Caribbean Citations restaurant abruptly closes in Shaw moves to Anacostia

9th and O St, NW

Back in January we learned Azi’s became ‘Citations’ Caribbean Restaurant “Turn a Traffic Ticket into a Meal Ticket!”. And just a few weeks ago they added some tropical outdoor seating. Thanks to all who tweeted and emailed about the abrupt closure:


Caribbean Citations writes on their facebook:

“I’m very sad to announce that as of May 15 2015 we were forced to close due to my investors having a change of heart which i had no choice but to close our doors at our 9th st location but we are not going to miss a beat because i am opening our new location in anacostia this morning at 1208 Martin Luther King ave se Washington D.C. 20020. I will miss all my new and old customers very much and thank the shaw district for the love and support and i would love to come back when we find a space suitable for my company. I promise you haven’t seen the last of Caribbean Citations or myself Mr Michael Sterling. This time im all by myself with no one else pulling my strings and looking for me to make them rich. My love to serve my community is what drives me and i learn something every day and bad people are all around us and i will pray for them all. Love you all.”


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  • I’m confused. Is the closed for renovations sign new, implying something else will be coming there.? Or is that an old photo from when they switched from the coffee shop to the jamaican place?

  • There was a sign in the windows this morning that it will become an Ethiopian restaurant. Cher Cher is right next door.

  • This is right up there with the Bistro 18/Jamaican chicken place (which I actually loved) in Adams Morgan for strange and abrupt concepts and changes.

  • Your investors actually wanted to make money? Cry me a river.

  • I’m sad to lose this restaurant, Michael Sterling the owner, and his amazing staff. It was a fun and funky place to eat or just drop in to say hi. Plus I won the raffle and had a parking ticket paid for. AG- Investors can eat you alive and you are at their mercy; it’s not just about them making a profit. Why do you think kickstarter exists? People don’t want to sell their souls to make their dreams come true.

  • Sorry I didn’t stop in while they were still in business. Was intrigued by the slogan “turn your traffic ticket into a meal ticket” and it always made me smile. Good luck Mr. Michael.

  • Can I have Azi’s back now please?

  • I don’t see how Anacostia is a business step up from Shaw. BUT I live close to the Congress Heights area so YAY!

  • Caribbean Citations has taken the place of another restaurant (Chicken, Beans and Bones) that stayed open for approximately 3 long weeks in Anacostia. I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t have the same fate.

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