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  • good. i went there once and stood for five minutes waiting for someone to acknowledge me. I then had to ask for a table. they said no. and i then had to ask how long. and they didn’t know. so i left. It wasn’t busy and they were incredibly rude.

    • The sign of a good French restaurant

    • Well your loss because you missed out on one of the best restaurants in DC. It will be seriously missed. Sometimes a little patience goes a long way…

  • Too bad, this was one of the best brunches in DC.

  • I am sad to see them go and they will be missed. They had a reasonably priced menu (with respect to much of the over-priced 14th Street shops) and loved the mussel dishes.

  • This is disappointing. They had a great brunch and were one of the few high quality places in the area you could get seated without a reservation on the weekend. Yes, the service wasn’t always great, but great food and convenience.

  • This is terrible news. They had the best french toast in town, were reasonably priced and had great food.

  • Noo I loved their brunch. 🙁

  • Boo, I really liked this place. They had a good happy hour and their cassoulet was outstanding.

  • Not loving the name. Too close to Dudhouse.

  • skj84

    I’m so bummed. I loved thier brunch and happy hour. Plus late hours.

  • When I walked by this the other day and saw the new name, I thought maybe they were going to remain a French place, but focus on South of France, “sud”. Now I see it is not a french word after all. suds and duds….

  • Now I feel *slightly* less bad about having to leave the area. But only slightly.

    Better brunch than Le Diplomate, I’d argue.

  • Nooooo. This place had good food but was nowhere near as mobbed as Le Diplomate. They didn’t seem to get much business despite an awesome location.

  • Sudhouse? That doesn’t sound too promising.

  • One time I went there and ordered salad, but I got salmon because the waitress thought it was pronounced phonetically: “sal-man.”

  • Oh man I had just found out about it and made reservations weeks ago just to get a call next morning the were being “closed for renovations”. Never got to try Bistro La Bonne out but a little sad it’s gone for good. I don’t know what Sudhouse is but i’ll look it up tomorrow.

  • This sucks. This was always one of our favorite places to eat. The food and service were always good.

  • Food was good, service sucked. Too bad though. Hoping against hope that the replacement isn’t a fratty beer joint.

  • This is the blues. This place was a great little secret.. Very French

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