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kylie face

“Kylie from Lanier Heights on her first day of Puppy Kindergarten!”


“This is Max Purrzer in Adams Morgan. Max is excited about the Nats’ chances this season, especially now that his namesake and fellow heterochromian has joined the team.”


“Muddy Waters”

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  • Muddy looks like the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon.

  • Everyone is so cute! But special +1 to Max Purrzer (even though I’m a Giants fan).

  • I met Muddy Waters a few weeks ago and he is freaking adorable. Love it!

    And aww, Kylie is awesome, and I love Max’s eyes.

  • Aww the cutest puppies!!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Max, such pretty eyes!
    Kylie & Muddy, puppies always win!

  • Blithe

    Max’s eyes are mesmerizing! And the puppies are adorable.

  • For a moment I thought Muddy Waters was a little bunny rabbit.

    • Kylie is super-cute, and yay for Max the “odd-eyed” cat! When I was looking for a cat to adopt three years ago, there was an odd-eyed cat named Diamond who piqued my interest. I said that if I adopted her, I was going to name her Bowie. 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        David’s eyes aren’t actually 2 diff colors. He was in a fight at school and his eye was damaged. The pupil is paralyzed big (open?) so it looks like a different color. #uselessinformation

        • Yeah, I learned that a year or so ago, after having thought since I was in third grade or so that they were different colors. 😉
          Since then, I’ve been able to see the different pupil size in photos… but the irises still look like they’re different colors. (Even though they’re not.)

      • Emmaleigh504

        also I heard a Brit news person pronounce his last name as bow-ee as in “take a bow” or “when the bough breaks.” So weird. #donotapprove

        • Really? I don’t approve either.
          It must be just that one news person, though. I saw the documentary “David Bowie Is” — about the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibition of the same name — a while ago and they pronounced it normally.

    • Now I have heard that one before. My little bunny pup has a special Easter outfit that he’ll be wearing as an homage to the Easter Bunny this weekend. Check out his FB page for pics.

  • Is Max Purrzer deaf? I had a neighbor growing up whose white kitty had two different color eyes and was deaf. I thought that was an indication that they were deaf.

    • Max isn’t deaf. He’s got a strangely long tail and those beautiful mutant eyes, but he’s otherwise perfectly normal. We call him Mad Max because he runs around like crazy, but he’s still a kitten so I guess that’s to be expected.

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