here.
    Request to the soon-to-be 2yo (going on 10?): Please continue your sleeping in over the weekend. I will not be impressed if I’ve had to wake you up at 7:50 three mornings in a row if you wake up early during the weekend. Ima is tired!

    • That One Guy

      What about taking classes at any of the various universities around the area? Pottery, art, music perhaps?

      • That’s a neat idea–I hadn’t thought of that.

      • Though I’m hoping she finds something where she can make friends with people in a similar demographic as well–she likes things like book clubs and such, but has trouble joining a group with unfamiliar people. So if anyone else has suggestions, please throw them out there. Thanks!

        • I think the Smithsonian has an older folks group like the Associates but for older people….might be worth checking out!

        • I met quite a few different women of retirement age when I volunteered at Martha’s Table. Some moved here to be near kids, some were tagging along with a spouse on a TDY, and some were from here and just plain retired.

          • I’m not totally sure this is up her alley, but I’ll keep it in mind with the other suggestions–thanks!

    • I worry about boundaries a lot too living closer to my MIL. And my son will be going to preschool where she works. I just know my MIL will ignore them. Hopefully yours are less oblivious.

      • Ugh, that’s tough–especially since it’s your in-laws rather than your parents. My mom isn’t oblivious, she just sometimes has trouble seeing things from another’s point of view. But we’ll figure it out. And I think it will be really fabulous for my kid(s) to have a close relationship with their grandparents.

    • Blithe

      Check out the newsletter for the Friendship Heights Village Center — which has a lot of free and low cost classes, lectures, movies, etc. It’s a short walk from the Red Line. The people that I’ve met seem friendly and low key, and while the age range depends on the activity, there are a lot of retirees. She could do anything from signing up for a class — which could range from a single session, to six weeks or more, to doing a lecture or a book signing. Last night I went to a book signing and presentation from someone who had done forensics for the FBI. It was free and didn’t need a reservation. The center also does trips — mostly day trips but a few overnight ones as well.

      • Oh neat! Is that open to people who live places besides friendship Heights?

        • Blithe

          Yes. Most things will be open to anyone. Most classes will have slightly different prices: i.e $60 for FHV residents and $70 for non residents for a 6 week class, for example. And for the trips FHV residents may get priority registrations dates — so for a very popular trip you may have to either be a resident or the guest of a resident. So, motivation to make friends with a resident! 😉 There’s also a lot going on at The Hill Center, but I haven’t gone to any of their activities — yet.

        • Blithe

          In case the link doesn’t make the cut, just google friendship heights village center, then click on their newsletter. There’s a calender as well as pages with descriptions of the activities and fees (if any).

  • That One Guy

    Today is donut day?!?! D’oh. I didn’t know.

    Rant: socks keep peeling at the heel. Either I have a club for feet or these no show socks are horribly designed.
    Rave: unexpected conversation yielding potential place to submit resume.

    • pretty much all no-show sock, in my experience, are horribly designed. I don’t think it’s your feet.

  • Rave: My mom is home from the hospital and doing well!
    Rant: Traveling back home for four days to visit and help out. Hate the 8 hour drive each way…
    Rave: But get to see family so it’s a wash.
    Rave: It’s Friday and a friend is in from out of town – going out tonight!
    Rave: VA vineyards tomorrow for a friend’s bday.

    • I misread your last rave–replaced “bday” with “baby” and couldn’t figure out why you were going to a vineyard for a friend’s baby–though that would likely be great for baby’s parents! Oops.

  • Rave: Girlfriend coming to”Learn to row day” http://tinyurl.com/qxnz6vm
    Rave: First race Sunday!
    Rant: Back spasms that could force me to the sidelines.

    • emvee

      I think the “Learn to Row” day is going to get a pretty solid turnout. I know quite a few people going and feel like the advertising has been pretty good. Let us know how it goes!

      • Glad to hear it. I’ve obviously been trying to leverage PoP — beats tacking flyers to coffee shop bulletin boards!

