&pizza now offering their own wine – and Recs for What Pizza to Pair it With


From a press release:

“&pizza, the first Washington, DC-based fast casual pizza company, known for its trademark ampersand, gourmet handmade pies, inventive flavor combinations, localized store design and dedication to the communities they serve, announces the launch of &WINE. The brand’s custom red and white wines are the perfect complements to their pies and will be available by the glass and bottle beginning Thursday, June 11 at all DC locations.

The two wine options include &pizza Central Coast Red Wine and &pizza Central Coast Chardonnay. The red wine has hints of rich, dark fruit, firm tannins and a clean finish, pairing it well with &pizza’s signature Farmer’s Daughter, Maverick and Kiss + Fire pizzas.

With tastes of candied orange blossom, vanilla oak-inspired spices and pineapple creating nice minerality and vibrant acidity, the Chardonnay has a fruit-filled finish that complements &pizza’s Moonstruck, Gnarlic and Backyard Garden pizzas. Both wines are available for $20 a bottle or $5.45 a glass before tax.

&WINE will be available at all 6 of their DC shops: Brookland, Dupont South, E Street, H Street, K Street and U Street.”

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  • Still waiting for their gluten-free crust to be more widely available.

  • I think they’ve always had beer and wine (at least at the H Street location). I think the difference is they are now offering a house brand.

  • Forget about tannins. What you want with pizza is acidity, and if there’s one thing cheap American wines tend to lack it’s acidity. I’ll give it a try but will plan to stick to beer.

  • This place needs to stop getting better every week or else I’m not going to have any money left.

  • “The two wine options ARE.”
    “The two wine options INCLUDE.”

    Best pizza in town though. And I love me some pizza.

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