Farewell Florida Liquors? Last Old School Corner at 14th and Florida


The last untouched corner at 14th and Florida Ave, NW – goes down. Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Florida Liquors, open as recently Saturday now closed. Saw demo crews carrying out fixtures yesterday.”

A yelp reviewer writes:

“the selection is slim, the teller is behind bulletproof glass, and there’s always someone standing out front panhandling”

Updates when we learn more about plans for the corner.

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  • I think they may just be ‘upgrading’ the store – They appear to be taking out the glass divider between the patrons and the clerk and installing new shelving — I suppose they are keeping up with the gentrification of the neighborhood…which means removal of the bullet proof glass!

    • I just walked by yesterday and noticed the same thing. New fixtures/shelves being taken into the store. Maybe a new owner with plans. I wonder when the store on the other side of the street but closer to U will get a redo. It’s definitely time.

  • I’m not sure they care closing down. Looks to me more like remodeling.

  • I lived near there a few years back and one night after closing thieves busted through the cinder block wall on Florida ave to get to the good stuff behind the bulletproof glass.

  • He is not closing, just upgrading the store and taking down the liquor signs in the window and making the store look more appealing. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 10 years and he is a great friend to the community. He isn’t going anywhere.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      You should tell him, I mean this sincerely not being a jerk, he should post a “closed for renovations” note on the door instead of closed with a sad face sign.

    • Scrillin

      Really? It’s the most expensive liquor in town. The joint next to the bus station at 14th & U is cheaper, as is barrel house – so much so that it’s worth it to ride the bus down there to get to it.

  • I hope they aren’t closing — sometimes I just need a cheap bottle of Jamison and a six pack of high life not the overpriced microbrews and craft wiskeys infecting other stores in the area. And also smokes as nobody wants to carry them anymore.

    For content: I was once in said store with a buddy picking up some high life. In walked two sorority chicks dressed to party. After buying a small bottle of flavored grey goose they commented on how the crystal wall decorations were so cool and hip.

  • The store owner owns the building and lives upstairs. Hopefully just renovating! He and his wife are so nice.

  • I used to live right around the corner and stopped in regularly, the employees were always so nice! I wish they’d move to Shaw 🙂

  • The owner is super nice and his prices on bourbon are the same as the nearby stores.

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