Looks Like Indulj Restaurant and Lounge Closed on U Street

1208 U Street, NW

Just noticed Indulj has trash bags lining their windows. Anyone know if they closed for good or just renovations?  Their website and facebook are still live but their facebook hasn’t been updated since Dec. 2013.  Also their phone goes directly to a busy signal…

looking west toward the U Street metro on 13th

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  • Yes, they’ve closed. I heard a certain Hip-Hop bar might be taking that space. I really hope so!!

  • Well this makes me sad! I loved this place. I will miss the salmon skewers and live bands. I last went on Valentines Day and it was amaze. Good vibe for an older crowd. :-/

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Really? I always thought this place was a club? Haven’t there been a few incidents over the years from patrons of Indulj or am I thinking of somewhere else?

      • I cant speak to the guns and knives because I only recently started going there for the live bands. So yes, maybe they were trying to change their vibe. I do remember going back in like 2006 i think and it was a sweaty club, but i didn’t return until 2014. A lot can happen in that span. So all and all it was the bands not the establishment i fancied.

  • Glad their tenancy is over. They could not leave any sooner. There were too many gun- and stabbing-events associated with club over the last several years. If your clientele is bringing guns and knives into an alcohol establishment, you should not be able to maintain your liquor license.

  • So what exactly will be going there in its place? I live three blocks from there! 🙂

  • Good Riddance! Either than the live band this place sucked. Long waits, rude waitresses/bartenders, poor food quality…. I do love my black owned businesses but…the poor customer service had to go…

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