  • Rant: Think I was catfished for a job. Random email asking me to interview, but I could find no record of me applying for the job. No biggie, but the website didn’t work, and FB said the law office was closed. I have no idea what to make of it.
    Rant: Date was a bust. After an hour she said she didn’t feel the spark which is fine, so I grabbed my wallet to hit the road, and she complained that I was making it awkward. She pointed to me being open to friends which I am, but after an hour I didn’t know anything about her interests or hobbies. She mentioned no less than 5 times (after mentioning it in our initial email exchange) that my profile needed more photos while at the same time saying she found me attractive. I just laughed and left asap. Another strange one for the books.

    • Oh yikes at the date. Is this the one who liked to plan last minute?

      • Yes. Surprisingly, that was not an issue, but if I had taken you ladies advice, I would have avoided the tomfoolry. She tried to imply my sparse photos was the reason I hadn’t found the one online while at the same time ignoring the facts that although she has ample photos she is older, also single, and had just been catfished the night before. I cannot make this stuff up.

        • They say life is stranger than fiction! Sorry about the bummer date. At least you got out of there!

  • Rave: Back home from Nepal!
    Rave: Snuggle dog, my comfortable bed, a solid night of sleep, non-instant coffee this morning
    Rave: The trip back was easy, and thanks to ambien the 13 hour leg passed quickly
    Rant: The trip there – JFK (ugh), seatmate with different idea of personal space. And Ethiad Airlines; 3 out of 3 bags got left behind en route (2 bags checked at BWI were left at JFK, carry-on gate checked at JFK was left in Abu Dhabi). Fortunately all bags arrived late the following day…
    Rave: My garden is looking great – serviceberries and strawberries and plenty of greens for salad (I REALLY missed fresh vegetables!!)

  • Rave: Friday!
    Rave: Free donuts day! Going to hit up Krispy Kreme during lunch. The twenty minute walk to and from the store totally makes up for the delicious donut unhealthiness, right? … That’s what I’m telling myself. I think I’m giving up on the attempt to have a good beach body before Hawaii.
    Rave: Girl’s night with coworkers tonight – wine, nails, and movies. Should be fun! And then a friend’s birthday pool/bbq party tomorrow. Yay fun weekend plans.
    Rant: I really wish I had easier access to a Trader Joes. That is one thing I miss about living in Columbia Heights – the 14th street one was so convenient.

    • Does Dunkin’ Donuts have free doughnuts too, or is it just Krispy Kreme? (I don’t like glazed doughnuts, so Krispy Kreme has never held much appeal for me.)

      • They have a free donut with the purchase of a drink. Krispy Kreme is apparently straight up free, and it’s not just the glazed ones – I think there’s 4 different types you can choose from. I’m not a fan of glazed either but they have good proper donuts.

  • Revel: Kittens kittens kittens! My four sweethearts – Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme – will be at the adoption event tomorrow at Miss Pixies from 12 – 3 p.m.


    Rant: There are SO many cats in the shelter right now that need fosters! Big cats, little cats, playful cats, fat cats – Homeward Trails can help you pick just the right one. Even if you could foster for for a week or so it will get one cat out of a cage.

    • Someday, I will have cat-friendly roommates/will live on my own in a cat-friendly place so I can foster. I doubt I’ll be staying in my current place once the lease is up so maybe after that…

  • Forgot my raves.
    Dog is feeling better.
    Got all my errands and such done for the foreseeable future.
    DC tax folks aren’t so bad.

  • Rave-ish: elaborate weeknight dreams. Basically attempting to reconstruct the awesomeness this morning, because it was like an old-timey adventure movie.

  • Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rant: I’m so tired I’m planning on an early bedtime – lame.
    Rave: But Saturday morning at the farmer’s market always cheers me up!

  • Blithe

    Query: Would Sunday June 28th work for most people for the PoPville Cosmetics Swap? The 14th won’t work for several people. The 21st won’t work for me (Father’s Day/Solstice Plans). Tentative location will be the conveniently located Kogod courtyard, and we can sort out times (early afternoon?) once we’ve set a day. I’ll try to post this again on Monday, and then we can set a definite day for this.

    • Works for me!

