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  • What is the second photo supposed to be a picture of?

  • So stupid (the protest). The building has been long vacant and when other well-regarded local business people wanted to come in, the landlord wouldn’t deal. It’s not Subway’s fault that the landlord is a money-hungry jerk.

  • It’s a shame this protester will be forced to eat Subway against his will because of this new business opening across the street.

  • Would still like to mention that Chick Fil A is a strong supporter of anti-gay legislation.

    But one other question. If Subway were to cancel plans on this location, would the building remaining vacant be seen as a victory?

  • I really don’t like Subway’s food and I would probably rather have something else there, but this is just getting old and stupid.

  • I feel what the street needs is an artisanal projector shop. Clearly there is some skill involved here. Begin the Kickstarter at $250,000.

  • samanda_bynes

    this is clearly the work of jared’s ex.

  • Has this person made any coherent public statement explaining their position? If you’re going to publicize a hashtag like that, at least use it to spread some sort of information. There’s nothing I can figure out in his Twitter feed.

  • This person must be really bored. I must be even more bored for reading and commenting on this.

  • justinbc

    Actual LOL at this one. I think it’s completely petty and ignorant and I hope they never stop doing it.

  • This is so dumb. I held off commenting in hopes of thinking of something more eloquent to say… but no this is just dumb.

  • I think it’s hilarious and probably brings more attention to Subway than any marketing could. I love that the poop blinks. It’s much better than vandalizing the video.

  • I love this! Keep it up!

  • I don’t really understand this protest. Sure, you may not like subway, but what’s the point here? I admit I’m not too familiar with this business’s history, but a part of me feels really sad at the thought that this business may belongs to a hardworking franchise owner that saved up his/her money to finally open up a business and then some really crappy neighbors decided to do this to him/her…

  • Yet another example of elitists thumbing their nose at a national chain for no reason. Ive lived in the Mt. Pleasant area for nearly 5 years, and in my opinion, the neighborhood is in serious need of a restaurant that can offer tasty, reasonably priced food thats of consistent quality. Dont get me wrong, I love the good ole neighborhood establishments, but many are starting to deteriorate (both inside and out) and their food quality is often hit or miss. I think the residents of Mt. Pleasant deserve an alternative that eliminates the guessing game when it comes to the quality of their food. Knock Subway as much as you want – their food is good, their quality is consistent, and they dont break the bank. Shame on these people.

  • A friend of mine who lives a couple doors down said it’s the work of this dumb film student kid who lives in the neighborhood. Must be bored, or angry about some gastrointestinal issues and/or weight gain experienced after one too many $5 footlongs.

    • I’ve met the person in question. They’re part of a eternal contingent of activists associated with ridiculous-unrealistic-left-of-left wingers, who are impassioned by even the stupidest of struggles. They’re especially enthusiastic about protesting pointless matters, as well as social forces so large (e.g. “war” and “capitalism”) that impotently protesting against them on the street is almost a sure sign of insanity.

      • Yes. The same window was broadcasting “Black Lives Matter” lights onto the same wall a few months ago.

  • A regular Che Guavara

  • Mount Pleasant is supposed to be about diversity — respect for people with different standards, origins, lifestyles. So some will be happy to patronize the Subway, others will not. Neither should be trying to impose their views on those of the contrary opinion.

    The ANC, by the way, has no role to play in this matter. Nobody’s got to get our permission to open a Subway shop on this property. And the property owner certainly doesn’t care what we think.

  • Who is Jared?

  • So stupid. Is Mt. Pleasant now an elegant trove of artisinal shops selling “curated” merchandise? Don’t think so. They’re lucky to have anyone risk opening there.

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