Friday Question of the Day – What size is Your House/Condo/Rental?

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This is a reader request:

“With all of the talk about pop ups and people looking for more square footage – Would you mind asking your readers what square footage is their home/condos? And what would be their ideal square footage after having lived in their current spaces? How many occupants are in the household?”

It’s an interesting question – do you feel like you need/want more space than you currently have? Less space? Are you in a studio, 1 bed, row house, detached house etc?

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  • HaileUnlikely

    Semi-detached (duplex), 1240 square feet of living space + 580 square foot unfinished basement, for two of us (Mr. & Mrs. Unlikely). We consider this size to be about ideal for us. Slightly smaller would still be ok (not that we’re looking to downsize), no need for bigger.

  • tonyr

    Two bed, two bath 980 sq ft condo, just for little old me. Extra bed/bath useful for guests, but otherwise I’m happy with the location (Shaw/Logan) rather than than any extra features.

  • I’m about to move into a studio that’s 390 sq ft…at least according to the landlord. it’s got tall ceilings and a decent kitchen and is only a block from the metro. We’ll see how this works out. I’m really just tired of roommates and didn’t want to spend half my salary on rent.

    • I’ve lived in a lot of places, but my favorite apartment was a studio. It was tiny but it came with a view of the Pacific and a garden outside that smelled of candy. Magical. Enjoy your new-found privacy and the quiet!

      • I once had a 600 sqft apartment overlooking the Pacific (and Waikiki beach in Honolulu) by myself. More than enough space, and the sunsets were magical. I wish I never had to give it up (but am very happy here).

      • Yeah, it has decent windows, across the street from a park, and decent amount of light. it’s the ground floor of a rowhouse so I can garden too.

  • Quotia Zelda

    We have about 2400 in the suburbs for a family of 5 (+3 pets).
    It’s plenty of space for all of us, though I’d like a little more non-attic storage space. Really, I think we just need to make better use of the storage space we have.
    Our former house, in another state, was 3300 sqft. I miss that house so much, but our current house has less wasted* space.
    *but can a conversation pit really be considered wasted space?

    • Emmaleigh504

      That house was perfect. You just needed to be there a little longer to use it to full effect. Its more suited to teens than toddlers.
      Conversation puts are never a waste.

  • For an expensive place like DC questions about “ideal” isn’t best place to start. For most of us it’s necessary to start by asking “what can I afford?” So I suggest you start by looking at your budget instead of trying to imagine what would be perfect for you. Unless you’re rich perfect won’t happen. When I moved here as a renter on a professor salary that dictated I could have a one bedroom place w about 800 square feet. When I lucked into a recession foreclosure that meant I could get three bedrooms. I can tell you that I like the three bedroom, 1300 ft place much better, but if I hadn’t gotten a good deal my want would be irrelevant and I’d still somehow manage in an 800 sq/ft 1 bdrm. If money weren’t an obstacle I would rather not have to worry about renters, but that is not going to happen so I’ll just be happy that I have more space than I used to. It would do no good to tell people that three bedrooms is great for a work-at-home professor if they are moving here today and obviously can’t afford that.

  • 1,400 square feet in a 3BR rowhouse for 2 adults and 2 kids. It’s perfect. I wish we had a bit more outdoor storage for bikes and sports equipment, but that’s it. I love that we use all of our space and have an incentive to be careful about what we keep/use/acquire.

    • that’s similar to me–we have 1350 for 2br 1.5 bath for 2 people and 2 small pets, but no outdoor storage for stuff like bikes and garden equipment. At some point if we have kids we may consider converting some space into a 3rd bedroom; we have the square footage but the layout isn’t great. My dream house would be about 1400 sf but on 2 stories with 3 bedrooms all on the same level, plus a basement or shed.

      • Your dream home sounds exactly like our house in Michigan Park. Wanted to mention the far Northeast are which is full of similar houses- Riggs Park, Michigan Park, Brookland etc.

  • canadianexile

    About 1,650 square feet in a row house, with 800 more in the basement inlaw suite and 300 of attic storage. Basement is occupied by a friend about three months a year, otherwise there are two of us with all the space. It is a lot for two people but it’s ok as long as we are careful with utilities.

  • 4bed / 2bath 1800 sq ft row home, including the english basement with full kitchen and my wife and I only use about half of it. Our last house was only 1050 sq ft and that was big enough. We’ve already decided that we do not want a large house, even with kids. We have other priorities.

  • Just over 1900sft plus 700sqft basement apt (still have interior stairs incase i want to reclaim it for my use. Its just myself upstairs and tenant in basement. Upgraded from about 1250sqft rowhouse and I really enjoy having all the extra space even though its just myself. I eventually want a single story condo but no less than 1500sqft. I just enjoy larger spaces overall.

  • About 2000 sq ft in a Petworth rowhouse, including a finished basement, for 2 adults, 2 kids. Would love a bigger place one day, mainly to get a larger yard, larger rooms, and more light. I think about 2500 sq ft would be just right. But this is one day…we love our house and location for now.