    • Ah, I’ll be in Hawaii that weekend… Hopefully we can do another one sometime and I can make it to that one!

    • That works for me.
      20-70% of my hair looks forward to it.

    • Sun. 6/28 works for me!

    • Can you post more about this? I probably missed the original post – I could be interested! so much nail polish LOL

      • Blithe

        The general idea is that most of us have a slew of wonderful products — that would be even MORE wonderful for someone else. So we can swap — and maybe share samples of things that are keepers. If someone is interested but doesn’t have products to swap — come anyway! It would be fun if it turns out to be co-ed. Maybe Pablo could get some hair products and That One Guy could learn MUCH more than he ever wanted to know about cosmetic rituals. 🙂

        • hm I’d have to sort through what i have but this could be fun!

        • I Dont Get It

          I just need some sunscreen that doesn’t end up in my eyes!

          • Blithe

            Well, that might be a combination of product and technique. I’m sure that we could accommodate that! Have you tried the stick kind? I don’t use it, but I know people who buy it for their kids because it doesn’t drip or sting.

          • I Dont Get It

            Never heard of the stick kind, will try. Thanks!

          • Speaking of sunscreen — I think it was you, Blithe, who suggested that I try baby sunscreen to see if it helps with the face/skin stinging and it absolutely does! I finally have a sunscreen that I can use. So thank you! 🙂

    • Works for me! Also, what fun things are you doing for Solstice?! (I usually just bake up some good Swedish cinnamon rolls, from a recipe I got from a Swedish friend from her Solstice traditions)

      • That One Guy

        That sounds good.

      • Blithe

        I’ll be going to a solstice party — which should be a fun way to officially start off the summer. I’m planning to go to the NMAI to play in — or at least check out — the rainbows. (Pablo — are you still up for this?) I’ve got plans to hang out in the park with friends, and I hope to put in some serious pool time. If the weather cooperates, I’ll have on a huge summer hat and a fun frock, and revel in the sunshine. (With sunblock, of course!)
        I had planned to make cheese biscuits, but cinnamon rolls sound awesome, so maybe I’ll try that instead. Unless you can be talked into bringing leftovers to the swap. 😉

        — If this goes nicely, we can probably do other swaps as well. Maybe a cookbook swap?

        • Sorry to be dense, but what is the NMAI? I *might* have some leftover cinnamon rolls, I’ll see what I can do! And I love the sound of a cookbook / recipe swap, i want the recipe for cheese biscuits!

          • Blithe

            National Museum of the American Indian. There are prisms in the walls that were designed for maximum rainbow production at the solstice. (Or at least that’s how I understand it.)
            And you’re not being dense. Acronyms suck! I’m sorry — I usually try to avoid them, but I was in a hurry.
            – As to the cheese biscuits, I cheat. I buy a box of Red Lobster mix, fling in extra sharp cheese, mix with water and bake. I usually forgo the garlic packet that can be mixed with butter and smeared on top. They’re drop biscuits, so very easy. Or just add cheese to any plain biscuit recipe that you have. I usually do it without a recipe — but I can hunt one down if you like.

          • Cool! It’s been at least 7 years since I’ve been in any of the museums down on the Mall, and I can’t recall ever visiting the National Museum of the American Indian, I’m now very curious (I mean, it’s been on my list but I usually avoid Mall museums during the summer months because of tourist overload + heat! As for the biscuit, I may need to experiment – Iast batch of biscuits I made were some rosemary & beer biscuits, smothered in a stout sausage gravy – yum! (but definitely for the cooler months, not now so much!)

    • The 28th works for me!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Rental hunting. Found a place yesterday near Kingsman Park that checked all the boxes except Mr. Squid wasn’t comfortable in the neighborhood. Liquor and corner store had people loitering outside. A similar property nearby was also not comfortable for him. Feeling very frustrated with this search. He has a much lower urban threshold than I do and as a result, I don’t know that we’re going to be able to find something we can afford that he likes and we both want to move out of current house ASAP.
    Rant: Landlord paid water bill last month but neglected to tell either us or downstairs tenant. I just paid it for this month. Do you want to be a landlord or not? So frustrating.
    Revel: Mr. Squid’s continuing therapy, doctors’ appointments, and drugs, reading up on stuff, and making a genuine effort to figure out what’s going on in his brain. It’s super tough at times but I’m so pleased he’s motivated to take care of himself.
    Revel: Best girlfriends that will let you blow off some steam.

