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lost shoe

Lost Shoe

“Writing on the off chance that anyone might have picked up, seen, or heard anything about a lost shoe (Reebok CrossFit Nano sneaker, Women’s size 7.0, mint/white with gray shoelaces), unwittingly dropped approximately one week ago from an accidentally unzipped bag, somewhere along 14th St NW between Rhode Island and R St.

The solemate of the sneaker pictured here is missed very, very much, and its owner would greatly appreciate it if anyone might have any leads. No questions asked if returned!

Please email [email protected] with any information.

Thank you in advance!”

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  • I’m wondering what questions *might* be asked.

    • “What made you pick up a single used woman’s running shoe off the street and keep it for over a week?”

  • jim_ed

    I think at some point you just have to cut your losses here, because the alternatives are:
    A) A shoe thats been exposed to god only knows what on a DC street for a week.
    B) A shoe that was exposed to god only knows what because it was picked up and kept for over a week by a random stranger who apparently will pick up and keep a single woman’s shoes they find on DC streets.
    I’m not sure which option is worse, but maybe your best bet is just to buy a new pair?

  • If said shoe was dropped last week, it’s definitely a bit soggy from all that rain…

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