  • Semi-detached home in MtP, about 4,200sf, plus 1600sf basement. Two adults, two little kids. Six BR. Perfect for me. Don’t need or want more.

    • Single family home in Georgetown. 14,000 square feet, plus two 1,500 square-foot terraces and 2,000 square-foot carriage house on top of 4-car garage. Two adults, three kids. 9 bedrooms, 10 baths. Perfect for me. Don’t need or want more.

  • Rowhouse: 2 people and a dog- 3BD 2 1/2BR 1600 square feet in two floors. 600 additional in the basement (1BD 1 BR) need another 1000 square feet to accommodate our shoe addiction.

  • 800 square foot 1 bedroom with good-sized den for two people and two pets. It’s a luxurious amount of space for our needs – have been here 5+ years and have no interest in upgrading anytime soon.

  • 950 sq ft 2BR townhouse for me and my pup. The size of the house is perfect; in an ideal world I’ve have a much bigger yard and windows on all sides.

  • Would you mind asking your readers what square footage is their home/condos? And what would be their ideal square footage after having lived in their current spaces? How many occupants are in the household?”

    It’s an interesting question – do you feel like you need/want more space than you currently have? Less space? Are you in a studio, 1 bed, row house, detached house etc?

    Basement in rowhouse, 575 sq ft, 3 of us but baby is only 6 months old. Ideal would be 3 bed / 2.5 bath in a total of 2000 sq ft finished & unfinished. Only that much space because I work from home and it would be nice to accommodate guests with more than a futon. Anymore than that and I’d acquire too much stuff.

  • About 750 sq ft condo for just me. Moved here from a 4-bedroom cape, where I had lots of stuff. It was SO liberating getting rid of all that stuff. Now I don’t think I would ever want to live anywhere bigger. The more space you have, the more likely you are to acquire and hold on to stuff you don’t really need or use.

    • binpetworth

      Ditto. This is the size of my condo and it’s perfect..or even slightly too big by about 100 sq ft. I actually dream of building my own tiny house of about 400 sq ft someday, but that’s just a pipe dream until I can figure out where I’d want to buy the land.

  • 1100 sq ft condo for 2 adults, an elementary student, and a small dog. Most of the time it is fine, although another 500 ft would be very helpful, especially when entertaining or having houseguests. We can host adults or children in this space, but it is extremely difficult to entertain whole families.

  • I think our 1600 sq ft rowhouse plus 700 sq foot mother in law suite in the basement (so 2300 sq total) is great for a family of four. No need for any more space than that. In fact, we hardly use the basement at all….

  • 800-and-change sq ft in a 1Br, 1.5 bath + den for my partner and me. It’s a great amount of space. Two walk-in closets for our stuff and the extra half bath is a godsend. 1-2 overnight guests can sleep on our pullout sofa.

    We could make due with less if my partner would get rid of some of his crap. Of course, I could comfortably live in a 350 sf microunit so this works for both of us.

  • just bought a 2000 sq ft (4BR, 2BA) in petworth for 2 people, a cat, and a dog. we wanted room to grow into to start a family, and wanted a yard and parking in case we ever get a car. plus, the extra space is nice for family (or drunk friends) to stay when they visit. so far in dc, we’ve shared a 300 sqft studio (sucked) and a 500 sqft 1BR (not so bad), so this is going to feel like a mansion.

  • 1500sf plus 500sf (finished basement) and 200sf (unfinished basement/1 car garage – used for storage/bikes) with a small backyard in a row house (3 bedrooms/2.5 baths) – 2 adults – 1 baby – 1 large dog. An extra 200sf or so as a 4th bedroom/den would be nice as I work from home 95% of the time and my spouse works from home 2 days a week.

  • 600 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment, wife and me. The size is fine for the two of us. Also easy to have a few friends over for meal/drinks/etc but don’t think we’d want to have a party here.

  • I have a 570 sqft condo in Columbia Heights. It looks/feels bigger because the bedroom is small and the living space is pretty open. I also have a decent sized balcony which gets a lot of use this time of year. I could use a little more storage space, but the lack of it keeps me from getting or holding onto too much crap. I am the only one living in it, so the size it just about perfect for me.

  • ~1000sqft 2 bed/2bath condo for just me. The size is good but more storage space would be ideal. I have some decent closets (not walk ins) but would love some extra space to store things like Christmas decorations/golf clubs, etc. I’d also love some outdoor space – balcony/patio/garden/roof deck – but really the size of my place is perfect for one person.

  • nightborn

    1000 square foot 2 br 2 ba condo for 2 of us. People always think it’s bigger than it is because of the 12 foot ceilings. I think it’s the perfect size for us – big enough to comfortably entertain and have overnight guests, and having 2 bathrooms is amazing. We’ll consider moving when we have a kid, hopefully in the next year or two, but we’ll see. I don’t see us ever wanting a big house.

