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  • Hopefully they will figure out a solution to the previous noise situation, otherwise it’s going to be the same problem they had at 1841.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I wonder what impact the wood framing will have on dampening the sound. My guess/EXPERT INTERNET OPINION is probably none at all.

    • They’re the first retail tenant to sign on to this development. Given the noise issues with neighbors the gym had at its prior location, both the gym and the developer would have to be very stupid not to include some serious noise mitigation into the buildout. So I guess it’s possible, but not likely, that this hasn’t been thoroughly addressed.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The developer must be prepared to spend money to ensure soundproofing or address this issue, otherwise the condo owners will revolt. Seems to me that if you are trying to sell condos, you’d want to avoid bringing on a retail shop that had relocate from its last location because of noise problems. I can see this issue being on the agenda for the first condo association meeting.

      Also, I can’t believe people spend the kind of money that this “gym” charges. My gym is $19.99 a month

      • I am moving into Ontario 17. Currently, I live down the street, next to the old Solidcore location and am well aware of why they closed. Not too happy about this!

  • I don’t care about Solidcore, but I am very excited for this building. I think it will go a long way to livening up that stretch of Columbia and linking Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights together.

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