Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Glover Park

4114 Davis Place Northwest

This rental is located at 4114 Davis Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“2012 renovation of a large 1BR/1Bath apartment w/ kitchen, dining area, lovely HW floors, good closets including a HUGH storage closet, & a 42″ TV & surround-sound system for your entertainment is included in the rent. Enjoy a private patio in a shared fenced garden area w/ easy access to the park for jogging or walking. Pets case-by-case.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,800/Mo.

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  • So some guy named Hugh lives in the closet of your 1-bedroom apartment?

    Seriously, though, there’s very little about that apartment that looks recently renovated. The appliances appear fairly new, and that’s about it.

  • I pay $1740 for a 2 bedroom in Glover Park. The pictures aren’t very helpful. I can’t stand when the listing is one or two inside shots and the rest are outside. No deal.

  • Most of the photos are blurry. The real estate agent here needs to make more of an effort.

  • palisades

    I can’t even tell what I just looked at. This is a waste

  • Over priced – I pay way less for a 1br nearby (granted its not renovated), have a deck and a backyard. I say $1450 – $1550 would be a fair price.

  • Terrible photo quality and, really, it doesn’t look at all renovated. That bathroom definitely has a sink from 40 years ago.

    Seems super expensive for something not *really* renovated in Glover Park though, no? Easily the least transit-friendly part of DC. I get it’s a historically nice area but it just feels so remote for downtown prices.

    • Yeah — the kitchen has definitely been renovated, but the bathroom doesn’t appear to have been.

    • maxwell smart

      The D bus picks up around the corner and goes to DuPont circle and the 30 bus on Wisconsin covers quite a bit of area. Worst case – you can walk to the Calculator. Okay, yes there isn’t a metro station nearby… but let’s be honest – you’re probably better off on the bus these days anyway.

  • Agreed with those who say overpriced. For that priced I’d expect at least a W/D in-unit (unless i missed it…). I’m paying less for what appears to be a nicer place that’s WAY closer to Wisconsin.

  • I could not in good faith recommend that you pay $1800 for this place…even though it comes with a 42″ TV. I would love to have the patio but I think you can get a comparable unit for $1600 or less over there.

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