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  • ughgghhhh no. this looks like the same people behind the tags at the RI ave skate park? that #weareshaw stuff?

  • #southendbloomingdale

  • @JBG – you have gobs and gobs of money, but you couldn’t afford one talented graphic designer to work on your rebranding effort? #by930club

  • justinbc

    Why is this even necessary?

  • ENOUGH neighborhood names!!!

  • #vandalism

    • Agreed. As if the naming campaign weren’t stupid enough, they had to promote it by putting a hard-to-remove sticker on public property?? Grr.

  • #fakegrassrootscampaign #astroturfing #probablywillstickanyway

    • Also, I think JBG is kind of misreading the demographic here. Yes, DC is full of millennials who love Instagram and grafitti art and nice food and other things that millennials like. But the population is also extremely highly educated and on the whole, rather cynical and hyper-aware of when we’re being manipulated. I think some people will use the name, but jerks like me will make fun of them for it.

      • justinbc

        I would seriously LOL @ someone if they told me they lived in “North End Shaw”. GTFO with that.

        • I do wonder if it’s just old fogeys like me who would laugh at this. I remember when people mocked the name of New York’s Nolita neighborhood and now that’s just the neighborhood’s name. I use it now without even thinking twice. Could that happen here?

  • And why “North End Shaw”? Why not just “North Shaw”?

  • Florida and where? If this is Florida and 7th or Florida and 8th then I think they should continue to market it as the more simple “U Street neighborhood.” This is just like 2.5 blocks from the U Street metro…

  • A total of two people who aren’t referring to this blog post have actually used the hashtag on Twitter, so no, I don’t think it’ll stick.

  • I seriously hope JBG and their turd’tastic guerrilla marketing vendor get fined for this crap.
    The name sucks. The graphic design sucks. Astro-turf campaigns suck.
    Why bother wasting money on this? The apartments next to 930 Club are selling like hotcakes and that apartment building will be filled quickly with highly compensated Big Law Associates. Such tactics are not needed in the current market.

  • As a “North End of Shaw”-er, I am fine with this distinction. It demarcates the rest of Shaw that has all the gun violence off of 7th/O and 8th/N.

    • Because U Street/Pleasant Plains has no violence? And because two days of violence in Shaw constitutes a full blown trend?

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