    • what type of rental do you need?

      • I’ll second jindc’s comment – crowdsource this through PoP and maybe you’ll find something you wouldn’t have found on your own.

        • I’m asking because we are moving out of ours (and the mice are gone, so you’re good!). I’m happy to help find someone who needs housing!

        • GiantSquid

          I would happily provide a finder’s fee (money, baked goods, gardening help, etc.) to anyone that could help out.

      • GiantSquid

        We need something that has a lot of light, that’s a requirement due to medical reasons. We could downsize to a 1BR if it had a big living space or den but otherwise it’s been 2BR/ 1-2BA. We have two small, 20lbs. dogs and are ok with paying a reasonable deposit and monthly pet fee. In-unit W/D is preferred. The icing would be a dedicated parking spot but that’s not mandatory. We’re looking in SW, SE west of the Anacostia, and NE towards H St., as we really like living on the Hill. We’re realizing we’re not a big fan of large apartment buildings, but spaces like the 4-plex we saw last night are fine as long as we’re not in the basement (see earlier light requirement). Also we’d prefer something that’s been updated in the last 10-15 years as we’ve been living in a house with floors that give us splinters, windows that are super old, inefficient, and don’t open, leaky roofs, countertops that aren’t connected to cabinets, etc. etc. Lastly, Mr. Squid is tall. Like 6’6″ tall, so something compact with super low ceilings isn’t going to work. We know that we’ve been paying ridiculously low rent compared to the going market rate so we’re ok with increasing what we pay, but in order to continue saving for a purchase (which will be tough until freelance stuff picks up or I find another full-time job) we are trying to keep rent around $2500. Which is why last night was frustrating because it really did fit all those requirements and came in under our limit. But I can’t make him live in an area he doesn’t feel safe in. *sigh*

        • ah, yeah, we’re in Logan and pay more than $2500. But hopefully someone here can help!

        • Are you interested in Arlington at all? The building I live in routinely gets 2 bed/2 baths open (all privately-owned condos, you rent from the owner) for less than that. Parking and utilities are included…but is a mile from the Ballston metro. Lots of bus options though.

          • GiantSquid

            Arlington would be do-able if we knew more about our jobs. We’ve had good luck getting to and from jobs in MD and VA from the Hill and we’re loathe to head much in one direction or another before we know what commute will look like for one of us.

        • You should consider near by NW as well. I’m 15 mins from pretty much everything except upper NW in a 2bd/1ba place that checks all your boxes and is well under 2k (no parking space but easy street parking). I found it by searching local property managers in addition to padmapper.

        • How about Navy Yard, and specifically Capitol Hill Tower? Owners there are always renting their places out and some come with parking. I know you’re not a fan of large buildings, but Capitol Hill Tower isn’t crazy big. The units get a lot of light and there is actually a 2BR/2BA on CL right now in that building right at your price point of $2500!

    • We live right there and it’s a GREAT community — sorry you won’t be coming to the neighborhood!!

      • GiantSquid

        @South of Kingsman, do you know anything about the liquor and corner store on C & 18th? There were folks loitering outside, is that a regular occurrence? I’m fine with it in the “don’t bother them, they won’t bother you” mindset but he’s not keen on either of us walking the dogs at night.

  • Rave: Interesting talk/reading/Q&A last night from Ruben Castaneda at Upshur Street Books.
    Rant: Groggy. I think I need to undergo a sleep study to see if there’s anything that can be done for me to get more restful sleep.
    Rave: Almost the weekend.
    Rave: Cooler temperatures.

  • laduvet

    Rave: Love the daily pic! from a far reminded me a painting… Jackson Pollock tones and spontaneity.