    • nightborn

      Also wanted to mention that prior to moving into the current place last May, my husband and I lived in 600 square feet for 5 years and while we wished we had more storage, we managed just fine. 1000 square feet feels palatial in comparison! I’m hardly a minimalist, but I dislike accumulating lots of stuff, so anything we don’t use tends to go to family, friends, or Goodwill.

  • 539 sq ft 1 bedroom condo for my partner and I plus a medium sized dog. We actually feel that we have outgrown the space and are planning to move into a 2 bed/2 bath at the beginning of 2016. We really like to entertain and frequently have out of town guest, so the additional space would be great.

  • About 1500 sq ft plus a nice size roofdeck in a converted row house. 2 BR + den for 2 people and a dog on the way. More than enough space for us. Could use a little more storage space but that will be fixed when I get around to install built in bookshelves and cabinets.

  • One person household. One bedroom plus den condo. 920 square feet, but some of that includes a balcony. It’s frankly more space than I need. I’ve lived perfectly comfortably in less square footage. It’s all about how you use the available space. I do like having a larger kitchen and bathroom in my current place. There’s no walk-in-closet in the bedroom, and it’s actually fine. I just have less stuff to stuff in closets now! When I was looking to buy, I had 750 square feet as my minimum, but I was flexible on that. I think the size is less important to me than location, for example.

    • Emmaleigh504

      location is def more important than size for me. But also a little whimsy and/or charm. I live in an older building that has some cute features. My wee studio has a foyer! So cute. And I love the old 1920s bathtub and tile in the bathroom.

      • agreed, when we bought our condo we didn’t want brand new looks like everything else, it’s a 1900 building with original hardwood, we like the charm. although sometimes new features and upgrades can be nice…

  • 1500 sf townhouse, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. It’s just me and the dog. Perfect amount of space for entertaining and having guests visit. Anything larger and I”d probably go nuts trying to maintain it and keep it clean.

  • Place 1 – 2001-2004, 1000 sq. feet 2 BR 1 BA co-op in Adams Morgan for 2 people (first roommate, then fiancé/wife)
    Place 2 – 2004-2015 , 1750 sq. feet 2 BR + Den 2.5 BA condo (rowhouse conversion) in Columbia heights for 2, then 3 people.
    Place 3, in the very-close in burbs, which we are currently renovating and will move into ???? (aargh) will be about 2000 sq. feet above grade with 3 BR and 2.5 BA, and another 1000 sq. feet below grade, 500 of which will be finished with another BR and BA.
    Place 2 was enough room for us, but there was a lot of wasted space, and wanted some additional features in the house/neighborhood as out daughter got older. Plus, a dedicated guest room became increasingly important as our parents get older, and the extra space will come in handy when friends and family with kids come to stay.

  • burritosinstereo

    650 sq ft 1br plus den/dining nook (I use it as my music space) for just me. It’s plenty of room, and I’d even give up some of the living space if it meant more space for storage. I’ve gotten quite creative finding places to store my crap.

  • 1700 sqft, 3 bed, 2.5 bath row house for my partner and I and our two dogs. We rent out the 800 sqft 1 bedroom basement apartment to a couple. It’s a lot of space for just two people, but for us, it’s ideal. We each have our own space in the house and when guests stay over they get their own bedroom and bathroom.

  • 1100 square foot row house. 2 br, 1 1/2 bath with a decent size backyard and a shed. It seems like the perfect size for us, but I do wish we either had a basement or a third bedroom.

  • About 3700 sq ft with an additional 1300 sq feet I rent out in basement two bed/two bath. Columbia Heights. Just me and my boyfriend.

  • Condo: little over 700 sq ft 2bd/1.5 bath; 2 people & a dog Bedrooms are smaller, but the floorplan is open and lots of closet space with access to outdoor space
    Originally was 1 person & a dog, and it felt like a bit too much space because I don’t have a lot of stuff
    Apt: 1000 sq 2bd/1ba with outdoor space; kitchen is far too big and living room is far too small, but it works for me and my introvert roomie 2ppl+1 dog. Would love another bath
    If I was to live with a partner, I think 600-700 sq ft would be a good amount of space as long as closets are good. For me alone probably 400-500 sq ft if it’s designed well.

  • Mr. Eggs and I are in a one bedroom/one bath first-floor condo in an eight-story condo building (in Arlington…so may not be super helpful here haha). It’s about 820 square feet with a really large patio – not sure on the specific size, but it’s the entire length of our apartment and is probably 10 feet wide? It’s perfect for the two of us and our small dog. We’d like a second dog sometime soon and I think we’ll manage in that space, especially having our own entrance without having to go through the building, but another 100 square feet would be really nice. It would be nice to have a second bathroom, and possibly a guest bedroom (though our air mattress and super comfy couch are plenty, and it deters family from staying with us haha).

    • Oh I guess I should also mention that it comes with a storage unit down the hall which is a lifesaver.

      • I’d love to have storage space like that for suitcases/skis, etc. I manage to fit it all in now, but it would be nice to not have to cram everything in the back of closets, under the bed, under the couch, etc..

