14th and Florida Ave Finished


We’ve been keeping a close eye on these rentals going up in the former Latino Auto Sales lot. From Douglas Development:

“The boutique apartment building will feature 30 units, two roof top terraces, one level of underground residential parking and over 2,700 SF of ground level retail with the possibility of outdoor seating.

30 apartment units featuring 25 one bedrooms and 5 studios
Five of the one bedroom units will have balconies”


March 2013:


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  • imho – underwhelming. but…i guess it serves a need for readily accessible, quick, outrageously overpriced temporary housing for young professionals. If they stay in the neighborhood maybe they tenants will become part of the community

    • Yeah, I definitely want to live in something that’s OVERwhelming. Like something that’s a cross between a twee whimsical treehouse and a menagerie made out of girders, stainless cylinders, and held together with bailing wire and bits of dung.

  • If I’m honest, I don’t find it to be an attractive building. Sure, there are worse examples of architecture out there, but this one just doesn’t do it for me. However, the building to the left (east) of it on Florida Ave has loads of potential.

  • It looks okay when you drive up Florida…

    but why didn’t they finish the back? Just ugly red brick plain walls.

    Is retail coming to the ground floor.

    • The building next to it may is planned to have some additional floors added to it, which will than cover the blank space of the new building in back.

  • I like the way this turned out. Curious if anyone knows anything about the ground floor retail tenants

  • Living on a busy corner? This is a location better suited for commercial/office space.

  • Why isn’t anyone building 2 bedroom apartments/condos?!

    • Because it’s predominantly singles and DINKs who are buying/renting the new apartments in DC. As soon as people pop out one kid, they’re constantly complaining about lack of space. This ain’t NYC, where raising a kid(s) in an apartment is viewed as a completely acceptable option. For whatever reason, most DC residents demand to have a house when kids come along. So why bother building bigger apartments?

    • Perhaps because they would just be rented by two or more single young professionals?

      • maxwell smart

        I have a feeling that what would happen is that the rent on a 2 bedroom (which would probably only have 1 bath) would approach a price point that divided between 2 people would not be much less then living without a roommate – maybe not in the same building but within the same area of town.

  • I Dont Get It

    But where will Latinos buy their autos?

  • Tough break for the folks in the Used-to-have-a-View 14 across the street, but I think it looks pretty good.

    • Funny, but I was walking by here on Saturday and thinking about this. 14th St both elevates and bends here, and so most of the units at View 14 actually face SSW and are higher than this building. So actually very few units there had their views blocked by this.

  • maxwell smart

    I can’t even begin to guess the premium those 5 units with balconies will have. What does that run in this neighborhood? Additional $200 a month?

  • wood building on a busy street. enough said

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