Rental of the Day – U Street


This rental is located at 2032 15th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Recently renovated studio (2010 and 2015) with separate kitchen. Renovation included new bath tile, Kitchen counter tops and appliances. Nicely appointed kitchen has pass through window into living area. Carpeted living area. Washer/dryer in unit. Gated entrance. Just steps to metro, and all the shops, restaurants U St. has to offer.”

This studio is going for $1,450/Mo.

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  • Anonomnom

    This place is depressing 🙁

    But I am sure someone will pick it up, if for no other reason than the location.

  • I think it’s actually a good value if you don’t care about windows (there don’t appear to be any?). W/D in unit, carpeting, and decent finishings. Hard to find 1BR/studio under $1500 in that area, with those features.

    • There appears to be a small window over the kitchen sink… but if there are any others, they aren’t in the photos.

    • It’s not that hard to be honest. One of our housemates has a room about that size and pays 12hundred.

  • 360 sq ft!? What is this, an apartment for ants?

  • Tiny and dark, but how else are you going to live alone in that neighborhood for under $1500 a month?

  • Really tiny. This is what people over at Greater Greater Washington thing would be a great idea (probably for other people). For someone with limited funds, who wants to live alone this could work, esp. if they work nights or spend a lot of time away from home (like a medical resident or someone who manages a bar).

  • It is super tiny.
    But how many windows are there? Depression will sink in.

    @Rich’s comment …So true…good for a person who works in the bars around.
    However, it gets all the noise anytime of the day and night.
    How can one get a restful sleep?
    I live w/ roommates right on 15th & U..a block before U st.
    Even though location is great, the building across the street is what me and my roommates call “heaven’s gate”.
    Paramedics, ambulance and fire trucks are always called because it’s an old folks’ home of some sort.

  • I lived in a different basement unit in this building and the biggest issue is the lack of central heat and draftiness. It’s a 7 unit condo building with 7 different owner so this unit may be different but my experience was that the window heater/air conditioner will keep you warm but will run constantly and run up your electric bill. And in the summer its nothing but condensation and mold. 2013-14 I paid $900 for that unit and it had a little more light.

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