        • It’s seriously a lifesaver! I don’t think we’ll continue to live in apartment/condo buildings after this (planning to stay where we are until we buy a house in another state) but if we did have to move to another apartment/condo building I think we’d just pay the extra for a storage unit (if one was available) because it’s so useful.

  • Emmaleigh504

    350 ish sq ft bachelor studio (kitchen has it’s own room) with me and a cat. It’s almost perfect. A wee bedroom would be nice.
    I came from a 700ish sq ft 2 bed 2bath condo. The cat had her own bath and I never went into the second bedroom. Much wasted space for me. And all the windows were in the bedrooms which was awful.

  • Living space: 648 sq. ft.
    Total Unit: 750 sq. ft.
    Location: Logan

    When I was looking, 800 sq. ft. was my minimum. But just finding 800+ square foot one bedrooms was next to impossible in my target areas. I didn’t want a 2nd bedroom. It’s difficult to entertain more than 3 or so people, but it’s plenty of space for me. You just can’t crowd your unit with jumbo sized house furnishings.

  • I moved into a 400 sf studio in Logan Circle a few months ago and love it. I love not having roommates and being able to walk to work/school/all the bars and restaurants I go to, etc. (1 block to Whole Foods). Not saying 400 sf is for everyone, but I think as long as you can lay it out so your crap isn’t all over the living area location is more important.

  • Live in a 760 sq ft. 1BR with my girlfriend. Would love about 900 feet and an extra bedroom/den.

  • 2800 sq ft 4 bd 2.5 ba 4 lvl row house. 2 adults 2 kids. I like the size but I would prefer fewer but larger rooms and some closets.

  • Detached house in Petworth – 1650 sq ft; 800 sq ft additional basement rental. Not including basement rental there are 2 1/2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. Just the two of us upstairs and 1 renter below. More space down the road yes, less maintenance, yes as well!

  • wmm

    I live in a 3br/1ba apartment and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I have a guest room, studio room, and master bath. Given my location in Logan and price, I love what I have.

  • My now husband and I started off in a studio of under 500 square feet and we’ve graduated with every move, then to 600 something then to 700 something, then we bought a place about 1200. with garage and a hallway for storage. I think this is prefect for us. I don’t like having a lot of unused space just to say our house is bigger. I even think it could work with an addition of a person considering the two levels. Our cats are ok with it too.

  • emvee

    Probably around 900 sq ft 2 br apartment for two people and a dog. The second bedroom is for my SO who works from home 85% of the time so he can have an office. Honestly though, he doesn’t use it much and we have way more stuff than we need. We’re looking to move in the fall, hopefully to a 1BR with about 600-700 sq ft. We’ve lived in smaller spaces so this just feels excessive, especially in such a pricey city.

  • 325 sq. ft for my husband, myself and our 8 lb. dog. We’ve actually broken it up into 3 separate living areas using the sliding door. co and Ikea book shelves, and it’s comfortable…

  • Semi-detached house, 3300 sq ft, though about 1/4 of that is a 2 bed rental unit in the basement. There are two adults living in the rental unit, and three adults & one child (soon to be two) in the main part of the house. The space works for us, though I imagine a little smaller or a little larger would work out alright as well. Kids might have to share a room if our dear friend/roommate stays put, but we can make that work.

  • My wife, two cats and I own a 3BR rowhouse. It’s about 1300 square feet, plus a finished basement, so maybe 1700 square feet livable space. I would prefer a small place. We used to live in a 2BR, 1000 square foot apartment, and I liked that better. I feel like the more space we have, the more stuff we accumulate, and I’d prefer to simplify a bit. I suspect we’ll downsize to an apartment sometime in the next several years.

  • Brookland detached 600 ft per 1st and 2nd floors basement is a studio apt. Garage has sunroom above converted into library with a laundry and bathroom. I live alone but a bachelor is never truly alone!

  • I live in a duplex apartment with my SO and our dog, it’s about 1150 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. I think it’s plenty big for us, we actually don’t have enough furniture for the space. Before we moved to our current place (and got the dog) we lived in 700 sq foot one bedroom apartment, and before that we shared a 450 sq ft studio apartment. We really enjoy having more space and the second bedroom and bathroom, especially after living together in a studio!

  • my place (single family craftsman in NE) is listed as 2080 with the lot as 4440. not sure if the sq/ft of the house includes the finished basement and unfinished attic – as similar neighboring houses vary quite a bit in reported footage and a similar house to mine with finished basement and attic is reported as 1700.

    for me, wife, kid, and pup – this is the perfect size place. we live in the city, but Brookalnd/Woodridge doesn’t exactly feel like city living. especially with a nice yard. I lived in a Petworth basement that would fit in my current living/dining rooms for 2 years and paid in rent what I now pay in mortgage, so a definite improvement.

    Perfect size overall. There’s no “popping up” a craftsman, but we may consider raising the roof/window area on the back side of the house if we ever finish off the attic. As many NE craftsman and row houses have been done, the back of the house has been extended on the main and upstairs level as sun rooms.

