Looking for Internet Service Recommendations (no need for telephone or cable)

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“Dear PoPville,

I am looking to get high speed internet at my apartment. I do not need telephone or cable. Can folks recommend a internet provider that is fast, reliable but won’t break the bank. I would like to see ift here are any alternatives to FIOS.”

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  • If you are in their zoning, RCN is probably the least expensive option and it is pretty reliable.

    • +1. Don’t love them, but they’re the best out of a set of really bad options.

    • Agree. Used to have RCN but switched to Fios when we wanted cable. Haven’t noticed a difference in speeds or reliability since the switch and RCN was cheaper.

    • They don’t service my area!!!

    • Agree with RCN–I just moved into a studio (from a group house with a big cable package, because we split it) and they were the cheapest, and offered the best deal. I mean, there’s only about 3-4 options. RCN had better advertised speed, and was about $5 a month cheaper. And, having despises both Comcast and Fios in the past, it wasn’t a tough decision.

  • Depending on how intensive your internet usage is, FreedomPop might work for you. It is the least expensive high-speed option i’ve found.

    • I was trying to figure out the FreedomPop website. Is it internet that is available through a cellphone type device?

    • Yes, I am curious about FreedmPop as well. Do you have this and use it? How reliable is it?

  • Anonomnom

    If its availab,e we use RCN and love it. The bill has never risen, we get speeds close to 100 mbs, I bought my modem and router from Amazon so there is no added monthly fees, and we only pay $45,

  • I pay just about $50/month for a fairly fast Comcast package. I bought my own modem so that saves ~$6/month. I do have to call them up every 12 months to get them to re-apply a discount, as I’m “shopping around” other providers, but so far they have done that consistently.

  • Honestly, your only choices are either FIOS or Comcast if you want “reliable” speed.

  • I once said I would never go back to Comcast, but when I moved to the city it was my only option (my building is not in RCN’s zone). I have a pretty good package with them: basic cable, internet (streams Netflix and moves great) and HBO for $50/month. I also bought my own modem because I thought it was silly to keep renting one from them. It paid for itself in savings before the year was up. And honestly, this time around, I haven’t had any problems with them. (knock on wood)

  • I pay $40 a month for internet-only with Comcast, using my own modem. It’s fast and reliable. Speedtest.net measures it at 125/12 (but I believe Comcast cheats on speed tests, so that’s likely inaccurate for real-world usage). My only complaint with Comcast is the fact that they jack the price every year and make me jump through a bunch of hoops to get a reasonable price. Two years ago, I called they claimed they were making a one-time exception for me, and my rate will absolutely, 100% be raised next year. Then last year I think they made a mistake and actually gave me a promo I didn’t qualify for. We’ll see what happens this year.

    • Wow thats much better than my deal. Its about time for my annual Comcast call so I’ll see what I can get it down to. I noticed FIOS had a fairly low internet-only deal that lasted a couple years so I plan to use that as leverage.

      • Good luck. It’s such a crapshoot. I’m pretty well convinced that my deal is a third of a TV/Internet/Phone combo that they gave me by accident. I’m happy to have it.
        A couple of years ago, I had a long discussion with their executive/corporate customer service people, trying to explain to them how frustrating I find the pricing structure. They send me mail every month trying to get me to switch to Comcast, enticing me with great deals. But those deals are only for new customers, and I’m already your customer, so why are you paying money to send me this? Why can’t you just treat my like you value my business, and give me a fair price? Why do I have to switch to FIOS for a year or two? Wouldn’t you rather have my money for the next couple of years? The marginal cost of my business is next to nothing.
        The sad thing is, my experiences with FIOS customer service have been even worse. Not only did they pull the Comcast pricing game, but literally every time I had to contact them for anything phone or internet related they interrupted our internet access, and this was a business line, with a dozen people depending on it. It got to the point where we weren’t even allowed to say the word Verizon in our office. We called them Voldemort instead.

    • SouthwestDC

      Same here. I’ve had Comcast for years and not once have I experienced an outage or slowness. But the price negotiations are indeed annoying.

    • I h ate comcast with a passion but they are the only option in my building. I have Comcast “economy plus” internet. It costs $39.95 per month including taxes and fees. They have to provide this rate if you ask for it and they claim that they cannot guarantee that you will be able to stream but i have had no problems with it. I hate comcast so much.

    • I know people hate Comcast, but I’ve had them for internet only for the past couple of years and have been pleased, and feel I’m getting a fair price. Verizon on the other hand was horrible. Had them for internet and finally get rid of them,. I still have Verizon wireless but definitely dropping them once my contract is up. Verizon is such an overrated company.

  • We got FIOS the instant it was available in Ledroit Park. I really, really enjoyed going to the Comcast bunker on Michigan Avenue and returning my equipment.

    • I Dont Get It

      This is probably a stupid question, but I’m the right guy to ask it. Is FIOS deployed through your existing Verizon lines or does it require a second line to be brought in? There has been a decades-long dispute over Verizon/Comcast lines through our yards and I don’t want to start another fight with neighbors or risk something happening to lines that work today.

  • Having used all of the local providers at one point or another, FIOS is definitively the most reliable.

  • I have Verizon DSL and hate it. Very unreliable. Am too scared to try Comcast but maybe I should reconsider, given the reviews here. Anyone know when FIOS might come to Capitol Hill/Lincoln Park area? If it’s soon I will wait but otherwise might go Comcast despite their shady practices and billing.

    • Doesn’t the Hill have DC Access (the local neighborhood provider)? My friend who lives near Potomac Ave metro uses them and loves it. I am super jealous (Comcast is my only option).

      • DC Access is great…if you aren’t looking for super fast speeds. I used them for years, and would have continued to use them, but they just don’t offer fast enough speeds to connect with a work VPN. For casual internet, sure. But for my work VPN, it just didn’t work out.

    • They’re all shady or crappy in some way. Whether you take a direct hit is a matter of luck more than anything. Someone else’s experience isn’t necessarily a good indicator of what yours will be. My recommendation is if you hate what you have, try something else. (FWIW Comcast has been my best provider since I’ve lived in DC; I currently have FiOS and it’s only just good enough to keep me from switching to something else.)

    • I have Verizon DSL with DirecTV. The Internet range sucks, but Comcast wasn’t much better. However, I don’t believe Verizon allows you to use your own router and a range extender, whereas Comcast does. But there’s no way I’ll ever go back to Comcast. So I’m stuck.

    • I am sorry – DCAccess is for old people who don’t understand the internet and speeds. Looking at their specs and prices, it amazes me people keep signing up for that BS.

    • Jeff, Capitol Hill/Lincoln Park wire center will get FIOS right before Georgetown does, that means 2019ish. I’ve spoken with The bus development reps at Verizon about this.

  • I laugh every time people complain about Comcast as being the only option. DSL can be your friend too. I get great speed on a dry pair (phone line with no phone service – just DSL). I pay ~$60/month but I’ve also got extras like a static IP address. Look to DSLreports.com for providers in your area.

  • Why not FIOS?

    I have it for internet only and, at $56/mo for 75/75 service, couldn’t be happier.

  • I got tired with Comcast and switched to Clear Channel – it’s satellite so no new cabling required … Just plug the modem in and go. I’m very happy with the service!

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