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  • I can finally have that authentic rest-stop-style pizza!

  • I see they did some rebranding. I have never eaten at a Sbarro in all my years on this planet. Is it decent?

  • west_egg

    Hmm. I thought the company went out of business. A little Googling shows that they exited bankruptcy last June and now they’ve got a “Chipotle-style plan for pizza.”
    Am I the only one who thinks Chipotle is the only place that can actually pull off “Chipotle-style”? Cava Mezze comes close (and is delicious!!) but I always feel a little overwhelmed there…though that probably says more about me than Cava Mezze.

    • justinbc

      That “plan” is already being implemented by like a dozen places that have opened in the last year or two.

    • I really like Cava Mezze, but agree that the menu is a bit overwhelming. It takes longer to figure out the options than you have to wait in line! So I try to mentally plan before I even go inside.

    • notlawd

      &pizza does “chipotle style” much better than Chipotle as does Cava.

    • I’m probably one of the few that actually likes Sbarro’s NY-style pizza. Way above Pizza Boli’s, Pizza Hut, most mall pizza I’ve had, and other chains.

      Anyway, regarding the Chipotle-style service, I think Roti, Amsterdam Falafel, Panda Express, and &PIzza, are pretty darn good.

      • I kind of like it too, and I have all the makings of a pizza snob (Italian, prolific cook, NJ born and raised). You could do a lot worse.

        • Nice to meet you brother. Glad to hear I’m not completely alone on this one. I think Menomale makes the best pie in town, but I definitely don’t look down on Sbarro for a quick pizza bite on the go.

    • I highly, highly doubt Sbarro will ever implement that plan. &pizza does a decent job. Shop House is another decent “Chipotle-style” place. Neither &pizza nor Shop House have the excellent supply chain that Chipotle has put together, which is really what makes them stand out among the new fast casual segment.

      • Shop House is a Chipotle venture, so not sure you could be closer to “Chipotle-style”

      • ShopHouse is owned and run entirely by Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
        Supply chain sophistication obviously tracks to scale, but Chipotle has had trouble in the past sourcing free range chicken. As far as I’m aware, &Pizza has not.

  • Now you too can have that explosive diarrhea feeling feeling even when you’re not on the PA turnpike.

  • Every Sbarro always looks great… the glowing colors coming from its steam tables and heat lamps. But then you actually taste the food.

    • Exactly. I’m irritated that brands like Sbarro exist and expand—the product is profoundly mediocre.

    • I think the key here is that this is at the convention center, which is basically the downtown equivalent of a rest stop. Who cares, really? It’s there to feed the visiting masses, not residents of DC who hopefully know better.

  • The cheese calzone reminds me of going to the mall with my mom before I had a drivers’ license….
    …That said, the most exciting thing about this Sbarro’s is a rumor that it’s going to deliver. Which is kinda cool cuz when it’s late or freezing or whatever you’re a lot less picky about your pizza or calzone than other times. We’ll probably frequent here primarily because we live a block away. To the person who laments good pizza in our ‘hood, I agree pickings are slim. But WiseGuys Pizza is pretty good! And Matchbox is only a 10min walk from Sbarro’s.

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