  • I haven’t been in anything larger than 900 sq ft since I moved to the area. Currently in a space that is *somewhere* between 550 and 700 sq feet. It’s the cheapest unit in my rowhouse, and sometimes floods (but I’ve largely corrected that), and at 2 blocks from CH Metro and pet friendly, it really can’t be beat. I’ve hosted 2 guests at a time between my couch and hammock, and at least my kitchen isn’t galley! I’m continuously pleasantly surprised that people are okay hanging out with me in it. Not leaving until I get married or leave the area. Or, you know, until my landlord burns the place down.
    I would agree that location is way more important than space until you start adding additional permanent bodies.

  • We own and rent out an 850 sq ft condo (1 bed/den/1.5 ba/parking) that we hope to sell….we rent a 1300 sq ft townhouse a block away (2 bed/2.5 ba) for almost the same price we rent out what we own for. Ah, DC! both are on the logan/shaw border.

    • Also, we moved out of a 500 sq foot junior one bedroom when we bought the larger place – it was two of us and a 100lb dog and it really was great most of the time

  • I live in Arlington, and my condo is 1,084 sq ft. (2 br/1ba). For now, it’s just me (and a cat), but the guest room is pretty useful as I have people crash at my place a lot.

  • 825 sq ft, 1.5 BR. About perfect for two people.

  • 490 sq ft, 2 people, ‘junior’ one bedroom (generous, really just a well laid out studio). Definitely ready for a bigger space! It was a compromise to live in a neighborhood we wanted on our budget. It was fine for the year and a half on our lease, but I am the person of the two of us who never really gets the apartment to myself, so I am ready for a place with a real bedroom that is sectioned off.

    I thought I was ‘winning’ the sq ft per person race, but I see someone with 2 people and a dog in a sub 400 apartment. Wow.

    • emvee

      Geez, and I thought two people and a dog in my 550 sq ft 1BR a few years ago was a squeeze. Stay strong, couples in tight spaces!

    • Yeah, I marvel at people who live comfortably in a very small space like that- especially with an SO. I feel like my SO and I would be at each other’s throats if we didn’t have a place to escape to for some alone time. I honestly wouldn’t mind having even a bit more space and we have 850 sqft per person!

  • We are in Michigan Park. We have a duplex that is 2,000 sq ft which includes a finished basement. Our lot is around 3,000 sq ft. I love having a large lot and and house (for DC anyway) and don’t mind a longer commute for it.

  • JayPea

    Semi-detached row house. 1080 square feet of living space + 530 square foot finished basement for 2 adults and 2 dogs. The amount of living space on the first and second floor is perfect. Still, I don’t think we could do it if we didn’t have the basement; without the basement we’d have no real place to comfortably store our bikes, Christmas decorations, luggage, gym equipment, etc.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Are you in Takoma or Manor Park? Much of the housing in those two areas fits that description (the size and the semi-detached part), haven’t seen much of this elsewhere.

  • 1370 – 2br, 2ba in the Car Barn on Capitol Hill

  • My family (husband, wife, 19 month old daughter, plus two elementary aged sons who revolve in and out on our custody days) lives comfortably in a studio. We have a couch/pull-out-bed, a futon, and a lot of bookshelves. The kids’ toys are strictly limited to a toy bin, plus a special Lego storage unit. We’re careful to avoid accruing stuff we don’t really need, and try to be conscious of our choice to live a minimalist lifestyle.

    • You’ve got 3-5 people, including a toddler and 2 intermittent elementary school kids, in a studio? I applaud your efforts, and I’m sure you’re a very close family, but to me that sounds awful. (I also think you may be a little fuzzy on the definition of “comfortably.”) I love my wife and daughter more than anything in the world, but that lack of privacy would be debilitating for all of us (especially me). Never mind the line for the bathroom.

      • Right. I’m really curious how much longer this person is going to make this work? Won’t the elementary aged sons eventually be teens and want/deserve their own bedroom and privacy?

  • I’ve been in the same 425 sq ft studio for more than 10 years. It’s plenty for me, a single dweller, though I wouldn’t complain about going up to 750 with an actual door on an actual bedroom, and maybe a little more counter space in a kitchen.

  • 1382 square feet, split between three levels. We really only use half of the rooms regularly, but more closet space would be nice.

  • I’m in a 1-bedroom in Alexandria and it’s 800 sq ft (including a large balcony). It’s just me though, so I think it’s the perfect amount of space. Now that I have that much space to myself I can’t imagine going less than about 700 if I had to. If I lived with a significant other it would be too small for my tastes, though it’s certainly doable.

  • My boyfriend, medium-sized dog, and I are in a 940 sq ft, 2 bdrm / 2 bath condo. The living space itself is great, but there’s absolutely no storage. Our Christmas tree stand sits on our patio for 11 months a year because there isn’t space in the condo for it! In a lot of ways there is some good in not having much storage as it forces us to be conscientious about what we keep, but it also means that even when clean the condo tends to feel a little cramped.

    Before living in DC I had homes ranging in space from 1700-2000 sq ft and honestly it’s too much space unless you have a family. There were several rooms in each house I physically wouldn’t step foot in for months at a time! I think the ideal for us would be about 1200-1500 sq ft.