    Rave: Bought a Burberry jacket…. oppsies… current weather and the move to UK inspired (insert devil face)

    IT”S FRIDAY!!!!!

  • Rant: Still no word, for several months now, regarding the Fort Reno summer concert series.

    Has anybody heard/read anything?

  • Rant: Nauseous as hell.
    Rave: Nauseous as hell!
    Rant: I haven’t actually tested yet. If the news is bad, I think I might fall apart.

    • Ugh–such a roller coaster, espcially when you’ve been through so much already. Fingers crossed for you!

    • Good luck next week at your beta! Personally, I always test before the beta because I wouldn’t be able to handle bad news at the office without being prepared ahead of time. Either way, baby dust wishes for you.

    • Are you on progesterone following your transfer? Unfortunately the progesterone can cause symptoms similar to those in early pregnancy, so it screws with your mind a little bit. How many days past transfer are you? And you transferred one, right?

      • I’m taking progesterone and estrogen right now and had my single embryo transfer exactly a week ago. My doctor said the same thing you said, that the progesterone can cause similar symptoms, so I know I just have to test to find out for sure. But man is my mind playing tricks on me.

        • a week plus a 5 day blast? you could get a pretty accurate test at this point, but you never know – my betas were low and the (lovely) GW nurse told me to prepare for a chemical just in case. But he was a late implanter – the betas were never insanely high, which doesn’t matter – the doubling time is what matters.

          • I’m not really concerned about the accuracy of the test at this point. I just don’t want bad news while I’m busy at work. Or at any time, really.

          • yes, I know….I know people who don’t test. But I could never do that! some people test too early, though, and it’s not accurate and they freak out – trigger shot (which isn’t an issue for you) inaccurate or negative inaccurate. It’s never a good time, you’re right!

        • My thoughts are with you. I know how much it sucks. If you are going to test before the beta, I would wait until at least tomorrow morning if you can hold out. Gives a little more time for possible hormone levels to build and you don’t have to worry about work if you are either too excited or too upset from any result. However, I would caution that since it was a single embryo, it could still be too early, so don’t put too much stock in any negative result yet.

    • I personally never had any weird reactions that I can remember from any of the drugs (i did have PIO, though). I had zero symptoms. So really try not to read in to it. We are here for you either way!

  • Step Afrika show celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary. Awesome and uplifting show last night. Drop your plans and head over to Howard’s campus theater to check it out this weekend. Not that often you get this level of artistry so near to Petworth.

  • Rant: cuckoo coworker who knows everything while I know nothing simply because she’s been at it longer than i have. Thing is, so much of what she knows is wrong.

  • PSA: There will be an ANC Community Crime Prevention Summit tomorrow — Sat. 6/6 — from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Cardozo Education Campus. (Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.)
    • Intended for all DC residents and business (particularly in Wards 1 & 2)
    • Meet others interested in reducing crime in their communities
    • Learn simple and effective ways to protect yourself, your family, and your property
    • Discuss ways to help DC neighborhoods be more vigilant and more secure
    • Discuss ways in which MPD and residents can be helpful to one another through community policing
    SPECIAL GUESTS: (subject to change)
    • Presentation by Samantha Nolan, DC Citywide Neighborhood Watch Trainer (12pm)
    • Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)
    • Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (FEMS)
    • And other DC public safety agencies

  • Rave: I’ve worked at my company for over 8 years and I’m finally getting to contribute directly to our published product! At first it was just one part, but now I’ve gotten to do a second part and it’s really fulfilling.
    Rave: and I got some nice credit for it.
    Rant: I think our book retails for $800. This isn’t exactly mainstream, fiction stuff.
    Rave: I worked out my Savor stuff and I’m going with friends and sold my one extra ticket. Justin, please instagram the bejeesus out of the beers you like, I want a preview!

    • Blithe

      $800?!!!!!! Gulp. Is this an art book? Or the secrets of alchemy? Seriously, I realize that you might not want to get too specific, but could you maybe hint at what would make a book cost that much?

