Next Up in CityCenter Retail – Vince coming next door to Momofuku

11th and Palmer Alley NW

Vince’s website says:

“In 2002, Vince was founded with a fundamental premise: create a collection of iconic essentials women and men would want to wear every day with a focus on distinctive design, enduring style and uncompromising quality.

Our story began in L.A. with a highly edited collection of women’s knits and cashmere sweaters sold exclusively in department stores. Today, we are a global brand. Our offering has expanded through Vince retail stores in North America and abroad, and at We now feature a full expression of the Vince lifestyle, from women’s, men’s and kids’ ready-to-wear to denim, footwear and select accessories.

Vince continues to be synonymous with a modern, timeless aesthetic and effortless sophistication. As a leader in the industry, we are committed to being the ultimate brand for everyday luxury essentials.”

Thanks to all who sent emails about the coming soon signage. One reader notes they are also hiring.


Next door to the coming Momofuku space:


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  • Disregarding how something can be both “modern” and “timeless”, I just can’t justify spending this much money for basics. I’d rather drop a lot of money on something from a small clothier with a really unique pattern or cut I can’t find anywhere else. I know that some clothes can be very expensive because of the care taken in sourcing materials and paying designers, but there is nothing special about the material and design in this clothing. I’m not begrudging anyone’s desire to shop at a place like Vince, but I’m hoping that if DC sees more expensive clothing stores in the future, they will at least be stocked with more unique items.

    • I don’t mind spending more money on a really nice basic item. In fact, I feel like I can justify the pricetag for a quality basic I can wear once a week more than a unique item I might wear more rarely. I have a basic grey Vince turtleneck that is so soft and flattering that I have found it to be worth every penny.

      • Agreed. I like to consider the cost per wear of an item. I’d rather pay more for a basic item that will last a long time and that I can wear often instead of something I can only wear very few times because it is so distinctive. That said, I’m not talking $50 t-shirts, but for example, work attire or classic pieces that I can wear years from now.

      • +1 Vince stuff lasts forever and is very high quality. You can usually find it at discount retailers, though.

        • maxwell smart

          That’s where I know the name! – I think they sell them at Nordstrom Rack? I had always assumed it was a Nordstrom store brand as I had never heard of them before or had ever seen a store and since by the time it makes it to NR the only sizes left are XXXL so I’ve never paid them much attention. Looking at the website and the prices, I doubt I will continue to pay them much attention but I assume they will do well in this area with the lawyers that make way more money then I do.

          • Yep, their stuff is at the Rack a lot. You can also find it in the TJ Maxx runway section. It’ll do fine- it’s not THAT overpriced for the quality. It’ll probably be worth checking out their sales at the very least.

    • Again, it’s a broad generalization, but there seems to be some agreement that City Center retail just isn’t aimed at most PoP readers. I like lots of nice things, but splurging for pretty normal-looking casual clothes just doesn’t do it for me. Perhaps a little more in the PoP demographic, I think the Shinola store is full of gorgeous things, but again, I can’t see myself ever buying something there. I certainly hold nothing against those who do.

  • I can’t wait. I’ve always bought online from Vince. It will be great to have a bricks and mortar.

  • I love Vince. Can’t wait for the store to open.

  • Apparently, Morgenthal Frederics – an ‘ultra high-end optical’ shop – is also opening at City Center. See:

  • “Vince continues to be synonymous with a modern, timeless aesthetic and effortless sophistication.”

    I always knew!

  • $55 for a cotton, V-neck, men’s t-shirt!?!?!! For that price, I hope Vince blows me, as well.

  • Signs for Alexis Bitar also have gone up.

    • maxwell smart

      If there is one thing I am taking away from City Center is that apparently I know nothing about high fashion because I have never heard of any of these retailers.

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