Henry’s Soul Cafe closes at 4th and K NW – U Street Still A Ways to go too

317 K Street, NW

A reader reports:

“Walking the neighborhood over the last few days I noticed that Henry’s Soul Cafe at 4th and K NW has not been open recently. When looking in, it is vacant. Do you know anything about this?”

Sadly, first I’m hearing about this one.


Also, sadly, it looks like the U Street one still has a ways to go before reopening too:

1704 U Street, NW

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  • I walk by this every day. Curious also what the building is going up behind it? Assuming it is more condos/apartments based on the layouts but had not seen any press on that building.

    Anytime the developers would like to hop across the other side of New Jersey Ave, by all means…

  • I’m not confident the U Street location is going to re-open. There has been zero work going on there and the banner for Henry’s has been gone for 3-4 months now.

    • I actually saw someone in the U street location on Saturday doing some work. It looks like they’re honestly just getting started — it was all beams and cinder blocks from what I could see, and quite messy to boot.

    • That’s not accurate, I walk by multiple times a week to use the bus stop out front and there is often work going on. It seems to be going very slowly, but progress none the less.

  • I tried the food at 4th and K one time and I thought it was tasty, but I always felt like it didn’t have long term sustainability with the types of people that live around there. That space and the space next to it that used to be a dollar store could be turned into something cool. As is always the case though, I’m sure it will be turned into a building with retail at the bottom rather than keep the existing structure.

  • This place had the most inscrutable operating hours. They were never open in the evening, which is when they might have had a chance of picking up some business in the neighborhood. The auto mechanic next door has moved as well, so I assume that there will be some new development at that site.

  • I’ve never been to the one at 4th and K, but I really miss the U Street location. Hopefully the one on U Street will reopen soon. Not only did they have the fire about a year ago, but the owner (Henry) passed away a few months ago.

  • maybe MAYBE there is work being done on the U Street “project” but they are already nine (9) months behind their first projected re-opening.

    it’ll be AT LEAST another 6-9 months before this place is back on-line. more likely is that the landlord will halt construction and just build condos. that is, of course, the smart money.

    but maybe they can make a killing selling sweet potato pies and only be open for 4 hours a day.

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