PoPville T-Shirts continue to Travel the States – Charlotte, NC


“The Dog Bar in NoDa. Crazy!”


“Skyline from the Plaza Midwood neighborhood”


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  • justinbc

    NoDa is a really cool neighborhood, some nice breweries there too. I didn’t know they had a dog bar there, although it doesn’t surprise me given the surrounding neighborhood’s demographic. I’m curious why all the dogs are on tables though, I would think they would hate that!

    • OP here. Small older dogs seemed to like being up on the bar to watch things and get petted. Puppies, big dogs, and lively pups were everywhere else. It was pretty entertaining. But the a/c did, of course, smell like a wet dog.

    • About that name though…

  • Awe, looks like a couple Welsh Terriers on the bar. We just got a Welsh Terrier puppy.

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