Richard Sandoval’s El Centro II No Longer Coming to Shaw

7th and Q Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Any idea what the current status is with the new El Centro in Shaw? They put up fencing but it remains the blighted property its been for years with no sign of activity.”

A rep from Sandoval Restaurants says:

“Unfortunately, that project will not happen.”

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  • Although I can’t say I’m surprised to hear this news, I am a bit surprised that no one else is interested in that space. The building needs a ton of work, but the shell is cool looking and the location is pretty fantastic.

    • Also, I think it’s pretty funny that Kevin Chapple only seems to talk about his ANC area once every two years, the week before the election. And the amount of progress made on that block — basically the only commercial block in his area — over two years is a bit depressing given how much has happened across the street and two blocks west.

      • Crime around Kennedy Rec is still a nightmare. Blighted Parcel 42 is going up for delay/grabs again. There’s a leadership vacuum in that area.

  • Kind of glad that Sandoval isn’t moving forward with this project–I’ve never been a big fan of his restaurants. Hopefully some other restauranteur will realize the possibilities for this space.

  • The Cervera project in Blagden Alley also seems to have faulted. Dave at the Downtown Boxing Gym is still holding classes, despite the fact that he was told he was losing the his lease 2 years ago lol

  • I can’t say I’m disappointed. The original location has become quite bad.

  • The original reeks of tense. Was not looking forward to this.

  • I’m happy to hear this. El Centro isn’t something that’s worth replicating. I have no doubt that someone with more talent will eventually take over.

  • I wonder if this is in anticipation of potential protests to any liquor license application. Joe Englert seems to be having some push back on his place around the corner on 7th, so I can’t imagine neighbors would want another place just across the street. Adding an Englert bar and Sandoval bar to the same corner that already has Dacha and Ivy and Coney would make 7th and Q quite a destination. Not sure that’s really what everyone around there would like.

    • I’m pretty involved in the neighborhood, and there were no plans to protest that I am aware of. We were excited for a restaurant to go there. There are several drinking establishments that are coming to that block, and it’s already a destination.

  • major bummer… never been to El Centro so cant speak to the food… but having someone lined up to fix the building is what I was looking forward to. didnt really care who did it.

  • Can we please get the Passenger to take over this space? What will it take?

  • shawmainstreets

    No, but something better is. Stay tuned for the announcement from Richard Sandoval Restaurants!

    • Classic Padro smugness. Either make the announcement or don’t. And, why would Sandoval say the project isn’t happening if he/his people are just going to bait-and-switch with some other “concept”?

      • Uh, how is that smug, ShawRes? Main Streets is providing information that there are plans in the works for the space. There is no smugness in that.
        If the future tenant of that space isn’t prepared to unveil the details, it’s no one else’s duty to do so – nor would it be appropriate to. At least we know something is coming.

  • Lol. How many years has “something better” been about to happen to this property? It’s been vacant for 11 and counting…

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