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  • I wonder how much existing tenants got paid to move out of this place? As the empty lots around the city are mostly filled I expect we’ll see more of this.

    • Depends on how good a deal they negotiated. Had a friend who lived in the apartments up by the zoo that got $20K to leave.

    • Friend in Kalorama is getting $40K after living there for 3 years.

    • I bought some furniture off CL from a girl who was leaving voluntarily last summer who lived in here. Her spacious 1BR was only $950 and she had found the place on Craigslist only a year earlier. Unfortunately, her appliances and kitchen cabinetry was totally falling apart.
      The landlord was letting the building fall apart in order to push tenants out. The place was disgusting and the hallways smelled like urine. Totally awful.

  • I wonder who was sitting there designing that sign thinking “Hm this stock photo of these people eating the same slice of watermelon is PERFECT”

  • I wonder why they aren’t adding on a few more floors?

    • Historic district. Why would we add more floors and housing?! There is plenty in the city. /sarcasm/

    • Then it would be a *pop up* ::shudder::

    • The proportions wouldn’t look right. It’s not like making the “new” building even uglier is going to bring down the cost of housing.

  • Not too keen on the “new” building . They’re ruining a classic design.

    • Interesting how much tastes differ. I think they’re making an ugly building more palatable. Not every building has to be a red-brick colonial design.

      • While I don’t mind the new design, I can’t get behind the painting of brick (or granite, sandstone, etc.) – which based on the rendering it looks like they might do.

        • I think painted brick always looks better, especially on a building that age. It’s just so dark and heavy. I suppose if tastes change later and we decide to go back to dark and heavy as an aesthetic choice, the nice thing about paint is that it can be removed.

          • We’ll just have to agree to disagree then. If a building is well maintained (pointed and washed) I think the look of unpainted brick always supersedes painted brick. In my book painted brick is akin to vinyl siding and chain linked fencing – it’s just ugly. Although an ugly building is an ugly building, unpainted or otherwise.

          • I hate that painting brick takes a relatively maintenance-free cladding and turns it into something that requires perpetual maintenance, and also usually deteriorates the underlying material as well due to moisture problems. Flippers often paint brick (with the encourage of RE agents) because it hides problems and fools buyers into thinking a place looks “fresh” and new.

          • I’ve lived for 15 years in a rowhouse with painted brick front and it has been completely maintenance free (still has same coat of paint it had when I bought it, which is only just now barely starting to flake in a couple places). The back of the house however is unpainted and has deteriorated to the point that I had to spend about $12,000 on extensive repointing.

          • Anon 9:10 a.m., it’s possible that the paint on the front of your house is just hiding the same mortar problems that are on the back of the house.

          • ^ This is correct. If the bricks at the front and rear of your home were laid at the same time then the front should be repointed, too. If there is any moisture getting behind that paint at all it will hasten actual destruction of the brick. Then you aren’t looking at repointing, you are looking at piecemeal rebuilding of the wall. Brick walls on the older townhouses in this city need to breathe, the brick is much softer than what is used these days . Too often you see damage from repointing (even from “masons”) using the wrong mortar. I see SO many renovations in the city that were repaired with straight cement; it’s literally the worst thing you can do to a 100 year old wall.

      • The drawing of the “new one” looks cheap. The whole point of internationale style like that was simplicity and it wears better than something that looks like such a cliche as “colorful” building. I guess their too cheap to tuckpoint. Not a good sign.

      • Not every building has to be, but that’s the difference: this building *is.*

  • Why would I want to live in a place where people snort watermelons?

  • Anonynon

    I think the new building looks great, although I don’t think the brick needs painting. Crazy how many new buildings have popped up on this street since I moved in 3 years ago. All very nice IMO.

  • If y’all are going to be DC about it… Malcolm X park

  • Walk by this place a lot. Looks like the former owner was trying to do his own sad ass renovation and then ran out of money, or whoever he sold it to was. Been deserted half under construction with broken out windows for months.

    • I think you are mistaken — this is a big project at the corner of Chapin on 15th street and has been going strong ever since they got all the tenants to leave. Very busy worksite.

  • So the condo conversions are starting again. They pretty much stopped for several years. This may very well wipe out a big chunk of rent controlled units.

    • There is a certain level of irony that very affordable rental apartments (these were all rent controlled places) are now being flipped into luxury condos, which will probably end up being some of the most expensive places in the area (though the glass cubes on Belmont that face Florida Ave are more expensive)

  • Not really a wild transformation, it’s mostly a paint job, adding some wood accents, and building a trellis on the roof. I’d be surprised if the unit floor plans changed at all.

  • Fake brick facade, no balcony and absolutely no thought to aesthetics passing as luxury. That’s cute.

  • I was the site super at the smaller project on Chapin that was posted today, 1436, this project has been moving fairly quickly sine the last of the tenants were out. Anon 12:35, those are not brick veneer walls those are load bearing masonry walls, as to the floor plans I can’t image they are going to stay the same because the complete gutted the entire interior, including all the wood framing. I don’t have much of a preference either way on painted brick, but having driven past this building multiple times a day for the better part of a year I will say that the existing brick is pretty ugly.

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