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mechanic recommendations?

“My VW needs a new catalytic converter. I thought I found a good mechanic, but work they did a while ago has actually contributed to my need for a new catalytic converter now. I am interested in recs for good mechanics, but particularly if they seem to have an emphasis on VWs.”

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  • I take my VW to Auto Tech Services on Ontario Rd. They don’t have any specialization in it, but they do good work, and don’t try to sell me on unnecessary work. The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t take appointments. You really need to be there when they open in order to get your car worked on that day.

    • kstove

      I second jcm’s recommendation of Auto Tech Services. We’ve been taking our car there for the last few years and they are professional, seem to be reasonably priced, and do not try to sell you on things you don’t actually need.

  • Volvo VW Autobody – – Service: 301-770-6867
    They rebuilt my Volvo XC90 ($19,000 in damages) when I was hit in 2013. It came back like new. Insurance covered everything, but I would trust them with any Volvo/VW work. Martens (when they were called Martens) used them for all major repairs and body work. They do excellent work.

  • jim_ed

    TT&D Auto Service, which is in the Shell Station at Georgia and Upshur. They’ve done good work for me at incredibly fair prices. Never had any qualms about installing parts I’ve purchased separately either, which some garages hate to do (since they all charge mark ups on parts). On the one time a problem reoccurred a few weeks after their repair, I took it back and they fixed it again for free without even attempting to bill me. I won’t take my car anywhere else locally.

  • Distad’s BP Pennsylvania Ave SE at 9th SE. Their bedside manner can be lacking (grumpy) but they are honest and I’m always happy with the work they do. (202) 543-0200

  • Not necessarily the most convenient place, and they don’t specialize in VWs, but I’m a fan of Boteler auto up in Beltsville. Found them ~8 years ago when I lived in College Park, and they’re good enough that I still bring my cars there. Always fairly priced and they are great about explaining whatever work was done.

  • – Used to be called Volkswerks.. all die hard VW folks. Used them a ton, no issues ever.

    • Been going to Eurowerks for years. Not cheap, but they know their stuff. I take my car elsewhere for oil changes just out of convenience, but anything beyond that I go to EW. They’ve successfully helped me get my 2001 GTI to over 200,000 miles. 🙂

  • Any decent muffler shop can replace a cat. It doesn’t take a certified VW shop. If you’re that worried about it, go to a VW dealer.

  • I use AYT at 6th and I st n.w. I just drive up without an appointment and they always take it. Fare rates and good work.

    • +1 for AYT. I used to go to their shop at 14th & R, and when that closed, have been using the one in Chinatown at 6th & I NW. Always very fair rates.

  • I use AIM Auto on 6th and Rhode Island NW. Mom and Pop place- very honest and hardworking. Thorn is the mechanic and does all his own work. I have a 2002 jetta and I had my cat replaced there. He understands that having an older car means I am looking for budget repair work. Has put in used parts into my car in the past to save me some money. He has a 2003 Jetta himself and has always done great work at fair prices.

  • AYT in Chinatown! They’re great, been using them for 3 years

  • Forget your VW I want that Volvo.

  • I have a 15 year old VW and have been going to the Wheaton Service Center for years. They’ve been around since the 1960s and only service VWs. Tom is fantastic and has always been honest and upfront with me about my car – no hidden fees or unnecessary work. Their location is conveniently located about two blocks from the Wheaton Metro.

  • I’m a huge fan of GTS Auto Services at 2310 18th Pl NE, Washington, DC 20018. A little out of the way but their customer service was on point. Before performing the work, they would call for approval, etc.

  • I had a 98 VW Jetta GLX for years and loved it. I took that car and take my current vehicle to Glen’s Auto in Rockville, MD. Owned and operated by the head mechanic PJ – a very nice, honest and talented Irishman. It’s near the Rockville Metro and they will drop you off and pick you up free of charge. They have a deal with a local car rental place which has great rates too. They were able to solve a check engine light problem that vexed two previous repair shops AND a VW dealer (FU Martens).

    I have no idea how old your VW is, but I’m going to tell you now – don’t put a lot of money into repairs. VW parts are expensive and honestly once one thing blows the rest will start to go slowly. Much as I loved my Jetta I probably spent more than I should of in service the past year and should of got rid of it a year earlier than I did.

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