      • An art book, it is not. Unless you really want to stretch the idea of art.
        It’s a multi-volume book that a highly technical industry is required to purchase.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Wiccan Dog Sitter made arepas last night and
    Rant: Somehow started a grease fire on my stovetop and
    Rant: I guess at the drag diner at the bowling alley where he worked in SF (or the diner at the drag bowling alley, I really should have paid more attention to this story) they didn’t teach proper grease fire suppression techniques because when I came into the kitchen he was filling a pot of water to put it out so I
    Rave: Grabbed a couple of pot lids and a spare skillet and smothered it.
    Rave: At work Chrome was finally pushed to our desktops and finally after many months, I can access PoPville from my work PC!

    • Whoa, IDGI. Just whoa.

      How does WDS exist??? Good on you just jumping in!

      • I Dont Get It

        He claims someone put a spell on him and that’s what caused the fire and the arepas to stick and the STD.

        • … and the STD? Did I miss that discussion? (Oh, and the spell part is hilarious too.)

          • I Dont Get It

            The DR he is dating has an STD so even though he had no symptoms, WDS decided he also must have an STD and kept claiming it had spread to his brain like Ivan the Terrible (???). He went to the clinic and of course tested negative for everything, otherwise I wouldn’t talk about it.

    • emvee

      I have so many questions about WDS here, but my main one is: Wait, wait, is WDS Venezuelan?! Did any arepas survive? Were they any good? Were there creative fillings, or just lame cheese?

      • I Dont Get It

        His mother is from Venezuela, his dad is Trinidadian. The arepas were sticking to the skillet which I think caused the grease spill when he tried to flip them. The survivors didn’t look very good but were okay tasting—he’s done better. The filling was leftover ground beef pasta sauce from the night before with some cheese.

      • That’s more than one question…which is your main one? 😉

        • emvee

          Hahaha I realized that in hindsight. More came to me as I typed. As a Venezuelan myself, I get really excited about arepas and the people who make them.

    • Please provide a detailed compare/ contrast between WDS and Hank Azaria’s character from The Birdcage.

      • LOL we need this to be answered

      • I Dont Get It

        He doesn’t have an accent and to my knowledge has never been married to Helen Hunt.

        • I Dont Get It

          And one more thing, I DON’T DO DRAG! When I was starting out in the working world, IDGI SR sat me down and gave me some advice, “Son, always be the first to arrive to work, last to leave, keep your shoes polished and never do drag because you will look like Eleanor Roosevelt. “

  • Rant: My high school friend lost his 9 month old son to cancer today. It is a very very sad day. Cancer sucks.

  • Bear

    Rant: Holy hell, the week I’ve had. Between my father landing himself in the hospital and the proposal from hell that we FINALLY wrapped up yesterday, I’m just spent. Totally spent. Plus I had lots of bourbon last night to celebrate being done with said proposal.
    Rave: I found a wedding dress and the landscapers got started on the big yard project. I was SO happy to see our shitty walkway torn up when I got home yesterday!

  • Rave: Whoever mentioned the new Florence + The Machine album earlier this week. Love it! On major repeat on Spotify today while I’m trying to finish this report.

  • Rave: It’s Friday!

    Rant: Bridesmaid duties are causing me to go broke. In addition to buying a floor-length chiffon dress (for the love of —, WHY?!), I have to spend crazy $$ getting it hemmed. Not to mention having to travel to and from the wedding (it’s not a destination wedding but not local). I’m trying to stay positive and be excited for the wedding but I’m just so spent, I really feel like I’m just forcing it at this point. In all the weddings I’ve been in, the bride promised they wouldn’t become a bridezilla, which of course they eventually did.

    Rant: Work sucks.

    • emvee

      Your first rant is all too familiar. I lived that exact thing this April. I took mine to get altered and said, “What’s the least I can spend to make this functional? I have no intention of ever wearing it again.” Highly recommend.

    • Hi, are you me? I am living your first rant right now too. It’s rough. I might have to try emvee’s tactic and see what happens.

  • Do these emoji show up? ❤️

  • Rant: standing on the side of New York Ave waiting for a tow truck because my starter decided to crap out. Dressed like a dork because it was field day.

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