Biryani Xpress posts liquor license placard in the former Townhouse Tavern space

1637 R Street, NW

Brief update on Biryani Xpress – a new liquor license placard posted out front says:

“Mediterranean & Pakistani Food will be served with a seating capacity of 15. Total occupancy load of 150. Sidewalk Café with a seating capacity of 12.”

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  • Any reports on the food yet? I haven’t been brave enough to try as long as it still looks like a crack house.

    • Without a total to-the-studs renovation I wouldn’t touch anything coming out of that kitchen. And the ABRA placard is interesting. I thought the whole point of this particular restaurant was that the property had its liquor license revoked because of a perfect storm of license transfer fraud (the original Townhouse Tavern owner never technically relinquished control) and the NY NY Diva fiasco.

  • Good luck neighbors of this place!! These are the same people who ran the notorious NY NY Diva Nightclub that trashed Adams Morgan for almost a year with regular violence, open drug use and extreme noise disturbances. The license application for Biryani (also known as “Someplace Else”) is in the name of the wife of the guy who ran Diva, Sami Khan, according to Alcohol Board records. Before they get in there with a liquor license, you should go to and search the 2014-2015 Board Orders on “Diva” and “Townhouse Tavern” and “Someplace Else.”

  • What was the problem with NY NY Diva? I ask because i live a few feet away from Biryani and want to know what i’m about to be in for…..

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