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  • jack5

    And now the great deluge of coffee houses comes to my neighborhood… just when I decided to quit drinking it


    Well, hopefully they have good tea.

    • gotryit

      You will always be addicted to coffee. Repeat after me: “My name is jack 5 and I am a coffee addict.”

      • jack5

        Actually quitting coffee has been one of the easiest things for me in my life!

        I have a cup once a month maybe now, usually iced, but I really don’t miss it much especially now that I save about 5-6 dollars every day 🙂

  • ChenChen

    yay, hope it is cool. right across street from me 🙂

  • I still miss Moroni & Bros. ):

  • HOORAY!!!!! Have been praying for a solid neighborhood coffee option. I miss Maroni and was sad to see Fusion go, but this could be exactly what the ‘hood needed. I know it’s too much to ask that they have good bagels, but a guy can dream, right?

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