  • I recently purchased an 824 sq ft 2 bed/2 bath condo in a converted row house. It’s just me most of the time, but I also take on short-term roommates (accommodating friends with summer internships, temporary jobs, or academic study) and like to host out-of-town guests. I think the amount of space is perfect, as the place has a pretty smart floor plan and 10-ft ceilings. My one beef is that my closet space in both bedrooms stinks (3-ft wide closets, really??), but I have a 100+ sq ft storage unit in the basement, which comes in very handy given the limited closet space. If I had my druthers, I would trade the huge storage unit downstairs for properly-size closets upstairs, but in this real estate market, it seemed insane to pass over an otherwise great property.

  • About 600 square feet in the current apartment. I’ve lived in smaller, but now consider about 500 sq feet to be the smallest I would go.

  • Accountering

    804 sq feet spread over two levels. 11 foot wide row house. Very efficient layout though, with very few hall ways. 2 bedrooms (one good size master and a 75sq ft 2nd BR) and 1.5 baths and a really nice upstairs bathroom, and a tiny half bath on the main floor. Big kitchen and good size living room. Love it!

  • 710 sq ft condo in Columbia Heights
    I came from an 1100 sq ft condo in Alexandria, but finally decided after 9 years I could actually downsize and live closer to friends/work. It was tough to grasp this concept after moving from a very rural area and never having to live in a tiny space, both inside and out. I have discovered it is actually perfect for me and the cat, although a storage unit would be nice. But I’ve added some nice built ins and made better use of current closet storage since I have 10 foot ceilings. I think it would be hard for me to share my space with another human, but then I’m incredibly OCD about organization and order, so that’s tough for me in any living situation.

  • 2400 sq ft row house, 4000 sq ft yard. 2 people. I think it’s the perfect size. It’s obviously more space that we NEED for two people, but it’s great for guests/parties, and there’s room to grow. I didn’t want to pay the insane cost of selling it and buying something else a few years down the line, plus we could likely rent a few rooms out if we ever fell on hard times.
    I can’t imagine owning anything much bigger even with, say, a family of four – the energy consumption would be outrageous.

  • 920 ft sq for two bed two bath rental (apartment building). It’s me and my SO plus our two cats. The second bedroom is for (frequent) guests and some storage. I think the key is not keeping a lot of stuff. We came from 25m2 in Europe so this feels really spacious. Having an “open concept” living/kitchen helps too.

  • Ally

    1800 sq ft. Semi-detached row house. 2 br/2.5 bath. 2 occupants and a 3rd on the way next month 🙂

  • 2 bedroom, 1 bath in non-profit co-op apartment for 20 years (Petworth). Approximately, 1200 square feet. 1 adult and 1 adult cat. Cat needs more room than I do. Second bedroom is more a junior; use it as office & closet. This is the largest apartment I have had. Would like a larger kitchen and powder room but I love the quiet, the balcony, and the green space.

  • 660 sq ft. 1 BR/1BA apartment that I share with my spouse in Takoma DC. We have a fairly large patio. Good size for the two of us and our dog.

  • Rowhouse that’s 2016 square feet according to tax records, plus a finished basement that I guess must be another 672 square feet. One person and one cat in the main part of the rowhouse, and one person in the basement. Much bigger than I needed, but the location was excellent and the price was only slightly higher than a smaller flip a block away.

  • 1820 sq ft Petworth row home which includes 600 sq ft of a tenant occupied basement. Right now it’s just my husband and me and there’s 2 bedrooms + den/closet on our levels, we’re getting a pup this month. Good to see some of these answers. It seems like it’s a good fit for us and we could probably squeeze a child in here without too much discomfort if we had to.

  • I’ve been in a 1 bedroom/1 bath @550 sq. ft. condo in Adams Morgan for 19 years. Though I wish I had a little more storage and a few more windows, that’s more about the configuration of the space than the amount. I’ve been thinking about moving to a slightly larger space (maybe 900-1000) because I would like to have a second bed/bath for guests, but I’ve been thinking that for almost 10 years…. I’ve just become really used to my amount of space, it’s just about perfect for one person, and so easy to maintain.

  • We just bought a new place in Petworth. It’s 1,500 sq ft (3 bed/3.5 bath) with another 500 in the finished bsmt. We have a bigger household with a two-year old and baby due in August, plus our au pair and two dogs.

    Our last place was 750 sq ft (2 bed/1.5 bath) without the au pair. It was fine with one kid but would have been too small with two kids.

  • I live in an 800 sq-ft 1 bedroom condo and it’s plenty of space for me and my GF. Two walk-in-closets in bedroom, big coat closet and linen closet mean plenty of storage too. We don’t need a second bedroom right now in life. If I could move the walls of the house around a little bit, I’d gladly take a slightly larger bathroom and slightly smaller bedroom.

  • 925 square foot I bedroom/1 bath apartment for partner, me, and a surly cat. We plan to stay put as long as possible and put any future child in the hall closet.

