What’s That Loud Noise Everyone’s Hearing around the District? Airplanes?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Jennifer Crawford

On twitter folks are reporting hearing loud noises at regular intervals from neighborhoods all over DC. @EmeryMatt has a good guess:

“I think with a low cloud ceiling, you can hear the DCA flights coming in”

@RarityInForm also guesses:

“whew that was a big one! Planes taking off low to stay under cloud/fog layer?”

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  • Winds from south so taking off southbound, meaning jet noise headed toward DC? Also, with icing risk, maybe they are using more thrust than normal?

  • Live in SW and hear it about every half hour, 45 minutes in the evening time.

  • niceflipflop

    It’s gotta be the NORAD exercises, no? They’ve been alerting people for the past few days. Lasts through Wed.

    • No, it’s simply the result of a low ceiling. Heavy cloud coverage overhead.

      • Yep low ceiling. Taking off to the South so the engines seem even louder. Happens all the time. NORAD usually only happens after 1am when there are no more DCA flights landing. Love the sounds actually.

  • US Capitol power plant and other large facilities (hospitals, govt buildings) with their own power generation venting, huge HVAC systems

  • Mug of Glop

    I heard a really loud plane sound (which I imagine is what we’re talking about) last night at about 8:15 pm in Logan Circle. It was louder than I’ve heard in a long while, which is odd since I work basically right across the river from DCA.

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