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pre-graffiti, pre-patio 2737 Sherman Avenue, NW at Girard

Hilltop Bar & Restaurant:

“So, whatever happened to this place opening up?

There has been hype around this bar since I moved to DC almost 3 years ago. Last August I had an Uber driver and he overhead me speaking about Hilltop. It turned out he was actually one of the owners. He told us he has had some permit issues, but everything was good to go and was hoping to open up in January or February. It is now April, and the only sign of life I have seen is they have painted over the graffiti on the front of their building, but not the side. Does anybody have any idea what is going on with this place?”

Ed. Note: I’m told they are still planning on opening and I see the patio area as a good sign but yeah this is taking way longer than originally anticipated.

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  • For that matter, when is the Romeo & Juliet restaurant on Capitol Hill, across from Schneider’s, opening? I think coming soon signage has been up for 6+ months.

  • It’s weird how slowly this has gone. I thought the owners were experienced in the ways of DC permits.

  • As a close neighbor I’m still highly interested in this place, if a little crestfallen about the progress. Their facebook/twitter accounts seem to have been created in November and then never updated. Still holding out hope that they’ll open this spring!

  • Hilltop had painted over all the graffiti a week or two ago, the tag on the side is new. Looks like Colony Club will easily beat Hilltop out the gate, despite a much later start, as Colony just put up a fresh new painted sign on the facade.

  • I peek in here whenever I see folks doing work. Last spring before the renovations were finished I talked to one of the owners and he said they’d be open by fall 2014. Obviously that has come and gone. Earlier this year I poked my head in and saw that the bar was finished and there was an older fella painting inside. I said hello and asked him about an open date and he wouldn’t peep. I know it *looks* pretty done inside – new floors, beautiful new bar, etc. I can only imagine it’s permitting stuff holding them up?

  • This morning a standard bright yellow Vacant Property sign was put up in the Hilltop’s window. Don’t know if that’s just part of increased enforcement or a sign of something more ominous.

    • As of this morning (Saturday, 4/11) the Vacant Property sign is gone from Hilltop’s window, though it could have just been torn off overnight as the tape is still there.

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