  • 1400 sq ft, 2-bdrm condo (rented) for me. Last place was approx. 1200 sq ft, 3-bdrm rented condo – which had more closet space (5 closets v. 3 – the extra 2 were cleverly added, not original in the old building) and a great view and central AC, so I actually preferred that somewhat smaller one.

    The amount of space is perfect for one – I like having space for an office and a guest room, but I could use more storage space – both more closets (a broom closet and a linen closet would be nice) and something like basement storage (comes with both condos, but kept for their own use by landlords in both cases.)

    It is hard not to have a basement, garage or attic to store bulky stuff. I foresee my next move in the not-to-distant future, to a considerably smaller space, so I’m trying to get rid of stuff, but I like stuff, so it is hard.

  • Renting in Brookland, a one-bedroom with about 700 sf, plus a screened back porch. It’s just me, with four closets plus a pantry, it’s pretty much all that heaven allows. Good neighbors sweetens the deal even more. Just wish I had the option to buy it down the road, and that pets were allowed.

    • Condos in Brookland aren’t especially abundant, but they’re usually extremely affordable when they do come on the market. You may be able to get conventional financing with 5% down and the mortgage would still probably be far lower than what most people pay in rent in these parts. Just a thought.

      • Do you happen to know this from experience? I’m on track to have a down payment that size in the next two years, just hoping it’s not too late to find such a deal by that time. Luckily, I got my rent at a steal, it’s just a matter of having patience while I’m socking money into savings to be ready when the time is right.

  • 900 sq ft 1 br/1 ba for my husband and me. it’s a good amount of space but the layout is awful – first floor of a rowhouse, so long and skinny. the bathroom is in the back of house through the bedroom, so not ideal for overnight guests. looking to upgrade to a 1 br/1.5 ba soon, same sq footage would be fine, it’s a good incentive to keep our stuff pared down.

  • About 650 square feet condo, a studio. I think it’s fine for just myself but if I added my fiance and her dog, both of whom I love dearly, it will be a tight squeeze.

  • Lord Almighty, where are you people getting all this space? We have 2 adults, 2 kids in about 900 sq ft, with a 450 sq foot basement that we rent out to afford the mortgage. No yard. Definitely too small, but I can walk my kid to school and I don’t have to drive to work, so it’s worth it…for now.

  • saf

    Row house, 20’x50′ on a 20×100 lot. Basement, 2 floors above grade.

    2 people. The family before us had 8 people living here.

  • novadancer

    2900 sq feet (including finished basement – media room). 4 bed/4.5 bath, 4 level rowhouse in Bloomingdale. 2 adults and 1 toddler.

  • My 2-bedroom, 1-bath condo is 880 square feet. This is a fine size for my husband and me, especially since we have only 1 bath and the bathroom is small (so living space isn’t wasted in the bathroom). In a world where I had limitless cash, probably something like 1200 sqft with a second bath would be ideal. But I wouldn’t want to have much more space than that. Too much to clean!

    • Wanted to add that my husband and I used to live in a 600 sqft 1 bedroom apartment. That was tolerable but a little small, especially when guests came to stay with us and had to sleep on the couch.

  • Standard 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow in Petworth. Way too small closets. Way too small bathroom, and too few. But love the neighborhood! 😉

    I rent out a small 1 bedroom condo to an awesome tenant in Adams Morgan, tiny 700 square feet, but at least it has a back patio for outdoor space and a fireplace.

    • Anonomnom

      The admo condo sounds lovely! A back patio and a fireplace combination is on my dream list. (Currently have the patio, wanting the fireplace).

  • Anonomnom

    I’ve got 840 square feet in a condo for myself and my fiance. Its a one bedroom + den (technically a 2 bedroom… But come on) and thankfully it has two full baths. For just us, it is more than enough space! And it has a great outdoor patio that we’ve put a lot of work into that I plan to try to send in to PoP for patio of the day later this summer.

    For the next step-up (years and years down the road), I am not so much focused on square feet as I am levels. I’d like 2 levels, makes it easier to entertain. Though 2 bathrooms is still a must.

  • Center rowhouse in the eastern corner of Petworth. 1390 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, with an additional 500 sq. ft., finished, in the basement.

    Moved to Washington from San Francisco where we had an 1190 sq. ft., condo and frankly, this house if probably more than we need. If you’ve got good well-designed closets, we could probably live in about 1000 sq. ft. We’re two adults, no children. One thing I will say, though. I love having formal dining room. Didn’t have on in SF.

  • High-rise condo, 950sf but only 1BR/1BA and a dearth of closets. It’s a long skinny space in an oddly shaped building so doesn’t have enough windows for a second BR, but the layout doesn’t take into account the quirks of the overall space. It’s basically your standard newer-construction 1BR condo layout – entrance into kitchen with peninsula separating from LR/DR combo, BR off the LR connecting to the BA that also opens off the kitchen – but it’s like they took a 750sf unit and just stretched all the rooms rather than thinking about how to design a logical layout to make all that extra space functional and usable (like adding an actual study or more/bigger closets).
    I definitely don’t need all 950sf, but at that size I wish it had some separation between living and sleeping areas and a separated space of some kind for guests to sleep.

