Name the Zoo’s Two Andean Bear Brothers

Photo Credit: Connor Mallon, Smithsonian’s National Zoo

From the National Zoo:

“Our 18-week-old male bear cubs need names—and we’re asking for your help! We’ve teamed up with Univision’s ¡Despierta America! to select names that reflect Andean bears’ cultural significance to the Quechua and Aymara—the indigenous communities of the bears’ native region. Vote now.”

“Voting ends March 22 and winning names will be announced March 26. You can vote for your favorite names once a day!

Cub #1 is rambunctious and seems to need Mom’s attention a bit more than his brother.

Larusiri(lah-roo-SEE-ree): means “giggly” (Aymara)
Mayni (MY-nee): means “unique” (Aymara)
Kusisqa (coo-SEES-kah): means “happy” (Aymara)

Cub #2 is playful and likes to wrestle but is more laid back than Cub #1.

Tusuq (too-SOOK): means “dancer” (Quechua)
Muniri (moo-NEE-ree): means “loving” (Quechua)
Wayna (WHY-nah): means “young” (Quechua)”

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