  • By myself in a 495 sq.ft. studio. Plenty enough for me – used to live in a 900-sq.ft. 1-br out in the burbs, and felt like I was rattling around in it. I think I could go down to about 400-425 sq.ft., but the 350-sq.ft. studios I’ve seen are too small for me.

  • I Dont Get It

    3 bedroom, two bath row house around 1800 square feet in Logan/U. This does not include the unfinished basement with the washer and dryer and my hording hobbies..

  • Converted row house into condos in Columbia Heights. We live in one of the condos. 2 bed / 2 bath + balcony, approximately 1,300 sq ft. More than enough for us (couple). However, the typical layout of a row house is hard to optimize space (long and narrow). Nonetheless, we love it because we did all custom appliances, and finishes.

  • I’m guessing between 1200-1600 sq ft plus basement. We rent a rowhouse in LeDroit Park; 2 floors, 2 bedroom, 1 bath. They don’t have the square footage listed on Redfin nor does the leasing company have it. Does anyone know how I could find out?

  • Our old condo in Adams Morgan was a 650 sq. foot one bedroom. Definitely too small – not a lot of space in the bedroom, small kitchen and bathroom, and although there was a peninsula counter, there was no space for a proper dining room. The unit made up for it with a fireplace and outdoor patio where we could grill and hang out with cigarette smoking friends.

  • My 1br, 1ba coop apt is 780 square feet. IT has a living room, tiny kitchen, separate dining room, bedroom with walk-in closet and bathroom. My apartment is generously sized. I submit that no 2br should be less than 1,000 sqft.

  • 1700 sf interior rowhouse in Petworth 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 baths on 2 floors. Have another 600 sf finished in-law suite with kitchen and bathroom in the basement, but it’s illegal (2 means of egress, but ceilings are too low and isn’t separately metered) so we don’t rent it out and use it for storage for bikes/Costco stuff/tools/out of season clothes etc. It’s just me, my husband, a dog, and a cat, and it is more than enough space for us. Bought a bit of a fixer upper, which is what we wanted, so we could have extra space for kids in the future, but could focus on the fixing first. We previously rented a 850 sf English basement (the nicest English basement I’ve ever seen though, wood floors/fireplace/full height windows etc.) in Logan Circle for two years before buying.

  • Renting a studio in Adams Morgan- just under 500 sq feet but really nice kitchen and high ceilings make it feel larger. We would love more space (just 2 of us) so we could have a dog + place for hobbies (storage) but with our budget it’s not in the cards anytime soon.

  • I currently live in a 3-story, 3-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse by myself (1856 sq ft) right off U Street near the metro. It’s way to big for me so I’m planning to sell it and buy a much smaller 1-bedroom or 1 bedroom + den condo somewhere near. Probably late summer/early fall. 700-ish square feet should be just fine for me. Can’t wait to downsize — and put a big chunk of money in the bank!

    • I’m looking to sell my place at that time. Shaw, 708 sq ft, full service bldg with parking!

    • My current townhouse also has a 2-car garage and I don’t even have 1 car — sold it since I rarely used it. So now I’m renting out my garage space.

  • In Shaw, I bd condo, 708 sq ft, just me and my 55lbs Foxhound; I’m ok with my space but would LOVE outdoor space

    • Boston/Shaw, what building in Shaw are you in? I’m looking any place from Mt. Vernon Square to north of U Street. But I agree — outdoor space is a must for me (Currently have an 18 x 4 deck balcony off back of house.)

  • Two-level condo, two bedrooms, 2.5 baths in NoMa. Just under 2,000 square feet. Two people and 4 pets. I think it’s the perfect size. Until I have to clean it.

  • Right now we have a 2BD 2Bath 1000 sqft condo with 2 adults and one baby. Intending to have another baby. Dreaming of backyard, front porch, garage, garden, quieter street with slower drivers. But for right now it feels like plenty of space. I’d love to have another room as a guest room / office / space to hid all of our random stuff that we don’t have a place for in our bedroom or living room. I’ll add that we previously at one point shared a 175 studio in New York (pre-baby) so this place feels like a palace!

  • 1 bedroom apartment, ~550 sq feet, just off of 14th, near the park. I live with a boyfriend and two cats. It’s suuuuper small, but it forced both of us to become more minimalist. We only keep stuff/clothes we use on a regular basis. We spent a lot of time finding the exact right furniture, so it’s just a tiny, lovely, efficient space. Large enough that we can be alone when we like to be.

    Location is fabulous for both of our commutes, and we can walk to a million groceries. I miss the neighborliness of being in Mt P, but we couldn’t find anything within our price point there. Our bedroom is the perfect size, but I wish our living room were a little bit bigger so that we could have a dining table. Kitchen is basically a closet, but works great with just 1 person cooking. Eventually we’d like more space, but this is perfect for the next couple years!

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